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I shan’t bore you with the petty details of the minds of 11 year old boys and girls. The Marauders meet the girls (seeing as they are all sorted into the same house, it makes sense), and, of course, James falls completely in love with Lily (who won’t give him the time of the day), and all of Gryffindors, or rather, all of Hogwarts enjoyed the daily screaming matches between the two. The “retiring” Foxy Five, who happened to be in Ravenclaw carefully took note of these girls. Needless to say, they approached them on the last day of school to pass on the “Seal of the Sisterhood.”

No one else was quite like them, no friendship at least, and it appealed greatly to them. Hestia, or Sweetie as her friends called her (due to her nature), came out of her shell quite a bit becoming quite the little sweetheart who you could turn to, whether or not you knew her. Emmeline (Emmy), though bitter with the win of her father, was the sarcastic voice of the group. Alice, or Allie-Belle, was open and friendly, the constant smile. Lily, Lils, was the mother, clucking over the others, getting on them to do their homework, follow the rules, but at the same time had fun. She also provided daily amusement when she had to deal with Potter (Dorcas cheekily commented that she did believe all the boys of Hogwarts were terrified of Lils; indeed, she was… she didn’t want one of Lils slaps… the handprint lasted for days!). Dorcas, or Dory, was their mischievous prankster. She got on best with the Marauders; constantly giggling over pranks, or giving them ideas. Lily enjoyed spending time with Remus, Emmeline enjoyed them all, but held them at an arms length… she didn’t trust them (would you, if over Christmas break, you been rudely awoken by four loud, obnoxious boys in your dorm room, that happened to be a mess, looking through your wardrobe? Didn’t think so!), Allie-Belle also enjoyed them, and always got a good laugh out of their pranks; but she was more likely to be found gazing dreamily at the 2nd year Frank Longbottom. Hestia. Well, surprisingly enough she had given them the basic idea for their first prank, and they had never forgotten to be grateful to her. Perhaps it was that, perhaps it was because she was herself, but the Marauders absolutely adored her (Tia, they called her.)

The rest of the years passed quickly, the never failing incessant bickering of Lily and James continued to amuse, Alice eventually caught Frank her third year, the first of the Foxy Five to have a proper boyfriend. Hestia developed a huge crush on Sirius (never letting it show, of course, but everyone suspected he liked her too despite his constant barrage of snoggers.) Emmeline, who eased up once her father was kicked out of office their 3rd year (“At least he doesn’t walk around acting like a pompous git all the time!” she crowed happily at the beginning of fourth year) caught the attention of a 5th year in 4th year, Daniel Smith, and the two became a couple around that Christmas. Dorcas began to go out with Remus in 5th year, making him end his Sirius/ James reputation cold turkey. And yes, Sirius and James did have the reputation of “the HOTTEST guys in the entire WORLD-I LOVE THEM- heartbreakers” and they played it up to the absolute extreme.

So they were all happy, perhaps excluding Lily and James… Lily went out with a Roger Griffith, a seventh year during sixth year, but after James threatened him, it ended rather quickly.

And so begins the story, really where it matters, the beginning of seventh year, their last…

“LILS!!!” a loud voice screeched in Lily’s ear. Clutching her ear, she whipped her now shoulder length auburn hair around and hugged Dorcas tight.

“Dory!” she beamed back.

The gorgeous girls linked arms, Lily’s creamy white skin contrasting sharply against Dorcas’ tan.

“How was your summer, Lils? I can’t believe I haven’t seen you since July. It’s been too long dah-ling,” she crowed, putting on her best southern belle voice.

“Here, here!” cried a third girl, and the two wheeled around yet again to grin at a curvy, vivacious blonde, who stood with her hands on her hips.

“ALLIE-BELLE!” screeched Dory once again. (“Ack! My ear! Dory!” squealed Lily.)

“Hello, loves! How are me precious lassies?” asked Alice putting on her best Irish accent.

“Absolutely wonderful!” giggled Lily. “How was your family, by the way?”

“Wait! Don’t start yet!” cried yet another voice.

Turning around yet again (“Ack! Whip lash!” moaned Lily.) they grinned at two more girls, a tiny black haired girl and a tall, slim one.

“EMMY!!! SWEETIE!!!” screeched Dory for (hopefully) the last time.

“I’ve missed you all!” giggled Hestia.

“I know!” cried Lily. “Our first summer ever apart.”

“And our last year,” said a gloomy Emmy.

“Well girls,” said Dorcas, grinning at her friends, “let’s make it our best. Shall we?” she asked holding out her arms.

The others laughed. “We shall.” They declared, before marching off to find a compartment.

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