The banquet was the event of the decade. Men and women from all across the world showed up in their smartest, most beautiful gowns and suits. The hall gleamed. The decorations made us feel as through were in another world. Food of all kinds was bursting from platters and dishes along the tables. Of course, there was wine, the finest wine, in every glass.

And then, there was us, the maids. We stood in entrance hall, our aprons laying forgotten in the kitchens by order of the King. We were to look presentable. So we dressed in our light green dresses, our hair pulled back in braids, like perfect little puppets.

Everyone was awaiting the grand entrance of Prince Draco and India. They would come down the large staircase to our left and take the first dance together over the family crest, as it was a tradition.

As the moments passed rather slowly, everyone began to ask, “Where are they? Where is the Prince and his lovely India?”

And no sooner did the questions begin were they answered. The King stood over the crest, his robes a magnificent shade of green, his hair pulled back neatly in a ponytail. He raised his wine glass and spoke in a booming voice.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please. I know you are all awaiting to hear the words, so I will bid you no further ado. May I present, my heir, my son, Draco Lucius Malfoy, and his bride to be (there were a few “oohh’s” and “awws” at this) Miss India Castleton, Lady of the Northern Rome, who, as of this moment on December the Eighth, are to be the successors of I, Lucius Chancellor Malfoy, and my dear Lady, Narcissa.”

There was a loud, but polite applaud as all heads turned to the stairs. Draco and India had linked arms and were walking slowly down the steps. India looked breath-taking, but Draco, if possible, was even more. His bright robes of red and gold, were hung tighter around his body than I had ever seen him. India was simply beaming, looking around at certain people. Draco, however, did not smile at first, and only, God help me, did our eyes meet that he beamed like India.


The ball went as smooth as anyone could have hoped for. The night was filled with laughing, dancing, wonderful foods, and most of all, India and Draco. India simply beamed at everyone, like she was finally getting the royalty she deserved. Draco, however, just made small talk with the guests, every now and then, smiling or making a joke.

When I returned home, some what in a daze, for a quick dinner, I found everyone else had gone to sleep. My father had left out a plate of bread and potatoes for me. I ate quickly and ran back to the castle, the rest of the town was silent with sleep.

Around two in the morning, all the plates had been washed, the tables were returned, the decorations were all taken down, all the while, the King, the Prince, the counsels, India, her parents and sisters, all slept soundly, dreaming of dancing and the romance floating in the air during the ball.

It was pointless to go home for a few hours and sleep, so we spent the night on the floor in the kitchen, our eyes drooping as we lay down.



As the messenger left, I bolted up the stairs, the letter clutched in my hand. This was the first letter from her in a while…

Once again, I nearly knocked Prince Draco half way up the stairs.

“Where is your father?” I asked, breathlessly.

“Well, it is wonderful to see you too, Ms. Weasley!” The Prince smiled.

“Prince Draco, this is urgent, where is your father?”

“I do not know…” he frowned.

“Well, I have just received from a very tired mail boy,” I held up the letter. “He has come from Stratford. It carries news of your mother.”

Draco took the letter from me and ran upstairs. I followed. Draco ran over and began to bang on the door to the King’s meeting room. Finally, a servant opened it. I followed him in. The King was speaking over a stack of papers to Nathaniel.

“Father . . .”

“Draco, how rude of you! Nathaniel and I are in the middle of a very important meeting! You shall leave and I will speak with you after!”

“But father . . .!”


I managed to squirm out of the room before Draco slamed the door shut rather harshly. He began to tear open the letter. His eyes scanned the parchment rather quickly.

“It is from her servant . . .” I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or to himself. “She has been found.”

Draco’s mouth hung open for a moment before he let the letter fall from his hands.

“She was executed this morning.”

“Draco,” I said desperately. “I am so sorry . . .”

Draco looked at me for a moment, his gaze looking right through me. His face turned mean. He punched the door to the meeting room before running into his room.

I picked up the letter and knocked on the door. He King’s voice told me to go away. I pushed open the door.

“I am sorry, but this is exceptionally important!” I spoke quietly.

The King stood up, his eyes blaring. He began towards me. “Surely, it can wait. First Draco, now you, you filthy little..."

“Your wife has been executed,” I whispered. “Here in this letter, from her servant, it says..."

“What?” He does not believe me.



The whole town was gathered outside the castle, along the lawns and the driveway. The King stood in front of his counsels, maids, servants and chefs. India stood behind Draco, who had his arms crossed, no expression on his face. India had a lace handkerchief and was pretending to cry as the King spoke.

“My fellow townspeople. I come to you, today, in a grievous state. Around noon, today, I received word that a letter had arrived from Stratford. The letter informed me that my wife, you Queen, had been executed this morning. Yes, my good citizens. Our kingdom is without a Queen.”

A worried murmur rang trough the crowd.

“My citizens, after mourning the loss of my dear wife, I have come to the conclusion that I shall, as of next month, no longer be your king. My son, Prince Draco, and his fiancé, India, will be wed in two weeks. I will then pass the throne on to them. My townspeople, have faith, in our soon-to-be leaders, in each other, but most of all, in our kingdom.”

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