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The following Saturday came and as agreed the twins were sitting the living room of Evans Manor.

“Mum wasn’t too impressed with the owl was she?” Ivy asked with a smirk.

Lily laughed; it drove their mother mad that Ivy brought an Owl, their dad like it as did Tulip but Petunia thought it was odd and ever since she found out about Lily and Ivy’s magical abilities she’d been picking on them for being freaks.

The girls lapsed into a comfortable silence that was soon broken by a knock at the front door. Lily went and opened the door while Ivy told their parents that their guests had arrived.

As lily opened the door she saw a small group of boys and Amy, three of the boys she recognized.

“Remus!?” Lily yelled joyfully before throwing her arms around his neck. The boy was also tall but he had light brown hair and amber eyes.

“Remus said you were friends, but this?” Sirius asked.

“Well Lily and Ivy are some of my best friends along with you guys of course.” Remus explained.

“What are you a…?” Lily asked

“Yes I am, sorry I never said anything. I figured you were a witch, but I wasn’t sure.” Remus admitted sheepishly.

“Remus you pig head.” Ivy cackled from behind Lily.

Remus smiled as James, Sirius, Amy and another boy grinned.

“Heard it all?” Remus asked.

“But of course, Darling.” Ivy teased.

“Hey Lily, Ivy, meet Peter Pettigrew.” James said indicating to a short plump boy with blonde wispy hair and watery blue eyes. Lily politely waved but Ivy didn’t bother, neither of the twins got a good vibe for Peter.

“So you want to go to the pool?” Lily asked diverting from any possible trouble.

“Well it’s indoor and heated.” Remus grinned.

Lily and Ivy allowed Remus to show everyone the way as they went up and got their swimming costumes.

When the girls came back down to the pool room they found Amy sitting on the pool edge with only her feet in the water watching the boys splash around.

“Amy. Why aren’t you in the water?” Lily asked kindly, sitting down next to the teenage girl. Amy smiled.

“Lily you’re really kind. I can tell with out having to really talk to you very much, it just radiates from you. That’s why I don’t think you should enter the wizarding world.” Amy said sadly.

“Why?” Lily asked confused.

Amy sighed. She watched as Ivy jumped on Sirius’ back and the boys laughed.

“Boys!” Amy yelled. “We should tell them.”

The boys nodded and came out of the pool dragging a confused Ivy behind them.

“The thing is the wizarding world isn’t safe.” Amy said with a sigh.

“There’s this guy who is killing muggle born witches and wizards.” James continued.

“But me and Lily are muggle born…” Lily trailed off as realization hit.

“This guy, he goes by the name of Voldemort, he strikes fear into anyone who hears his name, they call him you-know-who or he-who-must-not-be-named.” Sirius muttered.

“He has many followers.” Peter mumbled.

“But our side also has its followers, we have Dumbledore.” James protested.

A silence fell over the group and Lily couldn’t stand it so she dived into the pool, the others followed her lead and everyone ended up playing water ‘it’, even Amy.

After an hour of swimming everyone got out of the pool, dried and changed and left for the kitchen for food. Everyone was eating happily when the doorbell sounded and Rose appeared with Christine by her side.

“Hi mum.” James said with Amy.

“Hey kids, I’ve come to take you home.” Christine said warmly.

“Well the kids are still eating, how about with have a cup of tea?” Rose asked and soon enough the pair were chatting merrily over cups of tea.

After everyone had gone Lily and Ivy sat in their room wondering what it would be like when they entered the wizarding world.

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