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Disclaimer: Everything is JK Rowlings. Lyrics are written and performed by the best, most talents, amazing, wonderful, extrodinary band that i listen to for hours and never get tired of, Billy Talent (and it's four guys, not just one! lol)

Chapter Seventeen
The Navy Song

I gave my life to save her
The ocean turned to red
In the fall, in the fall, when the tide took them all
In the fall, in the fall, when the tide took them all
Cut down like lambs at slaughter,
Good men were left for dead
In the fall, in the fall, when the tide took them all
In the fall, in the fall, when the tide took them all

--Billy Talent "the Navy Song"

Before I knew it, New Years Eve had come around. My holiday, so far, was pretty horrible. I still hadn’t said sorry to my Uncle and he barely looked at me anymore. Every time I tried to say sorry, he’d get up and walk away. It was painful for me to know that he thought I really meant what I said. Which I didn’t.

Sirius and I were more careful about where we were when we kissed now. Both of us had become pretty paranoid that someone was going to walk in on us all the time now. Jacob seemed eager to do so and followed us around eagerly, spying on us. This annoyed me to some extent and I had gotten violent on more then one occasion. Luckily, Jake couldn’t go running to Aunt Becky because he’d get in trouble for spying. Not that Aunt Becky was happy with me anyways. She would love a reason to yell at me. Then she can bring up what I said to Uncle Scott and make me feel uncomfortable and guilty.

I deserved everything I got though.

Bridget and her parents left on New Years Eve morning. They had their own parties in France to attend and went soaring away in their flying car. I was relieved for that. At least she wouldn’t be at the party being thrown at the Potters.

James and Sirius were so excited about this party. They told me yesterday, as we built a snowman, that they had successfully smuggled the firewhisky into the house. I was surprised that Sandra Potter trusted James so much that she was allowing him to have a party, but even more surprised when she showed no signs of knowing there was Firewhisky in her underage son’s closet. I was tempted to tell her, that way the party would be canceled and I wouldn’t have to sneak out and probably get caught.

My aunt and uncle had told me that I wasn’t allowed to go. Uncle Scott muttered something about a unsupervised, teenaged party is a lot worse then a party filled with Ministry guests. Sirius, being the Marauder he is, talked me into sneaking out as soon as they are gone. Jacob is going to Will’s house, so if I could get back home before two o’clock, then I wouldn’t get caught. I hated lying to my aunt and uncle. To my mom and dad, but I really wanted to go to this party. And not for the firewhisky, but because someone had to stay sober to know when the party is getting out of hand. For some reason, I didn’t trust Lily and Kirsten with this task.

Jacob left for Will’s at noon. I stayed in my room, going over my plan in my head and setting my watch for one-thirty, the end time for the party, so I can get every single drunk teenager home and then pretend to be asleep by the time Aunt Becky and Uncle Scott come home. My nerves were spinning uncomfortably all day, and when Aunt Becky called me down for dinner, I went slowly, fearing I will shout out what I’m planning to do at the table.

“So, what are you planning on doing?” Aunt Becky asked, trying to make the tension at the table go away. It didn’t falter.

“Me?” I asked nervously, “Nothing. Nothing at all. I’ll probably watch the Muggle New Years party on tv and then, I dunno, go to bed. It’s not like I have a party or anything to go to.” I wanted to slap myself.

“Some boyfriend Sirius is,” Uncle Scott said coldly, I relaxed a bit seeing that neither of my guardians suspected, “Doesn’t spend New Years with his girlfriend.”

“Well, we would be spending it together if we were allowed,” I mumbled, looking at my food. Uncle Scott left the table then, angrily. My aunt glared at me and then also left.

At nine o’clock, the Potters came to the door seeing if Aunt Becky and Uncle Scott were ready. For a minute I was so jealous they got to go to a ball. Aunt Becky and Sandra looked so beautiful in their dress robes, and Uncle Scott and John Potter so handsome. As they walked out to the Ministry car that was taking them to the ball, I waved them goodbye. Once they were out of site, I waited for twenty minutes to make sure they weren’t coming back.

Then, I ran upstairs and changed out of my pajama pants and t-shirt. I pulled on a fitted, red top and my most comfortable jeans. Then I fluffed my hair out with my hands and put on my make-up a bit heavier then usual. I slipped my feet into black flats and ran downstairs, putting my wand in my pocket. I grabbed my cloak, and after making sure the house was locked, I ran across the snowy lawns and slipped threw the back door of James’s house.

“Finally,” Sirius said wrapping me in his arms and kissing me deeply. My knees almost went weak when I saw him. They’ve been doing that lately. Sirius was dressed in a black button down shirt and those black jeans that fit him so perfectly. Somehow, he looked more god-like tonight then I have ever seen him look before.

“I had to get ready. They would wonder why I’m dressed for a party when I’m supposed to be home watching the Muggle New Years celebration,” I explained, “Is everyone here?”

“Almost everyone,” Sirius said as we exited the kitchen, “A few people are arriving late, some can’t come at all. Lily and Kirsten were the first to show and Remus is here. Peter’s mom won’t let him come. They’re having a celebration of their own.”

“No one’s drunk, are they?” I asked. The party only started an hour ago.

“Yet,” Sirius laughed. He was pulling me into the crowd and as we stopped to let a dancing couple pass, he leaned into my ear and whispered, “You look irresistible tonight, you know.”

“Thank you,” I smiled, “You don’t look to bad yourself.”

The party got out of hand at about eleven. By then, more then half the guest were drunk. Including James, Lily, Kirsten, and Sirius. Luckily, Remus was sober, too, so he was able to help me try and keep the place from being trapped. Hoping we wouldn’t get in trouble for using magic, we put Unbreakable Charms on anything breakable and keep having to check the other rooms for people snogging and doing a lot more.

Nonetheless, I was having fun. Though, I wasn’t drinking as much as everyone else, I relaxed a bit seeing that nothing could break and the rooms were clear most of the time. It was fun to watch Lily drunk. I didn’t even know she drank alcohol and was shocked when she and James stumbled across the dance floor looking like idiots. I wished I was one of the many that wouldn’t remember their crazy dance in the morning. Sirius acted pretty much like himself when drunk, but more open and a bit jerky. He tried to drag me upstairs twice, hit on four different girls, snogged one, and did quite a few more things that made me mad. If it weren’t for Remus’s constant reminders that Sirius had no idea what he’s doing or saying, I think I would have killed Sirius.

At eleven fifty-nine, we all watched the clock and counted down to midnight. Then more firewhisky came out and more partying began. People began to pass out at about twelve forty-five. I wasn’t surprised that Sirius was one of those people. James and Lily disappeared and so did Kirsten. I worried, but couldn’t find them and by one, I decided to end the party early. Everyone that was able to floo, formed a wobbly line by the fireplace and the few people that could apperate, apperated without hurting themselves. Remus helped me get the unconscience people home and then, we tried to clean up a little. It was harder then we thought.

I found Lily and James in the pantry, snogging each other senseless, and sent Lily home. James passed out halfway up the stairs and Remus and I had to pull him up since we didn’t dare use magic again. I was shocked to find that Remus was a lot stronger then he looks and figured it was his werewolf strength. We were going to try and move Sirius, but he would push us away in his sleep whenever we went to lift him. So, we left him on the couch. Remus then went home and I went to the kitchen and grabbed my cloak.

I looked at my clock and gasped when I saw it was after two o’clock. I peeked over at my own house and saw the only lights on were the ones I had left one. No one was home yet. I had only seconds to get there, make it look like I had a solitary party of my own, get back into my pajamas, and into bed. I was about to leave when someone laid a hand on my shoulder. I jump and spun around. My stomach dropped to my feet when I saw my aunt standing there.

“Aunt Becky!” I gasped, “Look, I only came over here to—”

“We’ll talk about this later, Libby. We have some more important matters right now,” Aunt Becky cut me off. She sounded scared and upset. Her hair was messy and her dress torn, her make-up smeared and there was a cut on her cheek.

“Aunt Becky, what happened?” I asked, worried.

“There was an attack!” Aunt Becky burst into tears on my shoulder, “At the b-ball at m-m-midnight! You’re u-un-uncle and Sandra are in the h-hospital. John is d-d-dead. I came home to get you to help me and you w-weren’t there. I got so s-scared. I thought they had gotten you!”

“Sshh, Aunt Becky, I’m fine,” I said softly, but my head was spinning. She didn’t just said John is dead, did she? John Potter? One of the best Aurors in the Wizarding World? It can’t be the same ones.

“Oh, Libby, S-Scott is so injured. The h-healers don’t think he’ll m-m-make it. And I have to tell Sandra about John when she w-wakes up. I c-can’t do it a-a-alone!”

“I know, I’m here. I’ll help you,” I said, but my voice was shaking and my knees felt weak. But not the way Sirius made them.

“W-w-we have to wake up J-James and tell him a-about his d-dad,” Aunt Becky said. I led her to a chair and sat her down.

“I’ll get both him and Sirius, okay? Just stay here,” I said. Then, feeling like I was in a dream, I ran up the stairs and into James’s room.

He was snoring loudly, something he never usually did. Like I had thought, James didn’t wake to me shaking him or yelling in his ear. I was crying after ten minutes. My uncle was dying. John Potter was dead. The threat from Voldemort is getting stronger and more dangerous. I went into his bathroom and filled a cup of freezing cold water and splashed it on his face. He woke up startled and looked around uncertainly.

“James, there was an attack at the Ministry Ball,” I said trying to sound calm, “We need to go to the hospital.”

“When did the party end?” James asked, looking at me cross-eyed.

“Not to long ago,” I shrugged. James leaned over and pulled up a floorboard. There were potions inside and he took one, taking a nice gulp. He waited a minute and then, suddenly, he was sober again. No hangover or anything. I stared at him curiously.

“What did you say?” he asked, “There’s been an attack?”

“Yes. At the Ministry ball. Y-you’re d-dad is. . .you’re mom is in the hospital with my Uncle,” I said, not able to tell James the news. He was already up and putting his feet back in his shoes. He grabbed another potion before going to Sirius’s room, he frowned when he didn’t see him in it.

“Downstairs,” I muttered, trying to wipe my tears away. James disappeared down the stairs and by the time I had emerged from them, Sirius was sitting up taking a gulp of the potion. He saw me. He saw my tears and was holding me instantly.

“Oh, James,” my aunt said when we entered the kitchen, “You look so much like him. So much. Right down to the eyes.”

“Er. . .” James said, looking at me. More tears spilled from both me and Aunt Becky. Me because I couldn’t believe it. Aunt Becky because she couldn’t believe she still had to tell him. Sirius held me tighter and I rested my head on his shoulder, staining his shirt.

“James,” Aunt Becky choked out, “Y-y-your father is. . .h-he c-couldn’t hold off the D-Deatheaters. H-he’s. . .”

“Dead, James” I finished, knowing my aunt wasn’t ever going to and not being about to take it. James’s face paled incredibly and Sirius suddenly let me go. I stood alone, tears running down my face.

“What?” James asked sounded like a frightened five year old.

“He is dead,” Aunt Becky said, her voice didn’t crack this time.

“No! No, he isn’t!” James said, backing away. He looked at me then Sirius, as if hoping one of us would slap him on the back and yell April Fools or something. But when neither of us did, his knees collapsed. Sirius was by his side in an instant.

I had only seen James cry once before when we were eight, about three weeks after meeting him. His gerbil had died. Seeing him cry then was no big deal. We were young. He got over it and now if you mention it to him, he denies shedding one tear to anyone but me. Now, however, he was sixteen and crying over something much worse then a gerbil. The pain from this never would fade. As he cried on Sirius’s shoulder, I realized Sirius was crying silently, but trying not to let James see. He knew that him crying would make things worse. I kneeled down next to them both and put my arms around James.


At St. Mungo’s, I sit next to a pale, red eyed James. I was holding his hand, trying to show him I was here. Sirius was on his other side. Ready to be there if James breaks down again. We kept looking at one another, but quickly looked away. Something had changed. Yes, Sirius still made my knees weak and I still had to tell my heart to slow down when I see him, but something has changed and it made me nervous.

A Healer came towards us about six in the morning. Sandra Potter had woken up and is ready for visitors. We all let James go in. I watched from the window as James went to his mother, who burst into tears upon seeing him. Sirius stood by me, but he didn’t hold my hand or even look at me. Again, I knew something had changed and it made me more nervous.

The Healer came out again about an hour later. My aunt looked at him expectantly, for this was the news of my Uncle. I bit my lip and shallowed hard.

“He will live,” the healer said. We all relaxed.

“Thank merlin,” my Aunt sighed.

“But he’s in a coma. We can’t say how long he’ll be in his condition. We’re moving him to the long term ward to make him more comfortable. All we can do now is hope he wakes up soon,” the Healer went on. Aunt Becky’s face paled again, but she still looked relieved to know Uncle Scott would live.

She and I went in to see him. The Healer said that sometimes people in comas can hear what is being said to them. I was tempted to apologize, but I didn’t want to do that with Aunt Becky in the room. Instead, I looked at his cut and bruised face. He looked like he was sleeping and I expected him to sit up, smiling, in seconds.

But he didn’t.

Not being able to stand being in the room much longer, I left. James and Sirius were in Sandra Potter’s room. James was wiping tears from his eyes, but Sandra made no move to wipe her own. Sirius was talking quietly. I knocked on the door and entered, unsure if I wanted to be in the room. Sirius stopped talking and James came over to me. He wrapped me into a hug and held me close. I hugged him tightly back before turning over to Sandra Potter.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, John Potter was like another Uncle to me.

“I know, this is hard for all of us,” Sandra said weakly, her voice cracking. I leaned down and hugged her as she asked, “How’s Scott?”

“He’ll live,” I shrugged, “But he slipped into a coma.”

“He and John were fighting so hard and the Death Eaters were going for him. After I saw go down, I thought Scott would be gone too. There were so many Death Eaters. Much more then we had believed there to be.” Sandra explained sadly. I suddenly wished I hadn’t come in here. I didn’t want to hear this.

“Libby?” my Aunt stuck her head in the room, “Go home and get Jacob, will you? I don’t want him to be home alone.”

I nodded and with another hug from both Sandra and James I left. I tried hard to ignore the fact that Sirius had pretty much ignored me. I went to the fireplace in the waiting room and grabbed some floo powder. I was about to throw it in when someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Sirius. Relief flooded threw me like it had when I heard my Uncle was going to live.

“Mind if I come?” he asked.

“Of course not,” I said.

I threw the Floo Powder into the fireplace and stepped into the flames. I shouted my address and went spinning to my house. I fell out, covered in soot, in my living room. I dusted myself off a little, noticing I was still in the clothes I was wearing last night at the party. Sirius appeared in the fire and stepped out, also dusting himself off.

“Some night, huh?” Sirius asked.

“Some night,” I agreed. I went to the kitchen and had Rosie make me and Sirius some tea while we waited for Jacob to come home at ten. We still had a few hours to go and we went into the living room and sat on the couch. I rested my head on his shoulder and Sirius ran his fingers through my curls.

I wondered how any of this could happen. How could one man cause such damage? I sighed knowing that Ministry attacks were just the beginning of this whole thing. Soon it’s going to get bigger and bigger and then end with a huge bang.

My eyelids began to droop. I hadn’t slept all night. I welcomed the darkness, wanting to escape what had happened. Slowly, I felt asleep, wondering where Kirsten had gotten to last night.


James broke up with Lily.

She had come to his dad’s funeral. After he was buried and we were at his house drinking tea in silent mourning. James had pulled Lily away to talk. I figured it was just to pour out his feelings to her or something, but when they returned, Lily looked more depressed and James stayed away from her the rest of the night. It wasn’t until she and I went back to my house that she told me that she and James were over. James seemed to think things were to crazy right now and he couldn’t deal with the drama of a girlfriend.

The rest of the holidays were horrible. I was at the hospital everyday sitting in with my Uncle. I did apologize to him. My aunt went for some coffee and Jacob had gone with her. It was a very tearful apology, but I felt a little better knowing that I had done what I should have the moment the words had left my mouth.

Besides the hospital, I barely saw Sirius. He was always with James, as if worried James would jump off a cliff the second Sirius turned away. I knew James wasn’t suicidal, just upset. But even when Sirius and I were alone, Sirius didn’t act the way he used to around me. Whenever I was around him, I wanted to get away and whenever I was away from him, I needed to be near him. It was very stressful.

On top of it all, Kirsten was missing. Literally. She hadn’t replied to any of my letters. Or Lily’s. After about four days of this, I told my aunt and Sandra. They didn’t really seemed bothered by it. So, I invited Lily over for the rest of the holidays and we Flooed to Kirsten’s house. Her dad was home, but he had said that Kirsten owled him telling him that she was staying with us for the rest of the Holidays. This worried us and we told Sandra Potter, an Auror, once more. This time, she was definitely worried. With the threat of Voldemort now stronger then ever, she had people looking for Kirsten in a days time. But knowing Kirsten could be hurt scared me.

Lily and I got a capartment of our own on the Hogwarts Express when we headed back to school. Lily didn’t want to be around James. So, I kissed Sirius and we sat by ourselves. It was weird without Kirsten there, telling us about who she thought was looking amazing this term. Laughing with us. Lily and I were silent most of the ride. Darcy Smith and Alice Stewart came in and tried to make conversation, but it failed when we didn’t have Kirsten there.

I was relieved when we arrived at the school. We took the thestral drawn carriages up to the gates where we hustled into the castle for our dinner. Dumbledore made a speech that night. It was about Voldemort and what happened at the Ministry. James was trying hard to ignore the stares he was receiving.

A week later, I was walking down the hall with Sirius hand in hand. Sirius seemed distracted and didn’t say much. I abandoned my attempts at conversations about five minutes before Mcgonagall spotted us in the corridor and called us back.

“Miss Cullen, the Headmaster will like to see you,” she said once she had caught up to us, “Immediately.”

“Okay,” I nodded as Sirius dropped my hand. Without even a goodbye, he was halfway down the corridor before I realized he had left. Frowning, I followed Mcgonagall to Dumbledore’s office. She said the password and I went up.

I knocked softly on the door and entered. Dumbledore sat at his desk reading a rather long bit of parchment and smiled when I shut the door behind me. I could tell he looked tired.

“Have a seat, Libby,” Dumbledore said. I was surprised he called me Libby. He usually used my last name. I sat down, “We’re just waiting for Miss Evans.”

Lily came in only seconds after that. She relaxed visibly when she saw me and sat down in the seat next to me that Dumbledore offered. He looked at us both, but his eyes didn’t have that familiar twinkling that they usually did. I bit my lip nervously.

“They have found Kirsten,” Dumbledore said. We both sat up eagerly.

“Is she okay?” I asked.

“Where was she?” Lily demanded to know. Dumbledore sighed and I knew that Kirsten wasn’t okay.

“I am awear that the party on New Years was the last time anyone had seen her. Apparently, she had met someone there. Someone who decided to attend the party uninvited. She didn’t know this and didn’t care, thanks to the large amounts of Firewhisky that appeared at the party,” Dumbledore looked at us sternly, “She left with him without telling anyone. I believe he was looking for someone. Probably a girl, since he picked Kirsten.”

“Who was it? The one who crashed the party.” I asked with a twisting stomach.

“A Death Eater, I’m afraid,” Dumbledore said.

“No!” I cried, tears bursting to my eyes.

“He didn’t hurt her did he?” Lily squeaked, her tears were already on her streaming down her cheeks.

“Unfortunately, he had his way with her. Probably after he realized he had the wrong girl. And Death Eaters show no mercy. Kirsten couldn’t come back to us because she would have seen his face and know of his plan. He had tortured and used Kirsten before leaving her for dead,” Dumbledore explained, his voice shook once and I let my tears fall freely.

“She’s. . .” I croaked.

“She was missing for over two weeks, even if she were alive, I don’t think she would be able last much longer. Her body was broken, bruised, and probably had some permanent damage. You mental state wouldn’t have been much better. I hate to have to tell you this grave news, but yes, she is gone.”


“Kirsten and Mr. Potter,” Lily said as we walked back to the Gryffindor common room, “Why is this happening, Libby, why do people have to die because of one man?”

“I dunno, but I don’t think Voldemort is human anymore. What would he want with any teenaged girl? How could he send someone to kidnap her?” I asked, staring at Lily in anger and grief.

“He is twisted,” Lily said.

Dumbledore had allowed me and Lily to stay in his office through dinner. He was going to make the announcement of what happened that night. We didn’t eat much and cried a lot, knowing that we would never see our best friend again. We had left his office only a few moments ago, Dumbledore saying that we needed rest. Though, he said he might be speaking with me soon.

In the common room, everyone stared. I was going to go straight up to my dormitory. Lily followed me. As I walked, I searched the room for Sirius and James. They weren’t there. I felt a bit angry at Sirius. He wouldn’t even stick around to make sure I’m okay? To make sure I wouldn’t go jump off a cliff.

I didn’t sleep much that night and had a hard time getting dressed in the morning when I saw that Kirsten’s bed was removed in the night. Lily and I cried together before we went to breakfast. Susan and Samantha didn’t say a word to us. They didn’t even sneer or roll their eyes at us. I would have given anything for them to say something just so I could yell and get some of my anger out.

When I entered the Great Hall, Sirius came up to me. He didn’t acknowledge my grief and he was distracted. I looked at him and he stared at me for a moment. I didn’t think he was going to say anything, but then he did.

“Can we talk?”

I nodded and Sirius led me out into the Great Hall. No longer was he distracted as he looked at me. His look made me nervous. It wasn’t the way he usually looked at me, it was more of a look of confusion and sadness. I shifted uncomfortable and looked away from him.

“Things are messed up,” he said.

“Yeah,” I nodded, “They are.”

“So much going on,” he continued.

“Yeah. So much,” I agreed.

“Libby, you know I love you, right?” Sirius asked. I looked at him frowning.

“I know,” I said.

“James is so confused right now, Libs. He broke up with Lily and I know he feels pain whenever I’m with you. It’s to much,” Sirius said, looking down at the floor.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Libby, I think we should break up,” he said.

My uncle was in a coma. My best friend dead. My neighbor dead. The world I had known was beginning to crumble. Only a few parts of it was held together. Mostly by Sirius, even if he had been acting weird, but without him holding it together, my world that I loved began to fall apart completely. I felt a bit of my sanity slip away from me. My vision began to blur. There was a ringing in my ears. I tried to push it away.

“Just temporarily,” I heard Sirius say, “Until things get settled.”

“I can’t wait forever, Sirius!” I heard myself snapped, “A war is coming. Nothing will be settled until it’s over and by then, who knows, maybe you’ll be dead, maybe I will. Maybe it’ll be 50 years from now, maybe 10. I can’t wait forever!”

“I’m not asking you to, Libby. This is just. . .until-–just give things a month. If things are still to—”

“A month? Sirius, this is going to last for a lot longer then a month. We’re over if you give it a month,” I interrupted. Tears had burst into my eyes again.

“Then this is it,” Sirius sounded strained. My insides were gone. My heart felt like there was a burning hot knife shoved into it, melting it slowly.

“Fine,” I said, shallowing hard, “Fine then.”

“I still love you,” Sirius said. Now anger was boiling up inside me.

“Shove off, Black,” I yelled, then I turned and ran to the Room of Requirement to be alone.

A/N: *dives under bed* Don't kill me!! Please!! I promise they aren't over!! Just for a bit!! I swear!! Okay, first of all, Kirsten had to go. I didn't like her at all and the next think i knew, she was dead! A tragic death, yes, but whatever. It was sort of fun to kill of someone beside James' dad. lol. Um.

Here, this will make it up to you! Chp. 18: What Hurts the Most

“I’m a Marauder,” Sirius rolled his eyes, “James and I figured out how to climb the stairs in third year.”

“But. . .how?” I asked.

“That’s a Marauder secret,” Sirius couldn’t help but grin. I frowned and stood up, brushing flower petals off my clothes and arms.

“Thanks for the Valentine,” I muttered. Sirius didn’t reply. I looked up and he was standing on the other side of my bed.

“You’re not okay, are you?” Sirius whispered.


“I watch you all day, Libby, you can’t seem to get a grasp on life anymore,” Sirius went on, “I’m worried about you.”

See, they aren't going to hate each other forever. *comes out from hiding*

Some people have been asking me about a SEQUEL. Some of you already know the answer, but i'll announce it to everyone. There will be a sequel. i already have the first 12 chapters outlined. Or is 9? Anyways, there will be one. I won't tell you when it takes place, but i will tell you there is a new character in it that's very important and the story is told in three POVs instead of one. lol. yay!

Now, for some shout outs:

GW/HP4EVER: I have never known ANYONE else that has even heard of Billy Talent. I just wanted to tell you that it's totally awesome that you like them and that you are totally cool now! lol. haha. They're my favorite band EVER.


hater101: yes, i am actually going to direct a comment right at you. First, I want to ask you if you seriously think i care about your reviews? The answer, I don't. Second, i want to ask why you, if you hate my story so, you take the time out to read AND review. I mean, come on, you HAVE to have something better to do? You're not making me feel bad at all. Wanna know why? Because you aren't telling me WHY it's bad. You're just saying it sucks. If you gave me details, like things i may be able to fix, then I would actually look forward to your reviews. Otherwise, it's more of a waste of my time then it is yours. As you can see, I have plenty of readers/reviewers that are totally loyal and one person is not going to change the confidence in the only thing i'm passionate about(writing). I know you're intitled to your opinion and all, but you're reviews got old and pointless after the first.

to all my readers/reviews: I love you all and hope you review! It took me over an hour to respond to them all tongiht! Gasp! That made me feel good. Keep giving me that proud feeling!!

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