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Hermione had come to a conclusion, she liked Malfoy. She could accept it, she guessed. It's not like she could control who she liked. She decided spending hours arguing about it in her head would be pointless and really, what's the harm in a crush? It would probably pass eventually any ways, just like her crush on Ron had.

By now she was standing outside the doorway to the boy's room as Harry conjured a bed, just to have Malfoy complain about it a second later. Ron yelled at him not to complain, this started a battle of insults, Harry tried breaking it up by yelling "Enough".. Blah blah blah. Hermione was tuning it out staring blankly at the wall in front of her, and just as she was about to leave to go read a book, Harry and Ron came out, Harry looking slightly amused.

"What's with you?" Hermione asked suspiciously as Ron ran down the stairs.

Harry grinned and shook his head before replying. "Well, Ron and Malfoy were at each other's throats, even after I yelled at them to stop, when suddenly they smelled brownies. Before you know it the two are grinning and yelling ‘Brownies!' at the same time. Ron's going to go get some now to bring up, you know so his mum won't see Malfoy. Just, who knew brownies would be the peace makers of the world?"

Harry and Hermione both grinned and 10 minutes later the four of them were all in the bedroom stuffing their faces.

"Your mum's not a bad cook Weasley." Malfoy said licking of his fingers. Ron gave a half grin before replying "I know" coping Malfoy as he cleaned his fingers with his tongue.

Just then the front door was heard being slammed shut. "Harry? Ron? Hermione?" Called up Lupin's voice. The three glanced at each other and Hermione sighed and nodded. They knew letting Draco out would get them in trouble but leaving him out and unguarded would probably make the adults FURIOUS at them, even though the teens already knew he wouldn't try to escape. He already made that clear not a half hour ago.

Harry and Ron scurried off the beds and went downstairs leaving Hermione to "guard" Draco.

"Hey guys, you back?" asked Harry trying to keep his eyes off Ginny. Ginny knew only this morning she wanted to get away from him, but she did NOT want him to ignore her! Fuming silently she took the parchment from Tonks and walked up to Harry.

"Yep, and we met Snape." Well, this certainly caught attention. Harry and Ron whipped around to stare at her in shock and before they could demand to know what happened she decided to tell them.

At the end of her tale, and may she add that she loved the attention Harry was giving her as she told it, she smiled and handed him the parchment. He took it and opened it only to have his mouth imitate a fish's mouth and then break into a gigantic grin.

He looked up, his eyes gleaming with happiness and pulled Ginny towards him hugging her tightly before pulling back just enough to plant his lips firmly on hers. She kissed back his happiness rubbing off on her, and when they pulled apart they were both grinning like idiots, the only problem was she wasn't sure why she was grinning, well the part that was grinning because Harry was. She knew exactly why her body felt like bursting with joy.

"Why are we so happy?" Ginny asked not being able to wipe the enormous grin off her face or repress the joy bubbling inside her body.

"Dumbledore was right! Snape was on our side! Voldermort will be defeated in no time and then we can be together, and our world will be safe again!" If Ginny's smile could have gotten any bigger it would have, right now she didn't even care she had no idea what he was talking about, she just loved seeing him so happy.

Ron took the parchment reading over it and suddenly he was grinning as big as Harry and Ginny, not even bothered by the fact he just had to witness his best mate and sister snog, like he was not only 20 seconds ago.

For you see, on that parchment was a list of all of Voldermort's horcruxes and their locations.

Draco sighed. His life was trash. Here he was a prisoner, his father locked up in Azkaban for the next 15 years, and not even knowing what the hell had happened to his mother.

Hermione noticing his dreary face couldn't help to ask "What's wrong?"

He stared at her incrediously. "What's wrong? What's wrong?! What's not wrong!"

She gulped. He was yelling. Just great. She shifted nervously before shrugging her shoulders to say ‘I don't know'.

He sighed and started explaining calmly. Sarcastically, but calmly. "Well gee Granger, lets think. My dad's in Azkaban for the next decade and a half, my mother is god knows where; possibly even in a hospital, I can't go back to Hogwarts and finish school, I have to hide from a crazy dark wizard, and I'm a prisoner!"

Her face fell with sorrow. "Oh right." she whispered. She sat there thinking about his life before staring at him and declaring "Well, perk up! It's not that bad,. You're safe right now, you just got brownies, and you just need to learn to look on the bright side of life."

He raised an eyebrow at her before repeating unbelievably at her, "look on the bright side of life?"

She nodded confidently and he asked "How?"

She paused, hmm how to answer? "Well.....look at me! I'm probably not going to be able to go back to school either, and I really wanted to be head girl, but I'm still happy just enjoying my time with you, taking one moment at a time."

She was right, he wasn't feeling gloomy anymore, he smirked. "You enjoy spending tome with me Granger?" He asked raising his eyebrows.

She felt a little blush creeping up and gave him a little half-smile and nod. His smirk grew and he slid over next to her, both now sitting in top of Harry's bed. "Is that so." he mumbled moving his face and lips right towards Hermione's.

he kissed her. It made her heart leap a bubble of happiness and excitement suddenly grew inside her head making it feel like the bubble would just raise her into the air.

He finally broke it staring at her grinning. "So, I don't how this will work seeing as we're probably not allowed to leave the house, but want to go out sometime?"

'What was he doing?' he asked himself. This was Granger, the muggle born know-it all. Well it was just a date, nothing too serious right? Might as well, what did he have to loose?

She grinned and nodded. He smiled back and kissed her again, this time pulling her into his lap as he leaned against the wall.

They pulled apart as the door came crashing open and Hermione twisted around to face a grinning Ron, Harry, and Ginny who she noticed was holding hands with Harry.

"Hermione! Guess what! Snape gave us a list of ALL the horcruxes and their locations!- and....what are you doing on Malfoy's lap!" Ron screamed.

Hermione gave nervous smile as Draco's grip around her waist tightened. "Hey guys, so really? A list - that's great!"

Seeing the three were all still standing their shocked not looking ready to move or say something anytime soon she continued. "Oh, and um, me and Draco are going out! Isn't that great?"

Ginny fainted and unfortunately hit the floor as Harry and Ron still stood there shocked, resembling statues with their mouths hanging open.

Draco smirked. ‘He had a girlfriend, brownies, he was safe from any death eaters or their lord, and now Potter and Weasley were stunned stupid. Life was good. Yeah he was a prisoner, but who the bloody fuck cared?"


(A/N: Well this story is finished! Actually, I left it open for a sequel if you guys want one. Please just review and tell me if you think there should be one :> Anyways, hoped you like my story and thanks to all of my reviewers- i love you guys so much! I would list you all but I think that's kind of annoying when I read stories where authors have done that so I won't- but just know you are all awsome awsome people! Thank you again for reading!)

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