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Lily and Sirius said good night and left for their dormitories, expecting everyone to be asleep Sirius wandered into his silently and nearly screamed when he spotted Remus sitting on his bed looking fairly annoyed.

“I saw you and Lily.” He said somewhat coldly.

“You don’t know the full story Moony.” Sirius said defending himself.

“Are you two going out?” Remus questioned.

”Me and Lilykins, nah, we couldn’t have a relationship, it wouldn’t work.” Sirius said grinning.

“Sirius are you using her?” Remus asked curtly.

“We use each other.” Sirius explained.

“Look since the beginning of fourth year remember when I got really drunk and you lot left me in the room of requirements shortly after Lily wandered in very tipsy. We ended up snogging and well stuff, not the whole way though Moony, so don’t give me that look.”

“Anyways ever since that night, if we were both single and really bored we’d meet up in the room of requirements and have fun, but I swear Moony I never shagged her.” Sirius said.

“Ok Padfoot.” Remus said quietly and then turned away.

“Moony, Lily is gorgeous, she is beautiful and I’m attracted to her, I don’t know many people who aren’t but things with me and Lily are different alright we snog and stuff sometimes, but we only are and ever will be friends.” Sirius said. “Do you like Lily?”

“Depends Padfoot.” Remus replied from his bed.

“Do you have feeling other than friends for Lily?” Sirius said slightly irritated.

“No Padfoot.” Remus said. “I have seen Lily more like a little sister in recent times.” Remus admitted. “I used to like Lily in third year though.” He said with a small grin which made Sirius chuckle.

The next day People were shocked to find Lily with the Marauders, sure everyone had heard she was made a member but they all thought it was some kind of prank but they were wrong.

“Me and Sirius have Quidditch practice today, you wanna watch Lily?” James asked her at breakfast.

“Yeah sure.” Lily said smiling happily, she was still wearing muggle clothes as she didn’t have to go back to classes until the next day and the boys were doing all her work anyway.

The day flew by and at five Lily was sitting the stands at the Quidditch pitch with Remus and Peter watching as James and Sirius flew around the field.

Lily found it quite interesting. James played Chaser with Gideon Prewett and Fabian Prewett. Marlene McKinnon played Seeker. Sirius and Frank Longbottom played Beater and Alice Towns played Keeper.

Marlene was in the year above Lily, she was nice and left Lily alone, she had long brown hair an hazel eyes.

Alice was in Lily’s year and shared a dorm with her; she was also nice and sometimes stuck up for her when Morgan and her goons were being really mean. She had short curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

Gideon and Fabian were in seventh year, Gideon was a prefect and Fabian was Quidditch captain, both were tall with cark brown hair and light brown eyes.

Frank Longbottom was also in the year above Lily, they never talked or anything but he seemed nice enough. He was tall and had brown hair and blue eyes.

Gryffindor team she noticed worked well together and that’s why they were the best team in the school.

“First game in four weeks, just before we break up, Fabian will be pushing them harder.” Remus commented. Lily noticed that Remus was being odd with her today.

“What up Remus you’ve been odd all day and it isn’t full moon.” Lily said.

“I saw you and Sirius on the map.” Remus admitted quietly. “Sirius told me everything.”

Lily shrugged.

“I don’t mind, I used him to get rid of my frustration, I know I used him, he knows that to. But we used each other, and anyways he’s a good kisser.” Lily grinned and Remus grimaced.

“Didn’t need to know that.” He said smiling all the same.

“It was goodbye.” Lily said.

Remus chuckled. He knew it wasn’t their final goodbye, well he didn’t think it would be maybe they would prove him wrong.

James and Sirius flew over to the three fifteen year olds grinning.

“Hey Lily, do you like flying?” James asked grinning.

Lily shook her head no and Sirius grinned.

James leant forward grabbed her by the waist and flew to the middle of the pitch Lily screaming her head off the whole way there.

“Squirmy little thing aren’t you.” James laughed and the rest of the team watched amused.

“James let me down, I don’t want to die! I’m scared!” She screamed and felt James lower to the ground.

“James that was so scary!” Lily yelled at him but James laughed, Gideon flew over.

“Are you quite done James, feel the need to scare Evans a bit more?” He asked teasingly.

James grinned. “Nah.”

“Thank god.” Lily sighed.

Once quidditch practice was over the Marauders (including Lily from now on) went up to the common room and sat down in front of the fire.

“We need to do a prank as a welcoming to Lily into the group!” Sirius declared.

The group nodded in agreement and set out to planning a prank with Lily’s help.

Thursday morning came and the marauders were sitting in the great hall eating their breakfast. It was a usual thing and no one expected anything to happen so they got quite a shock when Narcissa Black, a Slytherin sixth year, walked in the great hall her long blonde hair down her silver blue eyes dull and wearing a bright pink leather mini skirt that barely covered her knickers and a small black tube top with a board above her say ‘easy’.

Everyone laughed and then laughed harder when Bellatrix Black, Narcissa’s older sister in seventh year, walked in wearing a similar outfit and the same message above her head; in fact all the Slytherin girls were the same.

Unfortunately for them they couldn’t see anything wrong with their outfits and thought they looked perfectly fine and couldn’t figure out what everyone was laughing at.

“Potter, Black, Lupin, Pettigrew, Evans my office now.” McGonagall barked from the teachers table.

McGonagall light them off fairly lightly one week off detention except for when quidditch practice was on and ten points each from Gryffindor.

Then the group of them went down to charms and turned up just before class started.

“Alright class today we will do a review on all the charms and spells we have learnt over the last few years.” Professor Flitwick squeaked from atop a pile of books.

Morning lessons went by quickly and lunch came.

“I’m so hungry.” Sirius grumbled as the group made their way down to the great hall.

“Is there am point in the day when you aren’t hungry?” Lily asked teasingly while Sirius pouted.

“Detention tonight guys.” James reminded them.

“Yep seven thirty till nine.” Remus said.

“How can you guys be so happy about detention?” Lily questioned.

“Ah of course Lilykins that was another thing you didn’t know.” Sirius realized. “Me and James have a competition to see who can break the record amount of detention in their time at Hogwarts.” He explained.

Lily nodded not quite seeing the point of it but then again she didn’t see any point in most the things the guys did it was all just done for fun.

That night after their detention the Marauders were sitting back on the couch inform of the fire.

“James can I burrow your cloak?” Lily asked.

“Yeah sure, but why?” James replied.

“I wanted to do a bit of skateboarding.” She said carelessly and got up to get her skateboard.

When Lily came back down from her back down from her dorm, fully changed into three quarter length jeans and grey tank top with her hair tied back holding her skateboard, she was surprised to find the other marauders standing by the portrait hole, holding the cloak and the map and grinning at her.

“We’ve never seen what the room of requirements looks like when you’re skating around in it.” Remus stated.

“So you want to come with me?” Lily asked already knowing the answer.

“Yep.” James replied grinning.

“Ok.” Lily said with a shrug and James threw the cloak over them all, it was a tight squeeze and Lily was squashed between James and Sirius, most girls would die to be in this position but not Lily.

Once they reach the room of requirements Lily walked in front of the door three times and a door appeared.

“Welcome to my world.” Lily said opening the door and pulling the boys into the room.

The room had gotten bigger and three-quarters of the room was taken up by rails and ramps. In the area that was taken up by ramps there was a large couch and a table, stacked up with Wizarding and muggle goodies.

Lily put her skateboard down and started weaving her way around the room.

The boys watched amazed. They always knew Lily Evans was hot, but she looked gorgeous and free when she was just skateboarding around.

They hung out for about an hour. But it started to get really late so the group decided to go back to the common room.

Once again the next morning, Friday, the group of five could be found sitting together around the Gryffindor table, but this time there were a few more people, the whole Gryffindor quidditch team.

“And so he goes of and tries to pull off the trick, only before he even got to the ramp he smashed into a rail.” Lily laughed and the entire group fell about laughing.

“Hey Lily me and a few of the girls were going to hang out tonight. Do you wanna join us?” Marlene asked Lily. “It’s a bit of a party. We go down to hogsmeade, go clubbing. What do you say?” Marlene continued.

“I don’t know I don’t really own anything that I could go clubbing in.” Lily said worriedly.

“Then me and the girls could give you a make over, please?” Marlene said pouting.

Lily laughed.

“Are you sure, I’m not known for being girlie. Will the ‘girls’ even like me?” Lily asked.

“Well I’m one of the girls, and I like you.” Alice said grinning.

“Ok I’ll do it.”

At five that night Lily did as she was told and went up to the seventh year girls’ dormitory.

“Who is it?” A female voice came.

“Lily Evans.”

“Come in!” the girl called.

Lily opened the door and instantly felt out of place; most of the girls were looking down at her, only Alice and Marlene were smiling at her.

“Ok Lil’s lets get you dressed up.” Marlene declared.

It took three hours before every one was ready and the other girls had warmed up to Lily and she started to feel comfortable.

As it happens apparently this girl’s night wasn’t really a girls night, just they spent time together getting ready. The boys to came with the girls.

James Remus and Sirius were waiting for Lily to come down, true they always went along to the club but they wouldn’t be going tonight if Lily wasn’t.

They smiled as each girl came down in turn. Marlene had told them that Lily was the finale because she looked the best.

Slowly a pair of black knee length boots descended down the stairs followed shortly by a pair of long creamy legs, a short black denim skirt, and then a cream floaty top which tightened around the bust and was held up by two thin straps. Blood red hair was curled into barrel curls. And then her face appeared; clear lip-gloss on her rosy and full lips, a small amount of black eyeliner around her eyes, black mascara, and a light golden eye-shadow over her eyes.

“Lily, you look, stunning!” James said amazed. Lily blushed slightly.

Everyone had left the already except for the quidditch team and the marauders.

“Cleans up nicely doesn’t she?” Marlene said from the portrait hole.

“You look really nice Lily.” Fabian said smiling.

“Really nice! She looks bloody HOTT!” Alice exclaimed.

“She’s right.” Gideon said.

“Thanks.” Lily said blushing as the group left.

All the way down to hogsmeade Lily felt that someone was trying to look up her skirt, which probably wasn’t to hard. But every time she turned around it was only James and Sirius behind her.

Marlene whipped out a fake ID for Lily and everyone was in the club, Enchanted.

Sirius instantly dragged Lily to the dance floor.

“You know how to dance in this kind of place right?” he asked grinning as he stepped behind her and pulled her against him. Luckily Lily wasn’t new to this and placed one hand around Sirius’ neck and the other on his hand which had rested itself on her hip, and started grinding into Sirius in time to the music.

“God Lilykins I didn’t know you had it in you.” Sirius whispered into Lily’s ear.

“Sirius there’s a lot of things you don’t know.” Lily purred back and heard him groan as thoughts rushed through his mind.

“Do you have to be so seductive?” Sirius murmured as he started to kiss Lily’s neck. Lily let out a small moan as he reached her pulse point.

The pair hadn’t noticed that people around them were watching the interaction with interest.

“What happened to Lily Evans?” Sirius murmured between kisses.

“Which one, the one who you didn’t know, or the one you nearly had on a bed in the room of requirements?” Lily asked the pair carried on dancing unaware of everyone around them.

“You’ve been watching her all night.” Frank said to James as he sat down beside him, Alice by his side.

“Have I?” James said taking his eyes away from Lily for the first time that night.

“James look you haven’t even touched your firewhiskey.” Alice said.

But James didn’t reply he just watched as Lily danced with Sirius, Remus came over to James to see if he was feeling ill knowing full well he wasn’t, but James didn’t say anything.

Morgan walked over to James shortly after Remus left him and crawled onto his lap.

“Oh Jamesy, are you all alone? Let me fix that.” She purred. Before James even had a chance to react Morgan kissed him, and for some unknown reason James kissed her back.

Lily looked toward where James had been sitting all night and nearly cried out when she saw he was kissing Morgan. She stopped dancing and stood still, Sirius looked up to see what had stopped Lily from dancing only to be outraged to see James and Morgan.

Lily turned on Sirius.

“I bet your in on this to!” Lily yelled at him.

“Lily, I’m not in on anything.” Sirius said calmly.

“Well this is obviously some sort of prank, because if James cared he wouldn’t be sucking face with that whore, and if James is playing some sort of prank on me then so are you!” She screamed. People around the pair stopped dancing and watched Lily and Sirius.

“Lily, James is just being a dick; we’re not playing a prank on you.” Remus pleaded after pushing his way through the crowd. The DJ stopped the music and James detangled himself from Morgan.

“Tell it to some one who believes you. I should have known.” Lily said and stormed out of the club.

Marlene and Alice stomped over to James and Morgan.

“Piss off slag!” Marlene hissed at Morgan who smirked and left.

“What the hell were you doing?!” Alice yelled.

“Shit!” James swore and got up and ran after Lily.

Sirius was faster though and raced past James and caught up with Lily.

“Lily, stop now!” He said but she wouldn’t stop so he ran up to her and threw her over his shoulder. Lily thrashed about and screamed but he wouldn’t put her down.

He walked all the way up to the room of requirements, knowing full well that James would have given up and gone to the common room.

Walking past the tapestry three time Sirius walked into the room, a kicking a screaming Lily still over his shoulder. There was yet again a bed in the room which he threw Lily on and then he looked the door.

Lily went quiet and watched Sirius, there was a radio in the room which Sirius turned on and he sat down with a glass of firewhiskey and watched Lily as she watched him.

“I’m not playing prank on you neither is Remus or Peter, and James is just being a dick.” Sirius said and then downed his glass of firewhiskey.

Lily sat up and swung her leg over the side of the sofa.

“Sorry.” She said and Sirius nodded.

“Shame ‘cos I really was having fun.” Sirius murmured, but Lily had heard it so she got up and walked over to him. Dragging him to the middle of the room she allowed Sirius to pull her to him and grind into her, only this time facing each other. Sirius’ hands wandered from Lily’s hips down to her upper thigh, he picked her up and let her wrap her legs around his waist. They stood in the position in the middle of the room, not moving, just looking at each other. Then Sirius buried his head in Lily’s chest.

“I cant do it Lily.” He murmured.

Lily stroked his hair.

“Can’t do what Sirius?” Lily asked soothingly.

But she got no answer, he simply walked over to the bed and placed her on it and climbed on top of her.

“Tell if you want me to stop.” He said softly, passion and lust burning through his eyes.

But Lily didn’t want him to stop.

He kissed her pink lips softly. Lily had always wondered why his lips felt so soft on hers.

The kiss became more passionate and before either of them realized what they were doing they were in their underwear kissing and caressing each other.

“Lily we really shouldn’t do this.” Sirius said softly into Lily’s hair.

“I know.” Lily whispered. “But please hold me.”

The next morning the pair wandered back to the Gryffindor common room, their desire for each other had passed, it was weird but they figured that it was simply that they had, had their time that it was over.

As they walked into the common room laughing and joking around Remus yelled over to them.

“That was goodbye!”

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