Monday morning at breakfast the Trio noticed that the transfer students were, for once, not together. It confused all three of them immensely but none of them mentioned it, for the sake of Harry's sanity. It seemed that whenever the four where mentioned he grew tense and rather angry. But who could blame him? He had the weight of the world on his shoulders and he didn't need anything else to ponder over at the moment.

Half way through breakfast the post came and a school barn owl dropped a letter on the table in front of the three Gryffindors.

Hermione glanced at the envelope. Scrawled across its face were all three of their names so she picked it up and unsealed it. After flattening it out she read it aloud but softly enough so no one could over hear her.

"I have sent invitations to those students on your list. I have included a date and time in the letters of those members of the DA. The date is that of today and the time is 7:oopm.

"I would like the three of you please meet the DA members in the Great Hall at that time for reinstated defensive meetings. You should also fill them in on the entire situation at hand.

"There will also be a guest there as well. She will join you for the meetings from now on, which I would like twice a week. You may decide when with the group.

"Thank you, Professor Dumbledore."

Hermione looked up from the letter cautiously but let out a sigh of relief to see Harry grinning.

"Brilliant!" he exclaimed. "I always did want to reinstate the DA!" Ron grinned as well and Hermione folded the letter up with a smile.

The day went by quickly enough and the three were still in a good mood when dinner came around. Not even when Snape docked twenty points from Gryffindor house because Harry smiled during class did they loose their growing excitement. They passed dinner by planning out the DA lesson happily. They didn't even notice that the transfer students were back together again.

Finally the hall began to empty out and soon there were only DA members left. Harry stood up and gestured for everyone else to do the same. Then he waved his wand and all the tables lined themselves up against the wall. He stood by the Head's table, on the raised ground, to address the group.

"Welcome back, to another year of private defense classes!" he said proudly. There was a roar of approval from the crowd and Harry caught Ron and Hermione's eye who were both smiling happily.

"We have one person to thank for making this possible and he is the person by whom this organization is named after; to Dumbledore!" There was another deafening roar and Harry mused to himself about how good he was becoming at speech making.

Before he could continue, however, the doors to the Great Hall creaked open just enough for a slender woman, not much older than Harry, to slide in the room before closing the wooden panels with a boom.

The crowd turned to look at the intruder but she just smiled warmly and pushed her way up to the front to stand by Harry's side. She nodded to him and stepped back to stand in his shadows, tugging at her short, choppy locks, out of habit. Harry stared at her curiously but she just urged him to finish before she interrupted, her golden-green eyes sparkling with excitement.

Harry turned back to the group and said; "It seems as though we have a guest. Who wants to hear from her?" there was a thunderous applause and Harry stepped back, bowing slightly and gesturing the woman forward with a sly smile.

She bowed in return, humorous stars dancing in her eyes, before stepping forward.

"Good evening" she greeted, and got a few in return, "You probably don't know me and that's how I prefer it to be. But there are a few things you should know. One is that my name is Brea Caden and I am a new Hogwarts Professor. Two is that if you ever address me as Professor Caden I will personally kick your arse. And finally, Dumbledore has hired me because I am in the Order of the Phoenix and I know how to fight. So he has me helping out where ever my help is appreciated." she turned to Harry. "As official leader of this group, Harry Potter, will you accept my help?"

Harry looked taken aback at being asked this. He never really considered himself as leader, though he supposed he was. He blinked a few times then stepped forward and shook Brea 's hand. "Welcome to the DA, Brea " he said warmly. The crowd applauded again and Brea took a small bow before joining them.

"Now, down to business. There is a reason this organization has been reborn. As you all know, Professor Dumbledore started his own organization to rebel against Voldemort last time he was in power. It has regrouped again and they still call themselves the Order of the Phoenix ." Harry paused and swept his eyes around the room. "The Order has been steadily gathering more and more information on the Deatheaters and we have finally managed to gleam a look into their plans before they are carried out."

"The Deatheaters are planned to attack Hogsmeade at the next school visit" he stopped here to wait for the gasps to fade away. "The Order has plans to thwart them, however. And those plans include you! We are going to train hard every evening this week and we are going to attend the Hogsmeade visit prepared for action!"

There were claps and screams of approval and Harry grinned before raising his hands to calm them.

One person shouted from the group; "Are you just using us for this one fight then? Are we just pawns for this mission and then you'll discard us?"

Ron shifted angrily, as did a few others. But Harry grinned. Whoever said that had the right. Harry wouldn't want to be used in the way this person was thinking of.

"No," he answered, "If you so choose, you can all become a permanent part of the Voldemort rebellion. If you so choose, we can continue these meetings twice a week and help the Order anyway we can. Do you so choose?" The most deafening roar of all echoed around the Great Hall. Passers-by outside the doors would be quaking in their boots for fear of a monster behind these walls.

"Then let us begin!" shouted Harry. "Pair off and review any and every spell that comes into your heads!"

His orders were followed immediately and spells were soon bouncing around the room. Hermione and Ron joined him on the platform and the three turned to talk to Brea .

"You're very good with them" she complimented Harry. "I can tell they really respect you."

Harry blushed slightly and said; "It's only because they know I want Voldemort dead as much as they do."

Brea contemplated him wearily for a moment. "Do you really want him dead or just gone?" she asked in all seriousness.

Harry narrowed his eyes and lapsed into quick thought. He seriously put consideration into this matter. Finally he raised his head and gave a swift nod. "I want him dead" he said shortly.

Brea nodded, "As do I" she said softly.

Then she turned to the other two with a bright smile. "Hello, don't believe we've met!" she held out her hand. "You know me but who're you?"

Hermione took her hand first, "Hermione Granger" she said happily.

"Ron Weasley" Ron introduced, shaking her hand as well.

"Ah, Arthur's boy...erm...youngest boy. Don't believe you have the right to take the title 'boy'" she said humorously.

Ron chuckled slightly and lapsed into silence, turning red around the ears.

Brea laughed heartily and clapped her hands together. "Well, shall we see what this lot can do?" she asked. And without waiting for a reply she began strolling around the room, commenting on form or pronunciation, or anything she saw that needed fixing.

Harry stared after her for a moment before nodding to his friends. "Right" he said, and then started after her.

"Come on, Ronald!" Hermione called happily, and dragged Ron onto the floor to practice.

The rest of the week flew by quickly and happily. The trio, along with all the other members of the DA, were in high spirits as cause of the daily meetings. As quidditch hadn't started up yet they were free to meet every evening in the Great Hall, under the watchful, but very cheery eye of Brea .

The rest of the school seemed to change as well. There was finally a growing inter-house connection between the DA members and it struck up the urge in other students as well. The houses finally began to mingle amongst themselves since the return of Voldemort and it put everyone on a lighter note. Smiles and talk were very common throughout the corridors and even the Trio and the transfer students were in much better moods, acknowledging each other in passing or occasionally getting in a short word at mealtimes.

Thanks to the lively aura of the school the week flew and it was finally the eve of the Hogsmeade visit, the event many had been nervously waiting for.

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The Marauders; The Inevitable

A small, dreamy smile was on his face. She hadn't pulled away...
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