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Disclaimer: We don’t own any of the characters, and even if we did feel free to use them… Author’s Note: Although I (Melwasul) am credited for writing this fic, it was done with my co-writer Aredhel Tasartir and the credit belongs to her as much as it does to me. This fic wouldn’t be possible without the both of us. “You look just like your father…” Chapter 3 Severus Snape left the infirmary immediately. Turning around the corner he nearly collided with the Headmaster. “Severus, how…” “I have no time. I need to go.” Severus interrupted the older wizard. “Be careful.” Dumbledore responded quietly his eyes twinkling slightly less than normally. The Potions master ran towards Hogsmeade to apparate to Voldemort. The Dark Lord didn’t appreciate being late. He must already be in a bad mood, as the Mark is burning so furiously. He apparated to a dark moor. The sun hadn’t risen yet. 'This looks like Scotland… I have to mention this to Albus.' There were already a few Death Eaters present. He could recognize at least Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. Severus had learned how to recognize them even with their masks on. 'I wonder where all the others are…' “Severus, how nice of you to join us.” Voldemort hissed ominously. “My Lord.” Severus kneeled down before him. “Tell me, where is Potter?” 'The boy… How could I forget the boy… my son? Voldemort mustn’t find out! He mustn’t know Harry is my son.' “Potter? I… isn’t he at the Dursleys?” He didn’t dare to look in Voldemorts eyes. He knew the Dark Lord would know he was lying. “You know very well we attacked the Muggles!” Voldemort spat angrily. “You didn’t inform me you attacked them. I didn’t know I was supposed to track him down.” Suddenly he felt the cruciatus curse hit him. “You will not speak to the Dark Lord in a tone like that. Our Master asked you a question. Answer it!” He heard Lucius shout. “I-I don’t know where the boy is!” Severus answered gritting his teeth in pain. “You can’t fool me Severus. And you will answer me.” Voldemort said menacingly quiet. “I told you! I don’t know where he is!” Severus knew he shouldn’t talk to Voldemort like this, but he hoped he could win some time. “Fine. I will get the information out of you anyway. Legilimens!” Severus felt Voldemort braking into his mind. No, I can’t let him find out! He fought back, trying to keep Voldemort out. “Why are you resisting me, Severus? Surely you aren’t hiding something?” Voldemort asked venomously. Severus’ defences were breaking. He mastered Occlumency, but the Dark Lord was just too powerful. 'I need to think of something. Something that’s not suspicious.' He thought about the time he had went to a brothel in London after Lily’s death. Not the proudest moment of his life. “Why, Severus. I didn’t know you were so desperate. Now I understand why you didn’t want to show your thoughts to me. Really, I expect more of my Death Eaters.” Severus was relieved the bluff had worked. Covering his relief he tried to look ashamed, which wasn’t very difficult. “Well, since you don’t know where the boy is, you will find it out. Understand?” “Yes, my Lord.” Severus answered standing up and turned to leave. But Voldemort stopped him. “Oh, you can’t leave yet. I didn’t like the way you behaved. It’s time you learned some manners. Crucio!!” Severus fell to the ground as curses were thrown at him. After, what seemed like hours, the Death Eaters stopped and Severus dissapparated back to Hogsmeade. Somehow he managed to get back to the castle and to the dungeons, but before he got his room he collapsed and passed out. ********* Severus opened his eyes to see the white wall of the hospital wing. 'How did I get here?' His silent question was answered by Dumbledore who was sitting in a chair next to his bed. “Hello, Severus. How are you?” The Headmaster said to him smiling. “What? Why am I here? How…” “Relax, dear boy. I found you yesterday in front of your door. I suspect the meeting didn’t go very well?” “You… Yesterday? What do you mean yesterday?” “You’ve been unconscious for nearly two days. Poppy was quite worried. What happened?” Severus told the older wizard about the Death Eater meeting. Dumbledore didn’t say anything while Severus spoke. He merely nodded occasionally. When Severus finished his story the Headmaster didn’t say anything. Severus looked around the infirmary and noticed that Harry was still unconscious in a bed not far from his own. “I managed to avoid Voldemort finding out Harry is my son, but he’s still in danger.” Severus looked up to see Albus smiling broadly at him. “What?” Severus asked a bit irritated. What’s there to smile about? “You just called Harry your son.” Dumbledore said still smiling. The younger wizard shot an angry glare at Albus. “Harry will be so happy when he finds out he still has relatives alive.” Dumbledore continued ignoring the glare. “NO! Harry will NOT find out about me.” Severus shouted quickly. “What? He has the right to know. We have to tell him… He will find out sooner or later, you know.” “Then I prefer later. He doesn’t have to know. What good will it do? Besides, he hates me.” “He doesn’t hate you, Severus.” Albus said emphatically. “It doesn’t matter. He will be safer not knowing.” Severus said sighing. “I can not tell you what to do. But I still think he should know.” “You’re right. You can’t tell me what to do. I will not tell the boy I’m his father, and I expect the same from you, Albus.” “Fine. You get some rest now, we’ll talk later.” The Headmaster said defeated. “I’m not staying here. It’s too…white.” “Oh, yes you will Severus Snape!” Poppy said entering the infirmary. “You were already week from the blood transfusion, and running around didn’t help matters. And you will not be able to sneak away this time. I’ve put wards around the Hospital wing.” She continued. Severus just glared at her. “Well, it’s quite late now so I bid you good night.” Albus said rising from the chair. Severus watched the two of them leave and glanced at Harry, before falling asleep himself. To be continued. Hope you liked this chapter and the other chapters, please review. Update is coming…soon. =)

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