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Disclaimer: We don’t own any of the characters, and even if we did feel free to use them… Author’s Note: Although I (Melwasul) am credited for writing this fic, it was done with my co-writer Aredhel Tasartir and the credit belongs to her as much as it does to me. This fic wouldn’t be possible without the both of us. “You look just like your father…” Chapter 2 In the Hospital wing Dumbledore was sitting beside Harry’s bed. Moody had left to notify the others about Harry’s condition, whereas Remus and Minerva had been taking turns in watching over Harry during the night. The Headmaster had found Remus dozing off at five o’clock in the morning and had told him to go to bed. Snape had taken advantage of Remus’ weariness and snuck out of the Hospital wing. Dumbledore smiled. Snape hated being in the Hospital wing. From Severus his thoughts turned to Harry. 'I need to talk to Severus about the boy…' ********* Severus was striding along the corridors towards the Headmaster’s office. Albus had summoned him just as he was about to go to sleep again. 'What does the old fool want now?' He didn’t have time to think about that, as he reached the statue leading to the Headmaster’s office. “Chupa Chups” he told the gargoyle yawning. 'Where does he get these stupid passwords?' The Headmaster’s door was already open and Severus entered the room closing the door behind him. “Good morning, Severus. Glad you could come so quickly. Please take a seat.” Severus sat down in the chair in front of Albus’ desk. “Care for a lemon drop?” Albus asked Severus smiling. “No, thank you. I’m not usually that hungry at this time of the morning. Now, what did you want with me Albus?” Dumbledore just looked at Severus who was glaring back at him, which didn’t have quite the effect Severus was hoping for since he was so tired. Severus was starting to get uncomfortable when the older man suddenly addressed him. “Did you have an affair with Lily Evans?” “WHAT?” Severus exclaimed. This was certainly not what he had expected. “Did you have an affair with Lily?” Dumbledore repeated calmly. “I… that’s none of your bloody business!” “Severus, please.” Dumbledore said sternly. Dumbledore’s voice left no room for arguments. For a moment Severus thought about darting out of the office. Get a grip, man! You’re not a first-year anymore. He glared at Albus and snapped: “Fine! Yes, I had an affair with her! Happy now?” “When did it happen?” Dumbledore continued looking very old. “I still don’t understand why you need to know this!” Severus answered not noticing that he was now standing. I really don’t want to have this discussion! “Please answer my question, Severus.” Albus said looking at the younger wizard as if he saw right trough him After a moment of silence, Severus sat down. 'I hate it when Albus does that!' Scowling he began his story. “Do you remember that time, when James was on a mission for the Order and went missing for nearly two months?” When the Headmaster nodded the younger man continued, “Well, then you also remember that Lily got a letter telling her that James was dead. She came to me grief-stricken. We had gotten close during the time James was away. I comforted her, and… well you know…” Severus ended, blushing slightly. “Did James know about what happened?” “No. When James returned two weeks later, Lily was scared about how James would react so we decided not to tell anyone.” the Potions master said bitterly. The two wizards fell silent. Dumbledore looked thoughtful, while Severus found interest in the floor. This was something he hadn’t wanted to share with the Headmaster. He had loved Lily, and he had to admit that he hadn’t been happy when James returned. She had always been kind to him, and the time he had spent with her had been wonderful.' Why did Albus have to bring up these memories?' “Now that you’ve interrogated me, I would like to know why?” Severus asked fretfully. “Because I have reason to believe that you are Harry’s true father” Dumbledore responded after a moments hesitation. Severus stared at the Headmaster looking dumbfound. 'I couldn’t have heard him right. I thought he just said that I was Potter’s father. No, he couldn’t have said that…' “I’m sorry, I must have heard you wrong. I thought I heard you say that I’m Potter’s father.” “Yes, you heard correctly” Albus said with a faint hint of amusement in his voice. “W-WHAT!!!” Severus stood up quickly making his chair turn over and hitting his knee to the Headmasters desk. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN I’M HIS FATHER? I CAN’T BE HIS FATHER! I...” “ Calm down, Severus.” “CALM DOWN! HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO CALM DOWN!?! I WON’T HEAR ANY MORE OF THIS NONSENSE!” Severus stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him. ********* 'How dare he! How dare he make me think about Lily again! Me, being Potter’s father that’s absurd! Severus was raging in his quarters. I mean, she would have told me, wouldn’t she. Lily wouldn’t have kept it from me… Why am I even considering this? Aarggh!' He grabbed a vial from the table and threw it at the wall. *crash* “Shit!” 'That was expensive. I’d better leave before I destroy something else…' Severus left his quarters and wandered aimlessly in the castle.' If only there were some Gryffindors to punish! Well there is… No, don’t think about him! He knew he should go the Headmaster and apologize, but he didn’t want to meet Albus right now.' He stopped walking and found himself in front of the door leading to the infirmary. 'How did I get here?' Severus was about to turn around and leave, when he heard a small voice from the infirmary. Without thinking he opened the door. There was no one there, besides the boy. Harry was muttering something in his sleep. 'Where’s Poppy when you need him? I’d better go look if he’s alright. The Order would kill me, if their Golden Boy died.' He walked to Harry’s bed and sat in the chair beside the bed. 'Might as well take the watch turn. Maybe Albus won’t come looking for me here.' “Where am I?” Severus nearly fell from the chair before he realized that it was Harry who had asked the question. “Hogwarts” he replied simply. “Good…” the boy fell back to sleep. Severus looked at the sleeping boy. He hadn’t looked at the boy properly before now. His hair was longer and darker and his face had lost it’s boyish roundness. 'Funny, he doesn’t look like James…He’s actually more like me… No, I did not just think that! Lily would have told me. I mean, sure we look the same and we have the same rare blood type, but… Oh, Merlin… Could he really be my son? Albus wouldn’t have lied about something this important. I was just too proud to realize that earlier. He wasn’t accusing me of anything. He was just stating the facts.' “You’re my son…” Severus said hoarsely. He was interrupted from his thoughts, when a stinging pain shot through his left forearm. “Oh no…” The Dark Lord was summoning him. To be continued.

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