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Disclaimer: We don’t own any of the characters, and even if we did feel free to use them… Author’s Note: Although I (Melwasul) am credited for writing this fic, it was done with my co-writer Aredhel Tasartir and the credit belongs to her as much as it does to me. This fic wouldn’t be possible without the both of us. “You look just like your father…” Chapter 1 “Hang in there Harry, I’ll get you to the Hospital wing.” 'Hmm… Where am I? What happened?' *Flashback* "I want you to see your death… And this time there isn’t anyone to save you… AVADA KEDAVRA!!" Harry saw the flash of green light… *End flashback* 'Am I dead? Stupid question, of course I’m dead… But I’m still hurting… I’m not supposed to feel anything if I’m dead… Right? Odd…' “How bad is it?” “His left arm is broken as well as a couple of ribs. He has a severe injury on his temple and a deep gash on his left side. I used an emergency healing charm on him but he’s lost a lot of blood… Too much to be healed magically. He needs a blood transfusion.” 'Who are these people? What blood transfusion? They are talking like I’m still alive… How did I survive?' “We’re losing him!” 'I just want to rest…' ********* Somewhere… Voldemort was furious. 'Why didn’t the killing curse work? It’s impossible… All of his relatives are dead. I’ve killed them all, haven’t I? What happened?' *Flashback* Wormtail tossed Harry down the stairs.' I’ll have you now…' “Nice to see you Potter. I have a birthday present for you... CRUCIO!" Harry was convulsing on the floor. “ Your turn.” Voldemort said to the Death Eaters that were with him. He hadn’t trusted all of them, and had only told a few about his plan. They obeyed him without hesitation. He watched as they threw curses at Harry. Some preferred Muggle ways of violence. Voldemort had finally found a way to break the wards protecting the Dursleys. But he knew Dumbledore would soon know about his attack. I better finish this now… “Get over with it Voldemort! Kill me! I don't care…" he heard Potter beg. "Oh I will, but not with out having some fun first!" Voldemort’s next curse sent Harry flying across the room. Harry hit the mantelpiece head first and blood started oozing down his temple. Harry passed out. Oh, I can’t let him die in peace… "Enervate!" Voldemort shouted. "I want you to see your death… And this time there isn’t anyone to save you.. AVADA KEDAVRA!!" Voldemort saw the curse hit Harry. He smiled evilly, but his smile faded when he saw that Harry was still breathing. 'No! No, this can’t be happening. Not again. Can’t this brat just die!?!' “I told you to kill his relatives!” he shouted at the Death Eaters. 'One of them must still be alive. That’s why the spell isn’t working… Yes that has to be the reason.' “My lord, they are all dead. We made sure of that.” he heard one of his servants saying dubiously. What! I don’t have time for this. “Well, I’ll just have to kill him the traditional way…” He pulled Harry savagely so that his was kneeling before him. “Pugio” Voldemort muttered, and his wand turned into a dark steel dagger. 'There’s no counter-curse for this…' Just as Voldemort was about to strike Harry in the heart, the front door exploded and revealed Dumbledore pointing his wand at Voldemort. The explosions had caused the dagger to slip in Voldemort’s hand at it missed Harry’s heart hitting his lung instead. 'How did he get here so fast? I don’t have time to finish the boy now…' “You’re too late to save him!” he shouted and disapparated. *End flashback* Voldemort knew Harry was still alive. Somehow the boy had once again escaped from his doom. But that means someone sharing his blood is still alive. “Wormtail!” he shouted. “Y-yes my lord.” the balding man squeaked. “Find out why the killing curse didn’t work.” “Y-yes, of course master!” Wormtail turned to leave. “Oh and Wormtail… CRUCIO!” ********* The Hospital wing Dumbledore was sitting beside Harry’s bed. Watching him sleep the Headmaster thought back at the events of the night. ** It had been chaotic. Harry had been nearly dead when Dumbledore carried him to the infirmary. On his way there he nearly ran into Professor McGonagall and told her to inform the members of the Order to come to Hogwarts immediately. McGonagall eyes widened when she saw Harry’s bleeding body and she left at once. Once in the Hospital wing, Dumbledore placed Harry on one of the beds, and called for Madam Pomfrey. Pomfrey came quickly and started to examine Harry’s injuries. At this point Lupin, McGonagall, Moody and Snape arrived. “How bad is it?” Dumbledore asked Madam Pomfrey. “His left arm is broken as well as a couple of ribs. He has a severe injury on his temple and a deep gash on his left side. I used an emergency healing charm on him but he’s lost a lot of blood… Too much to be healed magically. He needs a blood transfusion.” “I’ll give him all my blood if I need to!” Lupin exclaimed at once. “Aren’t you forgetting something? You’re a werewolf.” Dumbledore said to Lupin gently. Lupin looked a bit embarrassed. “Sorry, I forgot...” “Actually only Severus can help him.” Pomfrey told them. Everyone turned to look at the Potions Master. He had been standing in the shadows. “Me? Why is that?” Severus asked frowning with surprise. “Because you two share the same rare blood type, that’s why. Now lie down on the other bed and roll up your sleeve. We don’t have much time.” Snape looked a little taken aback, but did what he was told. “Try to relax.” Pomfrey told Snape. ** Dumbledore returned from his thoughts when Harry muttered in his sleep. Remus, Minerva and Alastor had left the infirmary a while ago. The Headmaster turned his gaze to the other bed beside Harry’s. Snape was also sleeping. Harry had needed a lot of blood and the Potions Master was still weak from the blood transfusion. Dumbledore chuckled when he remembered how Severus had insisted on leaving the Hospital wing. ** “That’s enough. I can use magic from now on.” Poppy said to Severus. “Well, I’ll be in the dungeons if you need me.” He said but nearly collapsed when trying to get up. “You are in no shape to leave, Severus Snape!” “I can take care of myself, thank you very much!” Severus told her, still trying to get up. “You will NOT leave!” Poppy shouted. Her face was turning quite red. “I think you should stay here in case Harry needs some more blood” Dumbledore interfered. Severus shot an angry glare at the older wizard and muttered something under his breath. “What was that?” Dumbledore asked his blue eyes twinkling. “Nothing…” “See, it’s settled then.” Poppy said gleefully. “FINE! But I’ll leave in the morning.” Severus shot back. “I’d like to see you try.” “Now, now children… We’ll talk about this in the morning. It’s time to get some sleep now.” Dumbledore told them before Severus had the opportunity to reply Poppy. ** Dumbledore returned his gaze to Harry. He looked so young and yet so old. His hair was now shoulder length and it framed the boys face making his skin look very pale. 'He reminds me of someone… He has changed during the summer. He still has some of his mother’s features, but he doesn’t look like James anymore. Odd… Then why does he look so familiar?' Dumbledore blinked and slowly turned to look at Severus. 'Harry looks like him… Exactly like him! But how… The blood type… Of course! That would explain why Harry had survived the killing curse once again… I wonder if Severus knows…' To be continued.

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