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Chapter Thirteen: Moony's View

'Should I just let Sirius sweep Sydney off her feet? Or should I have stayed and said something'

Remus walked bitterly back to the dormitory wondering what he should have said. Maybe there was something there. Sydney sure seemed a whole lot different in Potions when they were partners.

He felt like he was always second place…well to Sirius anyways. He had a slight crush on Lily at one point but he never took it seriously, besides she was always James' girl. But Sydney was distinct. She cared, she was trustworthy, and it didn’t hurt that she was quite eye-catching. Her green eyes always trapped him in an uncomfortable spot, like he couldn’t get out of her gaze.

Suddenly, he stopped in the middle of the common room; no one was there because they were down in the Great Hall eating dinner. He paused in his thinking and finally instead of following his brains, he followed his heart.

'If Sydney likes Sirius then I'll let things go, but that day…it seemed like there was something there.'

Something that Remus had never felt before. Was it the beginning of a friendship? Or something more?

Looking around, he jogged up to his dormitory and packed things up just in case he changed his mind. He took a look around and made sure everything was in order. After making sure, he rushed down to the Great Hall hoping it wasn’t too late. Did Sirius honestly have feelings for her? He never talked to the Marauders about his crushes but sometimes he told James and Remus, for some reason he didn’t particularly trust Peter.

'That's odd….where has Peter been hiding anyways?'

Shrugging it off, he walked into the Great Hall and looked around. He finally found Lily and James laughing about their plans for the winter break and Sydney looking quite confused and exhilarated at the same time. Remus stayed back for a moment and watched the scene before him.

Sirius was moving a bit closer to her and nudging her elbow so he could show her some immature prank of his. Remus shook his head in pity; didn’t Sirius realize why Sydney was always frustrated with him? It was because he was always playing the part of a five year old.

Sydney tried to smile and continue eating but each time she smiled weakly Sirius would try harder to make her laugh. Sydney had a sense of humor…but Sirius' sense of humor was perverted and ridiculously boyish. She bit her lip trying to enjoy herself but Sirius seemed lost on how to impress her.

As he watched the entire thing unfold before him Remus thought back to their third year at Hogwarts, when Sydney and he had finally gotten to know each other after a horrible incident….

Remus was studying in the library like usual when he watched as Sydney and Lily walked in with their bags obviously going to work on something for class.

He waved at them just out of friendliness because they all hadn’t really hung out that much before but they had become good acquaintances that talked in between classes. They smiled and waved back but sat in at a table by themselves…which meant they were talking about girl things.

Not even a minute after going back to his homework a noise came from their table and he looked up to find Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Black already bugging the two girls who were trying desperately to ignore them. He could distinctly hear their conversation…it came with his curse.

"I don’t know why Potter has such an obsession with you…a filthy mudblood."

"I also see that Sirius has developed something for you, Lane, I don’t see why…he's shaming the Black family in doing so."

Remus could see that Sydney was struggling to hold herself down. Lily was going red in the face and her face was completely drawn in and so she wasn’t even looking up.

"Would you look at that? I think we're embarrassing the mudblood."

Just about to get up and run over, Remus stood but he watched as Sydney jumped up from her seat and got into Bellatrix's face.

"Get over yourself Bellatrix…leave us alone and take your pale ass of a friend. If that's what you even call each other, you cold hearted witch."

"You should really stop standing up for people who only sit their way through life."

"Did you hear the mudblood? She called me a pale ass…how degrading." Lucius said laughing.

"Leave….or I will make you."

Bellatrix and Lucius snickered obnoxiously and they left with their noses so high that if it rained they would have drowned in their own vanity. Sydney huffed an annoyed breath and turned to find that Lily was quietly crying to herself. Walking back to her chair, she sat down and hugged Lily to calm her down.

"I'm so sorry Lily…don’t let them get to you."

Remus got up and walked over to their table with a sad look.

"Are you guys okay?"

Lily tried to smile and wiped her tears away with disdain.

"Oh of course…how silly of me…"

"If you guys want…I have an empty table."

Sydney nodded and looked at Remus with sincerity. She was seeing him a lot differently that she had before. The first time she had met him, he was playing a prank on the Slytherins with the other Marauders, after that she just figured he was the same guy that Sirius and James were. Just immature and dim-witted.

But now…

He was compassionate, kind and sweet. He was Remus Lupin, the nice guy. He was good looking, nice, and obviously charming. His hair was a lightened brown and it fell a little into his eyes when he looked down at the two. His tired green eyes helped his appearance. He always seemed tired but who wouldn’t be after dealing with the Marauders?

Just as the girls were getting settled into the table with Remus, James and Sirius walked into the library with a cocky air.

"My my…if I knew such good looking ladies went to the library all the time...then I'd be here 24/7. Do you concur dear James?"

"Why…I do my dear Sirius."

They laughed and stared at the frustrated Remus who knew the girls didn’t need to be hit on at that exact moment. Lily looked up and gave James an annoyed look.

"LILY! Why were you crying?! Are you okay?!"

James finally realized her eyes were blotchy and red.

"Yes I'm fine Potter…"

"What happened?!"

"It was just Bellatrix and Lucius…but Sydney took care of them."

Remus leaned in his chair a little, while he watched the scene before him. It was always how it was, he was apart of the chaos but sometimes he liked to sit back and view it for himself.

"Potter I'm capable of taking care of myself."

"Oh I swear, I'm going to make Lucius and Bellatrix wish they were never born."

He then turned to watch Sydney and Sirius' conversation unfold.

"What does Moony mean by you took care of things?"

"I took matters into my own hands…when was that ever your business?"

"I'm going to hurt them…are you okay?"

"Oh butt off Black…like you ever cared. Last time I checked you'd rather stick my bras up on the Quidditch goal hoops instead of sticking up for me."

Remus never noticed it before but Sirius had actually looked hurt. He dropped his head and his hair covered his eyes from view, but he knew they were filled with regret. He scoffed his sneakers on the floor and nudged James.

"I think we should go…"

Sydney ignored his injured expression and turned to Lily to make sure she was okay. James nodded and headed out with the obvious plot to make Lucius' and Bellatrix's life hell. Sirius just looked over his shoulder at Sydney with sadness. Had Sirius really liked her all this time? Had he honestly cared for her…but couldn’t show it?

Remus came back to the present and watched his friends talk among themselves. He didn’t go over and set himself between Sydney and Sirius. No…he watched…because he knew now that Sirius had always felt something for Sydney, whether she saw it or not.

Then finally…Sirius did something smart.

Looking around while Sydney ate her piece of pie, he saw that one of the girls next to him had a flower pinned in her hair. He sneakily took it out and when Sydney turned he presented it to her with a wide smile. Her grin and dimples immediately appeared and her face glowed like the sun. As idiotic and reckless Sirius was to steal the flower, it did it on good terms.

Chuckling to himself, Remus finally understood. Sirius had it bad for Sydney…he wasn’t going to get in the way of that. Besides, he doubted his feelings didn’t match to Sirius' obsession…it was like Lily and James…in a way.

No matter how odd it was that Sirius was trying everything to impress Sydney, Remus was proud of him. He was really trying…and that was a difference.

Smiling, Remus left the Great Hall and headed to get his stuff. He would leave winter break for the two to finally realize their feelings for each other…well hopefully.

A/N: I'm sorry it took so long this time…but I've been mucho busy. REVIEWS..and I promise I'll get it out sooner!

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