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Disclaimer:I DO NOT own the song, if I were, i'd be aly and aj, no? The song is Rush by aly and aj, just in case you lot'o' duffers don't know

(Sariah’s POV-)

Into your head, into your mind,
out of your soul, race through your veins,
you can’t escape, you can’t escape

I set off to the heart of the forest, where the werewolf would be transforming at. I was at the edge of the forest, a little way past Hagrid’s hut, when I could hear footsteps coming, and then I heard a loud AOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I tore off into the forest. When I reached the center, I flew up about fifty feet and said, “Angel Warriors will fight! Anglica Ray- wahr meh zahka!” Then I felt it.

Into your life into your dreams,
Out of the dark, sunlight again,
You can’t explain, you can’t explain

I felt myself grow smaller and thinner, my hair growing shorter. My skin turned red, then yellow, then white and gold. I felt my eyes turning and icy blue color, while my golden wings grew enough to touch the base of my neck, and the tip of my wings met my elbow. My jeans and polo t-shirt turned into a sleeveless white tunic, reaching down to my mid-shin, sandals, with sword and shield in hand. My hair turned icy blue with silver streaks. I was officially an angel warrior.

Can you feel it? Can you feel it?
Rushin’ through your hair, rushin’ through your head,
Can you feel it? Can you feel it?

I practiced a couple of swoops and slides and twists and turns with my wings. And then I saw what I had to face: a werewolf. He was huge, sharp teeth, sharp claws, really un-human looking. And what accompanied him were a dog, a stag, and a little gray-looking thing.

The werewolf was rampaging through the woods and was about to take a swipe at the dog when the stag butted in and pushed the werewolf back. Just then the stopped and sniffed at the air. He growled, clawing at the air, and then attacked the stag fiercer than before. The stag didn’t have enough time to react. The werewolf pinned him down, digging his claws hard into the stag’s front legs. The werewolf was coming closer, baring his fangs. I descended about fifty feet when I stopped threw a rock to get his attention.

The werewolf turned around, his eyes filling with hatred. He roared and charged towards me. I put my hands in front of me and yelled out “Protego!”. Out of nowhere, a shield formed in front me, and he bounced off. He got up though, and charged toward me again. I started to run, but remembering that I had wings, I tried to fly. No such luck. So I tried another thing that my mom told me to use: my dagger. I unsheathed it, and pointed it at the werewolf. He backed away a couple steps, but then charged toward me again.

This time, his claws dug hard into my shoulder. I screamed in pain. Just then, the dog attacked, but werewolf tore him off, digging hard into the dog’s back. This gave me an advantage of taking a swipe at the werewolf. I did, and the sword struck at his ear. I sliced it through his jawbone, but then he clawed at my forearm, which really hurt. I then struck at his leg, shin, and upper arm.

But he returned with a series of blows on the head, face, chest, and arms. I decided that it was enough. I punched the werewolf in the nose which knocked him out cold. Poor werewolf, having to go through this every month! I looked over at the dog and the stag. The dog was scratched deeply across the sides and on his cheek. The stag was bleeding from the eye, was scratched deeply on the front right leg, and on the side as well. The little gray rat was nowhere to be found.

I stayed with the misfits until about our in the morning when the moon disappeared. The werewolf started to stir, but was still sleeping, and I surveyed him. I recoiled, looking at all the blows I gave the werewolf. There were several on his cheek, neck, arms and blood trickling from his nose.

There was a single line across his side where my sword hit him. “Pull out a couple of your silver strands of hair.” An Inner Voice said to me. I pulled out a couple. Immediately after I pulled them out, they turned into clean bandages. The stag and the dog watched me as I wrapped the bandages where the wounds were. After I finished healing the werewolf, I soothed the dog and the stag and they soon fell asleep. I then healed their wounds, and, using all my might, transported them back to wherever they were supposed to be.

Once that was done, I did one last swoop in the air. When my feet touched the ground, there was a flash of blue light, and I was human once again. I still had a little bit of power left though, so I transported myself back into the girls dormitory and surveyed myself. I had a whole bunch of scratches of my face, and back. I had bruises because I kept on bumping into things when I was flying. The worst was the claw mark when the werewolf dug deep into my shoulder. The mark went from the top of my shoulder all the way down to my mid- back. My entire back was on fire, but I didn’t care. I survived my transformation!

Sirius’s POV-

I felt around for my wand, expecting to come in contact with rock, but instead, soft bed. I open my eyes and see the boy’s dormitory. Whoa, what happened last night? I thought as I sat up and looked around. Everyone was in their own bed, sleeping peacefully. I surveyed James, me and Remus. All our wounds were bandaged, but Remus was in the worst condition. By the looks of it, his jaw was slit all the way up to his ear, and his arms and neck were completely covered in scratches. Who gave Remus all this, and who healed us? Then I remembered: the angel. Anger boiled up inside of me, and I silently swore to get revenge on the angel. Just then James stirred, and then woke up.

“uhh, mate, what happened?”

“ I dunno. You?”


“So what should we do?”

“First we should go get breakfast.”

“What about old Moony?”

“just let him be, he’s probably really tired”

“ Alright.”

James’s POV-

We went downstairs to find Lily and Sariah already downstairs. Lily looked as beautiful as ever, while Kent was just a mess. Her skin had a blue tinge to it, while her hair was completely messed up. Her eyes were as wide as tennis balls, which was unusual even for her. I approached her in a normal fashion and sat down across her.

“Hey, Sare,” I said quietly. She looked up and I saw what she was hiding.

Her face was covered in scratches, a huge one went from her right eye all the way down to her chin. There were three claw marks on her face that were bandaged. No wonder she was hiding her face.

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