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“I’m going to go help mum, you guys stay here!” Natalie said as she pulled her wand out with determination on her face.

“Yeah right, Nat!” Alexandra called out. She had just finished tying her bright red hair back and had her wand risen as well.

“Stay on the train? Are you joking, Nat? ‘Those’ people are on the train by now; James is right – it’s safer on the platform. So let’s go kick wand!” Aimee exclaimed.

“What ever,” Natalie sighed, laughing to herself at Aimee’s excitement. “Stay here, Irene,” Natalie said firmly. Irene knew she was serious because she had called her ‘Irene’ rather than ‘Little Malu’ – but Irene had absolutely no intention of doing as she was told. Irene stared at her sister stupidly and tried to force a smile.

Natalie yanked at the door, but it wouldn’t budge. “Great! We’re stuck on the train!”

Bomboada!” Lana yelled at the door. The door was blown completely off its hinges and landed in several pieces on the platform.

Instantly, Lana regretted it. Five of the people were standing in the doorway all of their wands pointing straight at them. Their wands looked odd, as if they weren’t a basic wand. Each one had carvings all the way from the tip to the end of the thick, jagged handle. None of the girls had ever seen such carvings, and they hoped they would never have to see them again. Though they could not understand them at all, they knew they weren’t good.

“Thank you, ladies,” the front most and tallest said grinning maliciously. “We were having difficulty with the door from out here.” The man who was speaking had dirty shoulder-length hair and dark unreadable eyes.

Purely out of shock Natalie, Phoebe, and Sydie shouted expelliarmus at the same time as four others shouted stupefy. Melanie shrieked out a Bat-Bogey hex and smiled when she seen that it had hit its target and he was now running around frantically knocking over anyone who got in his way. They had only successfully hit two people with spells and hadn’t claimed any of the strange wands. Other spells were carelessly wiped away. Now there were more people crowding around to get on the train. Many of them were ‘hit’ with spells but none had been affected by them except for one who was rolling on the ground laughing.

Jumping off the train the girls moved towards Ginny as fast as they could. Ginny was gathering a large crowd after she had easily deflected the first few.

A red light erupted from Natalie’s wand, sending a Death Eater colliding to the ground directly in front of Ginny.

“Natalie! Why aren’t you still on the tr_ PROTEGO!” she shouted causing a purple spell to bounce off her daughter.

“We wanted to help,” Natalie said between breaths. “Expelliarmus!”

“That doesn’t work,” her mum said calmly after seeing Natalie’s shocked face. The disarming spell had hit its mark square in the chest but the man still had his wand in hand, a depraved smile was stretched across his face.

Irene, Sydie and Kaylee were firing off the few complex spells they knew at one particular person who kept waving them off as quickly as they had fired them.

“How did you do that?” Sydie gasped seeing Lana’s two opponents who were tied together, rolling around on the ground.

“Simple!! Spells!!!” Lana panted. “Tarantallegra she shrieked. Irene, Sydie and Kaylee muffled their laughter as they watched the dark figure dance around in circles against his wishes. His wand dropped slowly to the ground with a clatter. As an immediate reaction, Sydie bent down and cautiously picked up the intricately made wand. Instantly a cold sensation ran through her now stiff frigid arm. She tried desperately to drop it, but her hands grasped the wand firmly and it wouldn’t drop. Suddenly she stood still. The tip glowed an ominously dark red and Sydie fell to the ground, helpless. Frantically, she beat her hand against the ground, crying out in pain.

Lana’s eyes unnaturally grew big as she watched her friend struggle on the ground with the wand.

Ginny, who had also stopped fighting, saw the small blonde haired girl whom she knew must be Sydie Malfoy. “Kalstran!” she exclaimed, her wand pointing straight at the other wand. The wand shook and Sydie screamed even louder.

Wingardium Leviosa” Lana screamed out the first ‘simple’ spell that came to mind. The wand jolted out of Sydie’s hand and dropped with another clatter beside Lana.

“Simple spells,” Lana repeated for her Aunt Ginny and cousins to hear.

“What do you mean simple spells!?!” Aimee Longbottom shouted still frustrated from having all her spells waved off much easier than they should have.

“They can’t ward off the simple ones! Petrificus Totalus!” shrieked waving her arm behind Aimee. The brunette instinctively jumped out of the way as the short man fell stiff where she had been standing.

“What? How did-” Kaylee stated loudly so her friends could hear her over the roaring sounds. Everyone around them had grown quiet, causing Kaylee to scream into the awkward silence. The four girls turned around. Standing on top of the Scarlet train was another strange robed figure. An eerie feeling swept thru the crowd, sending a wave of panic. The man on the train wore no hood over his face making him look less intimidating than the rest.

“PROPOSTEROUS! WE SEND TWO HUNDRED ABLED MEN ON A SMALL TASK AND YOU ARE ALL FALLING AT THE FEET OF STUDENTS!” The crowd gasped at the coldness in the man’s voice. He sounded as if he were whispering his disapproval and nothing more, yet the words echoed through the entire platform. The man’s black eyes searched the crowd over causing everyone to cower at his gaze.

“THE DARK LORD WILL NOT BE PLEASED!” he paused for a moment and then flicked his hand at the large crowd. All of the black-robed men disappeared with a pop, leaving the crowd to stare awestruck at the one remaining man.

Sydie, Irene, Lana, and Kaylee were huddled together glaring at the man instinctively. Ginny Potter stood behind them with her hand on her daughter’s shoulder.


Many people around them were gasping with fear-filled eyes. The four girls quickly glanced around almost as if by instinct searching for the people who he was talking about. Everyone else seemed to be doing the same thing nobody stood out from the rest of the crowd except for large clusters of purple robed wizards.

“Thank Merlin!” Kaylee gasped upon seeing them. The aurors were secretly spreading through the crowds, their wands raised.

“Oh no,” Lana gasped. She was looking at the man. He was grinning slightly.

“YOUR EFFORTS ARE APPRECIATED!” he said, his wispy voice causing half of the crowd to shudder. He raised his wand hand flicked it at the crowd and disappeared without the ‘pop’ of disapparating. Everyone fell to the ground screaming in agony as unmatchable pain soared through their body leaving no part spared. The pain seemed to never leave the array of people who were on the ground trying to endure the pain. Mothers continued screaming as the feeling of peace and comfort was restored and the wailing children seemed more painful than the dark magic had.

The first to stand was one of the aurors – the top auror – Harry Potter. Slowly, the rest of the wide-eyed crowd rose and gathered their children and belongings. Most of them were sobbing uncontrollably. Irene ran through the mass of people and threw herself on her father.

“Irene,” he said comfortingly, “it’s over.”

“No it’s not daddy!” she cried into his shoulder. “No it’s not!”

“Shh, for now, Irene, you’re safe,” he whispered in her ear. “Let’s go find everyone else,” he said holding her around the shoulder.

“Harry!” Ginny gasped throwing herself on him as well.

“Let’s go,” he said. “Where is James?” Ginny shrugged and wandered off to search for her oldest and only son.

“I better go find my parents,” Sydie broke the silence in a quavering voice.

“Bye, Sy,” Lana's wispy voice whispered in her friends ear as she hugged her violently shaking friend.

Sydie turned and left the group. The entire platform had grown silent apart from an occasional sob from random people she passed. “Mum!” she called out when she seen her mother talking to a very large woman. Sydie pulled her trunk over and hugged her mum for comfort. Her mother pulled away and held Sydie at arms length, looking her over.

“Millicent, this is my daughter – Sydie,” her mother said, smiling at the large lady. “Millicent and her daughter will be staying with us over the holidays,” Pansy Malfoy sneered at her daughter.

Sydie smiled weakly at her mum and was about to speak when she was pushed over by a girl around her age. Sydie pulled herself off of the ground realizing that no one was going to help her up. It was Millicent’s daughter; Sydie smiled again, but frowned when she realized who it was.

“Attips!?” she gasped, already dreading her Christmas holidays.

“Malfoy!” Wendolin spat back. “Tell me again, mother, why we have to stay with them.”

“Because, Wendy, your father is … ‘busy’ this month and will be using the house.” Wendolin glared at her mother in such a way that disgusted Sydie. Sydie was on the verge of tears. They were attacked on the platform and defeated by a single man; she wasn’t going to see her friends in two weeks; her mother didn’t seem happy to see her; and unwanted guests were going to stay at her house.

“Cora,” her mother called out lovingly to her oldest daughter. “Are you alright, sweetie? Come on dear, we’re leaving.” Cora smiled and embraced their mother. Sydie noticed that Cora was trembling slightly, though not nearly as bad as Sydie herself was.

A single tear rolled down Sydie’s cheek as she walked behind her mother and sister as they left the platform.

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