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A/N-This chapter is dedicated to the wonderful pearluna, who has been very wonderful about reviewing. Mucho gracias!
Disclaimer- I do not own anything!

Chapter 5
I Have To Pee!

“I didn’t want to have to resort to this but…” placing her weapons at her feet, Lily walked forward and kissed James square on the lips, making all three boys drop their weapons. She waved her concealed wand and Remus and Sirius were bound by invisible ropes. Lily didn’t think there was any need to tie up James, he was staring awestruck at her. She patted his cheek before waltzing back into the bathroom to get her stuff. Remus could have swore he heard a faint whisper of-

“All is far in love and war, dimwits.”


Over the next week, the days preceded the same, water wars, mostly snowball fights, trips to London, and passing out in front of the fire, and waking up the following morning with one hell of a hangover. Even Lily was getting into the festivities.

“Oh come on, your both under the mistletoe, so you have to kiss, it’s practically the law.” She explained one afternoon when Sirius and James were stuck under the mistletoe.

“Oh come on! I can understand if it was you and another girl, but this is just wrong, sick and wrong!” Sirius whined, attempting to grab the mistletoe out of the air. Remus smirked.

“It’s your fault,” he said, rolling his eyes at the predicament, “You tried to steal her knickers.” Sirius groaned.

“That was different; we wanted to know what color they were.”

“You know that makes no sense at all.” Lily shook her head, looking over to James for a reaction. He looked as though he was hyperventilating, through his nose.

“What’s the matter James, scared your best mate will find out just how lousy a kisser you are?” Lily questioned innocently. James looked up from his shoes.

“I don’t exactly want to kiss my best mate, who’s a bloke!” Sirius looked affronted.

“Why don’t you want to kiss me, do you think I’m a bad kisser, because I’m not, and I have plenty of proof.”

“We’re both blokes!” James screeched. Sirius crosses his arms and turned his back on James.

“That’s no excuse.” He sniffed. James practically pulled his hair out.

“Are you saying you want to kiss?” Lily smirked, they fell for it.

“No, I don’t want to kiss you.” Remus was in a fit of giggles.

“I don’t think I can watch this.” He whispered as James and Sirius continued to argue.

“You have to; otherwise, no one will believe me.” She giggled as James and Sirius (finally) kissed. Lily clapped her hands.

“See, was that so bad?” she waved her wand and the mistletoe fell. A look of realization came over them.

“You mean…”

“She pranked…”

“US?” they chorused. Lily turned and ran, right into Remus. He smirked.

“All’s fair in…” he started.

“Marauder wars, I get it.” Lily sighed and resigned to being pelted with jets of (ice cold) water.


“Bloody hell woman! I have to pee!” Sirius pounded huffy on the bathroom door.

“I have to get ready!” a muffled yell returned.

“For 5 bloody hours?”

“Go use it behind a bush or something!”

“This is why I will never get married.” Sirius mumbled as he went to floo to the Potter’s. He was Sirius Black, and he would NOT go in the bushes.


Forty-five minutes later, the bell rang, and an aggravated Sirius answered the door. There stood a very handsome looking James, in dress robes of black.

“Wonderful day for a trip to the hedges, aye me boy.” James smirked as Sirius turned to slam the door.

“Why didn’t you floo?” he asked as he straightened his own dress robes, also all black, but with silver edges.

“Didn’t want to mess up my robes. Where’s Lily?” James asked, stepping into the flat and peering around for the fore mentioned redhead.

“In her room. For the past 45 minutes. You know she got out of the bathroom the SECOND I flooed back. Said she was done. She’s gonna be done alright…” Sirius trailed off as a door down the hall opened.

“How do I look?” Lily asked shyly as she stepped into the living room. The dress robes looked as wonderful as they did back at the shop, but now they were accented with a simple gold chain necklace.

“Wonderful, now can we go? We’re going to be late.” James tapped his foot as he held open the door. Sirius held up his hand to stop James as he shot a waiting look at Lily, who giggled.

“Sorry.” She mumbled innocently.

“Sorry who?” he questioned.

“Sorry Sirius.”

“Sorry for what?” he said, plainly enjoying this. Lily sighed in annoyance.

“Sorry Sirius for hogging the bathroom for 5 hours.”

“Now we can go. Ladies first.” He made a large sweeping motion with his arms as he continued to hold the door. Lily walked out followed by James who was laughing like a little kid.



They arrived at the ministry and took the lift down to the Department of Mysteries, and walked to Courtroom 12, where the ball was being held. Sirius remembered coming down here with his parents for a trial. One of his mothers cousins were in trouble for muggle hunting.

“Whoa.” Lily, being muggleborn, had never seen a wizarding courtroom. Yet the previous dark and scary room had been transformed. Holly and mistletoe hung from the walls as fairies brightened the huge Christmas tree placed where the criminals usually sat for interrogation.

“Miss Evans?” a deep voice interrupter their observations. They turned to see and older, slightly balding, thin mad smiling cheerily at them.

“Minister?” Lily stared wide eyed at the man. He continued smiling.

“The names Millicent Bagnold. Would you be Lily Evans?” Lily nodded amazed.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I heard about the wonderful job you’ve done with the children during Christmas. I wanted to thank you personally.” She seemed to snap out of her reverie.

“The pleasure was all mine Minister. I love children.” Lily smiled sweetly as she shook Bagnold’s hand, who looked to the two men standing at her sides.

“Now who would these two gentlemen be?”

“Sirius Black,” Lily gestured to her left, “and James Potter.” And to her right.

“Pleasure” they answered simultaneously.

“I’m afraid I must be going. Now Lily, don’t forget, you and these two gentlemen are to come sit at the head table.” And he walked off.

“I’m taking you to more parties. The head table’s food is always better.” Sirius said as his eyes lit up with glee. James smacked him around the head.

“Come on, let’s go find someone we know.” They walked around until Lily let out a little scream.

“OMG Grace!”

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