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Sixteen years after the night when the world forgot about the Boy-Who-Lived’s little brother and sister, there are strange things happening at Grimmauld Place.

"Would everyone please stop staring at us? It's getting very uncomfortable," James said, as him, Lily, and Sirius sat under the scrutiny of the order.

“Well, if someone you knew died then came back to life, how would YOU react?” asks Remus with a disbelieving look on his face.

McGonagall clears her throat before saying, “Sirius, I assume that you came back through the veil?” He just shakes his head. “No. One second I’m falling through the veil after Bellatrix attempts to hex me, and the next, I’m sitting on a grave with my name on it.”

“Same with us, except for the fact that last thing we remember is getting hit by the Killing Curse instead of falling through some veil,” states Lily, “Is Harry okay? What year is it?”

“It is 1997 and Harry is fine. He survived the curse with just a scar on his forehead. He’s known as the Boy-Who-Lived, now,” says Sirius. “By the way, where’s Dumbledore? If this is an Order meeting, where is he?”

“He’s dead. Killed by Snape. Told Dumbledore he shouldn’t have trusted ‘im!” exclaims Mad-Eye.

“Dumbledore. . . .dead?” The color drains from James’ and Sirius’ faces.

“I’m afraid so. Mr. Potter himself witnessed it,” states McGonagall in a grim tone.

“Harry saw it? He’s seen someone die in front of him?” questions Lily with a horrified look.

“Yes. And it wasn’t the first time. He saw a boy barely older than hisself be killed,” says Tonks, who‘s currently sporting her signature bubblegum hair and different colored eyes. One blue purple eye and one orange eye.

“What? When?” The Order members were quickly bombarded with questions from the two Potters.

“That night, when you killed, the curse rebounded on Voldemort when he tried to kill Harry. He disappeared until a few years ago. He came back via a potion. Anyways, another student was killed by one of Voldemort‘s followers,” explains Remus as gently as he could.

Lily’s eye starts twitching. “I’m going to try to ignore that. When are we going to be able to see Harry again?”

“I’m not sure yet. First, we’ll have to make arrangements to pick him up,” states McGonagall.

“Pick him up? Pick him up from where?” questions James.

“From the Dursley’s.”

Five seconds later, five miles away,


Back to Grimmauld.

“Are you crazy? You left him with Petunia! If she was a witch, she’d join Voldemort just so that she’d be able to her own nephew without getting caught!” rants Lily.

“Calm down, woman!” barks Mad-Eye. “Albus made them promise to take care of Harry. Though he’s not exactly being treated like a prince, he’s still alive!”

Lily takes some deep breathes before saying, “So he’s fine then? He’s still alive and everything? Doesn’t have any disabilities or anything like that?”

“Yes, he’s perfectly healthy, considering the circumstances,” says Mr. Weasley.

“ ‘Considering the circumstances’? What is that supposed to mean?” questions James.

“WHO WANTS TEA?” yells Mrs. Weasley. Everyone excluding Lily, James, and McGonagall quickly gets up and goes into the sitting room.

“What was THAT supposed to mean?” repeats James.

“Let’s just say that your son’s life is just more difficult than the average teenager’s. When you see him, you might want to try to convince him to stay in school for a little while longer,” says McGonagall with a solemn look.

“What? He’s thinking about quitting school? Why?” questions the poor parents.

“He’s the Chosen One,” is the only answer she gives them before getting up to follow the others. The two Potters sit in silence for a few minutes

“I just figured something out,” says James finally.

“What is that?”

“Harry’s seventeen. We have a seventeen-year-old son.”

“Oh my god. I hadn’t thought about that. We’ve missed so many years of his life! Do you think he remember us at all?” questions Lily with tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know. Let’s just try waiting till we get to see him before we figure things out,” replies James, shaking his head.

Lily just whispers, “We have a seventeen-year-old son.”

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