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Hermione checked herself over in the mirror and glowed. It had taken her hours to find the right costume for the dance and she was about ready to give up until she saw these wings.

"Hermione! You look amazing"

She twirled around in front of the mirror, "Thanks Ginny.! I can't believe it fits me"

"Your not as large as I think, you think, you are. When your not hiding away in your robes you've got quite a nice shape under there. Any guy would be happy to get their hands on those curves!"

Hermione flushed, "Ginny! You've been hanging around the boys too long. "

"It's true! "

"What about you? You look fabulous yourself"

Ginny was wearing the tiniest bunny suit and although it barely covered her she looked adorable

"I know. I've got the cutest tail" she turned and wiggled for hermione to see.
"Come on you saucy lady" as she pushed Ginny out the door.

Hermione and Ginny headed down to the hall.

"So what lucky boy gets to snog you in a corner tonight?"

"Who said there was any lucky guy?"

"Come on! No girl dresses up like that if she's not going to be showing off for someone special. You weren't just looking for a costume last week you were looking for THE costume"

Hermione found herself flushed again. Ginny was right. She had spent hours trying to find a dress that would make her stand out or even look pretty to...him. Ever since her conversation with Harry she knew she had to find out how he felt. She knew her side of the story, what was his?

"I don't have a date"

"Your lying" Ginny stopped her on the steps, "You can't be so happy if your going to the dance alone"

"It's true. Draco and I have to watch Ema tonight"

Ginny raised an eyebrow, "Draco, eh"

Hermione gave her a withering stare, "You sound like Harry"

"I know" Ginny crossed her arms and gave Hermione, what she guessed, was a serious look, "Come on girl..spill it"

"Once again there is absolutely nothing between Draco and I. He's still a Malfoy no matter how nice he's been and even though he has such a natural way with Ema it doesnt take back all the things said from before. He's selfish, spoiled, rude....."

and absolutely delicious

Her gaze softened as she looked at him from the stairs. He was standing at the entrance to the Hall and for a moment there she was speechless. His costume was quite ironic seeing as he was a wizard dressed as a cartoon wizard. His cloak and pointed hat were dark green with silver sparkless and stars embroided throughout it. The most adorable part was his staff. Ema had obviously decorated it because it was purple and pink with streamers and beads glued to the stem. Yet he didn't seem embarassed by it ..he seemed proud of it.

"Herm..?" Ginny's gaze followed hermione's line of sight till she found exactly what she was staring at. Looking back to hermione ginny tried to read her best friends face. She knew without a doubt that Hermione had feelings for Malfoy but there was a bittersweet air around her. Ginny knew if Malfoy did anything to hurt Hermione his father couldn't even stop the pain he was going to feel. Is that what was stopping her from taking a chance? Fear of being hurt? Ginny looked back at Malfoy who was in deep conversation with Professor Devine. Little Ema was holding onto his hand, beaming from ear to ear at the rows of treats and cookies, "Hermione..."

"I don't know if I can do this Gin. I don't know if I can handle his rejection. I'm expecting it but .." her words were almost a whisper. Hermione looked down at her gown and closed her eyes. "I'll be right back. I forgot something in the room" she quickly turned and ran back up the stairs.

Ginny knew she had a big nose that liked to go places it didn't belong..but this was one of those times she didn't care. She booked it down the stairs and made her way through the lump of people standing in front of the doors.

Draco's POV

"Excuse me Professor. Mind if I have a word with Malfoy for a moment?"

Draco raised an eyebrow in curiosity and smiled down at Ema, "I'll be right back" he handed her over to her Mum for a moment and stepped to the side with Ginny, "What do you want Weasley? " he eyed up her costume, "Nice tail"

Ginny blushed, "Thank you but I can guarantee you won't be seeing any of it"

"Don't worry...your not my offense" his eyes wandered the crowd as he spoke.

"You won't find her there."
"Herimione" her reply froze his features into an almost blank expression.

"What makes you think I meant her?" he straightened his shoulders as he smirked at her.

"Keep your games to yourself Malfoy! Look, I'm being serious when I say this...if you hurt her...I swear to God!"

Draco put up his hands in mock defence, "Calm down little bunny. I think the cotton's gone to your head. Where did you ever get the idea that A) I care what you and your little friends think they can do to me or B) that I care about Hermione in any way other than the fact I'm stuck with her as co-nanny"

Ginny cleared her throat, "Look...she'd kill me if she knew I was talking to you about this but I'm worried about her. She..god knows how she does..but she cares about you and it's hurting her. Now if you feel nothing for her TELL HER but if your just afraid to hurt your reputation or friends or god knows what else...TELL HER but be nice about it. I dont want to see her cry anymore"

Draco was speechless...she cared about him. She had actually told her friends that? She wasn't afraid of them turning on her. She had more guts than he did, that much was evident.

"Don't talk to to her" she pointed her finger to the stairs and headed off into the crowd. Draco rolled his eyes and headed back to Ema but stopped halfway. A sparkle caught his eye and he turned to see what it was...the breath left his lungs as he saw the sight before him.

She looks..amazing

Her dress was gold and burgundy..big surprise there but the wings that framed her shape and the way the dress fit her...made her look more beautiful than any woman he'd ever seen. Her hair was up in curls and the makeup she did have sparkled almost like her eyes did. He knew he was staring but not even that knowledge could take his eyes off her.

"Wow, Hermione you look beautiful!"

Draco looked down at Ema who was standing next to him.

"Look Draco! She has wings just like my costume!" Ema giggled and showed Hermione her little fairy wings.

"They look lovely Ema. Your the perfect little fairy."

He cleared his throat and held out his hand for Ema and his arm for Hermione, "Shall we?" she smiled and nibbled on her lip before taking his hand as they headed into the Hall.

Two hours later

The dance was flying by as everyone enjoyed themselves. Hermione had dance with Harry and Ron..even Neville but he couldn't get up the courage to ask her. Instead he spent most of the first few hours dancing with the Slytherin girls who tried to get a little too close for his liking and Ema of course.

"Another dance, m'lady?" he bowed to Ema as another song came on.

"My feet hurt!" she rubbed her foot.

"Ahh too much dancing" he smiled and picked her up then set her down on a chair,"Let's see what we have here" he carefully took off her shoe and checked her heels, "Just as I thought, you've got dancing blisters. Keep your shoes off for awhile. If they get cold put them back on"

"Is she ok?"

Draco looked up and nodded, "Blisters"

"Ouch..too much fun for those little feet" she reached down and wiggled one of Ema's toes causing her to giggle.

"If only these wings were real, then I wouldn't need my feet"

Hermione laughd and Draco stood from where he was kneeling, "We should get her to bed soon." she nodded in reply, "You look as if you've been enjoying yourself, I can put her to bed if you want to stay"

"That wouldn't be fair to you."

"Hermione, dance with Draco. The other girls didn't make him smile like you do"

"Ema...." Draco glared at her.

"What'd I say?" she raised her hand and shrugged her shoulders.

Draco saw Hermione nibbling on her lip and smiled. He wanted to kiss her again...even in the middle of the dance he didn't care.

"Shall we?" he held out his hand for her to take, "I don't think we should ignore this young lady's request"

They both walked onto the dance floor as a new song came on..a slow song and Draco tentatively placed his hand on her waist and pulled her close.

I still remember the world
From the eyes of a child
Slowly those feelings
Were clouded by what I know now

Where has my heart gone
An uneven trade for the real world
oh I...
I want to go back to
Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all

They started to dance but it was different than the others. He held her tight, not wanting to let her go. His eyes held hers as they moved around the dance floor.

I still remember the sun
Always warm on my back
Somehow it seems colder now

Where has my heart gone
Trapped in the eyes of a stranger
oh why...
I want to go back to
Believing in everything

She looked so had he not seen it before. Why had he taken so long to see really see her. Not as a mudblood , muggle born..whatever you wanted to say..why had he waited to see her a girl..a person. That question was going to haunt him.

"Draco?" she whispered, "I need to ask you something" she lowered her eyes from his.

Not here...not with everyone around

Using all his strength her let go of her and stopped dancing, "We should go get Ema to bed." he swallowed as she nodded silently. He knew what she wanted to talk about..more than anything he wanted to let her know but this wasn't the place. Not with everyone watching them dance.

They walked back to Ema and Draco picked her up. She was so tired she almost fell asleep in his arms. Getting her into her bed wasn't a problem. They said goodnight and each kissed her on the forehead.

"I never thought I'd see you do that" Hermione said as they shut her bedroom door.

"What?" he asked quietly.

"Tuck someone in and know."

Draco smirked, "My father might not have been one for bed time stories but that doesn't mean I feel the same way"

"I know but it's still strange seeing it. One of those things that I'd have to tick off my 'top ten things I never thought I'd see Draco Malfoy do' list " she smiled and looked at the door, "I guess I'll be going back"

"You don't have to" he sounded almost too eager..,"You could tell me more about that list. What else would you never expect to see me do?"

"That list could go on for hours"

"So just tell me the top three"

She rolled her eyes and gave him the strangest look.

"I'm serious"

"Okay...let's three..dress in a color other than black or green, shake hands or be nice to Harry Potter, a muggleborn" she said the last one almost under her breath. He barely caught it...

"Hermione..look..about the way things have been lately. I know I haven't exactly been myself"

"I know! It's been wondeful" she covered her mouth after the words had come out, "I'm sorry"

"No don't be. I guess if I had treated myself the same way I'd hate myself just as much"

"I don't hate you"

Draco looked at her..she seemed nervous and as a result was once again chewing on her lower lip,"You have no idea what that makes me think when you do that" he didn't even want her to respond. He was tired of talking, tired of not getting anywhere, tired of drama, tired of unanswered questions..all his answers, all her questions could be answered a kiss.

"I.." but her words were cut off by his warm lips touching hers. This kiss was different than the other two. It wasn't gentle or barely there. It was everthing he wanted to tell her but couldn't. Her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer. She didn't want to let him go and he felt exactly the same way. The dance had hours till it ended, that should be enough time to talk things out thoroughly.

Authors note: I once again don't own evanescene nor the song Fields of eh!

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