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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.


Walking silently into the great hall among the throng of students, knowing I that I was getting looks of disgust, hate, curiosity, even one or two looks of recognition.

They would hate me because of looks, hell I once would have hated me. I had learned the hard way about what people would assume based on how you looked. In my town people had thought me a druggie and whore. No one had ever thought to ask why I was in such a state of depression, not even people that had thought of me as their niece.

Sighing I sat down at the end of the Gryffindor table still getting looks of disbelief from Harry and Ron. Lann was curled up safely in my bookbag which I had enlarged inside to accomidate him.

Dumbledore looked across the Great Hall eyes twinkiling, only to have them dim somewhat upon looking at me. "Students welcome, Let the sorting begin." He sat down at the same moment the doors of the great hall opened. McGonagall walked in, terrified first years marching behind her.

The sorting started, admiting 13 Gryffindors, 16 Hufflepuffs, 11 Slytherins, and 12 Ravenclaws. I did not cheer for my house, I merely looked around waiting for the annoucment of the Heads.

The Headmaster stood, waiting for the clapping to die down . "I would like to remind you that the Forbiddin forest is off limits for every student and that all Weasley Wizard Wheezes products are banned." He said smiling widely and ruining the commanding affect slightly, " Futhermore The Head Boy is none other than Slytherins Draco Malfoy," Malfoy stood and bowed not looking as smug as I thought he would "and Gryffindors very own Hermione Granger." Everyone except Ginny, Ron, Harry, and Malfoy looked around for me, not wanting to stand I smirked at everyone until Dumbledore said quietly "Miss Granger, please stand." Silently I stood to the great halls gasps nodded my head and sat back down.

Whispers started like wildfire not even dieing down when Dumbledore said "Let the feast begin."

What surprised me was when Ginny got up and walked over to me. She sat down and started to fill her plate "So how was your summer?" she asked.

"Oh just peachy." I replied sarcastically.

"No need to be rude, I just wanted to talk."

I sighed "I know Gin' but I don't want pity."

"I'm not giving you pity, I'm being your friend and if you don't want to talk about summer then I'll tell you about mine." she smiled at me then preceeded to tell me about Dean, her boyfriend. Who was the hottest boy in school, Harry. And how big of a prat Ron was for cheating on me, how stupid Harry was no matter how hot by taking his side and saying that Lavender was better looking and would sleep with Ron so it was justified. Then finally saying how ignorant they were to just pretend like it didn't happen, thinking you would say you were sorry for not writing them, do there homework to earn there forgivness and snog Ron.

"So what are your classes?" She asked smiling. I looked at her in disbelif then hugged her and handed her my schedule.

"Hmm, not as many as usual." she commented meaning that there was only one extra class amongst the full schedule. I nodded.

"With Head duties it gives me just enough free time to plan." She looked at me curiously.

"What plans?" I cursed inside my head. Instead saying outloud.

"Oh I was thinking of having a ball this year." Ginny looked estatic and said


"Yeah." I replied half-heartedly, cursing myself for saying that.

"That's great!" She grinned then her face fell.

"Oh, I have prefect duties. I'll see you tomorrow Hermione." She called out well running to gather the students.

I smiled then headed up to Dumbledore along with Malfoy.

"Here are your duties," he said handing us each three pieces of parchment "Miss Granger I think a ball is a lovely idea. Both of you will plan it together." Curse that man and his hearing "The Heads potrait is the one of the wolf. The password is Unity. Goodnight."

"Come on Malfoy." Surprisingly he listened. When walking out of the great hall I walked into Parkison who had purposely ran into me.

"Watch where you're going Mudblood." She spat. I smirked and continued walking.


Draco POV

I watched Granger walk away. Sighing I turned to Pansy who had attached herself to me.

"Stupid Mudblood. I can't believe that muggle loving fool actually paired her with you Drakey." She whined in a nasal voice.

"Parkison if you do not get yourself of me right now I will seriously hurt you."

"Playing hard to get? Okay, but you won't last for long Dracie-poo." She said in a would be seductive voice if it hadn't came from her. She then pulled herself a way trying to sway her hips well walking to the dungeons while only making it seem like she was pengiun.

I puzzled Grangers change while I walked to the portrait. What could have made her like that. I knew that her mother had been killed. My father had been bragging about it for awhile, about how he had 'crushed' Grangers spirit while framing a werewolf. It seemed though that my father had made a mistake. Granger seemed fine except for a little problem with Potty amd the Weasel.

Now she seemed bent on revenge. My father didn't know it but he had just made another formidible enemy only focussed on hurting him. The other being myself.

I had just gotten to the portrait hole, saying the password I entered. Glancing around I noticed that Dumbledore had favored Gryffindor colors over Slytherins, shaking my head I entered my room and stripped down to my boxers.

The last thought before I went to sleep was that look on Grangers face when she walked away, a look that would scare the Dark Lord himself.


I sat down in my usual seet next to Blaise. He was one of the only Slytherins that didn't fawn over me or was scared to insult me. As I sat down he smirked.

"Granger sure seemed different. More Slytherin if you asked me."

I smirked myself "Yeah you should have seen how she looked when Parkison called her a Mudblood, I wouldn't like to be her." I turned to see Blaise shaking in laughter admist the gasps that had filled the hall.

"Neither would I mate. Neither would I."

Puzzled I looked to the enterence of the Great Hall. Pansy was standing there red faced, her clothes coated in mud and dirt. Her normally blond locks were a blood red color, actually seeming to be dried blood. Not only that but she seemed to be in muggle clothes. She wore a pair of tights and leggings and a skirt along with some tennis shoes and a t-shirt that said 'Muggle Lover'. Most amusing was it seemed that she was being forced to walk and no matter what she did with her wand nothing would work to reverse the spell.

Above her head was the wispy but distinct word of 'Mudblood'. Suddenly Granger entered behind her looking every inch evil with her smirk. Passing by Parkison her voice rang out clearly amongst the silent, but completly full Great Hall.

"Paybacks a bitch."


Author Note: So what did you think? That is one of my favorite sayings and it popped into my head while writing this chapter, so I changed the plot slighlty to accomidate it! Please review!

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