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thanx 2 weasleys_rule!

"Ah, here it is! Room A67, first floor!" Sirius threw open the door to a medium sized room. James rushed in after Sirius; he slung his personal belongings on the top bunk.

"I wanted that!" Sirius whined.

"I got it first!" James said tauntingly and sticking his tongue out like a child.

Sirius grumbled before tossing his things on the bottom bunk. James looked up and noticed that there was another set of bunk beds right across from them. Two peoples' things were already slung on each bed but no one was there. He looked around and saw that there was a door leading to what was surely a bathroom and two other doors that were small closet for each set of people. There was a small coffee table in the center of the room with a large sofa and a small armchair stationed in front of it.

"Check this out Siri," James said hoping of the bunk he had claimed and onto the ground. Sirius followed James as they explored the details of the nice sized room. They went to the door that James suspected was the bathroom and grasped the knob. As soon as James began to turn the knob, the door opened and a tall, lean guy stepped out. He pushed a strand of red hair from his brown eyes and smiled.

"You must be me and Smalls' roommate?" the guy said stepping past the two guys and wiping his face with a clean white towel with the letter T in curly writing stamped on it.

"Smalls?" Sirius asked examining the guy with an interested expression.

"Yeah, my friend, Jobe Henderson. I call him Smalls because...well you'll see when he gets back; he went to get us drinks." The man explained. Then looking surprised he held out his hand, "Sorry, names' Randon Beecon."

Sirius shook the man's hand. "Sirius Black," he introduced. James followed suit.

The three guys sat down on their bunks (Randon was on the top) and started getting acquainted. They found Randon to be quite the smart-ass, nice, and humorous kind of guy that really fit the job description of being friends with Sirius and James. Just when the guys were settling into a comfortable chat about sports and food (guys' favorite subjects) the door opened.

They looked up to see a guy who must've of been Jobe Henderson. He was indeed small. He only looked to be about five-foot-three and had blond hair with loose strands that kept falling into his large green eyes. He was sort of goofy looking but he still had attractive qualities. He dragged in a slightly bulging bag and sat it on the floor.

"There you go, Ran, a bag o' drinks."

Randon laughed. "I only said bring four bottles Smalls!"

"Yeah but--I was--and I...ah whatever! Just drink 'em!" Jobe flopped down on the bottom bunk beside Randon and then glanced over at James and Sirius. "You too must be our new roomies. Jobe Henderson a.k.a Smalls."

"How ya doin Smalls? I'm James Potter." James grabbed the man's hand and shook it.

"Sirius Black," Sirius also shook his hand.

"So you guys want a beer?" Jobe said as he pulled out three bottles (Randon was already drinking his) and handed two to Sirius and James.

“So guys, have you seen the lovely ladies on this marvelous ship?” Randon asked sitting his bottle of drink on the coffee table and taking a seat on the large couch. Sirius jumped up and went to sit with Randon. He settled into a seat next to him.

“Ladies? Did you say this ship is filled with gorgeous women?” He asked looking eagerly at Randon. James glanced at Jobe who gave him a look that clearly said, ‘My pal is as girl crazy as yours.’ and went to sit on Randon’s right. James grinned and settled himself in the armchair next to the sofa.

“Yes sir,” Randon answer. “Women I plan to make acquaintance with, if you catch my drift…”

Sirius and Randon burst out in laughter holding each other’s forearm. Jobe let out a chuckle before looking at James and asking if he saw anyone worth flirting with. James shrugged his shoulders. “Not yet,”

“Better start looking buddy, this is a once in a lifetime chance.”

“Sirius, you can ride a boat anytime,” James pointed out obviously.

“Not just a boat! It’s a once in a lifetime chance to romance a girl on the Titanic!” Sirius nearly yelled.

“Okay, okay I get you Sirius,” James looked out of the window in their room. “She just has to be the right one…”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Here it is Violet, our room.” Remus Lupin said as he stuck the key into the door of room B23 on the second floor.

The room was gorgeous. There was an oak wood coffee table with a comfortable looking sofa and two armchairs one either side of it. There was a large oak table off to the left of the room with four elegant oak chairs around it. On the table were candles and a bottle of wine. Violet squealed with delight before walking over to a door and opening it. It was a large bedroom with one massive bed in the middle. There was a dresser and mirror on one side and on the other side of the room was a dresser and mirror set that looked like it belonged to a movie star; it had lights around the dark wood mirror and the dresser was filled with make-up organized neatly on the top. In the front of the room directly in front of the bed was a door which when opened led to a beautiful bathroom decorated with beautiful bathroom supplies.

Violet turned around when she heard the sound of suitcases being sat down. Remus had sat the luggage one the floor beside the door and was leaning on the doorframe watching Violet with his lopsided grin. Violet slowly approached him until she was right in front of him and her face was mere inches from his. His grin had been replaced with a tender smile. She brought her finger to his chin and brought his lips to hers. She kissed him with all her emotion; letting him know how much she appreciated this and how much she wanted to be with him.

When they broke away Violet threw her arms around Remus’ neck and whispered, “I love you, Remus.”

Remus stopped smiling and his eyes grew wide. She had never said that before in all the sixteen months they had been having this relationship. No matter how much he longed to hear it he never mentioned it and just waited for her to say it when she was ready. But now he wasn’t so sure if she meant it. Taking a breath he asked, with his face still buried in her beautiful brown main, “Is this…because all of the…” he made a motion toward the room. Violet leaned back and looked at him disbelievingly.

“What? No! How could you even think that?” Taking a deep breath and turning away from Remus, Violet began walking toward the window. She laid her hands on the top of the window seal. She said softly: “I don’t care if you brought me to a raggedy boat with nothing but a blanket to shelter me from the cold. The truth is…I’ve been dying to say it to you seven months ago…. I just thought that maybe I should give you time to feel the same about me before I went shouting how much I loved you to the world.”

Remus smiled again and stepped behind her, wrapping his long arms around her waits. She leaned back against him and closed her eyes. “Say it again, love.”

“Say what?” Violet asked him, her eyes still closed.

“Those four words you said earlier.”

Violet smiled. “I love you, Remus.” She said turning around and draping her arms around his neck once more.

“I love you too,” He said kissing her softly on the lips.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Lily dear, our room…” John Phillips said guiding Lily’s hand into room C15 on the third floor.

As Lily stepped in she removed her hat and looked around in awe. A mahogany dining room table with a velvet table cloth and mahogany seats with velvet and gold seat cushions were centered on the right side of the room. She looked around to the other side of the room. A sofa and armchairs were stationed in front of a grand fireplace that had roaring flames already alight. On the side was a beautiful white pianoforte with a white stool seat in front of it. There were two bathrooms with marble floors in the whole room and chandeliers hung in the living room part and the dining room part of the massively large room. To the other side was large door that when opened lead to a dazzling room with a large bed and a painting station in front of the window that showed passing ice-burgs and waves of water flowing through the cold ocean. John must of known of how great her passion for painting was. Around the room were candles and roses thrown here and there.

Lily turned to John who was waiting for her with his arms open. Lily of course ran to him and jumped into his arms. He swung her around. Lily smiled up at her fiancé and hugged his neck as he sat her back down.

“John, sometimes I swear you walked right out of my dreams.” Lily smiled.

“And sometimes I swear you walked right into my heart,” He responded. She smiled again. “Do you still think all the other ships you’ve been on are better than this?”

“Not really, but I still think you are the greatest man I’ve ever met.”

John lifted her legs from the floor and held her in his arms, her own arms thrown across his shoulders, before dropping her on the bed and lying next to her. He grabbed her hand and kissed it. She smiled as he picked up the nearest rose and handed it to her. “I feel like God sent you as my personal angel dearest.” He said letting his eyelids fall over his brown orbs.

“And I feel like God sent you to make me happier then I’ve ever been.”

A/N:I know it's been forever since i updated and I thought about it and I said "Why not?" so here it is! I hope you enjoy it and leave reviews, thanx to all my reviewers and please keep reading! I promise sooner updates!


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