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“The Bromulabscs were ruling in the Doughburns. The importance of Bromulabscs is that they brought about the revolution of the 6th law book which had, before the revolution…”

Zzzzz…. Binns. I was doodling in my notebook. Lily would take notes anyway. Or Remus. Explains why James and Sirius were playing exploding snap under the desk. Binns was pretty thick. Even for a ghost! I didn’t even know what I was doodling.

“Ever take notes?” whispered Lily.

“Aww… shut up Lils! You take enough of them for both of us anyway.”

“One of these days… Juliet, it is our OWLs year!” she whispered. Why she even bothered to keep her voice low I can't understand.

“I’ll pass!” I said nonchalantly. It was true. I would! I always do!

“Juliet!” started Lily indignantly.

“Lay off her Lily. It’s old Binns. He is not going to notice anyway!” that was Sirius, “besides I need a partner for this deal… you up Juliet?”

“Sure!” Lily gave me a glare. What was the big deal anyway? I settled for the next deal.

“If you guys get caught it will be detention…” hissed Lily.

“Don’t even start with us Lils sweetheart… Binns is too thick to even notice!”

“Don’t call me sweetheart!” she hissed back. James flashed a lovesick grin and Sirius slapped his head on my behalf since I was sitting nowhere next to James and I couldn’t do it.

“You boy there! The Grant?” Sirius looked up quizzically.

“DO you know what I was teaching now?”

“Umm… yea… about…”


“Old Thick Binns is he now?” smirked Lily.

“Shoot! Its only detention!” said Sirius.

“It’s our OWLs year!”

“Oh please!” I snapped. Okay, maybe a little too loudly I suppose. Because the next shout I heard was.

“Detention Kristy!” and ya he was talking to me. Not because he called my name but because the entire class was looking at me. Lily just glared but Sirius game me an earnest pat on the back.

“Way to go!” and he earned a glare from Lily. James looked like he was going to say something but seeing how Lily might react felt it safer to shut up. One of the wisest things he had done.


I was getting ready for detention with Sirius. I was just going out when I saw Lily at the doorway. Looking angry. Very angry.

“Okay Lily, don’t start with me… its only detention... not like I haven’t had any before!” I said. The reason was that I was being snappy. Snappy because I was going to be late? That’s how it felt. When have I ever cared about being on time for detention? One of these days my thoughts were going to have to start making sense.

“It’s not that. All though I am going to have to come to that. It is about your brother.”

“What about him?”

“Juliet, your brother asked me out. Again!” I could see why she was bugged. He asks her out like ten times a day. It even bugs me.

“Juliet,” that was James who had not seen Lily for I knew there would have been another asking out session if he had, “why doesn’t your best friend want to go out with me…I mean I am smart and funny…”

Okay I had no time for this. I was getting late.

“You know what? Why don’t the two of you talk it out?” I pushed Lily to face James and literally ran out.


Scrubbing the floors of 2 biggest classrooms, without magic, is definitely NOT my idea of fun. But then again this was detention… it was supposed to be lousy. Both Sirius and I were covered with soap suds and wet all over… well almost wet all over… I hate Binns!

“I hate Binns!” said Sirius, voicing my thoughts. I grunted. How the elves actually do this I don’t know!

“What kept you by the way?” he asked.

“James and Lily!” I breathed, pushing back one thin, wet lock of hair away from my face with the back of my wrist. The strand stayed put for a second and came crashing into my face again. This happened like for twice. That got irritating. I gave a cry of frustration. Sirius obviously thought that I was continuing our conversation and that is why he replied the way he did.

“Poor James! He is so smitten.”

I looked up, almost panting, beads of sweat on my face and neck, and water falling from the tips of my hair strands. I had my hair up with a scrunchie so that my neck would be aired. But my hair was so thick that the scrunchie couldn’t hold it all and locks kept falling out. In my state of half-panting and half-wet… lets just say I was too scared to look into the mirror and get scared of what I was seeing. I sat back on the wet floor. I was wet anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to get a little more wet. Not that I cared. I was more interested in what Sirius had to say.

“James? Smitten? I somehow can't picture that!”

“You just saw it. How many dates did James have in the last one year?”

The truth? Thinking about it, none! It’s funny. My brother does so much flirting that I guess it makes up for the dating part of it. Because James has never dated…

“Not since Lily!” I said out loud, completing my thoughts.

“Exactly. And this is not the James I know!”

“Ya… you are right!”

“We have to do something!” he said.

“But what can we do. I mean it is entirely up to James. Lily doesn’t like him the way he likes her so things will never work out the way he wants it to work out because that is probably not the way it was meant to work out since Lily doesn’t want things to work out that way.”

Sirius just stared. Not in a way that would have made me feel nice. Just a stare which conveyed that he thought I was crazy. Who wouldn’t? I thought back to my words. God, they sound dorky. And crazy. Probably they made no sense since I said it in my usual fast manner.

“However, we can do something?” he continued taking the safer route and not referring to what I had just said.

“But what?”

“Have you ever heard of playing cupid?”

Then it began to dawn on me. That’s what he had in mind. Matchmaking. Wicked. I like it. Okay, I must have said that aloud. Because Sirius was grinning back and repeating the word wicked over and over again.

“Sounds like fun!” I said. He slowly started laughing. I didn’t know for what.

“What are you laughing at?”

“No… no… nothi… nothing!” he gasped and started laughing again. Ok, what was so funny about what I just said? I did not use many ‘ands’ and not long sentences. I did not say that in one breath and that was less than 10 words!

“Sirius!” it was getting irritating now.

“Sorry… just the way you looked…” he said trying his best to control his laughter. I stuck out my tongue at him and splashed some dirty water on him. Then soon both of us were engaged in a water fight.

“Aaaaaaah!” I screamed as Sirius splashed me with more water, dripping me from head to toe. I placed my foot on a soapy sponge on the floor and slipped. Not a very smooth fall. And not one of those falls in the movie where the hero will catch the heroine just before she hit the ground. Sirius didn’t even know I was falling. Talk about being a hero. I fell hard. Really hard. And sat on my ankle. God it pained. I let out a cry of pain and Sirius came running towards me. He sat down beside me.

“Ju… are you all right? I am sorry! Are… are you ok?” I was trying my best to get up so that all my weight wouldn’t be on my ankle. It was killing me. Sirius realized that and slowly moved me so that I could move my leg.

“Better?” he asked in a gentle voice.

“I guess…” I said, trying to sit up. My head went all dizzy when I tried and I fell back without balance, bracing myself to hit the floor. But Sirius caught my head before it made its contact with the cold stone and supported me up. I slowly opened my eyes.

“Juliet? You okay? I am sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s fine!” I managed to say. I could hear his heart beating against his chest. I tried not to concentrate on that as I got up on my feet, helped by him. I just stayed in his arms till I steadied myself. Then I broke off, tried to take a step forward. Ouch! That hurt. Obviously my ankle had it in badly.

“Here!” said Sirius holding out his hand. I took it and Sirius led me to one of the benches we had stacked up for cleaning. I sat down. All that my ankle needed was a little bit of turning and twisting and a little rest.

“How is the ankle Ju?” he was stroking my hand.


“Good. So, like I was saying, I think we should bring Lily and James together. They are so cute together.”

“Any ideas?”

“We’ll get them!” he said winking in his typical Sirius way.

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