Disclaimer: Don’t own Harry Potter. If I did, I’d be sitting in a Jacuzzi with Daniel Radcliffe (hot!), Tom Felton (hotter!), and Sean Biggerstaff (he puts the ‘HOT’ in ‘HOTTIE!’). Also, the lullaby-thingy, it’s not mine. It belongs to whoever Final Fantasy. It’s from Final Fantasy The Spirits Within and it’s called The Dream Within.

The date is October 31, 1981. All is calm at the Potter home.

For now.

A woman’s voice is reverberating through the almost empty, old Victorian home.

“Free the dream within
The stars are crying a tear
A sigh escapes from heaven
And the world's end

Breathe the dream within
The mystifying
We tremble and spin
Suspended within

Look beyond where hearts can see
Dream in peace
Trust, love, believe

We tremble and spin
Suspended within

Free the dream within
The voices calling, a song
A prayer from deep inside you
To guide you

Be the dream within
The light is shining
A flame on the wind
Salvation begins.”

The owner of the voice is a twenty-something year-old woman with hair like red-wine that reached her shoulders and emerald eyes, holding a one-year-old boy with messy-black hair and eyes much like her own.

“Oh, Harry. I just know that something is going to happen tonight. And I’m afraid it won’t of the good kind,” she admits to the young infant, Harry. He just smiles at her, she smiles back at him. “Your father should be back by now.” A cry from down the hall makes her smile again. “Looks like your sister and brother are awake. Come on.” She quickens her pace when the crying stops suddenly.

She quickly relaxes when she reaches the door. “Lycoris! What are you doing here?! What if someone saw you?” She quickly shuts all the curtains. She then turns to a woman who looks very much like her, but with hazel eyes and blood-red hair.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t let anyone see me. You know that. Besides, I wanted to see my favorite niece and nephews. Isn‘t that right, Prongslet?” the woman says to the baby girl in her arms. The woman’s, Lycoris, smile slid off her face as she said, “It’s gonna happen tonight, Plum Blossom.”

“I thought so. You’re here for Jacob and Hinata, aren‘t you, Cherry Blossom?” asks Lily with an extremely depressing look on her face.

“’Fraid so.” Lycoris puts a slight smile on her face. “Hey! Lighten up! At least your children will grow up to be great people!”

“But, if you’re right, Harry will be raised by Petunia, whom I wouldn’t trust with a goldfish, Jacob will go from foster home to foster home, and Hinata will be raised to believe that all of us are just characters in a book!” Lily says, tears flowing down her cheeks.

“They’ll be fine! I promise! We’ll keep a close eye on all of them. You’ve been feeding them the potion, then? The one with the blood of Albus and Minerva? The one that will enhance their powers?” Lycoris asks concernedly.

“Yes, but we both know that there has to be more than just one witch to cast the spell.”

“Let’s do it then.”

They move downstairs with the children. They light some candles and set them up in a pentagram. The three children, the girl with black hair and slightly yellow eyes, Hinata, the boy with the slightly messy-black hair and hazel eyes, Jacob, and the other boy with messy-black hair, but with emerald eyes, Harry, are set in the middle of the candles.

“I’ll need Marlene, Dorcas, and Stephanie’s help. You may be powerful, but this is still a ancient spell which requires five people of Atlantean blood,” says Lycoris as she lights some more candles.

“You rang?” says a voice from behind them. The voice sounded slightly Russian, but with just a hint of British and Norwegian in it.

Lycoris and Lily quickly turned to see a woman with blonde hair and deep, blue eyes, Stephanie.

“Don’t forget about me!” says an Australian voice behind Stephanie. The owner of the voice steps out to shadows so that Lycoris and Lily could see a woman with one red eye and one amber eye and long, dirty-blonde hair, and slightly dark skin, Dorcas.

“Or me.” Everyone looks past Lily’s shoulder. Lily turns and sees a woman with long, flowing brown hair and one blue eye and one amber eye, Marlene.

“It’s good to see you all again. I just wish that the circumstances were different,” Lily says to the others.

“We better get started. We don’t want James to walk in on us casting the spell,” says Marlene. They each sit at one of the five points of the pentagram.
They begin chanting.

“Vox of veneficus orior oriri ortus,
Tractus turpis trans caeli.
Adeo nos quisnam dico vos near,
Adeo nos quod subsido hic.
Servo illa liberi per totus vires,
Ut they vires superstes nox noctis.” They chant this seven times.

“Mote it be.” The candles go out as they all whisper this.

“We’d best be going. We don’t want to be here when it happens,” says Marlene in a quiet voice.

“Yes, we’d better go. Bye, Lil. We’ll miss you!” says Dorcas.

“Don’t worry about your children. We’ll make sure they’ll be okay. We’ll watch over them until you come back,” promises Stephanie.

“I’ll be living near Harry, so don’t worry, I‘ll make sure he‘s fine,” assures Marlene.

“We’ll be putting additional spells on Jacob and Hinata so that they’ll be safe, even after we’re gone,” swears Lycoris. “I won’t let anyone harm them.”

“Now there’s only one thing left to do,” says Stephanie.

“What’s that?” questions Lily.

“This. Obliviate!” yell Lycoris, Dorcas, Marlene, and Stephanie at once.

“Stupefy!” exclaims Stephanie.

“Sorry ‘bout that Lily, but can’t risk you telling James or Albus about this. We’ll take good care of your children. I promise,” vows Lycoris. She picks up Hinata while Dorcas picks up Jacob.

“Good luck, Twiggie,” whispers Lycoris to Harry, as she steps out of house and disappears from his life. Harry just smiles as he slowly drifts off to sleep, completely unaware of what as about to happen.

Unaware that both of his siblings would completely forgotten by the world, unaware that he was going to be famous for something his parents didn’t survive, unaware that he would forever be protected by the woman who had once called him ‘Twiggie.’

A/N: Prongslet is Hinata, (even though it doesn’t say it anywhere) Prongs Jr. is Jacob, and Twiggie is Harry, cause he was always pretty scrawny. I think I kinda based the ending of this chapter on the ending of the first chapter of the first book. The stuff that they chanted means
‘Power of the witches rise,
Course unseen across the skies.
Come to us who call you near,
Come to us and settle here.” which I kinda ripped off of Charmed.
The last two line’s of what they chanted means,
“Protect these children with all your might,
So that they may survive the night.” I made THAT up on my own! Yeah, I know. It sucks. Anyways, R&R! Tell me if the chapter sucked, or you thought it was so good, you wish to worship my writing ways! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
*clears throat* I’m better now.

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