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At lunch that same day Lily made her way down to the great hall to meet the guys, it was odd, and she knew they probably just felt bad or something but it was nice to have more than just one friend.

She had managed to wash her hair as the girls had left for breakfast and classes and she had a good wash and felt nicer.

She wasn’t wearing much make up just lip-gloss and eye liner and mascara, and she was back in her muggle clothes just a fitted black t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans with bright pink converse’s with her hair in a ponytail.

Lily noticed as she walked in the great hall she got quite a few stares. She looked up to Dumbledore who smiled at her and then she heard it.

“Lilykins!” It was of course Sirius; he ran up to her and threw her over his shoulder, again. She couldn’t help but giggle.

“Hi Sirius.” She laughed.

“You’ll be sitting with us today and everyday after that from now on, Lilykins.” Sirius stated.

“Oh I will, will I?” Lily challenged.

“You bet your cute little arse you will.” Sirius stated. Lily burst out laughing and laughed harder when she heard Morgan mutter “he never said anything about my bum!”

“I must say Lilykins; you do have a really nice arse.” Sirius commented loud enough for nearly the whole great hall to hear and then went on to smack her arse. Lily turned bright red as half the hall sniggered and the other half looked disgusted.

“Well Sirius you arse isn’t that bad either.” Lily commented laughing.

“Why thank you.” He said sounding generally pleased. “It is quite nice isn’t it?” He said making Lily snort. He then put Lily down and she sat between Sirius and James

“Will he always be like this?” She asked James who nodded.

“Get used to it because now that you have a nickname you’re stuck with him.” James said.

“Speaking of nicknames.” Sirius said waving a ham sandwich around. “Lilykins you need to know ours.” He stated.

“As you know together we are the Marauders.” Remus explained. “But separate we have nicknames; we will explain the meaning of the names later tonight. But the fact is we have them.”

“Peter here is Wormtail: James is Prongs: Remus is Moony: And I am Padfoot.” Sirius interrupted.

“I can understand Remus’ nickname and I can see how it is related but the others I’m quite interested in finding out.” Lily grinned.

“Er Lily, your quite good at charms aren’t you?” Peter asked shyly.

“Yeah that’s what I’m told Pete.” Lily said smiling kindly.

“Well is it possible that you could help me with a charm I don’t quite understand tonight?” Peter asked.

“Sure I’ll be glad to help.” She replied and Peter smiled at her.

Just then Morgan marched up to them. Her two goons following both had dyed blonde hair and blue eyes and were really thick; they were Katie Matthews and Natalie Freeman.

“All right we get it now you can drop the loser.” Morgan said.

“What loser?” Sirius asked.

“Her, its not right that she hangs out with you guys.” Katie said pointing at Lily.

“Its rude to point.” Lily muttered.

“Shut it freak show.” Natalie barked.

“Oh I’m pissing myself I’m so scared.” Lily said in mock fear.

James, Remus and Sirius watched amused, Peter just ate.

“Don’t talk to me like that!” Natalie screeched.

“I’ll talk to you however I want, now piss off.”

“Watch it Freak Show.” Morgan said warningly.

“Oh what you gonna do? Hit me with your handbag?” Lily said with a laugh.

“I’ll – I’ll, I’ll tell everyone your secret!” Morgan hissed.

“What secret.” Lily challenged.

Morgan lent forward and whispered in her ear. “That you were raped.” But loud enough for the Marauders to hear.

Lily stood up and was about to beat the crap out of Morgan and her goons when Sirius held her back and McGonagall and Dumbledore came down.

“You wouldn’t dare! You bitch! Go to hell you nasty bitch!” Lily was screaming and kicking out at Morgan.

Morgan looked terrified.

“Miss Evans, What is the meaning of this?” McGonagall yelled.

The whole great hall was watching in shock.

Lily ignored McGonagall and turned to Dumbledore.

“She threatened to tell everyone!” Lily yelled.

“Miss Dunne, Miss Matthews, Miss Freeman, Miss Evans, Mr Black, Mr Potter, Mr Lupin and Mr Pettigrew will all follow me to my office Minerva; I will deal with this issue personally.” Dumbledore told McGonagall who nodded.

Sirius and James held on to Lily’s arms to make sure she didn’t attack the blondes, while Remus stood between them.

“I must say Lilykins; I really wouldn’t want to get into a fist fight with you.” Sirius stated.

“He’s right your punches really hurt.” James added as Lily grinned sheepishly.

Once in Dumbledore office the eight teenagers were made to sit.

“Now Miss Evans you know fighting is not permitted in the school.” Dumbledore stated.

“But then again the threat you made Miss Dunne was extremely spiteful and uncalled for and it will not be tolerated.” Dumbledore said.

“If you can tell me that you will not act like this again I will allow you to go unpunished, but if any of you are to act like this again you will be punished.” Dumbledore said.

“But I must request that any of Lily’s secrets remain that way Miss Dunne and that includes you Miss Matthews and Miss Freeman, you three are allowed to leave.”

“Now Lily you mustn’t act in such a way. You cant let your emotions control you.” Dumbledore said. But he didn’t seem to be telling her off, more advising her.

“I realize that sir, but I wont have her threatening me like that.” Lily stressed. Dumbledore sighed.

“I think it time you go to class boys and Lily please get some rest.” Dumbledore said with a smile, knowing full well that Lily would do anything but sleep or rest.

Lily told the boys she’d meet them in the common room after classes and then went in the opposite direction towards the Gryffindor common room.

Once in Gryffindor Common room Lily sat down and stared at the fire.

It was weird having the boys just accept her. She was glad for it, her and Remus had always been kinda friends, Sirius and Lily had a past- which she needed to discuss with him, Peter never really did much, it was only ever James she really didn’t get on with, just he was nice to her now, they wouldn’t have even bothered for a prank so she assumed it was real.

“Ok Lilykins you must come with us, Prongs you got the stuff?” Sirius called.

“Got it.” James said coming down from the boy’s dormitories.

Sirius once again slung Lily over his shoulder; she was beginning to think he was doing it so he got a good look at her arse.

After quite a bit of walking they finally stopped on the seventh floor by Barnabas the Barmy’s Tapestry. AKA the room of requirements.

“You know of this room too?” Lily asked.

“Yeah, how do you know this room?” Remus asked.

“I come to skateboard here.” Lily shrugged. As Sirius placed her down.

“I guess you guys come here to woo the girls or something.” Lily said.

“No Lilykins, we use broom closets for that, you should remember that.” Sirius said flirtatiously. Lily grinned.

James went on to walk past the Tapestry three times and a door appeared.

In side Lily found a large room with three sofa’s and a large table and oddly enough a large king size bed there was also firewhiskey, butterbeer and an assortment of sweets.

“What's with the bed?” I asked James curiously.

James blushed and muttered ‘you don’t even want to know.’ Lily raised an eyebrow and left it at that.

Everyone sat down on the Sofas. Lily and Sirius on one, James and Remus on another and Peter on the last.

“Ok so what is this all about?” Lily questioned.

“I think we should start with the nicknames.” James suggested and Remus nodded.

“Well once a month when I have my transformations, its really painful so as a way of helping me the boys became illegal animagus’, I cant infect them while they are in animal form.” Remus explained.

“I’m a stag, hence the name Prongs.”

“I’m a black dog, Padfoot.”

“And I’m a rat so I’m Wormtail.”

“Can I see?!” Lily asked excitedly.

With a nod from all the three boys transformed.

James was a large white stag but on further inspection Lily noted he had the same chocolate brown eyes as James.

Sirius was a large black dog, his hair was messy but he had grey eyes that you could just sit and stare into for ages.

Peter she found on the floor was a brown garden rat, only he was too small for Lily to make out and distinguishing features.

Eventually the boys turned back to their normal selves.

“That was so cool!” Lily said.

“There’s more Lilykins.” Sirius said almost as excited as Lily.

“Here is our secret to mischief.” James announced.

“The Marauders map, we made it ourselves.” Remus said grinning.

“Its just a piece of parchment.” Lily acknowledged.

“But it isn’t just any piece of parchment.” James declared.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Sirius said pointing his wand, at first Lily was mildly amused because he seemed to have lost it, but her expression soon turned to shock when an actual map appeared on the piece of parchment.

“It’s a map.” Lily said idiotically making Remus chuckle.

“Yep the whole of Hogwarts is shown on this map. And everyone in Hogwarts.” He said.

“Everyone?” Lily asked.

“Everyone, so if we want to go to the kitchens during the night we can go and not get caught because we know if filch is coming or not, and we know every short cut in this place.” James explained.

“Wow.” Lily said.

“And then last but not least we have the invisibility cloak.” James said pulling a silvery cloak out of his pocket.

“Invisibility cloak, these are rare.” Lily said shocked fingering the material.

“I know, but it’s been in my family for years.” James stated smiling at Lily’s amazement.

“This is how you always sneak about without getting caught.” Lily realized.

“Yep.” Remus said and they all sat down again and chatted about pranks.

At around eleven James, Remus, Peter and Sirius got up to leave.

“Sirius I really wanted to talk to you.” Lily said before they could go.

So Sirius told the others to go and not to bother waiting.

“Sirius, look last year, was well different.” Lily started.

“Lily, you mean whenever we wanted we would search for the other for a good snog.” Sirius said grinning.

“Well yeah, it’s just I know this year we haven’t done that so much.” Lily said.

“And I have missed that.” Sirius interrupted.

“You have?” Lily asked.

“Yeah.” Sirius confirmed.

“Well it’s just with us hanging out all the time would it be suitable?” Lily said quickly.

Sirius contemplated it for a moment.

“Probably not.” He said

“Ok” Lily replied and was about to leave when Sirius grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him.

“One last time, and then never again, because Lilykins you know how to drive a man crazy.” Sirius said huskily.

Lily grinned and leaned forward so that her lips were nearly touching his.

“You want me right now don’t you?” She purred, her body pressed against his.

Sirius didn’t reply he just pressed his lips against hers.

Slowly the kiss because more passionate and Sirius’ tongue begged for entrance Lily allowed it and their tongues crashed together as Sirius pushed Lily against a wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Sirius’ hands slipped up Lily’s top and he caressed her breasts. He lips wandered from Lily’s mouth to her neck and he heard her let out a gasp in pleasure. Lily’s hands roamed over Sirius’ back and she pulled off his top and then resumed kissing him on the mouth, her hands trailing his six pack.

Then Lily started to feel Sirius harden and realized if they didn’t stop they wouldn’t at all.

Slowly she unwrapped her legs from Sirius.

“We’ve got to stop.” Lily murmured, still placing light kisses on his neck.

They both pulled away and Sirius picked up his top and put it back on. They grinned at each other.

The two left together, Sirius’ arm around Lily’s shoulder, and realized that they would be the best of friends.

What they didn’t realize was that Remus had seen them basically on top of each other against a wall on the Marauders map.

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