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“Albus, you can’t be serious. You just can’t let him fly around in his condition. You have to do something.”

“Minerva, calm down. I know him very well, and what I know is that he isn’t a very good flyer. So, all we have to do is wait for a crash or scream.”

Off in the distance they heard a very loud, high-pitched scream.

“I think we found him.”


Draco using his newly advanced eye sight, was able to see what or who was outside, “Bloody Hell.”

“Draco, what is it?” asked Hermione, who had surprisingly calmed down after Draco had woken up. She couldn’t explain it but she felt protected when he was around.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Just tel…”

Before Hermione could finish there was a crash. There lying on the broken glass was …


“Albus, what was that?”

“Seems like he crashed, and near the Heads Tower too. Go get Pomfrey, while I try to prevent him from leaving.”


“Oh, having a slumber party and you didn’t invite me? That’s not very nice,” said a sopping wet and very out of character, Severus Snape, who had just picked himself up from the broken glass.

“I was going to go to Diagon Land to see the shows, but I think I’ll join you,” continued Snape advancing towards their bed.

Right before Snape reached the bed, there was a blinding light and Snape was lying unconscious at the foot of their bed. When Draco and Hermione looked up, Dumbledore was standing there as if this was an everyday thing.

“Sorry to have woken you, but Professor Snape has been giving us a little bit of trouble,” said Dumbledore as he levatated Snape’s body unto Blaise’s bed.

“Professor, can you please tell us what is going on?” asked Hermione.

“Of course, Ms. Granger,” replied Dumbledore, as he conjured up an armchair. “It seems, Ms. Granger that when Ginny and Blaise were playing with the kiddie potion set they actually brewed something. It has a sweet taste and the drinker has a special reaction to it. They act as if they were drunk on a bunch of fire whiskey without them slurring their speech or stumbling when they walk. The effects last for about a week. This is why we had to cancel a weeks worth of classes.”

“A week, professor, but why if it’s only one teacher?” asked Hermione.

“It isn’t only one teacher, its most of the staff. There was bottle of it on the ground and the teachers decided to try it.” By the time Dumbledore finished McGonagall and Madame Pomfrey came into the room.

“Mr. Malfoy, will you please see me tomorrow morning. I hope both of you have a good rest the rest of the night,” Dumbledore said as he got up. Both McGonagall and Madame Pomfrey had left. Dumbledore fixed their window and left.

“Draco, please tell me this was a dream,” Hermione said.

“Told you, you wouldn’t believe me if a told you. But the outcome was pretty weird.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Goodnight Hermione,” Draco said as he gave the room a once over, making sure nothing or no one else was there, before he turned to go to sleep.

Draco, as much as he was tired couldn’t fall asleep. He felt restless and uncomfortable and he knew it was because Hermione was lying straight as a rod with her eyes wide open.



“I’m still freaked out, would you mind holding my hand?”

Draco was so happy about the fact that he would get to touch Hermione that he couldn’t stop from saying his thoughts out loud. “Would you like to sleep next to me?”

“What about Ginny and Blaise, won’t they fall of the side of the bed?”

“There is an invisible wall that blocks that from happening.” Draco didn’t hear a response to what he said. Instead he heard the movement of Hermione lying down on his other side. With a big grin on his face, Draco put his arm around Hermione’s waist and fell asleep within seconds.


The next morning Draco reluctantly got of bed. After he was dressed and ate a small breakfast he left to go se Dumbledore. The whole way there he was trying to figure out what Dumbledore wanted to talk about. He was getting nervous by the time he reached Dumbledore’s door; he knocked twice before he entered.

“You wanted to see me, Professor?”

“Yes, please come in Mr. Malfoy and have a seat. I wanted to know how things have been going for you.

“Everything is fine, sir.”

“How has it been taking care of your fellow classmates?”

“It was weird in the beginning, but it has turned out great. Um, also, Professor, I wanted to thank you for stopping Snape yesterday.”

“Actually, Draco that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I wasn’t the one to stop him, you were.

“Me? Professor that’s impossible. I didn’t even have my wand.”

“It’s quite possible, especially a Veela trying to protect what’s his. So tell me Mr. Malfoy is this the first time that it happened?”

“To my knowledge, yes.”

“Good, I advice you to keep your emotions in check.”

“Of course, professor.”

“Now, have you figured out who your mate is? You don’t have to tell me who it is, just let me know if you have. If you need any help I’m always here. I’ve had to deal with a few Veela students before.”

“I have found my mate and it’s Hermione Granger. Any help is appreciated because even though we are on speaking terms and are friends I don’t want her to see me as my father. But can you please keep this between us.”

“I’m glad that you trust me with such information and don’t worry this won’t leave this room. But I understand your concern of Ms. Granger’s opinion of you. But to help you I need you to answer my questions truthfully. Are you a Death Eater?”

“No, sir.”

“Do you follow or agree with Voldemort’s plans.”

“No, sir,”

“Do you support the light side or are you staying neutral in the war.”

“Neutral, sir”

“Do you know what the Order of Phoenix is?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m sure that Ms. Granger hasn’t told you this but since the summer before sixth year, she became an Order memb-“

“WHAT! How can you let her do something so dangerous?” exploded Draco. He was filled with anger and worry he didn’t want anything to happen to his mate.

“Calm down, she has been a member for a year and she is perfectly fine. What I wanted to know is, are you willing to support the light and become a member. It will also help to change Hermione’s opinion about you.”

“Yes, sir, I’m willing.”

“Good, I will inform the elder members and it would be best if you told no one not even Hermione at the moment. Another thing about Ms. Granger is that her 17th Birthday is 17 days after Mr. Zabini and Ms. Weasley change back. I was wondering, if you would mind if they shared the Tower with you?”

“I wouldn’t mind. But why?”

“The relationship between their houses and them won’t be that great. Also I would like for you to keep an eye on Mr. Zabini. His ancestors are Veelas and who better to help him but you if he does happen to be one, also you would need to keep me informed. You may go if you wish”


“Albus, you don’t think they are the ones, do you?”

“I’m almost positive that they are.”


For the rest of the week, Draco and Hermione decided to stay in the common room. They didn’t feel like hanging out with the Gryffindor and Slytherins. The Gryffindor would cheer Hermione when they would see her but the Slytherins would glare at her. They wanted to avoid that completely. They had spent the week with Ginny and Blaise. They learned a lot about their best friends while they were kids.

Ever since the night Snape broke into their dorm, Draco started acting distant. It really bothered Hermione that he was talking to her less, but acted as if nothing was wrong. The reason for Draco’s distance was that his veela side was hurting. The night Hermione slept next to him he felt so content and wanted it to happen again. But the whole week it had been raining and Ginny and Blaise had been sleeping in between them, so he never got the chance. So, his Veela side not getting what it wanted was hurting and Draco didn’t know how to act so he was distant.

“Maybe we should put a silencing spell and block the windows, so they sleep in their own beds. It’s their last night as kids and it will just be awkward to wake up with them fully grown next to us.” Said Hermione

“Yeah maybe your right.”

They prepared everything and then went to bed. Hermione fell asleep instantly but Draco lay awake with what felt like a million questions.

How would I woo Hermione?

If Blaise is a Veela won’t everyone find out?

Will my father kill me for going against him?

Why does Dumbledore want Ginny and Blaise to stay?

Is he crazy for wanting them to stay?

Why do I feel like something major is going to happen after Hermione’s birthday?


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