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Chapter 1

It was another late night at St. Mungo’s Wizarding Hospital. Draco Malfoy, medical wizard, was sitting in his paper filled office staring at the wall.

“ If I just rotate it once clockwise instead of twice counter clockwise it might just work,” he said to the office. You could see the wheels in his mind turning through his pale grey/blue eyes.

He ran his hand through his blond hair that hung loosely around his face and shoulders. Draco stood up and stretched his long lean, body and started pacing his office.

“Think Draco, think, the solution is staring you in the face, THINK…”

“Talking to yourself again, Healer Malfoy?” said a red-headed witch leaning against the door, her arms crossing her chest and an amused smile on her lips.

“Shut it Potter, I’ve almost solved it, the answer is staring me in the face, I can feel it,” Draco said frustrated.

Ginny Potter entered the office, gave Draco a pat on the shoulder and smiled.

“You will solve it Draco, give it some time, go home to your parents and Veronica. A good night sleeps does wonders,” she said sympathetically.

“I can’t, Ginny. I don’t have much time left, James turns eleven in a year and I promised him he would get his Hogwarts letter,” Draco said desperately.

Draco Malfoy had been working on a potion to wake the dormant magic in wizards who were born squibs. He had been working on it non-stop since they had diagnosed his godson, James Potter as a squib.

“Draco, Harry and I know you are trying your hardest, and we really appreciate it. James told you, he is happy as he is. He says he stands out from all the other Potters and Weasleys. He is actually looking forward to attending a muggle boarding school in a year. Ginny smiled as she thought of her 10 year old son.

Draco turned and hugged Ginny.

“I know Ginny, but I’m also doing it for Emma.”

Ginny released Draco and placed her hand on his check. “Draco, you know that magic would not have saved her,” Ginny said with sadness in her voice.

“I know. There is just that little part of me that still wishes she had had magic,” Draco said as he looked at a small photograph on his bookcase.

Emma Malfoy had died four years ago. Draco had met her while working in St. Mungo’s sister hospital in Scotland. Emma was born a squib, a person from a magical family who was born with dormant magic. She studied nursing at a muggle university and was working as a muggle-wizard patient liaison at the hospital. Draco took one look at her wavy black hair, blue eyes and smile and fell in love instantly. She was only the second woman Draco ever dared to say “I love you” to. She was his best friend, confidant and lover.

They were married after a two-year courtship and St. Mungo’s transferred them both back to London shortly afterward. Draco had been promoted to head of the Incurable Genetic Disease Department (IGDD), due to his work with the “Magic-Wake” potion he was developing. Emma was asked to form a new department incorporating both wizarding and muggle medicine. Draco was the happiest he ever had been, until he found out Emma was pregnant.

It is a known fact in wizard medicine that women squibs should not have children with wizards whose magic is intact. When a woman who was born a squib becomes pregnant the child in her womb drains all the magic in her bloodstream. Since her magic is dormant, her body has no way to regulate the amount of magic transferred to the child therefore causing all the magic to be drained out of her bloodstream and her death.

Every wizard and witch is born with magic in their blood, even those who were born to muggle parents. There is a “magic” gene in every person, just as in eye color. One-gene wins out against the others to form the genetic make-up of a child. Muggles have these genes yet they have been dormant for centuries. Therefore they are not aware of them. Only in a few cases the “magic” gene wins and a wizard or witch is born to muggle parents.

Draco did everything in his power to ensure that Emma would survive the birth of their child, but to no avail. Emma Malfoy died giving birth the their daughter, Veronica. Ever since then Draco doubled his efforts on his “Magic-Wake” potion and declared that the illness named “squib” would be cured.

“Go home, Draco,” Ginny said walking over to the closet and grabbing Draco’s cloak. “You know you do better figuring things out after a bit of rest.”

Taking the cloak Ginny offered him and smirking Draco sighed, “Alright, I’ll go,” and headed toward the door, turning slightly to look back at Ginny.

“Hey I forgot to ask you, we are having a dinner party this Saturday. Are you and yours free? ” Ginny asked smiling.

“I’ll ask Mum and Veronica,” Draco lifted his wand and turned the fire off under his caldron. “I’ll owl you tomorrow, okay?”

“Sure, but if you do not show up, you will have to deal with James’s disappointment,” Ginny said in amusement.

Okay, okay we will be there, and Ginny thanks… for everything,” Draco stated quietly.

“You are very welcome, now go home.” Ginny smiled as she watched Draco dissaparate.


“Daddy!” five-year-old Veronica cried as she came running through the apparition chamber at Malfoy Manor, jumping into her father’s arms and giving him a huge hug.

“Glad to see you too princess,” Draco said returning the hug and putting his daughter down.


Veronica Malfoy was the apple of her father’s eyes. She was tall and slender for her age. She had light blue eyes like her mother and wavy dark blond hair. Her face was round yet pointed like her father’s and she had Emma’s smile. She was kind, selfless, gentle and very sneaky like her father. ---

“It is good to see you, darling,” Draco said placing a kiss on Veronica’s forehead. “How was your day?”

“Well…” Veronica began, “Mita (Veronica’s name for her grandmother) and me went to Diagon alley and window shopped. I saw the most beautiful doll house. It was pink with white shingles and the dolls were charmed to walk around and live like a real people!”
Veronica then lowered her voice and stared into her father’s eyes.

“ But Mita said she could not get it for me because you told her not to,” she whispered as her lips turned immediately into a pout.

Draco laughed, “Oh don’t give me that look, Veronica Emma Malfoy. You know very what happened the last time Mita took you shopping. We had to extend your room to twice its size. Anyway, you have everything you could ever want right now. Come to think of it, we actually should go through your things and take what you don’t use anymore to the Orphanage and Hospital so other children who are less fortunate than you can play with them.”

“Aww, Daddy!! Do I have to?” Veronica whined.

“We will talk about it later alright?” Draco took her hand, “Now let’s see what Tappy is cooking for dinner.” They walked hand in hand through the hallway towards the kitchen.


Hermione Granger stepped out of the fireplace into London Heathrow airport’s wizarding section brushing off the small amount of soot on the shoulder of her business suit and looked around. She had not changed much since leaving Great Britain eleven years ago after graduating from Hogwarts, to go work as assistant to the Minister of Magic in the United States. Her hair was still brown and wavy, yet with blond and red highlights. The only difference was that she walked with an air of self-confidence and importance. After all she was returning to London to head the department of International Magical Cooperation at the Ministry.

“It’s good to be home,” she said quietly.

“What did you say, mum”? Asked the ten year old boy next to her, who was making sure his baseball cap was on straight.

“I just said it was good to be home, Michael.” Hermione lifted her wand to clean and straighten Michael’s clothes and reaching her hand to stuff a dark blond strand of hair under his baseball cap.

“You know mum, the international floo-network isn’t as bad as you described it, I actually enjoyed it,” Michael smiled as he tugged his backpack onto his shoulders.

“Well, I’m very happy you enjoyed it, now stay close, we have to go to the other side of the terminal and pick up our portkey.” Hermione grabbed Michael’s hand and held him close as they moved through the terminal.

“Oh wow, I read about the wizarding section of the airport, but to look at it is amazing!” Michael said excitedly as they walked.

“Mum? What kind of portkey are they giving us? A book, a teacup, a hat, a key?” Michael questioned as his mother finished talking to the attendant at the portkey counter.

“Yes,” Hermione answered with a little giggle, looking into her sons grey eyes, “It’s a key.”

“That’s so boring. One would have thought they would pick something more interesting, like an old muddy boot!” Michael responded giving his mother a very familiar smirk.

”Coming back is going to be harder than I thought, ” Hermione thought sadly as she took Michael’s finger and placed it on the portkey with her own.


Hermione and Michael settled into their new life within a couple of weeks. Michael was enrolled in local muggle middle school, where he adapted quickly.

Work at the ministry was intense and Hermione welcomed it. Within a few weeks she sealed a new agreement with Russia’s Ministry of Magic regarding immigration and was in the process of drafting a trade agreement with Japan to import some exotic ingredients for a potion a mediwizard at St. Mungo’s was working on.

Hermione looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was wearing a dark green silk shirt and white knee length skirt. This evening she having dinner with the Potters and introducing them to Michael. While living in America, Hermione had kept contact with Harry, as he was her secret keeper. Harry knew Hermione had a child from an Austrian diplomat she had met when she had arrived in America.

“Mum do I HAVE to go?” Michael asked as he buttoned his shirt. “They are your friends and they’re all old. “

“Yes, Michael, you have to go,” Hermione giggled as she walked into the room placing a pair of earrings on her ears. “Harry and Ginny have four children three girls and a boy who is your age. You will have fun I promise. Now let me look at you.” Hermione stated as she walked around him.

“How are we getting there anyway?” asked Michael as he brushed his mother’s hand away from his hair.

“We are going to Apparate, I don’t want to just burst into their living room. Here hold on to my hand. Okay on the count of three, one two three”.

They appeared in front of the Potter’s home. “Wow, that was great, how does that spell go again Mum?”

“I’ll explain it to you later Michael, now is not the time.” Hermione stated nervously as she knocked on the door.

The door opened to reveal a little girl about the age of four, “Hello, I’m Veronica.” She said politely.

“Veronica how many times do I have to tell you not to open the door by yourself” a familiar male voice stated coming towards the door.

“Sorry about that, she’s at that ag… “ Draco stopped mid statement looking at the visitors with surprise. “Hermione?”

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