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The next morning, Lily woke up late, which was not in her habits, and still she felt dreadfully tired. Sighing, she looked around the room to see she was alone – the other girls were already up. She felt quite thankful about it as she could feel the tears threatening to fill her eyes again. Every beat her heart gave felt painful, every breath she took got caught in her throat. People could have thought she was aggravating her pain, but those people had probably forgotten how it hurt to lose our first young love. As Lily let out a tiny sob, the door flew open and Sophy entered the room with a big cheerful smile before jumping on her friend’s bed.

“Good morning sunshine, time to get up,” she said happily.

Lily smiled. Obviously, Eve hadn’t told the girls anything and she felt relieved about it. She gave a little smile but even though her lips were smiling, her eyes were not and Sophy noticed it.

“Lily, are you alright?” she asked, a worried look spreading on her face as she sat beside her friend.

“I’m tired,” said Lily simply.

Sophy frowned and stroked her friend’s hair softly. Instantly, Lily broke into tears again, burying her face in her pillow as Sophy looked down at her with an alarmed look on her face. At that moment, Eve entered the room and sighed, sitting on the other side of Lily’s bed, stroking her hair gently.

“It’s okay sweetie, you’ll be okay,” she said softly.

Sophy looked from Lily to Eve confusedly and Eve told her friend everything Lily had told her. They spent the next half hour trying to comfort Lily, silently though as they knew no words would help their friend right now. They did not exactly manage to make her feel better, but she did stop crying after a while.

“Please don’t tell the others about it,” she said pleadingly.

Sophy and Eve looked at each other doubtfully.

“Lily, you usually spend the whole day with Fred, they will see that something is wrong if you ignore him,” said Eve softly.

“I’m just asking you girls not to tell them. If they ask me, I’ll tell them we had a fight and they’ll be too happy to think it was some stupid lover’s quarrel. But I want to say that myself…” said Lily.

Eve and Sophy both nodded.

“Are you hungry sweetie?” asked Sophy gently.

“I don’t want to go down,” said Lily, shaking her head.

“I know, but I can go get you some food,” said Sophy.

Lily smiled at her friend and nodded.

“Thanks,” she said with a little voice.

Sophy hugged Lily and got back on her feet, leaving the room. Lily wrapped her quilt around her body tightly, sighing deeply.

“I talked to Fred,” said Eve suddenly.

“What?” cried Lily with an alarmed look on her face as she sat up straight.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t ask anything… he did actually. Asked me if you were okay… he seemed pretty worried,” said Eve softly.

“He can stay worried all he want,” muttered Lily.

“Lily, why don’t you…” began Eve.

“Eve, he was kissing her!”

“But it was his right Lily!” said Eve, sighing. “He isn’t anybody’s boyfriend, he can kiss whoever he want.”

“But why her!” cried Lily. “Why her and not…”

She stopped abruptly and looked away.

“Why her and not you?” completed Eve softly.

Lily’s eyes filled with tears again and she nodded.

“Oh poor sweetie,” said Eve, wrapping her arms around Lily and rubbing her back. “You love him, don’t you?”

Lily pulled away quickly.

“I do not!” she raged, angry at herself more than at Eve.

“Yes you do,” said Eve softly. “And now you think he loves someone else and you feel miserable.”

“I thought he did love me Eve,” said Lily, tears rolling down her cheeks. “I really thought he did, I thought that I was more than a friend to him and I was ready to…”

“Lily, stop talking like that,” said Eve, interrupting her. “He loves you! You should have seen the look in his eyes earlier.”

“Then why did he kiss her?” asked Lily coldly.

Eve could not answer that. She sighed and shook her head as Sophy reentered the room, holding a plate filled with food and two small pieces of paper.

“Here you go sweetie,” said Sophy, handing the plate to Lily.

Lily thanked Sophy and ate her breakfast quickly as she was hungry. Only when she was done did she notice the pieces of paper Sophy was holding.

“What’s that?” she asked, pointing at them.

Sophy smiled and gave her one of the two pieces of paper.

“I met James in the Great Hall. He seemed worried,” she said softly.

Lily smiled as she read the small note her brother had written, obviously trying to cheer her up.

“Emily is a lucky girl,” said Eve teasingly after she read the note herself.

Lily rolled her eyes and folded the piece of paper, putting it on her bedside table. Sophy then handed her the second one, looking slightly uncomfortable.

“I also met Fred in the common room… he asked me to give you this,” she said, looking uneasy as if she wondered if she was doing the right thing.

Lily hesitated and sighed, taking the piece of paper and reading it.

“Hey Lils…

Are you alright? Eve said you were but you didn’t give me that impression yesterday and now you keep yourself locked in you dormitory… please talk to me, I haven’t slept at all last night. And I miss you…


“He said he’d be in the common room all day,” said Sophy when she saw that Lily was done reading.

Lily sighed and nodded. Then she lied back down on her bed and both Eve and Sophy got back on their feet.

“Do you us to let you sleep?” asked Eve.

“Yes please…” said Lily almost in a whisper.

Eve and Sophy left the room and Lily cuddled on her bed, hugging her pillow and thinking very deeply. She wanted to hate him. She wanted him to feel worried, she wanted to ignore him and to hurt him… but she knew she wouldn’t be able to. For one thing, she could never hate him, no matter how badly he hurt her. She loved him but she had taken too much time to realize it. And now he had given up on her and made his choice… Fred was very popular among the numerous ladies of Hogwarts school, and lots of girls were jealous of Lily, which she had always considered as stupid as she was just his friend and didn’t keep him from dating anybody… though now she wished she had. The only thing she couldn’t understand was that… out of all the girls he could have picked, he had chosen Josie. A Slytherin who prided herself in making his life a living hell.

After a few minutes of thinking, she fell asleep. When Eve came back up an hour later, she found Lily shaking in her sleep with a tortured expression on her face. Quickly, she went over to her friend and nudged her.

“Lily sweetie… Lily wake up,” she said softly.

Lily suddenly sat up straight in bed, trembling and gasping for breath. Eve sat on the bed next to her and wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders.

“Lily, are you alright?” she asked worriedly.

Lily, who was still trembling, shook her head slowly. She was staring at the wall in front of her but somehow, Eve could tell she didn’t even see it. There was a strange look in her eyes which sent a chill down her friend’s spine, and her face was almost white.

“He was kissing her again… right in front of me,” she began with a cold dreamy shaking voice. “I was chained to a wall and… there was a big snake, with cold blue eyes. He was coming closer to me and I was screaming for help, but he kept on kissing her and it kept coming closer… and then it slid up the wall and it wrapped itself around my neck and I couldn’t breathe anymore and I was dying,” she said, gasping for breath as if she really had been strangled. “And he kept on kissing her.”

Eve grabbed Lily’s shoulders and shook her.

“Lily, come back to earth. It was just a dream,” she said softly, stroking Lily’s hair.

“No it wasn’t,” cried Lily, shaking. “It was real, it really was… and he just kept on kissing her.”

She broke into tears and pressed her face on her pillow, her whole body trembling. Eve looked down at her, feeling even more worried than before. Lily turned to her friend, her white cheeks streamed with tears.

“Go away please,” she whispered in a weak voice.

Eve sighed and nodded. She kissed Lily’s forehead and left the room as an idea hit her. With a determined look on her face, she closed the door behind her and went down the stairs, her fingers tightly shut on her wand. Lily sighed as she heard the door close and shook her head. She kept seeing the images of her dream over and over again, and she still felt the death gasp of the snake on her throat. She knew it had only been a dream… but she still had trouble breathing. Then, she heard the door open and buried her face in her pillow again, trying to restrain her sobs.

“Go away Eve,” she said in a muffled voice.

Eve didn’t answer as she came closer to her, sitting right beside her on the bed, stroking her hair gently, tenderly. At that point, Lily looked up, sighing, and she froze. She sat up straight in bed, her eyes widening as her mouth fell wide open. It wasn’t Eve after all.

“Lily… what’s wrong?” asked Fred softly, taking her hand.

“How did you get up here,” she asked, too stunned to register the pain and worry in his eyes.

“Eve conjured a ladder,” he explained, stroking her cheek.

Lily pulled away and looked at her feet with scornful eyes. Fred sighed and looked at her with a pleading look on his face.

“What’s the matter Lils?” he asked softly. “Only two days ago everything was fine and now you even bare my presence? What happened?”

“Why don’t you ask you girlfriend?” muttered Lily coldly.

“My girlfriend?” he said confusedly. “What are you talking about? I don’t have a girlfriend…”

Lily rolled her eyes and huffed.

“Lily please…” he said, coming closer to her.

He wrapped his arms around her and she stiffened, but she didn’t push him away.

“Please, just tell me what’s wrong,” he said in her ear, stroking her hair.

Lily shook her head and shut her eyes tightly as she felt the tears coming back. Why did he have to be so nice? Fred looked at her with a tortured expression on his face. He couldn’t bear seeing her like that… and if he had known it was all because of him, which he didn’t, he probably would have despised himself without even trying to figure what he’d had done wrong. When he saw a single tear leaving Lily’s eye and rolling down her cheek, his mind went crazy. Without thinking, he took her face between his hands and pulled her closer to him, pressing his lips on hers. Lily froze completely as her mind went fuzzy for a few seconds. When she finally registered what was happened, she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss.

Fred pulled her as close as he could, putting his arms around her waist as she moved to sit on his lap, her hand tangling in his hair to pull him even closer as he let his hands run up and down her back. Then, a very unpleasant image came to Lily’s mind and she saw him back, the day before, kissing Josie. In her head, he had been kissing the Slytherin girl as passionately as he was now kissing her, which was definitely not the reality, but Lily didn’t care to find out. She quickly pushed him away and slapped him hard.

“What’s the matter with you, do you go around kissing random girls every day!” she raged, lying back down on her bed and pulling her quilt over her.

Fred stared at her confusedly for a second and then he understood what had happened. A horrified look spread on his face as he looked down at her sobbing hidden form.

“Oh God Lily… you don’t understand, it’s not what you think it is,” he said, shaking his head.

“I don’t care!” was the only answer he got.

“Lily please, just let me explain, you have to…” he began.

Lily came out from under the quilt and got back on her feet, slapping him again.

“Go away and leave me alone!” she shouted, her eyes red from crying and her face pale with anger.

She jumped back on her bed and buried her head under her pillow, sobbing loudly. Fred looked at her in distress but then he sighed. How could he have been so stupid… but he knew she wouldn’t hear him now and he had to give her time. He stroked Lily’s arm softly and left the room, feeling a very huge headache coming as she ran down the stairs, hurrying up so that it wouldn’t turn into a slide. When Eve, who had been waiting for him anxiously with Sophy, saw the look on his face, she swore under her breath and sat on the couch, crossing her arms.

“If someone don’t reason that girl soon, we’re gonna have to do it ourselves,” she mumbled.

Sophy sighed and nodded, looking up at the door that led to their dormitory with a pained and worried expression.

“Should we go?” she asked, looking at Eve.

“No,” said Eve, shaking her head. “She won’t want to see us right now… and whatever happened up there was bad,” she added as the door from the boy’s dormitory was slammed shut.

Both girls turned their attention to the fireplace, sighing deeply, knowing the weeks to come would be very long and hard, especially on Lily and Fred.

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