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A/N: This is my last chapter here. I'm sorry it's so short. There will be a sequel later on. Please review.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plot and some of the characters I invented.

Two weeks later was graduation. The ground were beautiful, and all of the seventh years were dressed in their house robes. All of the seventh years lined up as Dumbledore called their names. When they had all gotten their certificates, Dumbledore asked for silence.

“Now, as you would all know, this year we introduced Karate as a subject for the seventh years,” he said. “We ended up having two students who had already done Karate, and who were very good. Some of the seventh year students recently went to a tournament, and won some awards. I’d like you all to give them a big hand,” everybody clapped until Dumbledore started talking again, “I’d also like to congratulate Ms. Hermione Granger and Mr. Draco Malfoy for being accepted into the English Wizardry Academy of Martial Arts, one of the most prestigious school of martial arts.”

Everybody clapped madly and Hermione and Draco climbed onto the stage.
Hermione’s face was twisted with puzzlement.

“Since when are you coming?” She hissed.

“Since the beginning the year.” Draco replied.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t know. I just didn’t.”


The climbed off the stage and took their places in line once again.

Once the ceremony was over, they walked back to their parents who were
standing together.

“Oh, we’re all so proud of you two.” Narcissa cried, hugging both of them. Then Juile hugged them. Both ladies were crying.

Hermione smiled and reached for Draco’s hand. He smiled and kissed her on the

“The train will be leaving in 15 minutes,” a voice called. “Please be ready to board.”

“Do you have your trunks with you?” Julie asked.

“Yes. All packed and ready to go.” Hermione said, still smiling.

Draco nodded.

“Alright then, how about we board the train?” Tom suggested.

The others agreed and walked towards the carriages.

Hermione and Draco saw a lot of each other in the holidays. After finally deciding to leave Lucius, Narcissa and Draco moved into Hermione’s big house.

“What course are you doing?” Hermione asked one day when they were sitting in
Draco’s room. She was lying on his bed with her head on his chest.

“I’m doing specialised sparring. What about you?”

“I applied for specialised Kata. Are you excited?”

“Definitely. I can’t wait.”

“Me either. It’s going to be so much fun.”

“Yeah. What are Potter and the Weasley’s doing?”

Hermione lifted her head and twisted so she could see Draco properly.

“Please, call them by their first names.”

“Fine. What are Harry, Ron and Ginny doing?”

“Well, Ginny still has one year of school left, but Harry’s going to become and
Auror and Ron was signed up as the Chudley Cannons Keeper.”

“So I’m guessing you made it up with Ron?”

“Yeah. He apologised when we got back to the school. Didn’t I tell you?”

“No. You didn’t.”

“O, I must have forgotten. Sorry.”

“That’s fine. But, why an Auror? Voldemort was killed by Harry at the beginning of
the year?”

“He just thinks he should. In case another dark lord comes.”

“Ah, alright. So, you’re not going to have much contact with them?”

Hermione shrugged and wrapped her arms around Draco, pulling him into a deep

When they were tired and out of breath, they pulled apart and smiled before
Hermione stood up. “Night Draco. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Draco nodded and watched as she left.

The rest of the holidays went fast. On September the 1st, all of Hermione’s and Draco’s friends and family were there to see them off. The couple kept waving until they really had to board to train that would take them on the three day trip to the Academy.

“Bye ‘Mione,” Harry, Ron and Ginny called. “We’ll miss you. Write everyday.”

Hermione laughed. “Only if you do too. I’ll miss you. Bye.”

They climbed on and into their carriage knowing that this would be the beginning of a new life, a fresh start. They had learnt in the space of a year that Black Belt isn’t always so simple.

A/N: Well, there it was. Chapter 10. The Finale! I hope you liked it, and yes, there will be a sequel up later. But I might take a while posting that as I want to finish some other stories and I need to write some of it anyway.

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