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A/N: Sooo…I left you all at a cliffhanger so I'll try to back up and review over what happened. Read and review people…there are over 1,000 reads and only 40 something reviews? Sad…

Disclaimer: I own Sydney…but that's about it. J.K Rowling is AMAZING.

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Chapter Eight: Making a Decision

Lily couldn’t believe he kissed her. She couldn’t believe she was upset at that very moment because he did kiss Lindy. Why should it matter? She was Lily Evans and he was James Potter, it shouldn’t matter to her. It was his business. So why was she running away from the café in tears?

"Lily! Please stop!"

"Go away!"


She turned to find Remus catching up with her. She sighed, feeling slightly relieved he wasn’t James and a bit disappointed he wasn't.

"James…doesn’t…like…Lindy," he panted as he caught his breath.

"I don’t care."

"Then why are you crying?"

"…I don’t really know."

Suddenly fresh tears brimmed her eyes and this time she didn’t run away. Remus held her as she cried against his chest.


When Lindy and James kissed, Sirius was actually walking over to Sydney to say hi.

"Lane…I see you took Amos on the pity date."

"Go away…"

"I guess our little rendezvous in Slughorn's meant nothing?"

"What's he talking about?"

"I think you know what I'm talking about."

Amos jumped out of his chair and pulled in his fists getting ready to punch Sirius who was actually grinning in pleasure.

"Black, I think you should leave."

Sirius and Amos realized that Sydney finally stood up and got in between the two. She had enough of Sirius' ridiculous behavior and Amos' sudden reason to fight for her. Boys were idiotically predictable.

James at last, got out of his shock and pushed past Lindy and the "Bratty Blondes" as he helped Sydney keeping the two apart.

"James…I've got this…go and check up on Lily."

Sydney ultimately figured it out. She knew Lily had feelings for James, no matter how much she said she was disgusted by his arrogance. It had hit her when she was about to help Lily but Lily had run out too fast, covering her face wasn’t quite helpful either; everyone in the café knew she was in tears.

But why would Lily hide something like that? Why would she say such things about James if she truly liked him? Heck, it was all so confusing but now they had to fix everything.

Seeing the sincerity in Sydney's eyes, James nodded and just as he was about to rush out of the café, Lindy grabbed his arm and tried to hold him. He shook her lose and turned to face her.

"You've already done enough damage Lindy, leave me alone and don’t EVER talk to me again."

Lindy let go of his arm in reluctance, as he ran out, she twisted around to see the other "blondes" and they stood there in utter disbelief. James was pissed off.

Smiling, Sydney watched as James went after her best friend. She hoped it would all work out. But in her current situation, she was stuck between two of the most stubborn boys she had ever met. Sirius was still glaring at Amos, as Amos tried to get closer he bumped up against Sydney in an effort to stand up to Sirius.

Sighing in annoyance, she got out of the middle of the two and put her hands on her hips. She cleared her throat and the two stopped looking at each other to see what she had to say. Would she choose one of the two?

"I honestly, have never been so humiliated, you both should be ashamed of yourselves. You're acting like a couple of dogs."

Sirius chuckled but she gave him an evil eye and he stopped, so she continued.

"I'm not going to deal with either of you. You both drive me ABSOLUTELY insane. So in the meantime, you can both work out your tension and I'll be spending the day with a novel."

"Wait...does that mean you and I aren’t dating?"

Sirius and Sydney gazed at Amos for a second in frustration until Sirius spoke up…

"You bloody moron! Of course she isn’t! She's fancies me!"

Sydney screamed in frustration and grabbed the huge sundae sitting on their table and threw at the two befuddled guys standing in front of her. It was as if the sundae was flying in slow motion but none of them could stop it. It hit the boys' arms and splattered all over them. Gaping in horror they looked down at the mess and back at Sydney who seemed like she was still pent up with anger.

With that, she stalked out of the café, leaving Sirius and Amos standing in the middle of the place with confused looks on their faces. What did that mean? Did that mean she wasn’t going to be with either of them?

Amos nudged Sirius and Sirius ignored him.

"This is your fault you know…"

"Oh shut up."


Lily and Remus decided to talk it out in the Head's common room. Staring into the fireplace, Lily thought about her feelings for that even what they were?

"Lily…what do you like about James? I mean we all thought you despised him."

"I do…did…I don’t know anymore. I hated the way he'd mess with his hair, the way he obnoxiously stole that snitch so he could act like his reflexes are godly compared to anyone else, the way he gazes at me beyond his glasses, the way he thinks that if he asks everyday for a date that eventually I'll give in."

"Wait, you hate those things?"

Blushing furiously, Lily giggled as she realized she had been staring off into space, imagining James doing those very things.

"Actually all those things may frustrate me but I honestly think my frustration is an attraction.

Remus smiled and nodded as if he knew exactly what she meant.

"Love never ran the smooth course."

"Excuse me?"


Lily frowned, she had heard that from somewhere before. Had Sydney told her that? Remus was intently analyzing Lily's facial expressions. Was she really in deep for James? The guy that everyone thought she hated? It was odd, yes, but James was head over heels for Lily. He reached over from his armchair and put his hand on Lily's.

"I want both of you to be happy, but please, for James' and your sake, make up your mind and don’t lead him on. James happens to be a hopeful character, if he thinks he has a chance then he wont stop at anything to receive it."

Remus watched as a small smile formed on her lips.

"I know…" she turned to Remus, "That's what I admire most about him."

Suddenly, the portrait swung open and James walked into the common room with a rushed look on his face. His red face from running turned into sudden anger. Lily and Remus gazed at him in wonder and followed where his eyes landed.

Remus still had his hand on Lily's….

Lily and Remus took their hands away hastily and James stared at them suspiciously. No one spoke for a minute until Remus jumped up from the armchair.

"I have to be somewhere…"

James followed Remus' moves and conjectured whether or not to talk to Remus about his actions. Moony would never go after the girl he's had an obsession with for years, would he? No…he wouldn’t…

Remus left in a hurry leaving Lily sitting on the couch in question and James standing thinking about what to say.


James was shocked to hear his own name form from Lily's mouth. But he wasn’t as surprised as Lily whose face was almost as red as her hair. She gestured to the seat next to her.

"We should talk."

James shook his head and still stood there in silence. Lily didn’t know why but she became more irritated. Getting up from the couch she walked over to where he was in complete aggravation.

"What is your problem?! You’re the one who kissed Lindy…I mean…not like I care but you…augh!"

Just as she was about to turn to leave, James grabbed her hand and spun her around. Caught in the moment, she gasped as he fingered a strand of hair that fell out of her ponytail. He grazed her jaw line and kissed her sweetly. When he pulled away, her eyes were still closed in utter bliss and a half smile was playing on her lips.

"I think you know how I really feel…I think you've always known. Lily…I've never felt this way about anyone. I don’t want to talk about anything because it doesn’t need to be said."

Thinking about how many times he drove her mad and insane, Lily pushed past those thoughts and thought about how many times he made her heart pound, her voice stammer, her stomach was a never-ending cycle and she knew exactly what her decision was.

Lily lifted her finger to his lips and quieted him. Gazing into her emerald eyes, he lost himself and she gently tugged his neck to kiss him. Standing there in their own little world they lost track of everything. The crackling of the burning fire was their simile of love. James finally knew how she felt and he was glad he did something about it.

A/N: Okay….I know not the greatest chapter…but I have MAJOR plans for the next chapter…so review and I'll decide whether or not to make it intriguing…haha REVIEW! I want feedback, comments and tips.

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