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Chapter Image by Alohomora @ The Dark Arts

Ch. 6- Creation And Destruction

“Ginny, the baby’s not coming down quickly enough,” a worried Madam Pomfrey informed her, glancing at the magical fetal heart rate monitor that was floating next to the bed. “The heart rate has dropped enough in the past few minutes to suspect an umbilical cord around the neck. The only way to get the baby out safely would for me to perform a Cesarean Charm.” Ginny looked from Madam Pomfrey to her mother and new baby boy, fear for her second child in her eyes. She turned back to Madam Pomfrey, her decision made.

“Okay,” she replied, nodding.


“Potter! How nice of you to join me. Unfortunately for you, you won’t be leaving tonight. You won’t escape me again,” Voldemort said in an angry tone, descending upon Harry the moment after the Portkey had landed him in Godric’s Hollow. Certainly not something Harry had been expecting. He opened his hand to see that he was holding a doorknob, with a serpent coiled around the shaft and engraved on the front of it.

“Voldemort must have had a Death Eater switch the doorknobs,” he thought. “His muggle ancestors probably never fancied snakes much.” He put the doorknob on the ground and shakily got to his feet; he was still a little off from the abrupt Portkey transport, but it wouldn’t keep him from doing what he had to do.

“I thought this would be the appropriate place to bring you,” he continued, ignoring Harry’s lack of response. “You can die in the same place your stupid father and filthy Mudblood mother did. Too bad your precious Ginny couldn’t be here, too.”

Harry restrained the extremely strong urge to curse Voldemort right at that moment. He needed to wait for the right time, when Voldemort was distracted, if he wanted to make it out of here alive. He cautiously tried to close his mind to Voldemort, something he had been practicing in the past three months out of necessity. He hadn’t really improved, but it was worth a try.


“Alright, I need everyone out of the room, please,” Madam Pomfrey declared to some very concerned Weasley’s, Hermione, and a new Potter back at the Burrow.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Mrs. Weasley asked, handing the baby to a startled Hermione.

“The baby’s heart rate has dropped and I need to perform a Cesarean Charm,” she answered quickly. “So, if you please, I need to do this now or the baby doesn’t have much of a chance.” At that moment, Molly put her hand to her mouth in concern, then rapidly rounded up everyone and led them out of the room, casting a last backwards glance at Ginny as she closed the door. As soon as the door shut, Madam Pomfrey pulled Ginny’s cotton and lace shift up to reveal her swollen belly. She then whispered “Abscedo” and tapped her stomach with her wand, making a white, iridescent glow emit from the end of it and surround her abdomen like an orb. The light faded, revealing Ginny’s stomach; you could now see the womb, and the lone baby with an umbilical cord wrapped around its neck.

“So I can see the positioning of the baby better,” she explained, seeing her astonished face. “Now, this might hurt a bit…”

She lowered her wand closer to Ginny’s stomach, steadied herself, and then whispered “Diviselenitis”, causing her stomach to change to the point where it looked like the womb was made of spun glass. She then whispered “Wingardium Leviosa” and slowly brought the baby out of the womb, as if it had just melted away. As the baby was just breaking the surface, Ginny let out a scream of pain, and was soon joined by the cries of her baby…

“It’s a girl.”


“Of course, why would anyone look for you here?” Voldemort went on, pacing the cobblestone and dirt pathway as Harry tried to close his mind. Surprisingly, Voldemort was oblivious to this. “I will finally get rid of the only thing standing in my way,” he continued, his voice a ragged whisper as he shook his head. “No Dumbledore, no parents… tsk, tsk, Potter, your luck is running thin.”

He gave up on trying to close his mind and focused instead on what he had come for. “We’ll just have to see how much ‘luck’ it takes me to destroy you,” he responded, hand gripped tightly around his wand, eyes locked on Voldemort.

“You think you can destroy me? Even being the clever little boy you are and destroying the Horcruxes, there is no spell to destroy me. Even if you try to attempt it, the Killing Curse cannot harm me anymore,” he snarled, stopping in his place to look at Harry.

“You only think of spells to kill.”

“There is nothing worse than death.”

Harry couldn’t stand this anymore. Believing there was nothing worse than death? Harry’s life before magic, life with the Dursley’s; life without love, it was all worse than death. Voldemort was a fool. Harry slowly raised his wand to point it directly at him, meanwhile summoning memories stored over a lifetime and new ones just gained. Distant ones of his parents, ones that had no image, but a definite feeling… memories of Ron and Hermione, just average normalcy and being cared about…summers at the Weasley’s…his first time kissing Ginny…giving her the promise ring…the first time they had made love…seeing her pregnant. Then, just as Voldemort was brandishing his own wand, he took a deep breath, and filled with memories of love, shouted “Expecto Patronum!” But instead of a silvery stag galloping out of his wand, a vaporous gold stag galloped out and towards Voldemort at full force. Harry watched the next moments unfold; he definitely didn’t think this would be happening. The Patronus, instead of hooking Voldemort with its antlers or something of the like and taking him away into the darkness, had stabbed Voldemort in his chest, the place where, had he had a heart, it would have been. Ginny had once confided in Harry that she thought instead of a regular heart, Voldemort had an eroded, completely corrupted, black heart. Voldemort let out a howl of pain at the moment the antlers pierced his pale skin and cut through the dark robes. Then there was a burst of blinding light and an explosion that sent Harry soaring in the air and landing about twenty feet away. As he rolled over to a seated position, a strange, relieved feeling came over him. He grabbed his glasses from where they had fallen on the ground next to him, and, wiping the dirt off the lenses, blurrily noticed a deep gash on his right forearm.

“I wonder what this brings the grand total up to now?” he wondered, accidentally swiping blood on his shirt as he put his glasses on. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw it. The light that had come from the Patronus stabbing Voldemort, who had been incinerated in the few moments between the light bursting forth and when Harry landed on the ground, had faded into a gray mist, almost fog like. The mist started to form into what he had, for one brief second, thought were faces; he actually took off his glasses and cleaned them again, making sure he wasn’t really seeing an odd smudge on his glasses. Putting them back on, he could plainly see that it was no trick; in fact, it reminded him vaguely of the Priori Incantem shared between Voldemort and himself in the graveyard fourth year. He slowly got to his feet, wand in hand, and made his way cautiously over to the strange, misty forms about twenty-three feet ahead of him. Once he was about three feet away from the steely gray shapes, he caught sight of what he was fairly sure was his mother’s ghostly form, closely followed in the swirling mass of ghosts by his father. But he was most surprised by what came next.

“We’re so proud of you, Harry,” the ghost of his mother said, reaching out to him, yet not touching, because she would have surely gone straight through him.

“I always knew you’d be the one to get him,” his father’s shadowy figure added, pride evident in his voice. Harry was so shocked that when he tried to speak, no words came out. Before he could try again, his parents were speaking.

“Harry, you need to go now,” his father told him in a slightly urging voice. Except Harry had been so amazed by the fact that his parent’s shadows were speaking to him, that he missed what James was saying.


“Harry, you’re needed more at home than here right now,” Lily said, a slight smile gliding across her face.

But Harry was having trouble connecting the information. He turned away from them and thought. Well, home was Ginny. Ginny was at the Burrow. So he should go to the Burrow? But why? When he turned back to ask, he saw that the whole misty group of ghosts, well, shadows, had disappeared. Then it hit him. Voldemort was gone. Forever. And Harry knew the first place he wanted and needed to go. Home.


“They are the most precious things I’ve ever seen,” Hermione whispered to Ron as she stood in the doorway with his arms wrapped around her waist, standing behind her, and chin on her head. Ginny was lying on her bed with the newborn twins in her arms. Since Harry had yet to make an appearance, Ginny still refused to name them. So they just referred to them as the boy twin and the girl twin. For fraternal twins they looked pretty similar; both had their father’s green eyes, and their mother’s freckles. But the boy twin had Weasley red hair, where the girl twin had Harry’s raven black hair, yet it sat in loose, wispy baby curls atop her head, so she must have her mother’s hair texture.

“Have you thought about us at all?” Hermione suddenly asked, her voice cautious as she glanced down at the ring Ron had given her three months ago, and thinking about the promise he had made.

“Uh, well, of course I have. I think about us at breakfast, and um…when I’m playing Quidditch-” he started hastily, before she cut him off.

“No, Ron, I meant, have you though about our situation?”


“Ron, we’ve been ‘engaged’ for three months and have yet to tell either of our parents, we’re not even sure if we’re getting married-” she began, turning to face him as she spoke.

“Not even sure? Hermione, when I promise you something, I plan to keep it,” he declared, looking her in the eye.

She nodded. “Let’s just hope that Harry finally gets rid of Voldemort.”


Ron and Hermione spun around and saw Harry standing right in front of them, one of the lenses of his glasses cracked, and a bloody gash on his right arm. He also happened to be covered in dirt, leaves, assorted twigs, and his hair was dripping wet.

“Where’s Ginny?” he asked in a rush, looking from Ron to Hermione.

“She’s in there,” Ron replied quickly, jerking his thumb behind him. “But I should probably tell you-” But before he could get out the rest, Harry was already making his way through the door.


Ginny looked down at the tiny, sleeping forms in her arms and couldn’t hold back a small smile. They were finally here! She absolutely couldn’t believe it. She was exhausted and sore, but in the end, she had two human beings that were just Harry’s and her own, no one else’s. But the next thing she knew, that happy feeling was being replaced by a rising panic and fear. A fear for Harry’s life. She had no idea where he was, only a vague idea of what he was doing, and the fact that no one had any answers for her was more than a little frustrating. Then, she heard someone talking in hurried tones, and, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted someone gesturing back towards her and looked up. She saw Ron and Hermione, their backs to her; talking to someone she couldn’t see. But she recognized his voice and she felt the panic subside.

“He’s okay.” she thought, breathing in a sigh of relief.

As he came through the door, the baby girl started waking up and yawned, stretching her little mouth as wide as it would go, then almost immediately closing it. Upon seeing this, and the baby boy, he got a bit of an awed look on his face and slowly walked to Ginny’s bedside as her eyes followed him, a smile on her face and in her eyes.

“They’ve got your eyes.”

“Really?” he replied, looking down at them. “Gin, I should have been here…I…” he trailed off, taking a seat in the chair previously occupied by Mr. Weasley.

“It’s okay. You had no way of knowing I was in labor, Harry.” she replied, a trace of laughter in her voice. “Do you want to hold one?”

“Are you sure?” he questioned, remembering, under radically different circumstances, the last time he had asked her that. The night she got pregnant.

“They’re yours too, you know. You were definitely there when it all happened,” she said, her light laughter filling the air. She then lifted her left arm slightly so he could pick up the tiny baby girl. As he proceeded to do so, he asked her a question.

“Have you named them yet?”

“No-support her head-I wanted to wait until you got back.”

This really didn’t register with Harry, as he was in awe of his daughter, bundled in a soft pink blanket in his arms, wispy, black curls neat atop her head. Freckles fell over a nose that looked almost identical to her mother’s like light snow and she had eyes that, now open, were undoubtedly her father’s.


“Uh?” he replied, looking up at her from the tiny baby girl.

“Did you do it? Did do you destroy Voldemort?” she whispered, looking him directly in the eyes.

“Yeah, um…I did. Gin, he’s gone now. He’s gone forever.” he told her, returning the look. She could see the happiness even though he wasn’t smiling.

“How do you know?” she heard herself saying and felt tears dripping down her cheeks. She slowly tried to blink the tears away and couldn’t make herself open her eyes again. She heard the groaning of the springs and felt him sit down next to her, wrapping his free arm around her shoulders.

“Because I saw it. Trust me, he’s really gone.”

As soon as the words had left his mouth, they heard someone clear their throat by the door.

“Um…Mum says they need the twins’ names for the birth certificates,” Ron explained, both he and Hermione still standing in the doorway, an odd expression on their faces. Something between happiness and fear.

“Of course,” Harry thought. Now that Voldemort was gone, they had no excuse to postpone the wedding and they had to tell the Weasley’s and the Granger’s about the engagement. He couldn’t believe that they had gone three months without telling anybody. Well, save for Ginny and himself, once he came out of that coma. He knew that if he was engaged to Ginny, he would be shouting it at the top of his lungs. Now that’s a concept. Being married to Ginny was something he had pondered before, but they had never really discussed it together.

“Harry?” she asked, pulling him out of his thoughts.


“Do you have any preference on what their names will be?” she asked, a slight bite in her voice. In her arms, the little baby boy was just waking up.

“I haven’t really thought about it. But…um…maybe after my parents? Doesn’t have to be a first name or anything; probably better as a middle…” he trailed off, looking down once again at the twins. Ginny looked down at the baby girl as she was contemplating a name.

“Do you like ‘Lilia Alexandria’?” she questioned, tentatively looking up at him.

“It’s beautiful,” he replied, then looking at Ginny and their son. “Can I hold him?”

She nodded and carefully took Lilia and replaced the yet-to-be-named baby boy in his arms.

“Now what do we name you? ‘Sirius James’?” he asked the newborn.

“Harry, that’s a lot to live up to in a name,” Ginny stated jokingly. “Let’s go for a walk around the lake. I’ve been in this bed for way too long.”

They got up, twins in hand, and in about fifteen minutes were out walking around the lake. Well, it was more of a pond, really.

“What about ‘Jack’?” Harry wondered aloud as they walked slowly in the grass, still damp from the previous rain, around the small lake.

“No,” she responded, adjusting her hold on Lilia.


“No, something just doesn’t feel right about that name.”





“Ok, what about…uh…‘Benjamin James’?” he said, truly desperate for a name now.

“‘Benjamin James Potter’. I like it,” she told him with a contemplating, then decisive look on her face. They walked in silence for a couple minutes, until Harry suddenly spoke.

“Did everything go okay?” he asked, looking down at her. From Ginny’s perception, the sun behind him gave him a sort of an aura, a glow. It took her a few heartbeats to figure out what he was referring to.

“The birth? For the most part…Ben made it okay…” she said, looking out at the lake.

“And Lilia…?”

“Well…it was a bit longer delivery with her.”


Ginny looked up at him and knew that she had to tell him. There was no way around it.

“Her heart rate was dropping because of the umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck. Madam Pomfrey had to perform a Cesarean Charm.”

“She’s okay now, right?” he inquired, a worried look on his face as he glanced down at the tiny form in Ginny’s arms. He hadn’t really noticed how truly small Lilia was. He looked back to Ginny. “Are you okay?”

“We’re both fine. The only risk with the charm is the fact that it is an adaptation from a Muggle surgery, and fairly new to the magical community. But we’re both fine, Harry.”

“I should’ve been here.”

“Harry there was no way you could have known I was in labor. You were out saving the world,” she assured him. She was feeling a little more rational now that she wasn’t trying to push two cauldrons out of a button hole.

“I wish that I could’ve somehow been doing more to help you with this. I mean, I know our situation was a little odd…”

“You’ve done as much as you could. Most importantly, you loved me, even from thousands of miles away,” she commented, looking up into his eyes. He wrapped the arm not holding Ben around her shoulders. “And Harry?”

“Hm?” he responded, twisting his head to look down at her.

“Thanks for getting me pregnant.”

She then rested her head against his shoulder and looked out at the lake, leaving Harry just staring at her, a bit of a smile on his face.

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