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Thanks to my beta xelusive memoriesx of SAYS and JK Rowling for providing me with the characters. They are hers, and the plot is mine.

“Go on then, James; tell me how it got here.”

I don’t know. I’m as confused as you are.”

James shuffled closer to Lily, squinted up at the plant as if he couldn’t see it properly, and shrugged nonchalantly while tracing his finger around the edge of his shirt collar. “It’s silly really. What idiot charms mistletoe to hover about at Halloween?”

“So it wasn’t you then?”

“No, I’ve just said that, haven’t I?”

“Well, you didn’t actually. I was just wondering because you’re standing right underneath it.”

James jumped back, seemingly horrified. “I wasn’t!” he chirruped.

“You were,” Lily countered, and moved quickly out from beneath it herself. “Silly really. Mistletoe as a Halloween decoration.”

“Yeah,” James grunted, looking nervously around. He felt like a first year - on edge in the midst of mistletoe and a pretty girl. Granted, this girl was Lily Evans and that - well, it made quite a significant difference. Eighteen to eight, James pondered. Though if he thought about it, the better way to consider it was by use of the phrase ’act your age and not your shoe size’. Which could be easily be turned to ’I’m acting my shoe size and not my age’ to suit his situation. Yet come to think about it, his shoes were feeling rather large.

“What’s that?“ Lily said, raising her eyebrows. James realized that, in his sort of nervousness, he had been muttering his thoughts (of absolute nothingness). Like a damn first year. Annoyed by it at that moment, he glared at one who had just slipped into the box of pumpkin pasties and then turned back to Lily. “Probably Hagrid. You know how he is.”

“Right. Hagrid’s always doing things like this,” Lily laughed, ticklish. James met her eyes and smiled.



“Silly to have mistletoe as a Halloween decoration.”



“James?” Lily interrupted. “We need to-”

“I’m not underneath it!” James yelped. Lily hid a small smile.

“We need to take it down,” she said firmly.



James whistled, amused by himself, and blew a short strand of black hair out of his face. “Well, go on then,” he said grinning.

Lily shuffled, and wound her hands together. She looked at James imploringly, but he only smirked back at her. It was quite fun, he decided, watching Lily Evans cower under his gaze. His unease just slipped out of him. Quite a nice turn around of events. “I dare you to take it down,” he whispered. Lily’s cheeks brightened in frustration and something else that appealed to James, and noticing them, he bounced on his heels merrily.

“Just take the damn thing down, Lily,” he chuckled.

“I can’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t? It’s only mistletoe.”

Lily frowned at him - only mistletoe? - her expression said the same thing that was running through his mind. Only a piece of mistletoe?

“It’s a parasitic plant.”

James raised an eyebrow. “So?”

“It’s like this,” Lily started, her voice falsely sorrowful. “I’m allergic.”

“To mistletoe?“

“To mistletoe,” she nodded, licking her lips.

James draped one arm over her shoulders; Lily froze. God, he was enjoying this. He hummed a short menacing tune, one that he remembered being by an old muggle composer named Bach, but got it mixed up with ’There Were Four Green Bogarts’ which sounded almost identical to it. So instead he sniggered, and whispered into Lily‘s hair, “Liar!”

Her nostrils flared and she pushed him away crossly, snapping, “James, just take it down!”

“I can’t because…” James paused, and enfolded Lily’s shoulders in his arm again. He liked having her there. “You know… I’m allergic.”


“That’s right.”

“You’re not-”

James slid his finger down Lily’s lips. “I’m allergic,” he repeated. His body was hanging off his smirk like a label.

She yielded, grinning, and pushed his glasses further up his nose with her thumb. “You’re allergic,” she said slowly.

“That’s right.”

“I see.”

Lily’s smile widened and her eyes flippantly looked upwards towards the mistletoe and back down again. “And what effects does this affliction cause you?”

“I burst out in great big boils, my tongue enlarges, and I get a mild itch in the wand area.”

Lily rolled her eyes while biting her lip for laughter and with only the smallest hesitancy did she say her next line, like she were in a scene of a play that she had long rehearsed for. “I suppose there’s only one thing we can do then…”

James‘s eyes twinkled behind his glasses. “I’m completely open for suggestions,” he said impishly. She giggled in a way that was girlishly frightening to his ears, yet left him with a nice tingly feeling.

Lily removed herself from James’s side and bent her head so that she could press her lips together beneath her curtain of hair without him seeing. He, quickly seeing her hidden face, licked his own lips and milliseconds later they were looking at each other again, Lily looking half nervous and half expecting, James looking half nervous and giddy with anticipation. Their eyes met, briefly, and they smiled at each other with an endearing embarrassment, leaning in until the mistletoe was hovering above both their heads.

“This is the only option…”

“If only there was another way…”

The mistletoe swayed as their breathing closed in around it. The Prefects in the Hall carried on their inspections, the students filing into their seats did so noisily with incessant chatter, and Hagrid-

“Lily! Professor McGonagoll’s a’wantin’ ya!”

- wasn’t aware that he had been accused of hanging up the parasitic plant.

Lily made a small noise of discontent, blushed, and squeezed James’s fingers gently before hurrying away. James blinked dazedly, entirely perplexed at what had just happened. Sirius came up behind him and sniffed around James’s neck (ignoring James’s flapping at him).

“You’ve been with Lily,” he said astutely. Sirius looked up at the mistletoe (floating unbridled), then at James’s expression, and grinned. “Amazing what a bit of flower power can do, isn’t it?” he said.

James shrugged and allowed his friend to drag him off to the Gryffindor seats. Grinning faintly at the fact that the mistletoe would probably still be there tomorrow.

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