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This was going to be the last week for the Marauders to spend in Hogwarts, becasue they had passed their N.E.W.T’s. James still couldn’t believe that he was going to Graduate in seven days. He was sitting on his bed thinking of all the different things that had occurred this year. By far the best was Lily going out with him. He remembered how he got there.


“Lily. I know that we haven’t been on the best of terms, but since we are the heads maybe we could put it behind us and be friends?”
“I would love that, James.”

~End Flashback~

That was how it had all started. It slowly progressed and Lily saw how kind and sincere James could be. After the Christmas Holidays Lily asked James out.


“Um…James can I speak to you alone?”
“Sure Lily.” James left the couch where he was sitting with his friends.
“What is it?” James asked.
“Well…um… you have been so nice to me this year and well…I have realised that you aren’t a pompous git with a head the size of mars.”
“That’s um… nice.”
“Well…I have come to like you more than a friend and well will you go out with me?”
“I’ll have to think about that one,” James playfully said. Lily playfully hit him on the arm.
“Why yes, my dear Lily Flower.” James then conjured up a blue rose and gave it to Lily.
“Wow. It’s beautiful and you didn’t give me a lily. You’re the first guy to not give me a lily.”
“One time we started talking about our favourite things and you said that you didn’t like lilies and your favourite flower is a blue rose.”

~End Flashback~

After that day James was the happiest man alive. Today has he sat on his bed he thought ‘why am I sitting here when the love of my life is down there? Oh yeah that’s right she sent me up here to get that book um… Fairytales.’ James got off his bed and looked on the floor for the book. He found it under the bed. As he reached out to get it he heard someone open up the door. Before he knew it he was floating in air upside down. James moved his jacket from out of his face to see Sirius his best friend standing there with his wand out.
“Put me down,” James told him.
“Why?” Sirius casually said.
“Because I’m getting a book for Lily.”
“Well she sent me up here to get you because you were taking far too long.”
“If you put me down then we can go.”
“I don’t have to put you down for us to go down the stairs.”
“You wouldn’t!”
“Yes, I would.” Sirius then got the book out from under the bed while keeping his wand on James. He stood up and made James float upside down through the door and down the stairs. When James was in full view of everyone, all the people that were in there started laughing at James. Sirius came out and stood in front of James and bowed. As he did so James fell, undignified, to the floor. James grabbed the book from Sirius and sat down next to, the still giggling, Lily.
“He is the book you requested.” Lily politely took the book from James opened it to the page that she was on and started reading. James read the book over her shoulder.
“What does ‘penny for your thought’ mean?” James asked after he had read that line.
“Well a penny is an old form of muggle currency. When someone is thinking deeply then others want to know what they are thinking and so they say penny for your thoughts. So it’s like your paying to know what they are thinking.”
“Oh.” Was all James could say.
Sirius, who was sitting next to Sarah Potter, Lily’s best friend and James twin sister, said
“This is so boring. Who wants to go and play a game of water Quidittch?”
“What’s that?” Sarah asked.
“It’s a game us Marauders thought of. It’s basically just like normal Quidittch except it is played over the lake and instead of using bludgers the beaters use their wands to make balls of water and fling them at other players.”
“Sounds like fun,” Lily said.
“We should go and ask Remus, Lucy, Peter and Ash if they want to play.” The group of four left the common room and went to the library where they knew Remus would be and Lucy would reluctantly be with him. Their assumptions were correct.
“Do you two want to play a game of water Quidittch with us?” Siruis asked. Lucy jumped up quickly and almost chucked the book on the shelf.
“I would love to!” Lucy nearly shouted. This gave her a disapproving glare from Madam Kook.
“Remus, you going to play?” James asked.
“Um, yeah, sure, why not.” Remus then quickly but neatly tided up. Now all they need to do was find Peter and Ash. The group found them out on the grounds sitting underneath their favourite oak tree. Peter had a few muffins in his hands.
“Do you two want to play water Quidittch?” Sarah asked.
“Sure. I would love to play,” they both said. Lily and James both took out their wands and said ‘accio brooms’. In a few seconds 8 brooms were making their way towards them. Each person grabbed their respective brooms. James took a snitch out from his pocket and Sirius went and got a quaffle.
“The teams should be two boys and two girls,” Ash said.
“We could have James, Lily, Peter, Ash on one team and Sirius, Sarah, Remus, Lucy on the other,” Remus said.
“Ok,” the other 7 said. They all mounted their brooms and flew across to the lake.
“To get a point you have to get the quaffle through those trees and those ones,” Sirius said while pointing at the two different ends.
“On your marks, get set, GO!” Sarah yelled as she chucked the quaffle into the air. In this game they decided to have a keeper, two chasers and 1 beater. James and Lucy both raced for the quaffle while Sarah and Peter positioned them selves into a better place. Lucy managed to grab the quaffle just as James’ hand touched it. She started racing down the lake. Ash then made a ball of water and aimed it at Lucy. The water hit its target. Lucy dropped the quaffle in surprise. Before the quaffle could hit the water James grabbed it and headed in the other direction. He managed to doge a ball of water thrown by Sirius and when he got close to the goal he flung the ball. James and his team thought that the quaffle would pass through the trees but Remus saves the ball just before it would have passed the imaginary line. Remus passed it to Sarah and she raced to the other end. Just as Ash was going to fling a ball of water, she got hit by Sirius. Sarah managed to get to the other goal. She threw the ball. It just skimmed Lily’s fingers and passed between the trees. The Talking Llamas (that’s what Sirius and his team named themselves) started cheering. While they were occupied Peter and James raced to the other end with the quaffle and scored. After a few more goals were scored on either side Lily got out her wand and cast a spell to make a score board appear. It read: The Talking Llamas: 30, The Lame Camels: 40. Quite a large crowd had gathered at the banks and were watching in fascination. After another hour, when they were all soaking wet and shivering (some people in crowd were also wet from dodged water balls), they decided to make the next goal the final one and whichever team scored it would win. James protested at this because the score read: The Talking Llamas: 130, The Lame Camels: 150. After a few more minutes of protest James finally agreed. A spectator threw the quaffle into the air. All four chasers raced after it. Ash and Sirius were making balls of water and were flinging them in the direction of the chasers. Many balls hit while some went off course and splashed onto the spectators. Sarah managed to get the quaffle first, because she was a chaser on the Gryffindor team. She raced down to the goal. Before she could get to her desired destination several water balls were coming her way. She only had 2 option aim for goal or give up the ball. Sarah threw the quaffle with all her strength. Lily was caught unaware and nearly let the quaffle through. She managed to get it just in time though. Lily passed to James and he flew down to the other end. He got blocked by Lucy and passed to Peter. Peter hadn’t got a goal in this game yet so he flew onwards determinedly. He reached the goal. James, Ash and Lily were all cheering him on. Sirius, Sarah and Lucy were flying up to meet him. Remus sat in front of the goal waiting. Time slowed for Peter and he threw the ball to his left. Remus was expecting Peter to throw it to Remus’ left had flowen off in that direction. He realised too late that the quaffle was not flying in his direction, it was soaring to the other side. As soon as the ball crossed over the line, The Lame Camels were cheering and laughing. A loud voice said above all the others The Lame Camels win. Everyone turned around to see Dumbledore standing behind them. The two teams landed on the bank and the audience cheered. Dumbledore came up to them.
“That was highly amusing. I think it lifted everyone’s mood because some are dreading to leave this place,” Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his blue eyes. Ash then got her Camera from her bag that was under the tree. She set a timer on it and took a photo of all the 8 soaking wet. They then took out their wands and dried themselves off. The crowd has lessened and those remaining were just gathering their things and started to leave.


Lily and James were standing in front of all the 7th year students and their parents. Lily looked sad that her parents couldn’t come. Lily walked forward to the stand. She placed her notes on the stand.
“Over the last seven years I have come to know Hogwarts as my home away from home. I have so many fond memories here. Some memories I would like to forget.” Lily looked at the Slytherins.
“But without those memories I wouldn’t be who I am. And I love who I am. Living at Hogwarts has made me strong and kind. I have fought with people.” She looked at James.
“But I have also come to tolerate these people and ended up loving one of them.” Lily then took her notes and stood back next to James. He took hold of her hand before he went up to give his speech.
“I know I was supposed to have prepared a speech but here I stand before you without one. I will just speak from my heart instead. Over the past years I have enjoyed being with my friends. Pulling pranks and inventing all sorts of games. When I got the role of Head Boy I thought that Dumbledore had made a mistake. I soon realised that I was the only one that could do this job as Dumbledore wanted me to do it. Many of you will know that for 6 years I asked Lily Evans out everyday. Her answer was always ‘Never’. And everyday I would reply to that ‘Never say Never’ Lily would then always storm off. When I became Head Boy and found the Lily was Head Girl I decided to not ask her out everyday. Because we had to work together we became friends. Then one day Lily asked me out. I was shocked. And now here we are. I want everyone to know this I LOVE LILY EVANS.” Lily turned a pale shade of red as all eyes went to her. James then pulled something out from his pocket and turned to face Lily. He took hold of her hand. Knelt down and opened the little box that he was holding
“Will you marry me, Lily Tyler Evans.” Lily stood still shocked at what James had just said.
“Yes.” Was her reply. As James put the ring on her finger Ash took a picture of the couple. As Lily and James kissed everyone, except the Slytherins and their parents, stood up and clapped. As James went back up to the stand everyone went quiet.
“This is the end but it is also a new beginning.”

a/n: Thanks for reading this one shot. If you didn’t guess Ash is short for Ashley but she doesn’t like her name. Oh and Sirius and Sarah go out. Lucy prefers to be outside but she stays with Remus in the Library because she loves him and goes out with him. And yes Peter did get a girlfriend, Ash. So that hopefully clears anything up! Happy reading.
Lollie :D

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