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Sare sat in her bed, rubbing at her arm, trying to make the pain go away. It eventually did, and she fell into a fitful sleep.

The next day, she went downstairs to breakfast and to receive her schedule:


9:00- Defense Against the Dark Arts
10:00- Double Potions
12:00- Lunch, FREE TIME
3:00- Double Divination
5:00- Herbology
6:00- Dinner, Free Time

9:00- Astronomy


9:00- Charms
10:00- Ancient Runes
11:00- Transfiguration
12:00- Lunch, Free Time
3:00- Dance Instruction
5:00- Muggle Studies
6:00- Dinner, Free Time

9:00- Herbology
10:00- Double Care of Magical Creatures
11:00- Divination
12:00- Lunch, Free Time
3:00- Defense against the Dark Arts
5:00- Spanish Language
6:00- Dinner, Free Time

9:00- Transfiguration
10:00- Double Potions
11:00- Herbology
12:00- Lunch (one hour only, NO FREE TIME)
1:00- Charms
2:00- Care of Magical Creatures
3:00- Spanish Language
4:00- Dance Instruction
(Free Time)
6:00- Dinner, Free Time
9:00- Astronomy

9:00- Potions
10:00- Care of Magical Creatures
11:00- Herbology
12:00- Lunch
1:00- History of Magic
2:00- Ancient Runes
3:00- Transfiguration
6:00- Dinner

**** Curfew for each night is strictly at midnight. Unless otherwise noted, NO EXCEPTIONS*****

Sariah had all classes except Care of Magical Creatures with everyone, and in that class she had James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus to look forward to.

“Why do we have Spanish language and Dance instruction?” Lily asked Sare. She shrugged and turned around. James was staring at the schedule like it was a Godsend.

“Uh, James, may I ask why are you staring at the class schedule like it’s a miracle?” Sare asked. James pointed to where it said “Dance instruction”

“I asked McGonagall, and she said we are doing it in pairs. Pairs! Me and Lily?” James asked.

Sare rolled her eyes and thought, God; this boy needs a thumbtack stuck in his head so it can deflate a bit.

“Jamesie, it could be anyone in the freakin’ year! For all you know you could have Snivellus as a dance partner.” Sare said, and James was quiet.

That week Sirius was exceptionally quiet, due to the fact that he lost the bet.

Sariah was worried about her next transformation, which would be in a couple of days. There were more blue marks that appeared on her left arm, and each time one appeared, it burned so badly she collapsed. Luckily, she didn’t do it in public, but she was worried that one of these times, she might do it in front of the entire school.

Remus was also looking quite ill. Sariah was worried about him.

“Remus, when is the next Hogsmeade trip?”

“Three days, why?” Remus said gloomily.

“When is the next full moon?”

“Three days, why?” he repeated.

Shit, Sariah thought, I’ll miss Hogsmeade trips now too? Oh wait, now I don’t have to make out with Sirius, now, woo hoo! Yeah!
And Sare did a little happy dance just as Sirius was walking in. Sirius came behind Remus and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Someone finish their Potion assignment a little early?” Sirius said which made Sare jump a foot in the air.

“No, you idiot I finished that ages ago,” Sare retorted and went upstairs.

Sirius’s POV-

Sirius shrugged and walked over to a sickly looking Remus.

“When is it, mate?” Sirius asked.

“Three days.” Remus answered once again gloomily

“Are you serious?”

“No you are,” Remus joked.

“Hartee har har, NOT funny.” Sirius said and rolled his eyes. But then he snapped up.

“Wait a minute, then I won’t get to make out with Kent! Aww man!” Sirius whined.

“Hey, there’s always next time, mate.” Remus said, but offering little encouragement.

“True, but what am I going to tell her?” Sirius asked.

“The truth. Tell hr that you can’t go to Hogsmeade because you have a detention or something.” He offered.

“How is that the truth?” Sirius asked.

“I dunno, but you better go tell her now.” Remus said, and Sirius trudged up the stairs.

“Naw, I’ll save it for tomorrow.” Sirius said, and went upstairs.

- Sariah’s POV:

Sariah was upstairs with Lily, folding clothes, for some odd reason.

“When is it, Sare? When does it start?”

“It’s in three days, Lils, I told you that before.”

“I know, but it’s just so cool! I have a best friend for an angel warrior!”

“No, it’s not cool, Lils!” Sare snapped at her. Her gaze softened.

“Look, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to say it like that. It’s just, well, these marks, I get seven of them, counting down the days until my transformation. They hurt Lil, really bad, so bad I collapse sometimes. And, I’m scared that one of these times I’ll do it while I’m in the Great Hall, or with the Marauders or- OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!” Sariah screamed and fell off her bed.

“Sariah, no! Wake up!” Lily cried.

She started to shake, her eyes flipped back and she turned a pale gold color and started to say:

“The demon will come to full height.
The reign of terror and his leader shall unite against her,
And they shall be stronger than ever!”

Sare regained consciousness and stopped shaking. “See what I mean?” she asked, and Lily nodded.

“I know that the marks aren’t the only reason, Sare. What else is going on?” Lily asked.

“I don’t know Lils, that’s the problem! I don’t know! No, you know what the problem is? Trying to get out of the castle and back in without Filch or any of the Prefects seeing me, that’s the problem. Mum told me before I left not to tell anyone, even Dumbledore. She already knew I told you, so don’t worry,” Sare replied, giving Lily a reassuring smile. Lily tried to smile back, but she knew that she couldn’t help her friend. But then, a light bulb went off inside of her head…

Saturday, Sare and Lily stayed home from all the festivities in Hogsmeade to sleep. They knew they were in for a long night. But surprisingly, the Marauders didn’t go either.

Sariah went down to breakfast and ate more than James and Sirius put together, and that was saying something. Then, while everyone was at Hogsmeade, she slipped into the kitchen. One house elf, by the name of Tilly, came up to her and asked, “May I help you, Miss Sariah?”

“Two cupcakes full of sleeping draft, please,” Tilly gave her a look and asked, “and forgive me for being bold and asking, Miss, but what is Miss going to do with the two cupcakes? Tilly wants to know incase Tilly gets fired.”

“Oh no, no, no!” Sariah laughed, reassuring the elf, “I’m not going to use it on anyone but myself. You see, I was up late last night and am very tired, but cannot fall asleep.”

“Very well Mistress,” Tilly answered, and a few minutes later came back into the common room with six hours of sleeping potion in each cupcake for her and Lily.

James’s POV-

Sirius, Remus, and I were upstairs in our pajamas. Peter was downstairs somewhere pigging out, I guessed. When we were in the common room deciding what passage we should use, Kent and Evans walked in and sat down on the couches oblivious to our existence. So Sirius decides to walk up to Kent and drop the bomb on her. (He put it off until today. Great.)

“Kent, I need to talk to you.” Sirius said.

“If it’s about the Hogsmeade trip, I can’t go.” Kent answered. This shocked all of us.

“Oh really,” Sirius said slyly (a/n- try saying that 5 times fast! ), “why not? Can’t face me?”
Kent stood up and rounded on Sirius. Aw, man, what an idiot. He’s in for it now. I thought.

“For your information, Black, I would face you anyday but today, because I have to get my beauty sleep so I can stay awake watching three young misfits playing with fire!”

“But you’re already beautiful, darling.”

“Sod off, Black.” Sare retorted and bounded up the stairs. Lily made to follow, but I stopped her.

Remus’s POV-

“Ahh, my Lilyflower, unlike Kent, you don’t need beauty sleep,” James said, grabbing her by the waist, “you need a kiss.” James moved inward, but Lily slapped him across the face and yelled, “ POTTER, YOU BIG-HEADED GIT! DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN! I HATE YOU!”, and bounded up the stairs. I laughed and thought, James will never get it will he?

Sare’s POV-

After our much- deserved nap, I went onto Lily’s bed and talked the plan over. It was already four thirty (in the afternoon), so we decided to stay up.

“So, wait, how do you know that it’s time?” Lily asked

“As soon as I start turning blue and gold, which should be after my last mark burns in.”

“Okay, so to get you out, we’ll take that passageway behind Gregory the Smarmy,”

“ which’ll lead to the portrait of Sir Cadogan. Then, we’ll take the stair s down to the one-eyed witch,”

“where we’ll find the trapdoor,”

“and get out!” we said in unison.

I went downstairs to find all of the Marauders except Remus were sleeping. I wormed in between James and Sirius who were sleeping on the couch.

“Hey, Remie,” I said softly.

Remus looked up from the book he was reading. He was deathly pale. His eyes were large, and he looked somewhat wolfish. Suddenly it hit me: he was the one mom was telling me about. He was the werewolf! Duh! Oh shit, then James, Sirius, and Peter must be the three misfits I have to look after.

“Hey,” Remus finally replied.

“Are you ready for it?” I asked him. Oh shit, I did not just say that!
He looked up at me with eyes the size of soccer (football) balls.

“What do you mean?” He asked me carefully. I said nothing an just stared at him.

“I meant ready for Mc Gonagal’s test on Monday! Yeah, I am, how ‘bout you?” About twenty minutes of silence passed before he spoke.

“ Why didn’t you go to Hogsmeade?”

“Because I needed my beauty sleep.”

“You’re hiding something, aren’t you?”

“No, why?” I said very casually, even though I was about to explode. I quickly changed the subject. “So what are you reading?” I asked him, and he held out To Kill a Mockingbird. “Good book,” he remarked. Just then, Sirius woke up, yawning. Suddenly, I felt an electric shock go up my arm, and then searing pain. It was all I could do not to gasp. I ran up the stairs to find that Lily was asleep.

We reached the trapdoor, where Lily led me through. I was a very pale blue color, and my hair has turning gold and brown. My wings had sprouted, but they weren’t at full height yet. Remember, Sare, you must fly up into the sky and say the words, “Angel Warriors will fight!” and then the words in the ancient language. You know what they are. And then fly down and you will be fully transformed. I remember my mother telling me that. “Alright,” Lily said, “do you know what to do from here?” I nodded. She gave me a brief hug and I set out into the Dark Forest to protect three misfits from a werewolf.

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