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"Sirius," Remus whispered taking a step backwards. Sirius stood in the doorway, his tall figure framed, furious. For a moment he was recognizable as the man on all the wanted posters.

"Remus," he said menacingly, taking a step towards the man now backed up against the wall. Remus tensed. Sirius never used his first name, only when he was mad.

"Yes Sirius?" he managed to ask calmly, quietly slipping his wand out from under his robes, unknown to Sirius.

"We need to talk, in private," He hissed, grabbing the sleeve of Remus's robe and dragging him into an empty room before locking the door. Sirius let go of his robe.

"Remus, please tell me, why, you have broken the heart of my cousin, like so many other girls?" Sirius asked, glaring at Remus.

"Because Sirius, it's for her own good, she doesn't deserve me, I'm old, I'm poor, I'm a werewolf," Remus said loudly. Who did Sirius think he was, butting in to his love life?

"For heavens sake Remus, it’s always the same old excuses. Remember Keira, she really liked you, yet you turned her down just because you thought she would freak when she found out about your 'little furry problem'. But she didn't did she? She accepted you, just like Tonks. Haven't you learnt from your mistakes?"

"Yes, but I don't want to condemn her to a miserable life."

"Listen Remus, do you love her," Sirius asked in a soft voice, sadness in his eyes. Remus looked straight into his eyes,


"Then you should know what's best for both of you." With that Sirius walked out, leaving a confused Remus behind to sort out his troubled thoughts.

I crept silently through the draggle of trees that stretched endlessly across the field. I was almost there. I stopped just behind a large bush. There, in front of me, was a house. Plain, old, looking as though it had had enough of everything and just given up. I fixed my eyes on the door. I had seen it somewhere, I knew it. I crept closer. My gaze drifted from the boarded windows to the ivy, covering the walls. I could tell whoever lived here was no gardener. Suddenly the door creaked. I shifted further behind the hedge, peering over it. Then suddenly something moved, I held my breath. I knew there was someone there; I could see their billowing black cloak flitting in and out of view. And then they appeared from the shadows of the house. I gasped, I knew who it was. I knew those stone hard eyes, the sick smirk, the graying hair, it was Rookwood.

“Mummy, shouldn’t we go back now,” a little girl with bright violet hair asked.

“O.K then Nymphie, I’m sure your fathers wondering where we are anyway,” her mother Andromeda replied, holding her daughters hand tightly and starting to walk through a clump of trees towards their home. Yet suddenly she saw something. Burning brightly, fire? Her heart skipped a beat, she ran picking her daughter up. The little girl saw it too. Suddenly they came to a clearing. They hid behind a bush. The little girl stared wide eyed at their house, as the remaining splinters of wood burned, disintegrating into ash. Daddy, the girl thought desperately, he had to be alive. But suddenly she knew she would never hear her fathers comforting words again as she saw it. A man, hidden behind a mask, a horrible mask. The mask of the deatheaters. He walked away from the burning house, a sick smirk plastered on his face. His job accomplished. There was a loud pop, and they knew he was gone. The little girl buried her face into her mothers shoulder, crying. Her world was falling apart. She loved her father. He was the one who would hold her tight when she was scared. Or join in with snowball fights when she was happy. But now he was gone.

I looked up, snapped out of my memory. Rookwood was gone. I breathed a sigh of relief and apparated into Grimmauld place. At once Molly and Kingsley hurried into the room, hearing the loud pop.

"Tonks dear, are you all right?" Molly asked eyeing my cuts and bruises, concerned.

"Yeah of course, just clumsy old me," I replied smiling.

"Are you sure cause your eyes are all red and puffy," Kingsley pointed out. What? I've been crying? Oh god, why am I so weak? Before they could question me further I apparated back to my flat, sitting down on my bed. Suddenly I heard a light knock on my door. I groaned, couldn’t anyone have a rest round here.

“Yes,” I asked in an aggravated tone. I threw open the door.

“Oh, hey Remus,” I said blushing a bit at the embarrassment of my stupidity.

“Um, hi Nymphadora,” he replied shyly. Oh, he’s so cute when he does that. Oh my god, I did not just think that, we’re not meant for each other, get over it, I chimed myself. I suddenly realized that I was staring into space looking like a total idiot.

“Oh, um, right, come in,” I said snapping out my thoughts and ushering him into a seat.

“Dora, are you O.K?” He asked me eyeing my puffy red eyes. Damn it, I forgot about that, like most things.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied but the look on his face told me he didn’t believe me.

“Please tell me what’s wrong?” he asked, pleading. My heart melted. He was so cute when he was pleading, and so I gave in.

“Rookwood, he’s back,”

“I’m sorry Dora,” Remus said, giving me a hug. I had told him everything, the night my father had been murdered, Rookwood at the old house. I relaxed; it felt so good being held by him. This was the closest I had ever got to him. I looked up at him and realized that his face was inches from mine. My heart beat faster, this was it, I was finally going to get the man of my dreams. I leant it. I could see every detail of his face, every scar, the mystery and hidden sadness in his eyes.

“Tonks! Remus! Come quick, emergency Order meeting,” Suddenly Sirius burst into the room looking extremely worried. He didn’t even stop to tease us before running out again.

“Come on, we’d better go,” I heard Remus mumble beside me. I nodded, getting up.

Way de go Sirius, Great timing!

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