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Chapter 20: Quidditch

The first match of the Quidditch season was fast approaching and James was working his team as hard as possible to make sure they won their first match against Ravenclaw. Lily was just as determined to win because Chang was the Seeker of the Ravenclaw Team and she had to make sure she bet her.

Early on Saturday James dragged his whole team down to the pitch for one last practice before the match the next day. Lily walked with James and Sirius who were discussing diversion tactics down to the changing rooms. She changed into her robes and sat talking to the Keeper, Cathy, until James emerged from the Captain’s office and they all walked out onto the pitch.

It was a perfect day for Quidditch. It was sunny but no too sunny that you couldn’t see. It was a bit cold but Lily didn’t care. She walked out onto the pitch with the cold breeze whipping her hair and mounted her broom. She kicked off hard from the ground and sped around the pitch a few times before coming to a halt in the middle of the pitch looking at the rest of the team. She loved to fly. It gave her a freedom from everything that was going on. When she was on her broom up in the air she had no worries, no problems, no stress. She was free.

“Ok Lily, I’m realising the Snitch,” James called up to her. He was on the ground with the large case that held the Quidditch balls. He opened it slowly and a small speck of gold flew out of it before disappearing. James always insisted on realising the Snitch before they did any warm ups because it would be harder for Lily to find it and it would prepare her for the match tomorrow.

“Ok Team, we are just going to do a few warm ups before we actually start playing. Ok?” James asked them when they were all in the air. They all nodded at him, except Sirius.

“I don’t see why you had to get us out here so early Prongs. We don’t need to practice, we are going to thrash Ravenclaw. So why couldn’t you let me sleep?” he asked. Everyone laughed.

“Of course we are going to win, we have the best team Hogwarts has every seen. And stop complaining Padfoot or this will be a weekly routine,” James told him. Sirius grumbled something James couldn’t hear but James put no pass on him.

“So we don’t want to do anything stupid today and get one of you hurt before the match so we are just going to take it easy,” James said. “Let’s just start with some passing,”

“Oh yes, this is going to make sure we win. I bet Ravenclaw don’t know how to pass. You are a genius Prongs, teaching us something the other team doesn’t know,” Sirius said with fake awe.

“Shut up Padfoot,” James said before throwing the Quaffle at him. Sirius caught it without any problem and passed it to Lily, who passed it to Cathy, who passed it to Dan. This continued for about ten minutes until James blew his whistle signaling for them to stop.

“Ok team, that was great. Now we are going to play a little game. Sirius go and release a Bludger, we-,” James started.

“Only one? Where is the fun in that?” Sirius asked.

“Just do it Padfoot,” James said before turning back to the rest of the team. “We are going to shoot for Cathy’s goal. Ready?” he asked everyone. They all nodded before taking off to different positions of the pitch.

Lily turned her attention from the rest of the team and focused on the looking for the Snitch. She scanned every inch of the pitch for it. She thought she saw in and was about to make a dive when James’ whistle sounded.

“Padfoot, stop messing around. Concentrate!” James told Sirius who was hanging upside down on his broom. “Ok let’s try again,” James said with another blow of his whistle.

Lily turned her attention back to her search. She continued her search for ten minutes before she spotted it hovering beside James. She took off at top speed and nearly collided with James.

“Lil are you ok?” James asked looking at her, confused as to why she had nearly flown into him.

She held up the Snitch that was in her hand. “Sorry, got a bit carried away,” she laughed.

“Sure, it was coincidence that you caught the Snitch when it was beside me,” James said with a grin. Lily hit him on the shoulder. She laughed again realising the Snitch and watching it zoom off before turning to James. “Shouldn’t you be playing?”

“I don’t need practice, so I decided to watch,” James said confidently with a smirk. Lily hit him again before speeding off in search of the Snitch. James watched her go and smiled to himself. “Thank God she is getting back to herself,”


Hours later they were all sitting down for dinner completely exhausted. Alice, Jo, Remus and Peter sat down with them and they all talked happily. After Lily dragged James out of the Hall.

“Lil? Is something wrong?” he asked her.

“Yes, we are late for the Prefect meeting!” she told him dragging him up the stairs. She pulled him all the way until she reached the door of the Prefect Lounge. She let go of him at the door, brushed off the front of her robes and walked into the room, James behind her. The Prefects looked at them as they walked in, wondering why they were late. Lily Evans was never late for anything.

“Sorry we are late. Dumbledore wanted to talk to us,” she told them sitting down at the desk in the front of the room. James looked at her with an open mouth but Lily stomped on his foot to get him to shut up.

“So,” she said turning again to the Prefects. “How have things been going? Have any of you had any problems?”

“Not really, no,” a few of them said.

“Good!” said Lily happily. “If you have any problems with anyone or have any questions, you can come to me or James,”

James laughed beside her, so did a few of the Prefects. “I think they would be better off asking you Lil,”

Lily rolled her eyes at him before addressing the Prefects again. “Ok, Dumbledore was wondering if we had any ideas for some sort of celebration during the year. Do any of you have any ideas?” she asked them. The Prefects all looked at one another, wondering what type of ‘celebration’ Dumbledore had in mind. Nothing remotely like a party had ever been held at Hogwarts, unless you count the students own private parties.

“We could have a sort of dance on Valentine’s Day,” James said suddenly from beside Lily. Everyone, including Lily, looked at him.

“You know that is not such a bad idea,” Lily said slowly. “It would give couples something to do besides going to Hogsmeade together,”

“Or an empty classroom,” James whispered to her. Lily blushed but tried to hide it by continuing what she had been saying.

“But it doesn’t just have to be for couples, all students could come. It would provide a release from stress before the exams come,” Lily said.

The Prefects all nodded. A Valentine’s Day dance appealed greatly to them. It would be the first one Hogwarts had ever had.

Lily smiled. “Ok then, we will tell Dumbledore and see if he approves. Is there anything else you want to know?”

The Prefects shook their heads. “Ok then see you all next week,” Lily said.

Everyone left the room saying goodbye to Lily and James. Some of them wished them good luck at the match the next day. When everyone had left James turned to Lily with a smile.

“What?” she asked him suspiciously.

“I was wondering what you thought about my earlier idea?” he said still grinning at him. Lily knew it wasn’t the dance he was talking about.

“No Potter. We have homework and rounds still to do. Plus we have a match tomorrow,” she told him.

“But Lilykins-”

“No,” she said walking out of the room. James followed her muttering to himself. Lily turned back to him with a smile. “Maybe after rounds,”

James perked up and together they walked back to the common room to do their homework. Really, N.E.W.T’s were by no means easy.


The next morning dawned cold and clear. James woke early and looked out the window of his room. He saw the ground had its first covering of snow for the year.

“Damn it is going to be cold today,” he said before going into the bathroom to have a shower.

At half ten the Gryffindor Team stood up from the table amid cheers and shouts from the rest of the table and walked down to the pitch. James was definitely right about it being cold. Being up in the air flying at top speed was going to be a nightmare.

They reached the changing rooms and changed into their robes. Outside they could hear the sound of the entire school making their way to the pitch. James came out of the Captain’s office dressed in his scarlet and gold robes and looked at his team. He smiled encouragingly at them.

“Don’t worry guys, we are going to win this. We-”

“Oh yes, please share with us your wise words Oh Great One,” Sirius said mockingly.

“Shut it Padfoot. I mean it guys. We have the best team Hogwarts has ever seen and ever will see. Ravenclaw don’t stand a chance if we play like we did at practice yesterday,” James told them.

“Heck, we could stay in one position and still beat them,” Dan said with a grin.

“That is the attitude I am looking for. Now let’s go out there and give Gryffindors something to cheer for!” Everyone stood up, grabbed their brooms and walked out to the opening, waiting to be announced. James turned to Lily and grinned.


“Not really. I am always a bit nervous before a match. I am just determined to win today, that’s all,” she told him.

James put his arm around her. “That’s my girl!” he said before he heard the commentator talking.

“Welcome to Hogwarts first Quidditch game of the season! Today’s game; Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor! This is sure to be an exciting game. With James Potter as the Gryffindor Captain he is sure to have a great team!” said Aisling the commentator and fellow Gryffindor.

“So with out further ado, the Gryffindor Qudditch Team! I give you Black, Evans, Galvin, Radcliffe, Miller, Connolly and……the one, the only, POTTER!!” she shouted through the shouts and cheers of the Gryffindor crowd. The seven of them flew out and did a lap of the pitch. James sped over to the commentators box and circled it giving Aisling his charming smile. She was so excited she only remembered another team was playing when she received a warning from McGonnagall to pull herself together.

“Oh yeah, and the Ravenclaw team. No point calling them out they are going to-” she said in a bored tone but she got another look from McGonnagall. “I mean, I am sure they will try their best.” The Ravenclaw team came out with cheers from the Ravenclaws but it was nothing compared to what the Gryffindors got. Chang seemed to have noticed this and looked very angry about it which made Lily feel ten times happier than she already was.

“Captains, shake hands,” said the new referee Madam Hooch. James walked forward and shook hands with the Ravenclaw Captain, a sixth year named Kerry.

“And there off,” shouted Aisling as they fourteen players rose into the air along with the four balls. “And of course James Potter has the Quaffle. By God does that guy have talent, not to mention he looks great! Sadly though he is taken by his team mate and Head Girl, Lily Evans. Damn her!”

“Aisling, we don’t need to here about the players love lives. Please just get on with the match,” Professor McGonnagall said sternly.

“Ok, ok Professor. So it’s Potter with the Quaffle. He speeds up the pitch, dodges a bludger send his way by Hogan. No one in his way now, and HE SCORES!!! TEN POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!” Aisling shouted jumping up and down in her seat. The Gryffindor supporters went wild, screaming and shouting. They didn’t stop for ten minutes and were completely lost when they finally turned their attention back to the game. They did this every time Gryffindor scored, especially if it was James who scored.

Lily was circling the pitch high above everyone scanning the ground for the Snitch. She tried to block out everything else but it was hard when things like “I can see why Evans went for Potter, who wouldn’t?” kept being shouted out. She smiled when something like this was said though because she knew it got Chang really mad.

The match went on for nearly an hour with Gryffindor leading 120-50 before anything big happened. Lily was circling the pitch when she heard someone shouting at her. She looked around and realised it was Chang. She tried to ignore her but she followed her shouting at her.

“So, what curse did you put Potter under to make him take you back? He obviously didn’t do it voluntarily. I mean, look at you! The guy can have any girl he wants yet he chooses you! You did something to him, I know you did,” she shouted at her.

Lily knew she was just trying to distract her. She tried to ignore her and focus on the looking for the Snitch when she saw it, a flash of gold. Lily went into a steep dive and Chang, who wasn’t paying attention, followed but it was too late. Lily closed her hand around the fluttering Snitch and pulled out of the dive, her hand in the air.

The crowd exploded into cheers and screams. Lily landed in the middle of the pitch, only to be squashed by the rest of the team. James pushed his way into her. He picked her up and swung her around.

“YOU DID IT LILY! WE WON!” he shouted before kissing her hard on the lips. Lily was ecstatic! Not only had they won but she had gotten the Snitch from right under Chang’s nose. Nothing could top this. But James and Sirius seemed to think differently. James, who was still holding her, carried her over to where he had abandoned his broom and put her on it before climbing on himself. They took off around the stadium amid screams and shouts of triumph from the crowd.

Sirius and the rest of the team followed them. Sirius had his wand out and was pointing it above James and Lily. She looked up to see words and shapes forming above their heads.






Every message appeared with a picture of a lion floating around it. Lily laughed out loud at everything. James turned his head to talk to her.

“What is so funny?” he shouted over the crowd so she could hear him.

“I was just thinking, if they are reacting like this when we win the first match, how are they going to react when we win the Cup?” she asked him with a laugh.

James laughed aswell. “Well, we will just have to wait and see, won’t we?”

Lily grinned widely at him. Nothing could spoil the happiness she was feeling at the moment. She looked down at the ground to see Katie Chang throwing her broom on the ground and stomping off towards the castle. Lily burst out laughing again.

“You were right James,” she said through her laughter. “Revenge is sweet!”

A/N: Soooo?? What did you think?? I know it wasn't really Lily handling the situation but she did get her own back a little! Please please please give me a review??? I really need to know what you think so I can change it if people don't like it! Which I hope you do but please tell me either way! Thanks so much for reading!! = )

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