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“Can you believe her?” Hermione complained as they walked down the hallway. Harry and Ron stayed quiet.

“Do you know what she did last night? She walked in on me when I was in the shower, demanding that I teach her how to use the bloody phone.” Hermione added. Harry and Ron stopped dead in their tracks and gave her a shocked face.

“Really? What were you wearing?” Ron asked. Hermione rolled her eyes and turned around.

“I was in the shower Ronald, I wasn’t wearing anything…” She replied.

“What was she wearing?”

“A towel, what are you—”

“You were naked and Megan was only wearing a towel, Blimey I need to visit your room more often. Did she kiss you?”

“NO! Ronald you’re off point!”

“Well what did she say about your body? Were you all hot and wet?” Harry asked eagerly.

“Who cares about the shower part! That’s not even important!”

“Then why would you mention it, getting our hopes up!”

“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU TWO!” She shouted. “The point is, Megan is rude, self-centered and horrible and I hate sharing a room with her.”

“Could have just said that instead of getting us all excited in the morning…” Ron whispered to Harry. Harry nodded in agreement.

“She is terrible…” Hermione started.

“Meow…” Harry whispered to Ron. Hermione sneered. “What are you doing? I’m serious I can’t deal with her. It’s like she has a vendetta with me or something!” She continued. Harry and Ron had smug looks on their faces.

“Meow…” Ron repeated.

“Cat fight…” Harry added. Hermione groaned angrily and walked towards the where the breakfast area was, Harry and Ron followed.

Megan had just got out the shower, she didn’t know what she was going to wear but she did know she had to meet Draco. She took out her black turtle neck out her trunk and her blue jeans. She looked over at the clock; it had said ten o’ clock. She had plenty of time. When she got her clothes on she sat on her bed, for a moment. A knock came at the door.

“Yes…” She whispered as she opened the door. It was Pansy, probably wanting to go down stairs for breakfast.

“So Meg how was your sleep?” Pansy asked with a smile as she sat across from Megan on Hermione’s bed.

“It was okay, but whenever I was awake, Granger kept badgering me. We bickered all night. I fell asleep, glad I did too.” She replied.

“What are we doing today?”

“Well, Draco wants to meet me at twelve thirty; I have to see what that’s all about. Then we gather up our gang talk a stroll around to see what we can do. And later we could go to dinner at a restaurant. Me and Draco’s treat. Come back to my room and… Do something I don’t know…” She answered. She got up and walked over to her trunk and pulled out her wand.

“I got to keep this baby handy…” She said as she slipped it into her back pocket.

“How’s your diet going?”

“Do I look thinner?” Pansy asked hopefully. Megan sneered.


Hermione, Ron and Harry had finished breakfast and were heading back upstairs to grab their jackets. They parted ways and said they’d meet outside of the hotel. Harry called over Ron to tell him something. Hermione wasn’t paying attention she didn’t know what. Hermione unlocked the door and walked in to see Pansy and Megan out on the Balcony. She walked towards the Balcony and snuck up on them.

“She’s hideous isn’t she?” Pansy said with a disgusted face.

“You think that’s bad, you should see her in the morning!” Megan Chuckled. Hermione took out her want and pointed at Megan. Megan swung around with a frightened look on her face.

“How long were you there?” She asked angrily.

“Long enough! I’m tired of this, I’m going get rid of you the best way I can!” Hermione shouted. Megan squirmed as Hermione kept her wand pointed at her. Hermione detected a bit of fear in her. Megan started to whimper.

Harry, Ron and Draco stood out the hotel. Not in the front but where the balconies had been. There were four entrances, one in the front one in the back, and two on the side. They were standing at the side one. The Hotel sat on a hill. Steep and it was quite a walked to go up it. Ron for some reason had a wheel barrow. Draco had a look of wonder and annoyance on his face.

“Why are we here Potter? I already told you, I’m not fond of you. And why does Weasley have a wheel barrow?” Draco blurted.

“Just waiting for the arrival of you girlfriend of course!” Harry exclaimed.

“She’ll be down in a bit!”

“What are you talking about?”

Megan continued to squirm as Hermione pointed her wand at her. Megan silently slipped out her wand and pointed it at Hermione.

“If do try something on me, I try something on you!” She shouted. The both began to circle the balcony, wands still pointing at each other. And Pansy frozen in fear.

“You’re foul, vicious and cruel. You need your comeuppance” Hermione yelled.

“Who’s going to give it to me? You, I don’t think so mudblood…” She said through her teeth.

Harry looked up at the balconies and back at Draco, and smirked.

“She’ll be here in five, four, three…”

Hermione had a look of fury on her face that was beyond any anger they had seen from her before. Megan kept squinting and staring at Hermione. Blinded by rage.

“Do it then Granger, I dare you, Do it…” She whispered. Hermione stepped back and lowered her wand.

“Ha! Knew it” She laughed as she glanced at Pansy who was now smiling. Hermione turned back around swiftly and pointed her wand again at Megan.

“Expelliarmus!” She shouted as Megan fell backward off the balcony.

“Megan!” Pansy shouted as she leaned over the Balcony.

Harry stood staring his watch counting off how long Megan was going to take.


Harry was cut off by the sudden plummet of Megan into the wheel barrow. She looked up and saw Harry, Draco, and Ron.

“Don’t just stand there help me!” she shouted. “Sorry, can’t at the moment!” Ron said as he let go of the wheel barrow and it was quickly rolling down the hill. Draco’s face went pale.

“Meg! You’ll pay for this Potter!” he yelled as he ran after the wheel barrow going down the hill that contained his girlfriend. Harry and Ron busted into laughter at the site of the events. Hermione rushed through the doors and looked at Draco running after Megan. She then turned to Harry and Ron.

“What happened? Where’s Megan?” Hermione said hurriedly. Then she gave a horrified gasp. “Is she okay? I was blinded by fury! She provoked me! I—” Hermione began to panic. Ron grabbed her arm.

“Hermione calm down, Radcliffe’s okay we just pulled a prank on her. It was Harry’s idea!” Ron Chuckled. He then turned to Harry.

“We better get to the bottom of the hill for a better look. Let’s get Fred and George they always like a good prank. Coming Hermione?” Harry said as him and Ron approached the door. Hermione shrugged then followed.

Draco ran quickly down the hill after his girlfriend as the muggles gave him weird looks. But he wasn’t going to concentrate on that, he needed to get to Megan before she got hurt. Well, before something bad happened. Okay he’s running after Megan merely because if he didn’t she’d give him the silent treatment to for weeks.

“I’ve got you! I’ve got you!” he yelled as he drew nearer to the wheel barrow. He grabbed on to the handles. He gave a breath of triumph but Megan was not happy.

“MAKE IT STOP YOU PRAT!” She yelled as they were about to cut through a crowd of muggles. Draco was being dragged by the wheel barrow and couldn’t stop it.

“DAMN INERTIA! (A/N: I pay attention in science!)” He shouted as they wheel past a fruit stand and knocked over a little muggle girl.

“Sorry!” He said as he looked back. He then looked down towards Megan. “Don’t worry love; I’ll get us out of this!” He shouted. Megan screamed as they sped down the hill faster and faster.

“It’s getting steeper Draco!” She said in a frightened voice. She tried to close her eyes. They pushed through a crowd of teen muggles. The teens cursed at them as they threw a rock at them.

“Bloody Hell Draco! They’re stoning us!” She yelled as she looked up at her boyfriend who was trying to contain control of the wheel barrow. They sped closer to what looked like an uneven pavement; which had stopped short in front of a large rubbish bin. Megan and Draco had looks of horrid fear on their faces. She looked up at his as if she knew what he was about to do.

“Don’t you dare!” She scowled.

“Sorry!” He shouted as he jumped off the wheel Barrow and begun to roll down the hill. Megan wasn’t very angry. At least he was getting hurt; she could hear him saying ouch and ow repeatedly. The wheel barrow drew closer and closer until it finally stopped in the uneven pavement. Unfortunately (A/N: Or fortunately if you hate Megan…) When the wheel barrow stopped she flew out of it and landed into the large rubbish bin; which had closed as soon as she landed in.


Draco rolled down the hill, he no control of where he was going. Inertia had gotten the best of him again. He only noticed that there were feet, which meant people.

“Can someone help me!?” he shouted repeatedly. He heard no response; he began to feel dizzy as if he was going to puke. He couldn’t see very well but he knew he had to be near the bottom of the hill. Some how he fell into some one’s rubbish can which was laid on the pavement. Now he was rolling down the hill in a rubbish can. He didn’t know if anyone was trying to help him. All he heard was “Hey! My rubbish can!” which didn’t really help him. The can began to slow down and finally stopped. He crawled out of the can and heard laughter. It was Ron, his brothers, Hermione and Harry. He was about to stand and yell at them but when he opened his mouth he coughed up and dog food can lid. Ron laughed even harder.

“Blimey Malfoy, I didn’t know your throat could swallow such things!” Ron howled with laughter. All of them were laughing; Draco finally stood to his feet and sneered. Fred pointed up the hill and Draco turned around and saw his girlfriend covered in rubbish.

“There she is, the woman of the hour!” Fred shouted. Draco hurried over to her as she stopped and finally reached the bottom of the hill.

“DARLING! You’re okay, great lets go befo—” his greeting was interrupted by her shoving him to the ground. She was furious she walked over to Harry.

“Hey Radcliffe, Looking good!” He tried to say slyly as he busted into laughter, and so did everyone else. “You!” she yelled as she tackled him and grabbed his collar, took out her wand and pointed it directly at his neck.

“This is all your fault!” She shouted. Everyone grew as serious as she was.

“I knew it was your bloody idea Potter” She growled. Draco hovered over her. She rolled her eyes and got up, put her wand away, and spun around and looked at all of them.

“How dare you laugh at me!? Do you know who I am!?” She shrieked in anger. Fred and George began to laugh.

“Megan Radcliffe…” Fred started.

“Daughter of Adam and Adrian Radcliffe” George continued.

“Most horrible thing to happen since rules was invented…” They said in unison.

“I’m going to get you; I’m going to get all of you. I don’t know where and I don’t know when, but it’s going to happen, oh yes and you’re going to regret ever laughing at me and Malfoy.” She said passionately. Hermione pulled Harry off the ground and began to lead the group back up the hill.

“C’mon Harry we have stuff to do…” She said quietly. Megan and Draco stayed behind and stood there in anger. Draco smirked at how she had shown her authority. She took a hard angry deep breath. Draco walked over to her.

“That was brilliant!” He said excitedly as he removed a banana peel off her shoulder. They both turned around and started up the hill as well.

“Did it hurt?” He asked slyly. She sneered.

“Did what hurt?” She quickly replied.

“When you fell from heaven…” He said as he lustfully gazed at her with a smile. She let out an angry groan and shoved him to the ground.

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