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Disclaimer: It's all JK Rowlings. Lyrics performed by the Killers.

Chapter Seven
Smile Like You Mean It

Save some face, you know you've only got one
Change your ways while you're young
Boy, one day you'll be a man
Oh girl, he'll help you understand
Smile like you mean it
Smile like you mean it

--The Killers "Smile Like You Mean It"

Before I knew it, we were entering out third week of school. I got into the routine of waking up early without a stupid alarm clock and being able to get ready faster. It took a while, but I got used to having to sit next to Sirius in almost every class and we were now definitely friends. He seemed to be lingering close by all the time and I began calling him my lost puppy, since he followed me like one. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind him always being around Sirius, despite all the nasty rumors about us, and began looking forward to seeing him every day. And I got to hang out with James more, now that I wasn’t trying to avoid anyone. The roses and love notes kept coming, too. They got sweeter each time.

Quidditch was going to start in a little over a month. James, being the new captain, was desperate for us to win the cup this year and decided to start training early. First, however, we needed to fill in all the spots from the members that left us last year. That being one Beater, one Chaser, and a Keeper. James and I were Chasers, Sirius the other Beater, and a forth year named Drew Murphy was our Seeker. James wanted the whole team that was still around to be at tryouts. Which happened to be this Saturday morning in which I sleep in late from a late night detention the night before.

Lily was the one to wake me. She was planning on watching the tryouts, but really I think she just wanted to see James in his Quidditch robes again. She came bursting into the room shouting for me to hurry up. I rushed. Not even to bother putting on make-up, I put on my Quidditch robes, grabbed my Nimbus 900 and ran down to the Quidditch pitch where the rest of the team was waiting.

“You’re late, Libby,” James scolded.

“Yes, I am,” I countered. I looked over his shoulder to see a crowd of Gryffindors getting ready to tryouts. I snorted when I saw Susan Orrin there. Samantha was standing off to the side smiling at her sister. They had got to be kidding.

“Okay, everyone, listen up!” James said standing in front of them, “We’re filling the empty spaces on our team. A Chaser, Beater, and Keeper. We will choose the new members by skill and the way they interact with the rest of the team. If you are trying out for the Beater position, come over here,” James pointed his left. A group of students broke themselves off from the rest and stood where they were asked.

“Okay, one at a time, you are going to mount your brooms and fly. Sirius will hit a bludger at you and you have to aim it to one of the target set up on the field. The target moves each time it’s hit, so know where it is at all times,” James explained. I looked up and saw that there was, indeed, a floating target on the field above us.

The Gryffindors lined up and Sirius let a bludger loose. Then he mounted his broom. His black hair flew off his forehead as the wind rushed past him. I swear, he can be a model when he gets older. James watched whoever was trying out, keeping notes on their skill. Murphy and I added our own comments every so often. Once the last person was done with their tryouts, Sirius caught the bludger and struggled with it as he shoved it back into it’s spot and strapped it down.

“There isn’t much competition this year, is there?” Sirius asked when he joined us a few feet from the waiting group.

“Some were better then others,” I shrugged.

“Yeah, but none of them are really great,” James said, agreeing with Sirius. We looked at Murphy. His blond hair was blowing in the late September breeze.

“We have to choose one. This is all we’re gonna get,” Murphy said in his surprisingly deep voice for fourteen.

“True,” James muttered, looking at his notes, “Of all of them the one who was the most accurate with their aim was Darcy Smith,”

“She had a strong swing, too,” Sirius pointed out.

“Yeah, but then there was Nathan Brown. He had a very strong arm. His aim was only off half the time,” James went on. I shook my head.

“Half isn’t good enough, James. If we’re in a tight spot and have to depend on him for it, we’re at risk of his aim being off,” I said.

“I agree. And what would that sound like? Black and Brown?” Sirius asked rolling his eyes. I snorted with laughter and James grinned.

“Okay, so do any of us know Darcy?” James asked.

“No,” Murphy answered, “I know she’s a fifth year though. A friend of mine was tortured by her last year. He said she was nice enough and determined,”

“Right,” James said, “Then, we all agree on Darcy?”

“Yeah,” we all said. James grinned and turned back towards the waiting students. They looked nervous that we had made a decision just like that right in front of them.

“We’ve chosen our new Beater, Darcy Smith,” James announced. A girl in the area waiting to try out cheered as another girl stepped out of the Beaters. She was cute with a little button nose and round brown eyes. Freckles dotted her nose. Her brown hair was thin and straight, if not a bit stringy, and she was about average height. Which was totally taller then me.

“Congratulations,” I grinned as she joined us and shook my hand, “I’m Libby Cullen,”

“Sirius Black,” Sirius said, shaking her hand after mine. She blushed when Sirius smiled.

“Drew Murphy,” Murphy muttered, a bit shyly, taking her hand.

“And James Potter,” James shook her hand last.

“Thanks for picking me. I doubted I would make it,” Darcy smiled.

James then announced the Keepers would be going next. He looked at me and told me to get the Quaffle. I was going to try and get as many goals as possible as the Keepers try and save them. I nodded and grabbed the Quaffle. I warmed up a little by tossing the Quaffle to Sirius and back before James called the first person to the goals.

I tossed and tossed and scored and scored. There were a few Keepers that were amazing and saved even the most difficult saves. Others were pitiful and were probably just there because they had nothing better to do. I was surprised when a few first years got on a broom. They fell almost right away. Seconds years did better. There was only one third year trying out, and she was pretty good, but missed to many shots to become a member. The best one, I felt, was Nelson Jones. He was fast and saved each goal. When I landed after all the Keepers went, I looked at James.

“Nelson Jones is amazing,” I said.

“He was good,” Sirius said, sounding jealous I hadn’t complimented him at all. I frowned. He always said or did things that made me think that he was jealous. He actually hated Ben now, who I am very friendly with now that we’ve gotten to know each other.

“Anyone know him?” James asked, “I heard he has a bit of a temper,”

“Yeah, so did I,” Sirius said, thoughtfully.

“He’s a seventh year, isn’t he?” I asked. James nodded.

“He’s to good to pass up,” Murphy said after a moment of silence, “I think even the people who tried out with him want him on the team. What do you guys say?”

We all agreed quickly. James then announced that Nelson Jones had gotten the position and he joined us, grinning. The rejected Keepers cheered and sat on the grass to watch the last segment of tryouts. Again, James had me get on my broom. This time, I was just going to toss the Quaffle back and forth, make them take a shot and so on.

The Chaser tryouts took a bit longer. I was tossing the Quaffle as if we were really in a game and many times, the person trying out would miss. When Susan Orrin got on her school broom, she was so terrified of letting go and in the end landed because she broke her nail. She and Samantha left a bit angry and complaining loudly. Frank Longbottom was trying out, too. He was pretty good and fun to fly with. The Chaser position was the hardest to decide. When I landed, James was chewing on his bottom lip and looking at each of the waiting Chasers. We gathered in our group once more.

“They all were good,” James said.

“We can only choose one,” I said, “Let’s go back to the whole fits-in-with-the-team thing you were going for before,”

“Well, three of us are friends with Frank Longbottom,” Sirius said after studying James’s notes. He looked at the other three members of the team, “What about you guys?”

“I’m friendly with Frank. He’s going out with on of my closest friends,” Darcy said, looking proud to be able to put her thoughts in.

“He’s pretty cool. I’ve talked to him on more then one occasion,” Nelson agreed. We looked at Murphy.

“I’ve never talked to him, but he seems nice enough. I say he’s it,” the forth year nodded. James grinned.

“Okay,” he said and went over to the awaiting Chasers, “We have decided that Frank Longbottom will be our third chaser!”

Frank stepped out of the group to claps from the people watching. He joined the team and everyone began to leave. I stood between Darcy and Sirius, waiting for James little talk. He stood in front of us looking at the team, obviously liking what he was seeing.

“Well done, all of you!” he said, grinning, “Practice starts Monday at seven o’clock! See you all then!”

Nelson walked off, talking with Frank and Murphy. James and Sirius were lifting the chest of Quidditch supplies and bringing it back to the storage room. Darcy began walking away, an excited bounce in her steps. I wanted to get to know Darcy. She seemed really nice, after all, and was a good addition to the team. I started after her.

“Hey! Darcy!” I called. She stopped and turned as I jogged after her, my broom in hand. When I fell in step beside her, I grinned, “Welcome to the team,”

“Thanks. I’m so excited. I’ve wanted to play for Gryffindor since I started school!” Darcy said with a laugh, “I didn’t think I’d get on, but my older brother trained me for hours this summer. He wanted me to get on the team this year, too,”

“Who’s your brother?” I asked.

“Oh, David, he graduated two years ago and was on the Hufflepuff team. He played Seeker,” Darcy explained. I thought back two years ago. I was on the team by then. I’ve been on the team since 3rd year. I vaguely remember the seventh year Hufflepuff.

“I sort of remember,” I said looking at the sky, “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?”

“Gorgeous,” Darcy agreed.

“Oi! Libby, wait up!” I turned at the sound of my name and saw Sirius and James chasing after Darcy and I. Darcy turned red and giggled as we stopped. The boys started running across the Quidditch field.

“You’re so lucky to be friends with them. They are gorgeous,” Darcy gushed. I laughed loudly.

“They are, but James is like my brother. We’ve lived next door to each other since we were eight,” I said.

“What about Sirius?”

“My relationship with him is weird. We’re friends, yes, but my friends all think he wants to be more or something. They’re wrong, of course. The day Sirius Black falls for a girl like me is the day the world ends,” I said shrugging.

“Oh, you’re pretty,” Darcy said. I smiled at her as the boys stopped next to us, panting. Sirius straightened, still breathing hard, and flashed me his best smile. I rolled my eyes, but smiled back because of that stupid dimple.

“I’m starving,” I said looking at my watch. It was after lunch. I haven’t eaten in a while now. My stomach growled.

“Me too,” Sirius said, “Wanna go to the kitchens and get something off the House elves?”

“Well, see you later,” Darcy said, before I could answer Sirius, spotting some of her friends.

“Bye Darcy!” I said as she ran off.

“You coming to the kitchens, Prongs?” Sirius asked James. He shook his head.

“Sorry, no. I told Lily I’d hang out with her after tryouts,” he explained.

“Let me change first,” I said when Sirius looked at me.


Once I was in my jeans and Billy Talent band T-shirt, I pulled on my converses and put my curls in a pony tail. For some reason, I decided to put lip gloss on, too, and freshen up my make-up. Kirsten had walked in just as I was walking out. She took one look at me and smirked.

“Going to see Ben?” she asked. Thankfully, she had stopped saying Sirius liked me and everything.

“No,” I said, “Sirius and I are going to get something to eat in the kitchens,”

“Really?” Kirsten said thoughtfully raising and eyebrow.

“Oh, go away!” I snapped and left the room.

Now, I was totally self conscience about how I looked. Did I look to nice? I was in freakin’ jeans and a T-shirt! How can that look dressed up? I walked down the stairs to the common room slowly, arguing with myself whether to change or redo my make-up. But the second I touched the bottom step, I saw Sirius, leaning against the wall, waiting for me near the portrait hole. He had changed into a plain white T-shirt and jeans that fit him almost perfectly.

His hands were deep in his pockets and his head down, causing his black bangs to fall swiftly in his face. He seemed to be doing some serious thinking for once. Yet, I noticed almost every girl in the common room, including first years, staring at Sirius in the corner of their eye in a trance. I could no deny it. Sirius Black looked better then a model standing there. And the amazing thing was, he was waiting for me. Not just some random girl he wanted to snog. But a friend.

I felt shy walking over to Sirius. Girls were still staring and a few guys had now looked up at me. I ignored them. I stopped infront of Sirius and he looked up, coming out of his still position. He grinned as me and opened the portrait hole, stepping back to let me through. Then we walked in silence, heading for the kitchen.

“What do you think about the new team?” Sirius finally broke the silence.

“We should do pretty good this year,” I grinned, “I mean, the new members will get better once they get trained a bit more. And we know how hard James is going to work us all. His life is Lily Evans and Quidditch.”

“Poor guy,” Sirius said sadly. We laughed quietly for a minute.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind if I was a guy’s life,” I said after thinking, “Yeah, it would be weird if he like stalked me, but like how James is with Lily. So in love that he’ll do anything for her.”

“I thought it was a bit pathetic,” Sirius muttered. I turned my head to look at him.

“I want that,” I said, a bit defensive. Sirius looked at me now, raising an eyebrow.

“You’ll find it someday,” he said in a little more the a whisper.

This would have been a nice moment. A very nice one, indeed. However, it seemed that right now I wasn’t supposed to enjoy this nice moment. I was still staring at Sirius, shocked by how gorgeous his grey eyes are. I totally forgot I was walking and as Sirius and I turned a corner, I turned to early and—Smack!

I walked right into the wall, banging my head.

“Ow!” I said falling back and grabbing my head. I felt Sirius grab my arm.

“Are you okay?” he asked me, I heard the amusement in his voice. I opened my scrunched up eyes and saw he was smiling, but a concerned look was in his eyes. I ignored the look.

“You’re laughing at me!” I pouted.

“Well, that was pretty funny,” Sirius admitted, “You were just walking and then smacked right into the wall. It was like you forgot you were solid,”

“Well, I was to busy looking at you, so this is your fault,” I said, I pulled my hand from my head, “Is it red?”

“Yeah,” Sirius said, “There’s going to be a bruise,”

“Damn,” I muttered.

Suddenly, Sirius was hugging me. He kissed my forehead lightly, right where I had bumped it. I tensed up and looked at him, shocked. I seemed to fit into his body perfectly. Yes, I was much smaller then him, but I seemed to be perfect for him to hug. I almost smiled, but held it back.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Making you feel better,” Sirius grinned

“Thanks,” I sighed and rested my head on his chest. Again, this was a nice moment. But nice moments didn’t want to happen today because my stomach grumbled in hunger. Sirius laughed.

“You need food. Come on,” he said. Then he lead me to the kitchens.


Monday was the starting point of getting behind in homework. With Quidditch practice and detentions here and there, there was no stopping it. Teachers also seemed to find that it was necessary to start assigning more homework for sixth years. So, I spent the last week of September and the beginning of October, catching up on homework and playing Quidditch. Even my weekends were filled.

Before I knew it, there was only a few days until my 16th birthday. No one seemed to have remembered. I barely was awear of it myself.

It was a Thursday night now. Two days before my birthday. A week and two days before the first Hogsmeade weekend. I was sitting up late in the common room, doing homework. I was so into my essay on nonverbal defense spells, that everything around me seemed to have dissolved. The only sounds in the common room was the crackling of the dying fire and the scratching of my quill. Silence filled the room every so often as I sat thinking or needed to dip my quill in my open ink bottle. I was almost done and then I can go to sleep.

I was so desperate to finish my essay before three that I didn’t hear someone coming down the stairs. Until they were right next to me. I felt their presence and heard them walking silently up to me. I spun around, startled, my heart speeding up. I relaxed when I saw Sirius, dressed in only a pair of black lounge pants and shirtless. Trying not to stare at his perfectly toned torso, I tried to calm my racing heart.

“God, Sirius, you scared me!” I gasped.

“Sorry,” Sirius said with a small smile. He took a seat next to me and read over my shoulder, “Still haven’t finished your defense essay?”

“It’s the last thing I have to do that’s due tomorrow. Then I get even more work to try and catch up on,” I sighed, exhausted. I put my quill down to give my wrist a rest, “Don’t you have any work to catch up on?”

“Nope,” Sirius grinned sitting back, “Thanks to Moony, I get my work done quickly and have time for pranks, Quidditch, and detentions,”

“So you copy?” I rolled my eyes. Figures.

“No, only sometimes. Remus keeps James, Peter, and me all caught up with our work and he helps us when we need it. Doesn’t Lily ever help?” Siris asked.

“Yeah, sometimes, but not when I’m up all night like this,” I explained. Then I frowned, “You’re being very distracting right now,”

“Sorry. I just couldn’t sleep so I decided to come down here and sit for a while. Didn’t expect to find anyone,” Sirius shrugged. He leaned back in his chair.

I picked up my quill again to start writing once more. But as I dipped my quill in ink and started on the sentence I had started on, there was another distracting. An annoying little tapping on the window that can only come from an owl. I glanced up to see a school owl. A pink rose in it’s mouth.

“It’s for you!” Sirius said with a quiet laugh.

“Thank you Captain Obvious,” I muttered getting up and letting the owl in. It flew to where my essay lay and dropped the rose and the letter on top. Then it soared back into the night, it’s job complete.

I was very awear of Sirius watching as I opened the letter. It was longer then the ones he had been sending me these past few months. I smiled as I read it.

Libby...I love the sound of your name. Every time I hear it I want to run to you and hold you. I am thinking of you tonight, as I do every night, but I needed to know that you were thinking of me. Now, I can fall into peaceful dreams of your smile, your face, you laugh...

“He’s to sweet,” I said folding the parchment delicately, “I wish I knew who he was,”

“Be careful what you wish for. You might not like what you get,” Sirius said, looking a bit sad. He was probably just tired.

“You’re right,” I said, sighing, “How do I know he isn’t some Slytherin who’s just playing a sick joke?”

I went back to my essay when Sirius fell silent. Again, the only sound that filled the room was the scratching of my quill and the fire. And again, I became absorbed in my essay. I wasn’t awear of Sirius watching me with a small smile on his face, twisting the rose in his hands.

Finally, I had finished my essay. I reread it quickly to make sure it made sense. Then, after a quick drying spell from my wand, I rolled it up and stuck it in my bag with my defense book, ink, and quill. Then I stood and looked at Sirius.

“Thanks for the company,” I said reaching over and taking my rose from his hands, “But I really need to go to bed.”

“Good night then,” he said pulling the rose farther out of my reach, causing me to have to lean farther across him so my face was only centimeters from his. He grinned when I felt his warm breath on my face. I frowned and grabbed the rose.

“Nice try, Sirius, but you got your kiss from me,” I smirked and then went upstairs to bed, leaving an open-mouthed Sirius Black alone in the darkening common room.


“Great practice,” James said to the Gryffindor Quidditch team as we stood before him, waiting to be released to the locker rooms and then to our common room where we can relax finally, “They’ll be another practice tomorrow at noon,”

“James,” I said after groaning with the rest of the team, “It’s my birthday tomorrow and I have homework to catch up on. Give us a break. We practice four times a week for two hours and our first match isn’t until mid-November!”

“I know! That’s going to come quickly and we need to be in the best condition the Gryffindor team has ever been in since forever! We have to be those Slytherins and show them that money does not win the game!” James said passionately, “And after practice they’ll be plenty of time for birthdays and homework,” he added as an after thought as if it didn’t matter. I frowned.

Once we were able to change out of our sweaty Quidditch robes, I left the locker rooms and was heading straight up to the common room to get a head start on my homework. Half way there I heard someone calling my name. I turned to see Darcy Smith running up to me. We were pretty much friends now after spending so much time together on the field.

“James sure is working us hard,” she said once she was close enough to speak, “By the time we have a match we’re going to be too exhausted to play!”

“No kidding,” I laughed.

“I’m worried about when O.W.L.s though. I’m already behind in my homework and I told my mum that Quidditch won’t affect my grades. When it comes time to test, I’m afraid that Quidditch will be in the way,” Darcy said, looking more and more worried as she spoke about it.

“Don’t worry,” I said to her, gently, “James is pretty understanding about O.W.L.s. Yeah, he didn’t knock himself out when it came to studying, but he was a bit more flexible when it came to Quidditch. You know, he canceled practice a few times and whatnot. I’m sure if you speak with him, he’ll let you off or something,”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Darcy said, thoughtfully.

We walked in a comfortable silence for a while. That’s what I like most about Darcy, she’s a bit shy and doesn’t feel the need to have to fill every single moment with conversation that can get a bit awkward. And if we get on a sensitive topic, she knows when to stop and change the subject and lifts the tension. I was never good at that. I can go on and on about anything. It’s a shock when whoever I talk to bursts into tears and runs away. Happened on more then one occasion, actually.

“Sirius was staring at you all through practice,” Darcy said suddenly, a knowing smile on her face. I rolled my eyes.

“He never goes away,” I explained, “No matter what I do or where I go, he’s always a few feet away,”

“Well, I think you are lucky,” Darcy said, still wearing that smile, “I would love to have Sirius crushing on me. All the girls would. My friends envy you so bad, it’s a bit ridiculous,”

“Trust me, I am no where near lucky. Besides, Sirius isn’t crushing on me. He just is every where I go. I call him my lost puppy,” I said grinning to myself.


“Because he’s like a lost puppy,” I explained simply. Darcy laughed quietly and looked at the floor.

“I’ve had a crush on Sirius since I got to Hogwarts,” she confessed quietly, “He never really paid much attention to me,”

“I would have given anything for Sirius to ignore me the past five years. The teasing and the laughing was hard,” I said, just as softly to Darcy, “Now, though, I don’t mind him talking to me. We’re friends and that’s good,”

“I suppose,” Darcy said, but I knew she was really thinking about what it would be like to be able to just walk up to Sirius whenever and talk to him like she could me. I smiled.

“You can have him if you want,” I said, “I don’t want him,”

“Yes, but doesn’t want me,” Darcy smirked at me and I rolled my eyes, knowing what was coming next, “He completely wants you though!”

“No, he doesn’t! Everyone keeps saying he does, but trust me, he doesn’t,” I explained, a bit forcefully. I was getting annoyed with all these accusations.

“He does, Libby, and I think you like him, too. That’s why you keep denying he likes you because you don’t want to get your hopes up and end up with a broken heart. Like so many other girls,” Darcy countered, she spoke fast, a bit loudly, and sternly. I had stopped in my tracks, shocked by what Darcy had just said.

“You think I like Sirius Black?” I asked. Darcy nodded, with a smirk. I stood up straighter and sighed angrily, “You’re wrong,” I said, “There is no way I will ever be attracted to Sirius Black. Ever!”

“I beg to differ, Libby,” that familiar voice said. I spun around, heat rising to me cheeks, my heart beating quite fast. James and Sirius stood there. James was looking at me like he had never seen me before and Sirius was smirking.

“Why’s that?” I snapped, angry at him suddenly.

“I remember a time, not to long ago, when you said, and I quote, ‘I bet there’s something about me that drives you crazy’ while we were speaking of my smile,” Sirius said, now actually smiling, that dimple appearing once more.

“No, Sirius, you misunderstood me,” I said calmly while trying to push the curiosity of how Sirius can remember that from months ago but not what the teacher assigned for homework five minutes ago, “I only like your smile because you have a dimple and as I told you that same day, I am a sucker for dimples.”

“And I’m a sucker for curls,” Sirius laughed, flicking my ponytail, “See you later Libby.”

He and James walked away, Sirius still laughing. James was grinning, too. I was even angrier at them now. I didn’t know why because I knew they didn’t do anything. Hoping to talk to Darcy some more, I turned around to see she was talking with her 5th year friends. Instead, I told her good bye and went to find Lily and Kirsten. I needed to talk to them.

A/N: Some of you probably have noticed I've used Darcy's name twice. She's a completely different character then in my Remus/OC, i promise.

Now, because I love you guys for reading and reviewing, here is a little something from CHapter Eight: Change Your Mind. And don't forget to leave a review!!

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he whispered, turning away. I smiled softly.

“I know, Sirius, thank you,” I said. Then I remembered, “What were you going to ask me before Ben interrupted you?”

Sirius’s eyes widening. A light tint of pink rose to his cheeks as he stammered, “Uh. I was just—Well, you see—James is going with Lily and Remus is going with some Ravenclaw chick and Peter is even going with some Hufflepuff he met and I remembered your offer that if I ever needed a female companion.....” His voice trailed off.

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