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Authors note: The phrophecy was never made, Snape is still evil but not on Voldermorts side. Dumbledore is still alive!

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the characters my creative mind thought up on some whim. The plot is mine, unless you see some part that you recognize from somewhere else where I unknowingly put it there. Then I will apoligize, differ the plot slightly and acgknowledge them. :o)


I gaped at him. "What!"

He sighed and leaned back in his chair, "Do you remember when I said you could destroy Mr.Riddle anytime that you wanted? You can but that will not erase all that he has done before. You will be going to 1944 under the persona of Hermione Granger," at this he smirked slightly " transfer from Salem witchs academy, top of all classes and no living relatives. Now you will not murder Tom unless absolutley nessecary. You must gain his respect, which for you shall not be hard, but not only that he will have to admit it. Once close to you, you must try to turn him from the dark side. After the end of the year if you have not succeeded you must kill him." By now he looked fifty years older. "I was planning on telling you tonight infact, you will be leaving tomorrow. Now I have certain objects to give you that will help you in the past." At this he handed me a fierce but beautiful hawk, it was of medium size with piercing yellow eyes. "His name is for you to choose. You must keep him with you at all times except for night for he will sense danger and alert you, he will also leave any letters you have reporting your progress in a stratigic spot. All you have to say is present Albus Dumbledore, though you can stil use him for sending regular mail."

After handing me the bird which I had decieded to call Furion, he waved his wand at my feet where a trunk appeared. "Theses are all the things that you will be needing for the past. Now finally you will need a wand to concentrate your magic, you will still be allowed to use wandless magic. But if ever challenged to a duel you must play fairly." The wand he handed me was beautiful. The wand that I had discarded ages ago seemed like a stick compared to this. It was pitch black and had intricate carvings similar to my tattoos that were laced with silver and dark puple coloring. "Any Questions" He asked. Once I shook my head he dismissed me saying that I was leaving prompltley at six am since the spell requered hours to do.

Trying to process this information I petted Furion silently watching the sun rising, I was leaving in a half an hour to go to. I was wearing the old Hogwarts uniform which concisted of a longer skirt and and a tighter vest, unatully absent of house markings. I blinked as I looked up at the clock it was five fifty-five. As I got up Furion flew to my shoulder. Waving my Hand over my possesions I walked out of the room my trunk following me.

I said goodbye to Dumbledore and sat on the chair in a trance like state slowly driffiting to unconciousness . . .

I abrubtly fell on something hard jerking awake. Getting up while cursing fluently in several languages I looked around and noticed a person in front of me blinking. I realized that I this must be Riddle, he was handsome in a somber kind of way, pale skin dark hair, dark eyes. I quickly schooled my expression blank and said in a cold voice that had an edge to it, if I was going to impress him I had to be cold " I am an exchange student, I assume you will take me to headmaster Dippet." He raised an eyebrowed and I merlely cocked my head feeling him attempting to enter my mind and failing. He looked frustrated then flinched when Furion flew to my shoulder. He sighed " Of course, follow me." I could tell he was was looking at me but ignored him and looked disintrested at the portraits. Once we reached the Headmasters gargoyle he said "Tom Riddle, and you are?","Hermione Granger." His smirk faltered as I didn't fall for his charm and he turned and said the password as he was leaving.

As I sat at the Slytherin table my mind was drawn back to the new girl and as if on que the Headmaster stood up and adressed everyone " We have a new student, Hermione Granger who is transforing from Salem whiches academy and will be in all your advance classes. I must warn you that she does not need a wand and will only use hers for lessons so do not be alarmed." I was shocked by this news and turned to observe her as she walked through the doors of the great hall. She was beautiful but looked to be made out of stone. I just noticed that she had a scar on her face not marring her beauty but rather adding to it. Her familar, which I must admit slightly scared me at first sat on her shoulder scanning the crowd as was she with an expressionless gaze. She walked up to the stool and sat down placing the hat over her head.

It took it seemed at least twenty minutes before it yelled out 'Slytherin'. Not to my suprise the hall was now glaring along with the Gryffindor tables sneers at her apart from my house who were silent still entranced by her. What did suprise me was as she was turned, walking toward a seat a jealous girl threw a roll at her head and she caught so fast that he barely saw her hand moving not even turning around. She tossed it to her hawk who prompltley caught it then turned and looked directley at the girl shocking her. Then smiled a small smile that while holding no mirth had a slighltly sinister air about it. Over dinner I heard someone ask her why it took her so long to be sorted and she just laughed slightly then returned to her reading.

Pathetic, I thought. The dorms in the dungeons, well slightly better kept, were smaller and had a much more distinct air of loneliness. Gazing at the green satin sheets I sighed and let my facade fall. Yes I was different, more hard then I ever was before, but never had I been expected to constantly act like steel. At least I knew I could handle it, I thought for once grateful for all Dumbledore had done to prepare me. Sighing I let my eyes fall to Furion "But this is just the beginning isn't it?" He gave me a look that clearly said 'You think.'. Laughing silently I surrendured to the wearyness that had gripped me all day.


"Ah, a new day!" Our DADA professer exclaimed. It seemed that I had all my classes with the new girl. Defence was my last class. "Seeing as we have a new student we will - " He was cut off by the student herself "I assure you sir anything that you could have taught before I'll know." He narrowed his eyes at her. "Well Miss Granger we have been studying the uses of swords and teaching the basics. Since you know so much would you care to demostrate your skills and duel with me" He smirked obviously expecting her to back down, but she suprised us all by pulling a small sword from her back. It enlarged as soon as she pulled it out of its sheaf. Standing in the perfect stance she bowed then looked up, a glint in her eye "Certainly sir." The teacher seemed to swallow then regaining a superior stance he grabbed his sword from a rack in the back of the room and stood in front of her. "Begin!" That which procedid fed the rumor mill for many weeks. Granger seemed to blur around the teacher. You could not make out a single movement, but they were always precise. Professer Larson appeared to be overwhelmed till he shouted "Miss Granger no need to impress anybody, your wasting your energy! Stop trying so hard!" Suddenly she landed infront of him not even breathing hard "What do you mean sir, I'm holding back." With that she smiled and leaped into the air turning at the last minute to land behind him sword poised at the back of his neck. "Do you admit defeat." She asked in a serious tone. The teacher seemed lost for words until she pressed her sword down hard enough to draw blood, he quickly said yes. She nodded and replaced her swoed and sat down. "Yes well, very good Miss Granger. Lets start the lesson now shall we?" He said nervously "Miss Granger please help the rest of the students. Dekof! You don't do that, would you like to take someones eye out . . .

Exhuasted, I collapsed into a chair inside my dorm. Everyone was still walking out of the classrooms, but I chose to slip into an alcove and shift. A form of tranportation in which you transport yourself through walls and any other obstructions at a unbelivubly fast pace. Faster then apparation and less uncomfortable, completly undatectable. calling to Furion, I started to write a letter to Dumbledore. Feeling a slight weight on my shoulder I felt reasured and begin writng.

Dear Headmaster,

I was welcomed by Dippet warmly. I must say that I'm glad you taught me the art of swordsmanship. I
fought the teacher today, surprising everyone I think with my skill. I'm in Slytherin as you requested.
Though it took a lot of comvincing the sorting hat not to put me in Ravenclaw. It seems like I've changed
to much to be considered a Gryffindor, it barely mentioned that house. I've met Tom Riddle and have
been acting as cold as you said I should.

It was suprisingly easy to do. I shall be showing my knowledge of the dark arts to him soon and will
be acting in a manner in which the current, or shall I say soon to be dark lord would find disrespectful
and fasinating. I do not see why people follow him. He has no effect on me. Although I've read that
elven people are less effected by the magics that would entrance somone into following. I'm not sure
if I will beable to ever completly turn Riddle away from the dak, but I have hopes of somehow
directing his intrestes into ones of less sinister and grand proportions. I trust Harry and Ron are
well. Say hello for me.


Sighing I sealed off the letter. Tieing the letter to Furion I said "Please take that to the present Dumbledore." Patting him on the head as he took off I picked up my book bag and headed down to dinner.


Hogwarts, 1998

If any would have bothered to look they would have seen a tired old man holding a peice of aged parchment seeming to be studying a manuscript of no great importence. Well truthfully it could very well be the one thing that could keep the current Headmaster of the school knowledgeble of the events that would change history.

Sighing, Dumbledore put the letter in a box and sealed it with a powerful charm. Fingers making a tent under his nose he thought.


Authors note: Well? What did you think? Once again sorry about the spelling or anything else which might not make sense, like random words in some places and others missing. My computer has been freaking out lately and somethings are messed up like in the previous chapter. Please reveiw!!! Oh ya, sorry for such a short chapter.

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