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The five girls all converged on the train about the same time. But they didn’t know. They entered at different points, all going up and down the aisle looking for a friendly face. All of them were glancing around nervously. There were all these people, greeting friends, laughing, walking in corridors. And yet each was just a little first year, excited and terrified. However, there must have been some force guiding these girls because about the same time they reached the same compartment. Looking around at each other’s scared faces, the five began to giggle, which turned into a big laughing fest as they entered the compartment together.

Collapsing on the bench, the blonde headed girl looked up at the other four. “I’m Alice Dennis. Are you all first years as well?”

Sitting down timidly, one of the black haired girls nodded. “I am. I’m Hestia Jones.”

Slowly all the others nodded. One by one they sat down and introduced themselves.

“I’m Lily Evans,” said the redhead quietly.

“Dorcas Meadowes,” introduced the brunette happily.

“I’m Emmeline Vance.” Said the black haired girl politely.

A look of recognition dawned across all the girls faces except for Lily’s.

“Are you Gordon Vance’s kiddie? Y’know, the one that’s running for minister of magic?” demanded Dorcas.

Emmeline nodded bitterly. “Unfortunately.” A look of terror crossed her face. “Scratch that. He is just the man we all need for Minister. He will better procedures at Azkaban, update anti-muggle measures, and-”

“You don’t want him to win?”

“Of course I want him to win! He’s just the man-”

“So we’ve heard,” said the girl named Alice.

“Many, many times,” added Dorcas.

Hestia nodded slightly.

Lily looked confused. “Um,” she asked quietly, “What on earth are you all talking about?”

The other four looked at her quizzically. “We’re talking about the race for Minister of Magic.” Emmeline answered, a little unnerved.

“Minister of Magic?” Lily asked doubtfully.

The other four glanced at each other. Was this girl crazy before-

“Oh, wait! Are you muggle born?”

This time it was Lily who looked perplexed. “Well, my parents aren’t wizards if that’s what you mean.”

“Yes, then, you’re muggle born.”


Dorcas smiled widely at the girl, who looked as though she had suddenly let the others down. “That isn’t a bad thing at all! We love Muggle borns. Or, at least, I do. My family is the type of Purebloods that don’t care what your bloodline is like. And anyone who thinks opposite can get out of the compartment right now.”

The other three girls looked frightened at this glaring girl and quickly nodded and stuttered, “No, its fine! Our families are like that too!”
Dorcas turned back to Lily. “See, its fine. Besides, none of us know much magic, so it isn’t a big deal.”

Lily beamed at Dorcas who smiled back.

“So,” said Dorcas, conversationally, obviously the one with the strongest
personality, “I’m Dorcas Meadowes. I have a mum, a dad, a grandmummy, and two sisters, Edith and June. Edie is already here at Hogwarts, she’s a third year in Hufflepuff, bit of a softie, and June is 8, and my sugar-baby. How about you all?”

The others glanced at each other before Emmeline spoke up. “I am Emmeline Vance. I have a mother, father, and a bunch of house elves. And that’s about it.”

“Alice Dennis. I have a mum, a dad, and three older sisters, Kathleen, who’s a seventh year, Harriet, who’s a fifth year, and Nora who’s a third year. Kathy is in Ravenclaw, Hattie is in Hufflepuff, and Nory is in Ravenclaw also.”

“I’m Hestia Jones, and I have a dad. My mum died a long time ago.”

“I’m Lily Evans, and I have a mum, a dad, and a sister who hates my guts. She’s a, what do you call it, oh yeah, muggle.”

“Well, now that that’s all done, we can have fun!” cried Dorcas.

By the end of the train ride, the five were fast friends.

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