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A/N: Here I am again. The whole story is written, but I'm going through some editing at the moment, so it may take a while.
Thanks to all those people who've reviewed so far. You're the greatest!

Disclaimer: I own nothing you've seen in any of the books.

For the next two weeks Hermione and Draco were worked really hard. Sensei had one of his friends teach them during lessons, and they were each given a key to the room to practise after class. They were expected to practise for at least an hour per day, plus the lessons.

“I guess it’s all worth it,” Hermione panted as they sat down after a tough training session with Sensei Tim Kendall. “I mean, I feel better than I have for ages. Better than I have since I started Hogwarts actually.”

Draco nodded. “I guess you’re right. We’re so going to win.”

Hermione smiled and stood up. “C’mon, lets practise for another 15 minutes, and
then go.”

A week before the tournament, Hermione and Draco were called out of potions and to Sensei’s office. Neither of them had entered the office, just the dojo. When they entered the office Sensei was sitting behind a desk.

“Please, please, sit down.” Sensei said to the two teenagers.

The glanced at each other and sat.

“Um, why was it you wanted us professor?” Hermione asked.

“I want you two to help me decide who else should be in the tournament. Will you?”

“Um, okay, I guess.”

“Good. These are photos of each of the students, including the Ravenclaw and
Hufflepuff students. Please pick who you think are the best and tell me.”

Draco picked up the envelope and they went into the empty dojo. Hermione
opened the envelope and took out some of the photos. First was the Slytherins.
Pansy was on the top. The picture showed her attempting a roundhouse kick and
falling over. Then was Crabbe trying to go an upper block, but mucking up
completely. Then Goyle trying Jodan.

In the end the only Slytherin chosen was a quiet girl called Bridget Trent who had
moved onto orange belt while everyone else was still on gold or white.

None of the Hufflepuffs were chosen, and two Ravenclaws were chosen. Padma
Patil and Michael Gordon.

The Gryffindors were the last to be looked at. They discarded Harry and Ron
immediately, knowing that they couldn’t do anything. Lavender Brown had only just
passed her grading, so she didn’t make it, but Parvati Patil was chosen to go. She,
too, had made it to orange belt. Dean Thomas was chosen, but not any of the

When they were done they took the photos back to Sensei.

“We’ve chosen Parvati, Padma, Dean, Michael and Bridget to be in it.” Draco said
firmly, handing all the photos back.

“Alright. Thankyou for that. The bell will be going in a minutes, so I’d suggest
going down to the great hall.”

Hermione and Draco nodded and went down to the great hall where a few
students were eating.

“Seya later Draco.” Hermione said, hugging Draco briefly so no one noticed, and
walking over to the Gryffindor table where Harry and Ron were. Draco nodded and
headed over to the Slytherin table.

“Hey, where did you go during potions?” Harry asked.

“Sensei wanted me and Draco.”


“To pick the other students who are going to be in the tournament.”

“You picked us, of course.” Ron said, proudly.

“No. We picked people who try, who are better than everybody.”

“But- but- but. We’re you’re best friends.”

“Well, you’re not good enough. Do you have a problem with it Harry?”

“Nah. I know I’m not that great. Who did make it though?”

“Bridget Trent, the Patil twins, Michael Corner and Dean Thomas. You guys are
coming to watch, you’re just not competing.”

“Okay. They’re all pretty good. I can’t wait to see you compete.”

“Yeah, you’re bound to win. Even without that ferret.” Ron added.

Hermione scowled. “Ron. I like Draco. Okay?”

“What do you mean? How could you like Malfoy?”

“Maybe because he’s not like most of the other guys I’ve met. He’s actually cool.”

“So you’re saying that me and Harry aren’t cool?”

“No. I’m just saying that Draco is my friend. If you don’t like it, deal with it.”

“I can’t believe you’d betray us like this. Are you going out with the slimy little

Hermione went red, but Harry stopped her from saying anything. “C’mon guys,
we’ve got Karate now. Let’s go.”

Harry, Ron and Hermione went back to the Gryffindor tower and grabbed their
Karate stuff, then went down to the Karate room. Everybody was waiting outside,
just talking. The Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws were there too.

When Draco arrived, Hermione took out her key and opened the door, letting
everybody in. They all rushed in and went to change. Hermione came out first, and
saw that most of the guys were there. She walked over to Ron and Harry.

“Why do you think the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws are here? Sensei didn’t say
anything to me.”

Harry and Ron shrugged. When the rest of the class came out, Hermione and
Draco called them all to line up, and then started them off with a warm up. 10
minutes later Sensei came.

“Sorry I’m late Miss. Granger,” he said as he approached Hermione. “I needed to
sort some stuff out with Dumbledore.”

“That’s alright Sensei.” Hermione said politely.

“Good, well, I’ll take over from here.”

Hermione nodded and she and Draco walked around and fixed up mistakes.

“Everybody, please, sit down,” Sensei said after a while. Everybody sat. “Now, as
most of you will know, the English Wizardry Karate Tournament is soon. All of us
will be going, and the following people will be competing. Miss. Granger, Mr.
Malfoy, Miss. Patil, Miss. Patil, Mr. Corner and Miss. Trent. Please come and see
me after class. Now, we will be staying in a wizarding hotel. The rooms will be told
to you on our way over there. And, even if you’re not competing, I would like you
to keep up with practise. Now, those students who I called out before, please
come here. The rest of you, to lunch.”

There was a scramble as students hurried to get changed and out the door.
Hermione, Draco, Padma, Parvati, Michael and Bridget went into Sensei’s office.

“Ah, yes, yes. Thankyou for staying.” Sensei said.

“That’s alright Sensei.” The students chorused.

“Now, you will be representing Hogwarts, so I expect to see effort. If you come
home with an award, thats great, but I just want you to try your hardest.”

All the students nodded and left for lunch. Hermione headed straight for the library
to start and finish the homework from the past two days so she could spend that
night practising.

In the library Hermione bumped into Draco.

“Hello Hermione.” Draco said, kissing Hermione. She reluctantly pulled away.

“Hi Draco. What brings you here?”

“I want a full night of practise. You?”

“Same. How do you think the tournament will be?”

“Great. Think you’ll win anything?”

“Well, maybe. We’ll be up against the elite.”

“Hermione, we are the elite.”

Hermione giggled. “Yeah, whatever. I’ll see you ‘round.”

“OK. Seya babe.”

Hermione blushed and walked off.

A/N: Well, there was chapter six. Pleas tell me what you thought. Was it good?, bad?, teribble? I'm waiting to hear from you.

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