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AuthorsNote Have I mentioned how much I love Greek mythology? Even though I'm not exactly the best… but I love it just the same anyway. Just a side note, I don’t intend to drag this story… It would probably have a few (hopefully long, but I’m not promising anything. :)) chapters. I hope you’ll still enjoy them though.
And no more annoying Author’s Notes at the top of the page, I promise! This is just a little… information thingy I wanted you all to know before reading. :) & don’t let my ramblings stop you. Read on!


Pandora’s Box


"Harry. Hey, Harry. HARRY!"

Harry Potter snapped back to life as I yelled into his ear. His eyes seemed to search the empty common room before turning to me, smiling.

"What were you looking for, Harry?"
It was obvious what he was looking for. At least it was to me.

"Nothing, Hermione, I think you're worrying too much. Why don't you get some sleep? We'll continue studying tomorrow, okay?"

Before I could get a word in edgewise, he had smiled one last time before retreating towards the boy's dormitories.
Huffily, I shut my Arthimancy book and lay back on the sofa I was sitting on.

'He's hiding something.' I thought.
Harry wouldn't go behind my back, would he?

I stared up at the ceiling, as though the answer would float down and parade in front of me. Sighing, I shut my eyes.


When morning came, I found myself still sprawled on the sofa.
Hunger throbbed from my stomach as I got up, tugged on my navy skirt and flattened the bushy and wild tresses on my head before heading out.

I tried confronting Harry during breakfast but he had flatly denied everything. I wasn't sure though. If he hadn't been doing other things, why was he so consistently staring into space whenever he was around me?

"You… don't believe me?" Harry's quiet voice cut though my thoughts.
"What? Of course not! I believe you. Look, its just some misunderstanding. Just… ignore what I said alright?"

He had given me a blank look before turning back to his food.

I sighed.
Yes, I must be overreacting. He's Harry Potter for Merlin's sake! Of course he's got a lot to ponder over.

The weight hadn't lifted from my shoulders though. The strange feeling was still harboring within me but it's best to just keep it in.

He did say no after all…


The Sixth Year examinations were around the corner. Everyone including, surprise surprise, Harry and Ron were studying. Well, Ron was more of complaining but at least he picked up a book.

Every night after classes, when the sun quietly, slowly slipped down and melted into the horizon, Ginny, Ron, Harry and I would sit together by the couch near the fire. Ginny would frequently ask questions, as she would be taking her O.W.L.S this year. The girl is dead nervous. Biting her nails, grabbing a book every chance she got… Harry was the only one trying to calm her though. I am always trying to memorize something by heart and Ron couldn't be bothered. I really hope I'm not as edgy as Ginny, Ron and Harry
If she continued biting her nails, she'd end up chewing her fingers.


Name the third ingredient needed for the Polyjuice Potion.

Searching my mind frantically, I quickly scribbled 'fluxweed' but then stopped. Was it fluxweed? Or was it the shredded skin of a Boomslang? I bit my lip nervously.
I hadn't memorized the Polyjuice Potion by heart! And to think I've had first-hand experience in creating it! Oh, what if I fail??

Around me, the nervous, shrill scratches of quill on parchment were contradictory to the deathly aura surrounding every student. I could see Harry's messy hair two heads in front of me and he was…
He was resting?!!
No way. He couldn't have completed it that fast. Potions was his worst subject! How could he have completed it before me??

Quickly I turned back to my paper and answered the last question as Snape's voice rang out, "Five more minutes! And keep your eyes to yourself, Finnigan!"

"Well, that was easy,"
"Bloody hell, Harry! I think I had at least fifty questions wrong!"
"There were only fifty questions, Ronald!"
"At least forty nine then,"

Our last exam, Potions, had already ended. Students were streaming down to the lake, yelling, laughing, and celebrating. In about a week's time, the Summer Holidays would start and after that, our final year at Hogwarts. It seems too fast, really but perhaps a change in the surroundings wouldn't be so bad.

"Hey guys, when does Ginny's OWLS end?"
"Harry, if you cared more about her, people will start thinking you two are an item!"
At this, Harry rolled his eyes, "Come on Ron. She's your own sister. Your only sister in fact. Show more concern! Besides, Hermione and I are fine, I don't have to run after Ginny,"
I blushed as Ron raised an eyebrow, "You mean you would consider Ginny if you and Hermione aren't an item?"
"Ronald! Drop the subject!" I snapped, the blush still very much evident on my cheeks.

We had returned to the castle at around dinnertime. Ginny, along with the other fifth years, were already in the hall. We settled down beside her as she rushed to tell us about her last OWL, gushing with pride.

"-and I couldn't believe how easy it was! To think I memorized the entire chapter!"

I was chuckling slightly at how bubbly she was and how Ron wolfed down his dinner, stopping only to say a "Congrats," before he resumed consuming everything on his plate.
Harry and Ginny were chatting animatedly as I stared at them.
Ginny seemed a little clingy…
Wait. What am I thinking? Of course Ginny likes Harry. I mean they are friends after all…

Suddenly frustrated at myself, I grabbed my bag and muttered, "I'm going to the library," and left.

Really now. I have to stop getting suspicious of every girl I see.


We are pleased to inform you, Miss Granger, that you are this year's Head Girl. The badge is enclosed in the second envelope, along with your Head Girl duties. Do keep it in mind that Mr. Harry Potter is your would be co-partner in maintaining the student body and that you are to go to the Head's compartment at the Hogwarts Express ten minutes before the arrival.

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

With an excited squeal, I dropped the letter and grabbed the yellowed envelope which the brown barn owl still had tied to its leg.

After a quick scramble, a shining badge with the words, "Head Girl" embedded in it was proudly pinned on the front of my cherry tank top. I flashed a smile at the mirror and pretended to say a speech in a serious way. Well, as serious as I could get in my current mood.

I let out a whooping cry as I burst from my room and thundered downstairs where my parents gave me looks of curiosity. I smiled from ear to ear as I quickly paraded in front of them before puffing out my chest in pride. The very next second, I was smothered in hugs and cries of, "Oh honey!" and "I knew you could do it, Mione!" My smile was getting wider and my cheeks were starting to hurt but I didn't care.

"Oh, and mom, dad, guess what? Harry's going to be working with me! He's Head Boy!"


"Yes, mom,"

"The boy you're going out with?"

I rolled my eyes as my father's voice took an overprotective tone.
"Yes, dad…"

"Is it safe? Two teenagers in those years, working together in the same quarters?"

"Oh, really now Dad. I'm not that stupid! I'm your daughter, remember?"

I smiled a little as a proud look took over his features.

"Well, yes, yes you are… "

I gave an all out grin and hugged him.

"I'm going to miss you guys… mom, dad. You're going to feel so proud when you see me deliver the end of year graduation speech!" I gave each of them a tight hug before rushing back upstairs.

And now the frenzy begins, I thought as I looked around my room.
Won't Mr. and Mrs. Weasley be swollen with pride when they see me with the badge!



I dimly registered what happened before my luggage was knocked from my hands and a huge hug was thrown my way, complete with long arms covering my face, blocking my vision and thus turning me blind.

"Ron!" I managed between laughs. "It's great to see you too but I can't see!"

I heard one of the twins say, "Yeah Ron… Besides, you're molesting your best friend's girlfriend!"

At this, Ron immediately let go and I tried to suppress my laughter.

"You two sure know how to ruin the mood."

I grinned at Ginny she as appeared at the foot of the staircases, a look of annoyance etched on her face. She was tugging a dark band out of her straight scarlet hair, and as she met my eyes, she immediately looked down and uttered a soft, "Hi Mione," before hurrying into the kitchen. My smile faded a little but I managed to keep it on as I answered with a "Hi Gin!" and a cheery, but half-hearted wave.

It has always been like that since I started going out with Harry.

I would try to start a conversation and she would lax answers, or sometimes avoided my gaze. I had always wondered over her responses. Were they out of hurt? Or out of guilt? I never got a final conclusion but I didn't want one either. Both the answers would still cut me up inside.

As I idled, Ron had hoisted my luggage upstairs. Ron, Harry and I normally shared his much-too-orange room whenever we came round. Harry would be arriving the day after and as I slowly made my way to the kitchen, with Fred and George prodding my back every once so often.

"Oh, hello Hermione dear! Fred, George, stop that this instant! Have you eaten, dear? Here, help yourself! I have eggs, bacon and toast all ready, I'll just get the juice out now," she grabbed her nearby wand and flicked it as a glass settled itself in front of Hermione.

She smiled a little as Molly went around, reprimanding the twins and insisting that she ate more (Look at you! You're a stick! I should really share some recipes with your mother…) and for Ron to bring her bags upstairs for her (Already did, mom) while trying to persuade Ginny to stay in the kitchen (Locking yourself in that room all day. It's a wonder you still respond when you're called).

Sometimes, she thought, a small smile forming on her lips while watching the blissful, family maybe being away from home really isn't so bad…


"OhMyMerlin, HARRY!"

I frantically threw my arms around the lean, messy-haired boy as he chuckled a little and returned my hug. Ron grinned and slapped Harry on the back as the twins rang out complaints that Ron had done despicable things to me.
I laughed a little as Harry mock-punched Ron as the latter decided to faint on Fred and George. Before a pillow war could start, Mrs. Weasley came bustling in and shooed Harry to the kitchen where he was made to sit though the ten-course breakfast.

I giggled a little when he tried to get Mrs. Weasley to stop piling food on his plate but all he got was an order to "Eat! You are so thin! Just what have they been feeding you?" before another round of bacon, toast, eggs and beans were topped on his plate. Ron was eyeing Harry's food enviously and as his mother turned around, Harry dumped the entire contents onto a delighted Ron's plate while frantically whispering, "I'm just too full!" Fred and George immediately launched into a chorus of "MOM! Ronniekins is being a bad, bad boy!" I suppressed another giggle as Mrs Weasley turned around and exclaimed, "I knew you were hungry! Don't be shy dear! Have some more,"
And thus the viscous cycle continues.

The only one who wasn't participating in the episode was Ginny, who was seated on the other end of the table, moodily stabbing her beans while she rested her head on her palm. I had half a mind to go up to her, but fearing her withdrawal reactions, stayed put and watched her from the corner of my eye. Her elegant hair was simply hanging limp and her eyes held no life. For a brief second, she looked up and met my stare. Her chocolate eyes blinked slightly before quickly glancing at Harry and then back at me. She bit her lip as her gaze fluttered back to her breakfast and continued to glumly stab at it. A wave of guilt flooded me as I watched her.

Of course. Her actions, her sudden withdrawal was because of Harry.
She must have been already heart-broken when Harry and I went out; I was just too blind to realize.
It suddenly made sense why the normally carefree girl would study so hard the past few months before her O.W.L.S. It was the perfect reason for distraction and now that it's over, the mood swings take over. I glanced over at Harry.
I definitely liked him. He's nice, kind, sweet and really thoughtful. But… did I like him as much as Ginny?

I excused myself from the table and trudged back to Ron's room.
I let my thoughts wander as I stared out at the lush greenery and the twittering birds. They dove from tree to tree, flying about, pulling stunts and playing with the others. I let a slow, sorrowful smile appear on my face as I fervently wished a single, simple wish.


AuthorsNote: Nyahahaha. Just what is she wishing for? & please don’t tell me you’re asleep. The review box needs you!
Alrighty, heartbreaking day comes in the next chapter. I’m titling it, “Pandora’s Box I” and no, I don’t think it’ll be the last chapter. Well, as far as I'm concerned, anyway.

Wondering where I got the amazing chapter image? Props to the fantastic Anabelle Strik from The Dark Arts!

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