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After auditions for ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ had concluded, Hogwarts hung in a highly contagious state of anticipation and immense worry. The results of this were not at all good, and were highly similar to the stress that exams inevitably brought, sweeping over the students like a deathly disease.

Dozens upon dozens of students had already been sent to Madam Pomphrey to have their nerves calmed. And, on top of the attacks on the hallways, the Hospital Wing was becoming incredibly full, bad news for the students needing occupancy. Ron had already been sent to the Hospital Wing three times, twice by Professor McGonagall and once forced there by a very aggravated Hermione. Hermione herself had been taken there once as well, after someone had asked her what Transfiguration homework had been assigned. She had immediately begun to sob furiously into her Arithmancy essay, flinging the textbook across the room, screaming, “Mind your own ruddy business!!!!”

It had been nearly two weeks since the auditions had concluded, and there was still no casting list posted, and not even a whisper of what the director had decided. The wait was nearly unbearable.

But if the boys were taking the wait hard, the girls were taking it ten times worse. At least a dozen girls had been escorted to the Hospital Wing due to several extremely nasty jinxes and hexes, some of the side-effects of which including legs sprouting out of incorrect places of the body (most commonly the head), Permanent Sticking Charms cast on various objects and subsequently stuck to the victim’s forehead, and a Bat-Bogey Hex.

Hermione and Ginny were complete piles of nerves, as was Ron. Ginny’s tryout had, according to her gone ‘fairly well’, but she wasn’t completely satisfied with her performance. “I’m pretty sure I misread the music she gave me. I think I sung a few A flat’s as A’s….” Both girls completely psycho-analyzed their auditions, talking about notes that they hadn’t hit and whether anyone else had performed better. But Ron, however, was not in the mood to talk calmly and openly about anything, much less his tryout.

The only time he had ever talked about was about a half-hour after it occurred, and he wasn’t at all happy about the outcome. “She just looked at me,” Ron related to Hermione, Ginny, and Harry, head in his hands, “and said, ‘Are you just going to stand there all day or sing?” Then she told me to sing my bit of ‘All I Ask of You’. She didn’t seem to like that, so I thought she’d sent me away. I started to go, but then she stopped me.

“She told me to sing ‘Music of the Night’. I told her, “I’m not trying out for that part; I haven’t practiced that song.” But she ignored me and just started up that blasted piano. I tried, but I don’t think she liked that either. She told me to ‘look at the cast list, dear’ and sent me away. I’m a failure!”

“Ron, I’m sure you did just fine,” Hermione told him, putting her arm around his shoulder and pecking him on the cheek. “She let you sing more than one song, didn’t she? She dismissed all the other guys after only a few bars of one song. You’re bound to get cast.”

Ron muttered something along the lines of, “wouldn’t be so cheery if it was you, would you be?”, got up, and stomped up the dormitory stairs, hitting each with what seemed to be the strongest and loudest force he could muster. By the time he reached the third flight, all the huddled groups of girls were looking in the direction of the noise, startled looks fixed on their faces.

It was hard to decide which was more irritating: Ron’s constant grumpiness or Harry’s unshakable indifference about the whole thing. Even Luna Lovegood was more uptight about it than Harry was. “I don’t care,” Harry said all too often, whenever Ginny would ask him. “The less time I’m in the spotlight, the better, as far as I’m concerned. And during rehearsals, Dumbledore and I can go looking for horcruxes without attracting too much attention. It’s a win-win thing. I don’t really care.” Ginny crossed her arms across her chest indignantly, and Harry hastily added, “But I really think you’ll get your part; I can’t wait to see you perform!”

Hermione and Ginny couldn’t wait for the cast list to go up, especially since it seemed to really strain their relationships with the boys, and this was especially so for Hermione. Ron had become a bit more tolerable, though every time the production was mentioned, he seemed to tense up considerably and break whatever he happened to be holding at the time. But, maybe even worse was that even the smallest of disturbances really angered him. He had bellowed at a first year for breathing “far louder than necessary” and had attempted to give him a week’s worth of detentions. He was all around bitter and cranky.

Hermione desperately hoped that the director would post the cast list up soon, because, if she didn’t, Hermione didn’t know if she and Ron’s relationship could bear the tension much longer….


Two days later, Ginny and Hermione sauntered down the hallway, on their way to the common room for the night, making no attempt to conceal their pronounced yawns. The girls had just spent three hours in the library, Ginny studying for her Arithmancy exam and Hermione preparing for her N.E.W.T.S. (after all, it’s never too early to start!), and both girls were now quite exhausted. This was partly due to the dullness of subject matter they were studying (even Hermione couldn’t deny it) and sleep deprivation, caused by the up-coming production. Both were looking forward to reaching the common room and the comfort of their feather-soft beds….

Just as Hermione was about to let out yet another large yawn, Pavarti Patil came zooming past. She was running so quickly that they wouldn’t have noticed her had she not been bellowing, at the top of her breath, “Lavender, the cast list’s up! Lavander!!! It’s UP!”

The girls looked at each other for only a split second, but both automatically knew what needed to be done. They went into a full-on sprint towards the common room. Though their location had been three floors from the common room, neither girl was the least bit tired; adrenaline fired them.

Gasping heavily for breath, faces flushed, the girls reached the portrait hole and screamed the password at the Fat Lady, the sudden noise causing her to fall off of her stool. “Would it kill you to say please? Or to keep your voices down a bit?” asked the Fat Lady in a huff, straightening herself. Giving the girls a dirty look, she reluctantly allowed them entry.

The common room was unusually empty and rightfully so: it was supper time. Hermione was increasingly glad that they had decided to skip dinner to devote to their studies as the girls approached the notice board. There, large enough that it was covering everything else— notices of the next Hogsmead dates, several lost notices and an assortment of other rickrack—was the casting list. It was printed on plum purple paper, the white, bold lettering flashing brightly every so often. The very top-most part of the list read:

The cast for the Hogwart’s production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, to be performed on February twentieth through the twenty-ninth, is as follows:

Hermione could hardly dare to read on. But, though she was shaking all over, she did.

Christine Daae- Hermione Granger

Hermione felt a well of excitement rise up inside her. She’d made it; she really had!!! She looked at Ginny, expecting to be congratulated, or at least to receive some sort of acknowledgment from her, but there was none. Ginny only continued to gaze open-mouthed and wide-eyed, as though in a trance, at the bulletin board.

Hermione looked, puzzled, at the remainder of the notice, and saw all at once what Ginny was gawking at. She herself felt her own jaw drop as she read it again and again, a heavy pounding filling her ears.

Right at that moment, Ron, Harry, and several other students, most of them first or second years, entered the room. Ron--still eating a buttered dinner roll—and Harry spotted Hermione and Ginny almost straight away and proceeded to the other end of the common room to greet them.

“Hermione, Ginny, where were you; we missed you at din—what are you two gawking at?” Ron asked, looking at them quite quizzically. Ginny had the sense to point to the notice, something Hermione didn’t have the capability to achieve at the moment.

Ron and Harry read the notice, and when they reached the offending lines, they had amazingly similar reactions. “Bloody hell…,” Ron muttered under his breath.

It suddenly looked as though this year at Hogwarts would be anything but relaxing…

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