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A/N: As you can tell it's basically the same story just toned down a bit

            Megan woke up and she was no longer in Draco’s arms. He had gotten up to buy something from the trolley; she looked over to Harry and Hermione and sneered. She sat up and fixed her hair. Draco turned around smiled.

“Bout time you woke up. I was so bored, chocolate frog?” He said as he sat next to her. She declined his offer and unzipped her green and black hoodie revealing her black t-shirt. He kissed her on her cheek and then opened up his chocolate frog box. She glared at Harry and Hermione as she turned to Draco, who now had chocolate on his face. She frowned and took out a handkerchief with her initials and the Slytherin snake on it.

“You’re such a dirty boy…” She groaned as she tried to wipe it off his face. He moved away angrily.

“Not as dirty as you think…” He replied as he stuffed another chocolate frog into his mouth. She rolled her eyes and put her handkerchief away.

            Hermione and Harry had been talking the whole time. Pretending that Radcliffe and Malfoy weren’t there, it worked very well. Megan had been asleep for an hour or so and Draco kept quiet for a while. This looked very hard for him. When Radcliffe woke up he had begun to eat. She didn’t say anything to Harry and Hermione, just shot angry looks at them. Until Draco finally finished eating his junk food, they engaged in conversation.

“How is your sister?” Draco asked reluctantly, he knew her sister was a sore subject but he was bored and didn’t know what to talk about. Megan sighed hardly.

“I told you she came to visit this summer. That’s why we couldn’t go see your family as much as we usually would. She brags to my parents about America, and how all of her yank students love her. Then, every five minutes she tells me how big I’m getting. How I’m growing up so fast. So get this, Mum tells her about you. And she’s just so happy for me. She hopes us the best. Sickening…” Megan ranted. Draco shrugged and slouched slightly.

“I didn’t like her when your family came over for dinner that night. She seemed to be always be in a good mood. What was she intoxicated? And she kept telling me that she remembered when I was a baby, like I cared…” Draco began to rant as well. Megan flipped her hair.

“Disgustingly optimistic, I hate it. How can she possibly be a Radcliffe?” Megan added. “And what I hate the most is my parents are so proud of her…” she continued. She looked up into Draco’s gray eyes. He looked into hers. She slightly became pink as her and Draco leaned inward for a kiss but before their lips could touch, they heard an annoyed clearing of a throat. They both glanced over to Harry and Hermione.

“Do you mind?” Hermione said in an annoyed tone. “No…” Megan spat back. “You two could talk all you want while we get off…” She said angrily.

“Honestly have some compassion, not everyone can handle such a sickly sight…” Harry groaned. Megan grew angry and pushed Draco away and muttered “fine”. She laid into down into Draco’s lap as she fell asleep once more.



            The Hogwarts express reached its destination. It had come to a halt. The train ride hadn’t been so bad for Harry and Hermione. But who knew what was to come? Hermione was telling Harry about all the restaurants and all the sights they would go to during the time they were going to stay in London. Professor McGonagall gathered everyone together as she recited the rules and changed their magical money into muggle money. She told them they would be staying at the Open Arms Hotel. She reminded the students not to use a lot of magic on this trip, after all; they would be around an awful lot of muggles. 

            They reached the hotels and assigned the rooms to the students and then the teachers retired to their suites. Hermione dragged her trunk and Radcliffe’s all the way to the room. Radcliffe stood behind and waited her to open the door.

“Well, open it then…” She said impatiently. Hermione sneered and took out the room key and opened the door as she dragged her trunk into the room abandoning Radcliffe’s. Radcliffe groaned and dragged her own trunk in as well. The room was nice and big with a balcony. There were two beds, one blue and one white. There was a television that Megan wouldn’t likely be watching it due to the fact that she despised any Muggle technology. There was large eating table. Next to the white bed which was on the right near the door was another door that led to bathroom, with a shower, and a sink.

            Megan sat on the blue bed, which was nearest to the balcony. She laid back and sighed hardly as if she was tired, but she had slept seventy-five percent of the time they took coming.

“I call first bed-sies” She shouted. Hermione stormed over to her and frowned.

“There is no such thing as first bed-sies; you just made that up…” Hermione corrected with and annoyed expression. “Fine… Which one do you want?” Megan replied she sat up slightly. “I think I’d like… That one…” She said as she pointed at the white bed. Megan gave her a scared look.

“Really that one? Hmmm it’s all yours…” 

“Why what’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing… Have a restful sleep Granger…” She said happily. Hermione grew worried. Megan got up and walked towards her trunk to begin to unpack. Hermione jumped in front of her.

“No really what?”

“What do you mean…?” She replied as she walked into the bathroom with a smug face.

“What did you do to it?” Hermione shouted as she stood in front of the bathroom.

“Nothing…” She said smugly as she poked her head out of the bathroom. Hermione ran to the room door and opened it.

“PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL!!!!!!” She shouted outside of the door. Megan fell to the floor of the bathroom laughing hysterically.


            Draco and Harry had reached their rooms. Draco shoved Harry out of his way and opened the door. The room was the same as Hermione and Megan’s. He decided he needed the bed near the bathroom more than Harry did. He began to unpack his things and throw it onto his bed. Harry took the other bed near the balcony reluctantly and began to unpack his things as well. Draco looked up from his unpacking, noticing that Harry was staring at him.

“What you looking at Potter?” He spat. Harry raised his eye brow, but he was much to tired to argue. He got his bath things and walked to the bathroom.

“I’m washing up first” He said through his teeth as he slammed the door of the bathroom. Draco sat on the bed and picked up the room phone. He removed a small piece of parchment he had written Megan, Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle’s room number on. He knew professor McGonagall had told them how the “phones” in the hotel worked. And Draco thought he was so great, he’d get it right the first time he tried it. He dialed Megan’s room number into the phone. Some one picked up.

“Hello? Is this Megan?” He said. He looked over to his bed and back to his feet. And angry distressed voice spoke.

“No, this is Hermione… Megan is in the shower, and she has been in there for quite some time…” Hermione said furiously. Draco shrugged; he knew Megan had a certain cleaning process. It took her about an hour to bathe.

“Well Granger, tell her I called. And help her with using this muggle-machine. She’s not the brightest sickle in the jar…” He spat as he hung up and kicked his shoes off and spread his legs across his bed. He sighed in relief, thinking to himself. ”A boyfriend’s job is never done…

            Harry walked out of the Bathroom with nothing but a dressing gown on. This not only infuriated Draco but it disgusted him, coughhomophobecough. Draco sat up and sneered at Harry who was gathering his bed clothes so he could change in the bathroom.

“Take your stuff with you next time Potter; I don’t fancy seeing you in nothing but a dressing gown…” He yelled. Harry stayed quiet and stormed into the bathroom again and slammed the door again. Poor Draco he felt a flush coming onto his face. He was scared, that he was beginning to feel rather randy, so he called Megan’s room again.

“Hello is this Megan?” He asked anxiously. The same angry distressed voice was on it.

“No Draco— this is still Hermione…” She said. He cursed under his breath.

“Why the bloody hell do you keep picking up the phone?”

“Why don’t you stop calling you impatient bastard!?” Hermione yelled as she hung up the phone. Draco hung up the as well. Harry came out of the bathroom and threw his clothes that he had changed out of into his trunk. He angrily pulled down cover and climbed into the bed and pulled them over himself. His turned off his bedside lamp and turned towards the sliding doors leading to the balcony. Draco sneered he got off his bed and walked towards Harry’s bed. He turned towards the balcony where Harry was facing. Harry’s eyes were still open.

“What do you want?” he said bitterly. Draco walked closer to Harry’s bed. Harry rolled over to the opposite direction. Draco sneered once again and prepared his things for his shower.

            Hermione sat on her bed with her dressing gown on, hoping she would be in the shower soon. Megan had been in the bathroom for about two hours now. The bathroom door opened, stream filled the air as Megan walked out of the bathroom with her large green towel and a green towel over her hair. Hermione gave her a furious look. Megan had a look of no remorse.

“If you’re going to take so long let me go first!” She spat as she gathered her things and angrily stomped towards the bathroom.

“Oh don’t you know, there’s a rule, purebloods always go first…” She said with a sly smile. She sat on her bed and looked through her trunk for her night clothes.

“Your boyfriend called, you should call back. I was tired of picking up the phone and having to deal with him.” She shouted out of the bathroom.

“Well… Maybe you shouldn’t have picked up the phone, have you?” Megan yelled back. She walked over to the table in between the beds where the phone sat. She didn’t really know what to do she wanted to try but she didn’t want to break it.

“Granger!” she called.

“Leave me alone I’m in the shower!” She shouted back. Megan walked to bathroom door and attempted to open it. The door was locked. Megan went back to where her trunk sat and snatched her wand out of it. She stormed back over to the door and pointed her wand at the knob.

Alohomora!” She shouted, the door slammed open. She saw Hermione’s silhouette behind the shower curtain. She slid the shower curtain open aggressively. Hermione yelled in fear and attempted to cover herself.

“The phone, Granger…” She said angrily. She walked out of the bathroom towards the phone and Hermione followed with a towel over herself. She dialed Draco’s room number and slammed the receiver into Megan’s hand.

“Have some decency for some one’s privacy next time…” She shouted as she ran back into the bathroom.

“Calm down Granger, we all got the same thing. Some are just better looking than others…” She yelled as she held the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” a voice said groggily.

“Is this Draco?” Megan asked in an annoyed manner.

“No, this is Harry. Who is this?” Harry said. Megan rolled her eyes and slouched a bit.

“Where is Draco, Potter?”

“Probably in the shower. I was sleeping you know!”

“So what Potter, he told me to call him…”

“I don’t care. Call in the morning or something. Bloody hell Radcliffe!”

“Well when he gets out tell him that I went to bed. And when I called I was in a towel…”

“In a towel, what the bloody hell does that have to do with—”

“JUST DO IT!” She cut him off, then slammed down the receiver and got her night clothes on and went to sleep in her bed.


            It was the middle of the night. Granger had gone to bed and Megan was sleeping soundly. A bell rang in Megan’s ears. She tossed and turned due to these annoying sounds. She looked over to alarm clock. And slammed the off button and continued to sleep soundly.

            A knock came to the door that disrupted Megan’s pleasant sleep. “Hermione! Are you up?” a voice that sounded like Ron yelled as they continued to bang on the door. Megan angry and groggily got up and staggered over to the door. She opened the door, Ron and Harry were standing there eagerly waiting for Hermione but their faces changed when they saw Megan.

“Radcliffe? Is that you?” Ron asked with a shocked face. Harry stared upon her with shock as well.

“You look like some one shagged the brains out of you… well what ever was left of them anyway…” Harry added. She became irritated as she rubbed her green eyes and tried to fix her hair.

“What the Bloody hell do you want?” She blurted. She leaned on the side of the door. She was still sort of tired.

“We’re looking for Hermione…” Ron said.

“GRANGER! You have visitors!” She yelled as she walked back over to where her bed was and attempted to sleep. Hermione jumped up in her bed and looked over Harry and Ron.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry guys. Give me Fifteen minutes. How’d this happen? I had the alarm set!” Hermione yelled hurriedly as she tried to get dressed in the bathroom.

“That was you who did that?” Megan asked in an irritated manner.

“Yes as a matter of fact!” She shouted back. Megan found it difficult to get back to sleep. She climbed out of her bed folded her arms and leaned on the wall nearest to the door.

“It was for me!”

“That thing was annoying I turned it off. You weren’t even awake…”

“You should have waked me! I wanted to get to breakfast at a certain time!” She said angrily.

“Pfft, Breakfast is open until noon… It’s nine o’ clock you’re not missing anything…”

She snapped back.

“That’s not the point!” Hermione said, she walked out of the bathroom fully dressed and now approached Megan.

“You should try not be so self centered, everything isn’t always about you!”

“What the bloody hell are you talking about Granger? I’m the most selfless person in this room. For more reasons than one. Just leave me alone and go to your cruddy breakfast…” She said. Hermione frowned and walked towards the door before she closed it Harry said one last thing.

“Oh and Malfoy wants to meet you outside of the hotel at twelve thirty…” He said begrudingly. Hermione slammed the door as Megan got off the wall and walked into the Bathroom to get dressed.


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