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The next day was Sunday and Draco and Hermione so far were spending the day cooped up in their common room. More like Hermione spent her time walking around the common room in a daze, and it was really upsetting Draco. He really didn’t like watching Hermione be so depressed, so he came up with a thought.

“Hermione, I’m going to go out for a bit do you need anything?” Draco asked, Hermione shook heard in reality she didn’t pay attention to what he said. Before Draco left he drank a potion that was in his jean pocket, it was the weekend they didn’t have to wear the school robes.

The night before, Draco had asked his Head of House and Godfather about what was the best thing to do concerning the pheromones. They had come to the conclusion of calming potions, since giving an antidote to the whole female population could ruin his chances with his mate after he found her, if his mate was to take the antidote. So Draco was now forced to take the potion every 3 hours just in case.

Draco walked to the Gryffindor tower, and up to its entrance, the portrait of the Fat Lady. Being a Head gave him the privilege of knowing where every common room was and what their passwords were. He said the password, ‘pride’ and walked in ignoring the look the portrait was giving him.

As soon as he walked in he was met with glares from everyone seated in the common. As soon Draco saw Ron he felt his anger rising but it quickly disappeared, thanks to the calming potion. “What the bloody hell are you doing here, Malfoy?” Ron yelled as soon as he saw his enemy in Gryffindor territory.

“None of your business weasel,” Draco drawled, “now where is your sister?”

“What do you want with MY sister?” Ron asked fuming.

“I already told you weasel none of your business, but if you won’t tell me, then I’ll call her myself,” Draco spat at Ron before he yelled, “Ginerva Molly Weasley.”

A second later he saw a read head walk down to the balcony that separated the girls and boys dorm. She looked at Draco shocked before she spoke, “if it wasn’t for the deep voice I would have thought Hermione was calling me, she is the only one that calls me that other then my mum. But anyways what do want?”

“I think you know Hermione very well and if you remember what happened yesterday I think you would know the reason I am here.”

“So you’re here as a favor to Hermione?”

After Draco nodded in response everyone started at him as if he had grown another head on the spot. Then never thought that the almighty pureblood would do anything for a muggle born or as he would put it mudblood.

“Oh, Ok I get it but what do you want me to do?”

“Come to our common room, bring your things with you, you will most likely be spending the night and don’t forget your potions book when you bring your school things with you, I’ll explain why later.”

“Just give me a minute then.”

“I’ll be waiting outside I can’t stand the looks your house is giving,” Draco said before he walked out.

When she came down with an overnight bag and her school bag Ron got all in her face. “Ginny, you can’t be serious about this?”

“Yes, I am now let me go.”

“I will not let you go; he probably wants you to take your potions book to make a poison so together you can poison Hermione.”

“Oh, honestly Ronald grow up, now if you will excuse me I’m leaving.”

“What do think Harry will say when he finds out?”

“Right now I don’t care what any of you think, because I’m doing this for Hermione,” Ginny said before she just like Draco had done before, left. Walking out she Draco leaning up against a wall. She was amazed that he had actually held his word and waited for her.

“I take it they didn’t take that well, and don’t be surprised that I actually waited, I’m not that bad just ask Hermione if you don’t believe me,” Draco said with a slight smile, he took her bags before he continued, “follow me I’ll explain on the way.”

She was surprised by his actions and followed him thinking that maybe Slytherins weren’t that bad. During the whole walk back to the heads common room, Draco explained his plan to Ginny. He was finally done explaining when they reached the entrance to the common room.

“So you know what you have to do, right?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, talked to Hermione make her get over her depression enough for her to be able to things other then be in a daze. Anything else?”

“Nope that’s it for now. I have to go somewhere but when I get back we’ll see if we can get her to talk about anything that has to do with school or something along those lines, but for now let’s try to get her to talk,” Draco said. He whispered the password and put her bags inside. “There she is, I’ll let you work your magic, and I’ll be back in a few,” he continued before he walked out again.

Draco’s next stop was the Slytherin common room to get Blaise. He knew, that was going to be something easy to do, and Blaise really wouldn’t mind. Blaise wasn't caught up in the whole pureblood, muggle-born thing so he would have no problem spending the day with Hermione, Ginny and Draco. Draco explained his plan to Blaise but this time it was explained fully. Since he didn’t know Ginny he didn’t know how well he could trust her to he told her only the basic part of his plan to her.

When they arrived to the common room, Draco was happy to see that Ginny had worked her magic and that Hermione was talking enthusiastically with said person. He made their presence known and went over to introduce Blaise to the girls. Draco was glad that Blaise didn’t have a problem with Draco being friends with Hermione. After they were all introduced, Draco pulled Ginny aside. “I was think that for the questions related to school work we ask about Veelas, there is lots of information on them and she is bound know most of it, it would be good for her talk a bit more. Ginny nodded and they went back to sit down with Hermione and Blaise.

Draco’s plan was to get Hermione over her depression of not being friends with Harry and Ron anymore by talking to Ginny. He also thought that it would be good for Hermione to make a new friend, so he found no problem in introducing is two best friends to each other. In his opinion this was also good for Blaise since he was a quiet person so it wouldn’t be bad for him to make new friends. It would help Ginny realize that Slytherins really weren’t that bad. And he would ask Hermione about something that she had knowledge of to get her to be her old intellectual self. By asking her about Veelas would help Draco; of course this was the part that Ginny didn’t know about since she didn’t know that Draco was a Veela. In the end they would all end up gaining from the experience.

After Draco and Ginny had sat down a thought came to the latter’s mind.

“Um, Draco you never told me why I had to bring my potions book?” Ginny asked nervously.

“I was talking with Snape and he mentioned that you had been moved up to the seventh year potions class, since you excelled all other sixth years, and I know for a fact that tomorrow morning our first class is potions and your in it,” Draco said as if it wasn’t important.

“Really,” Hermione and Ginny said together. After Draco confirmed it, Hermione enveloped Ginny in a hug, “Oh Gin I can’t believe you’re going to be in the same class as me,” she said.

“Um, Hermione, can I ask you something?”

“Sure Draco,” said Hermione after she finished hugging Ginny. Hermione was much happier now completely forgetting why she had been depressed.

“Do you know anything about Veelas?”

“I know lots of things about them, but why do you ask?”

“Blaise and I were doing some research but couldn’t find much. All we know is how they attract the opposite sex, their possessiveness, that they have 2 months after they turn vela to mark their mate, and their heightened senses but that’s about it.”

“Well there is a lot more to it. After a Veela finds out who their mate is they can communicate telepathically with them. At the beginning you need a lot of concentration to do that but then the closer they get the easier it becomes, after the marking there isn’t any resistance it’s as if they were communicating telepathically all the time that’s how easy it becomes. Also Veelas are very dependent on their mate. If their mate was to die the Veela would die and vice-versa, so if a Veela’s mate is sad or in pain or whatever the Veela’s mate feels the Veela feels, so Veelas spend all their time caring for their mate and treasure them very much, to a Veela their mate is like a God or Goddess. Also a Veelas mate is actually someone who the person has a secret liking for, the Veela in the person feeds off of this when looking for a mate. The bonding ceremony has to be done before the veela’s eighteenth birthday. Another thing is that during the bonding ceremony you are guaranteed that the female will become pregnant. If there is enough love between the two people without the pheromones intoxicating the mate, and the veela truly showing all their emotions the female can become pregnant with multiples like twins and triplets and that sort, that’s actually all I know other than the information you already have,” Hermione finished saying taking a deep breath, her companions simply fascinated by all the veela facts.

After the topic had moved on from Veelas it was has if the four of them had been friends forever. They spent the rest of the night talking about different things and even turned the common room into a home theater and watched movies until they fell asleep.

The next day was sort of a blur for Draco. His senses had finally finished developing and he was glad and mad at the same time. He was glad that they were finally developed but hated the fact that he was already being intoxicated by a smell. He remember what Snape told him that the scent that attracted him was that of his mate, and draco thought it was a bit soon for him to start hi search.

The scent entranced him at breakfast. It was the smell of vanilla sugar and berries. He couldn’t decipher who it was because there were too many girls in the great hall for him to know who. When he smelled it during a class he felt relieved that his mate was someone is age and not some first year. He even smelled it in the hallways. When he was doing his patrol with Hermione he smelled the scent again, but shrugged off the thought that Hermione could be his mate and that it was only the smell that had stayed behind when his mate had walked the halls. After a whole day of smelling that sweet scent he wasn’t angry anymore, he just wanted to know who it was so he could hold them. But the biggest shock came when he hugged Hermione goodnight. She went to kiss him goodnight on his cheek he sniffed her hair and the sweet scent that he had smelled all day was her scent.

The next day in potions he was dieing to tell Blaise. But couldn’t find the time because he kept staring at Hermione longingly, he had completely forgotten about the potion he was to make with Blaise. It was an Aging Potion and very hard to make. He had partnered up with blaise and sat behind Hermione that was working with Ginny, staring at the back of her. He was dieing to run his fingers through her hair and had to stop himself more than once. He finally realized he was in class when he heard a big explosion. He looked around and saw that it was Neville’s potion which had exploded. The whole class was staring at the effect the potion had. Then all you heard was someone yelling…


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