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I had changed I know that. Gone was the innocent bookworm. I still remember how it all started, my mother was killed by the evil that plaughed this world and cruel fate had granted me a father who couldn't cope. I imagine that he found some cold retribution in the fact that he controlled someone. Though the night he took away my innocence was the last he ever touched me. I still have the scars, oh I could have taken them away with magic but I needed to remember what I had gone through I needed to beable to justify my means, to reasure myself.

It has been a week since I have run away from my personal hell. Away from my father I was allowed to change, my hair dyed midnight black by my own wand falling gently to my waist. A peirced tounge along with my eyebrow changed my face.

I marred my once flawless skin with a tattoo, finally deciding on a black rose, carefully defined thorns throughout curving around my navel. The only clothes to grace my skin were black. If you ever saw me you would say gothic, or even in mourning. But no I would describe it as . . . trapped.

Changing into low-rise black jeans along with similary colored boots and a black shirt that only had one sleeve, the other side baring my shoulder where you could see the beginning of a scar, I left for Hogwarts.

No one recognized me, I have been walking the corridor for twenty minutes due to being early and none could have guessed. Maybe it was my new look or the dark green emerald snake curled around my waste reaching six feet length wise, but I was freed of the stares of recognition. I smirked to myself and entered the compartment which contained Harry and Ron. Only to find Malfoy had beat me to it.

As I heard the door opened I looked up to find a darkly alluring beauty standing there smirking, stroking the snake that was curled around her. "What," said Weasley, "come to help your ferret buddy!" Surprisingly she only smiled, although it held no mirth. "After all these years? Tsk Tsk Ronald." Granger! That was Granger? It seemed that others had my opnion. "Hermione? What did you do to yourself?" He asked incredicuesly. "I changed Weasley." she replied coldly. Potter and Weasley both spluttered until I offered my hand which she took, leading her to the heads compartment. Once we got there she bluntly asked who started it, I replied truthfully saying that they pulled me in, but that I did get a couple of insults in. She smilled while faintly tracing a scar on her wrist. "Tell me Malfoy." she asked in a monotone, "Do you know what it's like to die inside?" Shocked I whispered 'yes' before she nodded and turned to the window.

Looking out at the familar seenery I silently communicated with Lann, my snake. I had gotten him right after the death of my mother, seeking a companion. I had found him in a store in Knockturn Alley, the owner had said that he would choose his owner not the other way around due to special circumstances. I had discovered that I could have silent conversations within the sanctum of my mind, he would also attack any harboring ill thoughts toward me and warn me of danger. He was also highly intelligent and could live centuries, only being twenty-one he had a long way to go.


'Yes Mistress.'

'Why are humans so ignorant?'

'Ah, you are talking about the two who betrayed you. Yes I believe it is there nature to ignore what they cannot comprehend and assume what they believe is true.'

I sighed, until seeing the confused look on Malfoys' face it changed into a slight smirk.

'I think I threw him off with that last comment.'

'Yes Mistress, I would think so. Not many who have held a rather sheltered would say such a thing and I believe young Mister Malfoy thought of you as having that life.'

'Well I did, for an amount of time. I thought he did too until I learned of the expextations in Death-Eater families.'


'They are marked at birth, at least mentally. Tortured for hesitating in following the dark. And killed for betraying it. If he had not acted the way he did, most likely multiple Cruicio's would have been the result.'

'Why would somone do such a thing' Lann thought sounding agahst.

'To install a fear and prepare them to follow someone that will be tan times worse. I've even heard of a saying among the Death-Eaters, 'To be evil is to live', I wonder what genius thought that up.'

'Intresting veiw piont.'

'Indeed. Lann would it be okay if I went now, I'm beginning to have a headache.'

'Certainly Mistress. Goodbye.'


Muttering in Italian, a language I had learned to better help me in Latan and eventually adapted as my favorite language, I picked up my uniform to go to the bathroom leaving Malfoy with Lann.

Gazing into the mirror, the first time I had in days', I studied my reflection. Slim, but not too skinny. I had thought that starving myself would do no good. After all, how was I to get my revenge if I did not have the strength to fight. My eyes were lined black, intensifying the darkness of my eyes and bringing out the natural blackness of my eyelashes. I only ever had one earing in my piercings, always the same one. A simple silver stud in each which I had gained from my mothers attacker, who had stupidly left a silver coin with my mother, dismissing the common thought of werewolves due to her ravaged body. They were a reminder of what I had to do.

Re-entering the compartment I sat down, placing Lann on my lap and preparing myself for the responses I was sure to get from the school.

Welcome to hell.

Author Note: Well what do you think? Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I wrote this staying awake on coffee, determined to finish this chapter. Review please! Is there anything you would like me to consider for later chapters? And yes Malfoy is still evil, as is Hermione now, just not following Voldy. Would anyone like to make me a banner!?!

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