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Chapter Five

Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face?
Do you realize we're floating in space?
Do you realize that happiness makes you cry?
Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die ...

She was touching him there-oh so well. He couldn’t help himself; he moaned in encouragement, egging her on with his voice and hurried hands. Burying one of them in her hair whilst the other gripped her waist-this was everything he’d wanted.

His eyes closed, he smiled enigmatically-almost intrigued by her movements. Every move she made, was perfectly adapted with his. Lifting his body slightly from the bed to allow her some more room (for breathing and whatever else was necessary), he emitted a sigh of satisfaction to how well she arched up in order to have his lips still firmly pressed against her own pair.

“Mmm … ” her voice went on-in between heated kisses.

Not once did he even open his eyes to make sure what was happening was real. He didn’t need to. She was doing a great job.

“James,” she moaned quietly, whimpering soon afterwards as he left her lips and continued down her chin, clouding light butterfly kisses across her neck whilst listening to her praise of approval. “Oooh-don’t stop.”

He smirked. “Don’t worry,” he whispered against her skin. “I don’t intend to.”

Opening his eyes for the sparingly moments in which he wanted a peak at her collarbone, he breathed in her scent. She smelled vaguely of fuchsia-a floral scent that had his mind watering with desire. Or was it his erection that was watering? Either way-he wasn’t going anywhere.

Or so he thought.

“You smell so nice,” he said huskily under his breath, slowly moving back up to her lips. His eyes had yet to shut, fortunately. “So … perfect … Li-”

And that’s where he stopped-mid-sentence. And thank Merlin for that, he thought, staring right into the face of Marlene McKinnon; his girlfriend. She had her eyes shut, and hadn’t appeared to notice his slight slip-up. But his train of thought had now crashed, and he wasn’t able to concentrate on the body before him.

The only thing he knew at the moment was that he was in deep, deep shit.

He didn’t even know he’d said the profanity right out loud, if it weren’t for Marlene’s eyes snapping open and on up to meet his own pair. The confusion in them just about matched what James was feeling.

“Uh,” he stammered, unsure of how he was supposed to get out of there. “I … I kind of have to go, Marlene-sorry. I kind of … forgot I had to do something else.” No need to explain he’d just stood the Head Girl up.

His girlfriend’s expression altered into that of incredulous ferocity. “Oh, James,” she started, her tone picking up at one of whining. She didn’t get too far as he heaved himself up-struggling to get off her, and instead on his own two feet, thank you very much.

“Can we … ” he trailed off, breathing heavily-due to their heavy activity just a moment ago. “Could we maybe continue this another time? Look-” he motioned over to the clock next to the bed. “It’s already getting late.” And I need to go talk to Lily right now-because I thought she was you for a moment there.

After the explanation, it seemed to be enough for Marlene, and she rolled her eyes, coming to stand right across from him with a silly expression. Bringing her cheek slightly closer to James, she waited expectantly.

He grinned-in spite of what his legs were urging him to do (which was run)-and pressed a soft kiss gently against the warm skin. He then noticed that her scent was of cinnamon … maybe even peppermint. But it wasn’t floral … like he had thought. Only one person could smell like that to his nose. And he had to go find that someone right now!

Making it out of Marlene’s bed already, he left her in the empty Seventh Year Girls’ Dormitory quickly, not even having the chance to wonder where the rest of the girls were.


He was supposed to meet her right after dinner-it was now almost ten-two flaming hours after dinner! He was so dead, he knew it. The one time he’d finally gotten the Head Girl to agree to some sort of meeting-covered with professional talk-and he had blown it. He wouldn’t be half surprised if she had jinxed the portrait so it wouldn’t let him in.

Evans was easily angered-this much he knew very well. He knew her-obvious enough.

It took him mere seconds to make it out of Gryffindor Tower and up the Main Staircase to where the Heads’ Tower was located. It was only by some miracle he had gained the Head Boy titled and was entitled to seeing Lily freaking Evans so much. However-he knew she did her best to avoid ever having to do with him.

He was only starting to realize just how much of a pain it was being for her to deal with him. And him having stood her up already, it wasn’t showing a way of a promising future with her. Not that he expected one … like that. Marlene was for that-right.

Sometimes he wondered to himself why he gave that girl the time of day. Then he kept telling himself-it was to keep his mind off of Lily.


When James made it into the Head Common Room (after a long, convincing talk with Vivicia the mermaid, about how that lipstick mark had gotten to his forehead), he was the least bit appalled to see it empty-only for the burning fireplace still edging away. He groaned, upset with himself now. The one chance had had, for crying out loud!

He didn’t even know if Lily had fallen asleep already. He didn’t know her sleeping habits-although he had to admit, it didn’t look like she was receiving much of the beauty sleep, since she’d looked so … bushed today. Usually like how he woke up after a hangover.

Wait a minute.

Would Lily-no! She wasn’t the type.

Little miss perfect wouldn’t go near a bottle of firewhiskey-not in her wildest dreams.

Then why was he suddenly starting to worry?

Plopping down on the couch, he sighed out his obvious exasperation. There was no use knocking on her door-unless he really wanted to be yelled at. And there was no point in going back to Marlene. He wasn’t clingy, for your information.

Perhaps he needed to relax. Go for a fly-maybe?

He looked towards the wall to his right, knowing the window there showed the perfect view of the Quidditch Pitch. But the only thing he could really see was the moon. Too soon there was a bracing thought curving at his mind. Tonight might have been restless-but tomorrow, he and the boys were going to have a better one. That is, if he managed to get the irresistible Lily Evans off his mind for a couple hours-Merlin forbid.


It was another dream that overtook her that night-in which she had finally found an unconscious state of being. She was starting to consider them nightmares by now though.

She woke up to the sound of silence. It didn’t feel so nice, now that she thought about it. This time, last week, she was so used to the peaceful quiet-she called it bliss. Now she contemplated on whether calling it loneliness or annoyance.

She’d been troubled for such a long time, she didn’t even know it was past noon once she glanced towards the clock. Eyes wide in alarm, it hadn’t been anything she would have expected … just ever. The Head Girl-what sort of impression was she giving the staff, and the students at that! They seeked out their guidance from her, and here she was, sleeping in.

Jumping out of bed, it didn’t take long for her to get ready. Why, she didn’t need much-not like those Gryffindor girls, Jessica Brown and Mariah Clooney. All Lily needed was a splash of water and clothing. Since her hair was worse in the morning, all she really could do with it was shove it in a pony-tail; which is exactly what she did as she rushed out of her bedroom door.

She’d been going so quick of a speed, she didn’t even notice there being someone in her path. And as she bumped into them with an aghast expression, her eyes flicked up only to be met with the sight of her friend-not Potter.

“Marlene,” the Head Girl breathed, out of breath as she lowered her hands to tug at her shirt. What with it being the weekend, she took advantage of it for being the only days where students could dress the way they wished. Being a muggle, she could very well flaunt it, I assure you. “What are you doing here?” she asked, forcing a smile and laugh all at the same time.

“Oh, you know.” The brunette shrugged her shoulders casually-as if it were obvious. “Just waiting for James. What about you? I didn’t see you at lunch,” she quipped in a teasing tone.

Prepared to blush, Lily cleared her throat and swallowed down the nerves eating away at her mind. “I slept in,” she admitted, pulling a face of embarrassment. Since she was always the early bird of the group, neither of her friends would have imagined her to make do with such reckless behavior. She was changing so fast these days-her Seventh Year was just as well cursed.

Marlene opened her mouth to comment, but she wasn’t able to say a thing.

“Mary?” a thick, male voice with the usual British accent inquired. (Lily cringed.) “Who are you talking to?” James questioned, popping out from his bedroom as he pulled a shirt over his particularly naked chest. Lily had to force her gaze away, willing to speculate if he was as gorgeous there as he was up at talking level.

Oh, my giddy aunt, stop it! She scolded herself. These days, it was all part of her daily routine:

See James Potter, fall apart, stare at him, basically tell him to get lost, then beat herself up.

So much fun-really. In fact, it was beginning to tire her. She was sick of having to walk away when Potter was in close distance-and it was only the third day for these unbelievable feelings. Just imagine how she’d fall apart when the end of term rolled on by. It seemed so far away for her.

“Oh-I see,” he seemed to muse, once spotting the Head Girl. Instead of feeling the anger she’d felt last night, she felt out of place. So evidently indeed, she just had to get out there. This was their courting-not hers.

“I’ll just … ” she trailed off; James seemed to tell what she was thinking. Or something made him speak.

“Marlene,” he said, his voice just as cheerful as Lily was miserable, “could you let us talk for a second? It’s about Head business, sorry,” he added, and then smiled slightly as his girlfriend nodded her head in understanding. She headed out towards the portrait right after she gave Lily a playful shove. The Head Girl was putting on the happy façade pretty well, might I add.

When she was out of earshot (and the Common Room), Potter continued-well in privacy now. “Listen, Evans-about last night-I didn’t mean to keep you up waiting-I just-”

But Lily wasn’t having any of that. She suddenly did feel angry. “Had better things to do,” she finished for him, glaring.

James didn’t appear to be waiting for her to pick another fight. Although this one really was his doing-entirely.

“No-that’s not it!” the Head Boy argued, shoving his hands inside his cloak pockets and looking towards the ceiling, as if an explanation were written there. He knew he needed to apologize. But Lily was going to smack it to the ground, with expertise. “I lost track of the time-and I was with Marlene-and then I got back-but you were already asleep.”

He didn’t know how much his words stung. She knew he had been with Marlene, but hearing it from his very mouth was even worse. She nodded stubbornly, crossing her arms against her chest-trying to keep some of her cool.

“Yeah-I know, lover boy,” she retorted. If there wasn’t the emblem of Gryffindor House marked on her cloak-you’d think she was Slytherin material right about now, with the sneer she had going on. “There’s no need to explain,” Lily insisted, waving her hand carelessly, looking away from him again for all the good it would do her. “I’ve really had enough of your reckless behavior-so if you’re ready to discuss the ball details with me this century, I can very well do it myself. Thank you so much for your time, Potter,” she ended loudly, before turning on her heel and storming out of the Common Room and away from the one boy she’d never be able to be civilized with. (Only in her dreams. Literally.)


“What was that all about?” Marlene asked James just as he walked out from the portrait hole with what appeared to be a grim frown.

“Nothing,” he replied, watching the Head Girl saunter off in the opposing direction-not the one he was supposed to take with Marlene. “Just Evans … being Evans.”

The brunette sighed. Taking hold of James’ arm, she led him towards the Main Staircase, although he carefully did tug his hand from her grip, but smiled to show there was no hard feelings. Marlene seemed to accept it-for now.

“You shouldn’t be so hard on her,” Marlene said about her friend finally, as they started down the steps. “She’s just so focused on her duties as Head Girl-she doesn’t know which way is which-or who is who!” she declared with a light laugh. “She’s just having a bad day,” she reassured James, looking up at him with a grin that brought her dimples to life, before she turned away from him to watch her step.

James sighed inwardly, hesitantly following her-telling himself it was not the best thing to do if he were to go after the Head Girl. But he allowed himself another thought. “More like a bad decade,” he added under her breath, regretting having let the girl go-when she really needed a reality check.


Emmeline was watching her friend eat lunch with a goofy smile on her face. As she speculated her friend, observing the way she chewed and swallowed so slowly, as if she had all day to eat one meal, she couldn’t figure out what exactly was the matter with the red-head.

Once she saw her friend’s studying gaze lingering on her from the corner of her eye, she flickered her eyes upward, arching a brow questioningly. “What?” she asked after a moment, when Emmeline didn’t say anything.

The blonde shrugged her shoulders, although she still appeared bemused. “Nothing, nothing-You’re just … ” Emmeline racked her brain for the right word. “ … ‘different’ today.”

Lily took another bite out of her peach cobbler, before taking a long drink from her pumpkin juice goblet-and then choosing to find an answer to her friend’s surveillance.

“Sleep,” she mumbled. “That’s it-I had too much of it last night-today.” She rolled her eyes, then glanced back down to her almost-empty plate, so she wouldn’t give her friend a better view in figuring just what was up with her.

Nodding her head slowly, Emmeline was buying it-for now, Lily added silently to herself. Her friend really was smarter than what she gave credit for. She would have had it all in the bag right now if it weren’t for her profusely composed face. Those summers she suffered with her stubborn sister, Petunia, really did live up to something right now-thank God.

“Do you have any plans tonight?” the red-head asked, looking for the absolute change in subject. She pushed her empty plate closer to the middle of the table, then took a heavy gulp of juice to keep it all down; she’d eaten too much already.

Emmeline arched a brow-looking intrigued. “No; why-do you?” she replied, cocking her head to one side.

“Not exactly.”

“Want to see if Marlene is ‘free’?” Emmeline said, giggling slightly. “I think she has him around her lovely little finger-wouldn’t you agree?” She seemed to be looking beyond Lily’s shoulder. Tentatively, the Head Girl followed her friend’s gaze, only to be met with the sight of two lovebirds, seated so far apart, you’d have to be in on the gossip to be positive. James’ gang of marauders seemed to be around the couple, and it appeared to be that Sirius had said something funny, having Marlene laugh exuberantly.

Lily almost grimaced. Then her eyes caught Potter’s gaze, and sheepishly found him staring right back. Looking away and back towards Emmeline, she shrugged her shoulders. “Yeah,” she mumbled quietly. “We can ask her,” she said in a defeated tone, slowly falling into the trap of having to find out Marlene’s plans-which meant she’d have to get an idea of James’ as well. And she didn’t want that.

It was enough seeing him so early in the morning. Oh, and having to share the bathroom with him, that I sparingly went in there. But at night, the only thing she needed was a good sleep. Night was supposed to be my time.

That surprisingly always ended up presenting him-the one and only-in her dreams.

Hmm. Go figure.


Turns out, Marlene was free-and she glad to be with her two friends. Being the weekend, the girls did just what they would regularly do on a Saturday night. They intended to stay up. They planned to have some laughs. And they had one particular advantage-Lily’s private quarters.

I know what you’re thinking. What about Potter-and his boys?

Well, Lily was relieved to discover that they were booked for the evening. And at that, Potter was even going to grace the Seventh Years Boys’ Dormitory tonight-so no James bloody Potter for one night! A deep talk and slumber party with her best friends certainly was going to be the trick when it came to getting him off her mind.

So they were back to normal now. Lily was thrilled to discover her friend hadn’t changed one bit within the time she spent with Potter. Watching Marlene ruffle up the pillows, she ducked as one was thrown at her. Grinning-finally one that was able to reach her eyes, she too lunged at a pillow, just like Emmeline-with only one target in mind.

Throwing a pillow at Marlene soon turned into a real, thorough pillow-fight, in which all three girls were screaming, in joy that is. Good thing Lily’s room was always put on silence code.

“You know-this is what we needed!” Emmeline shouted over the laughter, as she too melted into a puddle onto the floor, clearly bushed from the jumping around and chasing that had taken place seconds ago.

Both Lily and Marlene nodded their agreement, before the Head Girl took her pillow and shoved it into Emmeline’s face.

“I win,” she declared jokingly, leaning back against the wall.

All three of them just sat there. They didn’t even need to talk-silence was welcome to them. This was the beauty of their relationship; simply hanging out. They didn’t have any secrets from one another. To this day though, Lily was trying to convince herself that that was indeed a fact.

“I am so tired,” Marlene finally said. “I think I should get to-” Her voice was cut off by a yawn. “-bed,” she added, laughing once more. “What about you two?” She stood up, looking down towards the other girls to make sure she wasn’t the only one not up to staying up a second longer.

Hence hearing Emmeline’s own yawn of defeat, Lily didn’t want to be any different.

“I could use the sleep,” Lily insisted, taking a stand too-but only for what she thought was right.

And even as all three of them got settled in-Lily in her bed, and the other two on the floor with warm blankets-the Head Girl couldn’t deny that the show she was putting on tonight was anything more than just that-a show.

So it was really the least bit surprising for her when sleep wouldn’t come. She must have lain in that bed for an hour, watching the clock tick. From the half past eleven her two mates fell asleep, she was still staring at the clock when it was just about near midnight. Groaning mentally, she turned to her other side, which had her looking at the window. Looking out it from where she was perched, Lily sighed. Maybe some stargazing would put her mind to rest.

Gathering herself on up, she made it safely to the window-not tripping over her nightgown, let me tell you. She put most of her weight on her arms as he hands gripped the sill, and she lurched herself forward-as to be thrown outside herself.

She had to admit-she hadn’t just had a nice session with the nighttime in so long, she just about couldn’t tear her eyes away from the brilliant full moon for even a second. Slowly, her gaze fell lower, towards the lake, and then the oak trees. It was in that moment she did a double take; she’d thought she had just seen … someone. Actually, three someones.

“What … the … ” Lily trailed off, not believing her own eyes and luck. Why did she have to be the one to see the troublemakers-which almost meant that she had to go out there and find them herself.

Where the bloody hell was the Head Boy when you needed him!?

Lily absolutely hated the forest, and they were heading awfully near it. Nevertheless, she knew she’d only make it worse if she stalled.

Hesitantly glancing behind her, relief flooded over her features when she double-checked her friends-if they were asleep or not. Thank Merlin they were. So quietly, tip-toeing past them, she hastily grabbed a cloak-a thick one-and made her way out of the bedroom, the tower, and the castle, and into the blistering cold night.


“Keep up!” he shouted back to his friends, picking up his pace.

From behind him, he thought he heard one of them complain-Sirius. Rolling his eyes, he looked up to check the night sky. He knew it was almost midnight, and if they didn’t hurry, they would be too late. Remus was already long gone, yet they didn’t intend on leaving him alone for the night.

Besides, the following hours rang fun in the air. James had been waiting for this all week-and it was finally here. All that stress needed some way out, if you will.

All three boys, the marauders (without the Remus Lupin), charged down the Hogwarts lawn, headed for the whomping willow with only than in mind; that they had to make it there.

“Sirius,” James bellowed again, “I think you’re-”

“I’m what exactly?” came a familiar voice from his right, and the Head Boy glanced towards it with a grin.

“Never mind,” he replied, smirking. “Now try and get Wormtail to catch up-will you?”

The last of the boys, a young and slightly chubby boy with ruffles of blonde hair was left panting behind. Slowly, he managed to find the speed needed to tail his friends, and eventually did catch up like needed. But that was only when they all made it to their final destination.

“All right, Wormtail,” Sirius said cheerfully, going over basic procedure. “You go first then.”

Peter didn’t need to be told twice, and was already morphing into just what had gotten him his nickname. A moment later, a tiny rat sat where he once stood, and both Gryffindors watched as it shuffled under the wild branches, waving so harshly, that they could only cause harm.

As James watched his friend disappear, he turned towards the only one left other than himself and grinned. “Ready, Padfoot?” he said.

“As if you needed to ask,” the teenager opposite him replied, brushing a hand through his unruly long hair and winking. “See you on the other side, Prongs.” And with that, James was looking at a dark and shaggy dog rather than Sirius Black.

He watched the door saunter past where he stood, and he too was going to get right down to business-if it weren’t for the sudden crack of a branch that brought him out of his buoyant trance. Blinking, all frank thoughts left him, as he realized that there was somebody else around.

Whirling about, still as his normal self, the Seventh Year started to panic. What if they’d seen his mates change? What if they knew everything? All James knew was that he needed to find whoever it was-and fast!

“Who’s there?” he shouted, trying to keep his voice even. His attempt wasn’t a complete failure, he concluded as he snatched the wand right out from its pocket. “You better show yourself!” he hissed, eyes roaming across the whole lawn, and then landing on the several bushes to the one side. He started to edge closer to them-warily.

He swallowed thickly, extremely keen on finding the intruder of the time he was supposed to be spending with his mates. He’d have them pay, don’t you worry. “Show yourself, you dirty … ” James trailed off. He didn’t know what to call them, per se. When neither an answer nor any sort of movement came as a reaction, he took at the situation with diabolical force.

“You’re going to be running in seconds if you don’t speak up. Snape, you sniveling bastard-if it’s you, you’re going to be wishing you were-”


A voice came from his right. And it definitely wasn’t one that belonged to Severus Snape-or even a Slytherin, at that. Mouth slightly agape, the Head Boy turned ‘round to face the culprit who had disrupt his time with Sirius and the others.

“Evans,” he greeted briskly, narrowing his eyes. “What the bloody hell are you doing here?” he asked, wanting to get right to the point. “If I remember correctly, you don’t like staying out after curfew.”

“And if I remember clearly, Potter, you certainly do.”

Well, she did have him there. But what right did he have to follow him? To just … stand there. Was she not scared? No sense of self-preservation, huh.

“Get out of here,” he ordered immediately-not only for some privacy, but actually for her own safety.

Lily took that exactly the wrong way. Wrinkling her nose, she stared at him, as he was vermin. “Me?” she said incredulously, then snorted in what was an unlady-like manner-even for her. “Why don’t you!”

He raised a hand, rubbing his temple-post-irritation. “Evans, I don’t have the time to deal with you right now. I have to-”

She cut him off. “Get to your friends? Yes, yes, I know. But I’m not going to let you.” James raised his brows at this, not as intimidated as you think. He was rather enraged. Still, Lily went on. “Gather up your marauders,” she spit the word out as if it were bile, “and get back to the castle, if you know what’s good for you. We’re not supposed to be out here this late!” Lily exclaimed.

James scoffed. “No, Evans-you aren’t supposed to be out this late.” He threw her words right back her. “Now go back before you hurt yourself.”

Eyes wide with outrage-clearly upset at the classification of “prissy, scared girl” he’d given her. Taking a couple steps closer to him, she placed her hands on her hips, showing him that she wasn’t going anywhere.

“I have just as much of a right to be out here as you do-which is none, Potter,” she hissed, now right in front of him. She raised her hand, pointing towards the tree. “Now call your friends so we can leave.”

Potter shook his head. “I will not do that.”

What she didn’t understand was that he actually couldn’t.

“Fine-then I will.”

Before he could make sure he’d heard right, he was watching the Head Girl, the lovely girl of his dreams, walking away from him and to the whomping willow. The thought of her sanity passed him by, and he knew he really had to question it for himself now.

“Are you insane!?” James cried out, rushing to the girl’s side and tugging on her arm stubbornly. “Do you have some sort of death wish, Evans?” It was clearly a rhetorical question.

She set out to ignore him. “Let go, Potter. I know that Black is back there. Call him out,” Lily insisted, her independence still in mind.

She was just being so difficult-not even taking his word for it … that he just blew up.

“They’re not there, Evans, okay?” he muttered, glaring daggers at her.

He looked so angry, the saying ‘if looks could kill … ’ came directly to mind. He had caught her off-guard with his expression and words, that she had basically allowed him to pull her back … a couple of feet. Growling her disapproval, she tried to walk past him again. But James wasn’t going to let the same mistake happen twice.

“It’s just me-so come on; let’s go.” He pulled harder on her arm, she was sure it was going to bruise there. Squinting against the darkness, she wasn’t convinced. But the touch of his hands had confused her for a minute there. As he dragged her along, she mumbled and restrained.

“I saw them. Potter, stop lying!”

Finally, he lost his nerve. Just about to carry her the whole way back, there was a sudden howl (ear-shockingly loud), that had Lily jump three inches out of her skin. Unrepentant as he was, James wasn’t going to let her see any more.

“Evans, you’re being a stubborn arse, alright? So deal with it.” And with that, he had her in his arms. Not in a husband-carrying-wife-onto-threshold-way, but more of a you’re-not-going-to-win-way, which had her thrashing right then and there with complaint.

She couldn’t believe it-what he was doing. Ducking her head slightly, her legs began flailing a second too late. If he didn’t smell so … good … and hold her so close, she might have been able to smack him over the head. But that tactic seemed to be impossible for Lily.

“Potter, I mean it! I’ll-I’ll hurt you! Let go!” she shrieked, feeling her nightgown starting to slip up. Thank Merlin it was nighttime however, which made it harder for James to be the peeping tom he usually was when she-or any girl for that matter-was around. “You-you imbecile!”

It was by some wonder she hadn’t woken up the entire school with her shouting. Not even the Slytherins who were so nearby.

Nonetheless, the Head Boy didn’t appear to be ready to admit defeat; Lily wasn’t going down without a fight though.

As he managed to get her a couple more feet towards the castle, he happened to walk right under a particularly low oak tree. Taking control of the opportunity she finally had, Lily lunged both arms above her head and clutched a dangerously short branch-just thick enough to allow her a pull. Ergo, she sent both James and herself down onto the floor, sprawling into a heap made up with their legs and arms (and muffled voices).

“Lily!” he hissed, not even bothering to control her temper. It also didn’t go unnoticed by her that he’d used her first name for a change.

But the Head Girl was finally on top. Getting to her feet faster, she already had the running distance in getting to the whomping willow before James-and just in time for the show. She didn’t have the time to scream-not even gasp.

A heavy thing-something so dark, Lily couldn’t even identify it for what it was-pushed against her chest, as if falling upon her, sending her back towards the ground quickly. Automatically, she shoved her hands in back of her, as if to prevent her fall from getting any worse. It seemed to prove little help, as she let out a moan of pain hence coming in severe contact with the dewed grass.

“What in Merlin’s name-”

However, she didn’t get to finish that out-loud thought of hers.

James was one step ahead of her this time. Never in his life had he felt so worried-for another being. He fell right down, first next to her, then shifting over and onto her body, shielding it. Facing her way, he caught her gaze before snarling. He wasn’t angry at her-only with himself for not being able to get out.

“See-come on!” he breathed, as if that would simply prove his point.

Lily wasn’t able to comprehend a single word. Dazed beyond belief, the Head Girl didn’t fret in being carted off from there on out. It was pretty much a mystery to her as to how she was getting farther and farther away from the whomping willow-since she wasn’t exactly getting an eyeful of anything else. Then she realized she’d been slung over his shoulder, rather comfortably might I add. She could smell the fragrance coming from his hair so easily.

And her fear soon caught up with her as well. Grasping the thought of some-dark-creature chasing them, her eyes widened and she clutched at the boy’s body, as much as she could attain. In all her seventeen years of existence, she had never been so scared of going outside like this. Even so, she never could understand why she felt more than an ounce of relief for James being there as well.

What happened next must have stunned her completely off balance. If her eyes were wide before, they could give saucers a run for their money.

Right then and there-the black thing running after her-turned into something else; a boy! And not just any boy. If she hadn’t seen it with her own two eyes, she might not have believed it possible.

“Sirius … Black … ” she whispered, unaware how she found her voice. “You … you-animagus.”

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