A/N: i own none of the names, the song is not mine and was written by lily severn.

He watched her from the shadows. From her elegant walk, to her long black hair swishing against her back. She was definitely the one; he thought as he followed her down the hallway. He had watched her for months and was now becoming impatient; he wanted her, now, this very instant; to kiss her perfectly shaped lips, to lay a hand upon that silky cheek. He wanted to hear her sing, to hear the honey sweet melody that waited longingly on her lips; he wanted to be the one to set it free.

Goddess of the night
Unveiling golden voice
Illuminate with light

She stopped at the sound of his voice, much like Christine had that first time. A smile reached his lips at the thought of her, her beautiful voice; the voice he had given her that she had willingly taken with no hesitation. She had not wanted him; she wanted the unmarked man Raoul. Anger surged through him at that mans name, at the mire thought of him taking Christine. No matter, that was long ago. He had come to Hogwarts to find another talented beauty that would not leave him.

The fact that had no choice
Sounds of mind and soul
But marred upon the skin

He stepped from the shadows revealing his tall frame. She gasped as she caught a glimpsed of his porcelain mask. As his voice floated through the corridor she slowly glided towards him.

So acidic and so foul
No purity lies within
Antique face and lullabies

Her hand rises to his cheek, the skin warm to the touch, as her sickly sweet voice weaves around the already sung words, adding her essence to the enchantment. She’s beautiful, even more than I had noticed, her voice makes her glow. He led her into a deserted classroom. Her eyes transfixed; her body lax and comfortable in his grip. His heart filled with emotion, she was giving herself to him, letting him take control. Her body pushed against him as he lead her deeper into the darkness, illuminating the way with there melodic voices and desires.

Hold me in your trance
Ensnare me with your fiery eyes
Lead me in your dance

She heard violins playing faintly, barley audible but there. She could not see anyone else in the… she looked around, no longer in the abandoned classroom, but in a vast ballroom well lit and gleaming. There are no ballrooms in the castle, I should no I helped create it, what kind of magic is this? Where am I? Who is this masked man? The ballroom filled with glowing orbs and candles flickered innocently in candelabras. The violins grew to a crescendo as they danced farther into the room; gracefully they swept across the dance floor knowing the steps without ever dancing them before.

Her cheek is softer than I could ever have imagined, she is so foreign to me. I know nothing of her past, her life, only that she is beautiful and talented. The thought slipped across his mind as they glided and swayed, his hand rising to her pale cheek. Fear stared at him from her eyes, the look of a rabbit caught in the chase. Her heart beat quickly against his chest as they danced close, a feeling familiar and unwanted. She is not ready; I moved to quickly, I have ruined everything.

I will mold you to my melody
And you will fuse your soul to me

The last words were sung leaving the vast room echoing and filled with the music and magic. As the song ended the man in front of her began t fade. The violins became quieter almost unnoticeable. The glow of the room around her began to darken once more into the dark classroom she had never left; the masked man began, once more, to disappear into the shadows from whence he came.

Rowena Ravenclaw woke with a start to find her self safe in her bedroom; the covers twisted around her middle and pillows strewn across the floor. It had all been a dream, that’s it, nothing more. But as she looked over at her bedside table she saw to her amazement and horror that there was a dark red rose lying there with a single black ribbon. It was then that she knew, somewhere, deep in the castle, was a masked man watching her from the shadows.

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