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Chapter 17: A Hard Lesson

The next day passed quickly. Sirius and Jo had been branded one of the best couples Hogwarts had ever seen and neither was ever seen without the other anymore. Remus introduced Amelia to everyone. Sirius realised he had dated for a short time during third year, but thought better of mentioning it to Remus as he was afraid he might kill him.

Not everything that was going on however was good. Over the last few days Lily had been receiving more and more letters like the first one from girls who wanted her to break up with James. She tried not to worry about them but as they came more frequent and more threatening, she began to wonder what would happen. She arrived back in her dormitory after dinner and saw more letters lying on her bed. A small part of her told her to just throw them away, but the much larger part told her to read them. She opened the first one and read it to herself.

Lily Evans,
You have obviously not been taking these warnings seriously. We have been watching you everyday and you seem to still be with James Potter. For the last time LEAVE HIM ALONE! YOU DO NOT DESERVE HIM! If you do not break up with him by tomorrow night you will be sorry. Consider this your final warning.

Head of J.P.F.C.


Lily sighed when she read it. “Of course,” she thought to herself. “The fan club are still after me,” Not all of the letters had been formal ones like this from the Head of the Club, some of them had been from normal students. She picked up the next letter and read it too.



Lily couldn’t read any more. She knew they were all the same, threats, saying she wasn’t good enough for James, telling her to break up with him. She hated getting the letters. She thought a few times about telling James about them, but she wasn’t sure how he would react. She jumped when she heard him at the door.

“Hey Lils! Are you ready?” he asked her.

“For what?” she asked distractedly.

“Rounds. We have to go in a few minutes. Do you want to stop by the Gryffindor common room before we go?” he asked looking at her, worrying slightly about her.

“Oh, yeah sure. Let’s go,” she said getting up and taking his hand before half dragging him out of the room.

“Lily? Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, what would be wrong?” she asked him, though her voice rose a little bit.

“I don’t know? You just seem a bit distracted. Are you feeling ok?” he persisted.

“Yes James, I am fine. I am just a bit tired. I haven’t gotten much sleep this week and it must be catching up on me,” Lily told him yawning. She really was tired, but it had been an excuse to distract James from what was really wrong.

“Do you want to stay in the common room while I do rounds then?” James asked her.

Lily smiled at him. “No, it is ok. I will be fine,” she said though she yawned again. Between thinking about her parents, coming back to school, Petunia’s letter and the threatening letters she was lucky if she was getting even two hours sleep a night.

“Lily you are exhausted. You look like you are about to collapse. You take a break and I will do the rounds myself,” James insisted before they entered the common room. They looked around and saw all their friends sitting together. Sirius and Jo were sharing a seat and didn’t seem to notice two more people had entered the room. Remus and Alice were sitting on the ground doing homework. Peter was no where to be found but James didn’t put much pass on that.

“How long have they been like that?” James asked looking at Sirius and Jo.

“They haven’t stopped since we got here. AND THAT WAS AN HOUR AGO! It is disgusting!” Alice said throwing the couple a revolted look. Lily, James and Remus laughed.

“I thought you were all for this relationship Alice? What happened?” Lily asked her friend grinning at her.

“I am! I just don’t see why they can’t do that privately instead of in front of me. I don’t really need to see it THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” she said raising her voice so Sirius and Jo broke apart and looked at their friends for the first time.

“Prongs mate! When did you get here?” Sirius asked smiling.

“About five minutes ago but you seemed to be too busy to notice!” James said smiling.

“You can’t talk, look at what I had to watch at when you and Evans first started!” Sirius said to him. James looked like he wanted to retaliate but Alice interrupted him.

“Ok, I just had to watch this for the last hour, do you HAVE to discuss it now?” she asked them. “I think we should change the subject. Like asking James and Lily why they are here?” She added looking at the two of them.

“We were going to go do rounds but we decided to come and see you all first,” Lily told them.

“But now the plan has changed. I am going to go and do rounds and Lily is going to stay here with all of you. So take care of her. If I come back and anything is wrong with her I will kill you all, ok? Good, I will be back in about an hour,” James said before kissing Lily and leaving to common room.

“Why aren’t you going Lily?” Remus asked her.

“I was really tired and James said I should take a break,” Lily said with a shrug, but was grateful to James for letting her stay. She really was tired.

“Oh, ok,” Alice said.

“What is wrong?” asked Lily.

“Nothing, I just thought you two were going to use rounds to, you know, be alone,” Alice said trying to hide a smile. “But if you are tired I’m sure James understands,”

Lily smiled at her friend. “Maybe I should go with him. It is after all my responsibility and he shouldn’t have to do it alone. Besides, I’m not really that tired,” she said before jumping up and leaving the common room to find James.


“Ok, this meeting has officially begun,” said a voice. “The emergency meeting of the J.P.F.C. is called to order.” Silence fell in the room. “It has been made clear to me that the letters that we have sent have not had any effect. Evans still feels the need to continue going out with James,” continued the voice.

“It is terrible!” said an angry voice.

“How dare she?” said another.

“I love James!” came a dreamy voice from the back. Outbursts like that were obviously common because no one paid any attention to it.

“Yes it is, and it will be stopped. I think it is time we take some action against our little red head,” said the voice from the front.

“Ohh! What kind of action? Do I finally get to hit her?” asked the voice that had spoken earlier.

“No, I don’t think we should harm her, yet. I do however have something else in mind,”

“Aw! I wanted her to get hurt, even a little. She broke my heart and you are letting her get away with it?” came a new voice.

“No, Evans will pay. But I think this will hurt her more than anything we could ever do,” said the voice again laughing an evil laugh and was soon joined by every girl in the room.


James walked down the silent halls by himself. “This is so boring without Lily,” he thought bitterly while checking class rooms, cupboards and corners for students. He was about to head back to the common room when he heard a noise behind him. “Maybe Lily decided to come?” But he turned to see not Lily, but someone unexpected behind him.

“Chang? What are you doing out? It's after curfew,” he asked her suspiciously.

“Well one of the Ravenclaw prefects was feeling sick so I offered to do her rounds for her,” she told him smiling.

“Oh,” was all James could say, before continuing to walk down the corridor. But Chang wasn’t finished.

“Where is Lily? You two haven’t broken up have you?” she asked him.

“No Lily and I are still going out, she just wasn’t feeling well tonight so I told her to stay,” he told her.

“Oh, that is too bad,” Chang said moving closer to James. “Because I really like you James. Really, really like you,” she continued with a charming smile. James took a step backwards away from her but she just stepped forward again.

“Oh….em….thank you,” James said. She was much too close.

“I don’t think you get it James, I REALLY like you,” she said before taking the last step towards him and kissing him hard on the lips. James tried to push her off put when he stepped back to try and get away he felt his back hit the stone wall.

“OH MY GOD!” shouted a voice from the end of the hall. James blood went cold. He knew that voice anywhere.

“Lily!” he shouted trying to push Chang away.


James summoned all his strength and pushed Chang away from him. She had a satisfied smirk on her face. James pushed her away and ran down the hall after Lily.

“It is too late James. She is gone. You are better off without her!” Chang shouted but he didn’t pay any attention. She however was happy. She had successfully broken the two of them up. “Step one: Complete!” she thought.


Lily walked swiftly down the corridor looking out for James. She laughed to herself thinking of what Alice had said and imagining how disappointed James was she didn’t go with him. She smiled and continued to look for him.

She turned down the Transfiguration corridor and stopped dead in her tracks. She had found James, but he wasn’t alone. She looked at him kissing Chang and wanted to be sick. She couldn’t believe it, she wouldn’t. But then she realised something. “It was CHANG sending those letters!”

“OH MY GOD!” she shouted. She didn’t wait to see what happened next. She shouted at James to stay away from her and then ran as fast as she could back down the corridor but her thoughts were going just as fast.

“Oh no, not again! How could he do this to me? I guess this is why he was so insistent that I stay behind. I wonder how long this has been going on? That evil b***h! I can’t believe I ever gave that evil, conceited, arrogant, big-headed, self-centered, show off, cheating jerk a chance! What was wrong with me? He hasn’t changed one bit. Everything he said, everything he has done, it was all a lie. I can’t believe I thought he actually meant it. Why did I think he had changed? I KNEW this was going to happen! He only wanted me because I was a challenge and used the time when I was most venerable to do it! I can’t believe him!” All these thoughts came rushing at Lily as she ran and tears of anger and heartache came streaming down her cheeks. When she reached the Fat Lady she cried out the password before running inside, tripping on the hem of her robes.

When her friends saw her they all jumped up, even Sirius and Jo. They were all shocked to see the tears running down Lily’s cheeks.

“Lily, what is wrong?” Alice asked worriedly.

“I everything ok?” asked Remus

“What happened?” Jo asked her friend.

“Is James ok?” asked Sirius. They were all wondering what was wrong. Lily who was running towards the staircase stopped at Sirius’ question.

“NEVER mention that name to me EVER AGAIN!” she shouted before turning back and running up the stairs. They all heard the door of the girls room slam shut with great force.

“What the bloody hell was that about?” Sirius asked turning to face the rest of them who looked just as confused as he felt.

“I have no idea but I am going to get an answer out of James as soon as he comes in. Something big obviously happened,” Jo said.

“Well thank you for pointing out the obvious darling,” Sirius said sarcastically but not with his usual cocky smirk. He knew something had gone wrong between the two of them. Jo was about to say something but James burst into the common room at that moment.

“Where……is………Lily?” he panted.

“She is upstairs. She came running in crying and ran up to her room before telling us what happened,” Jo said. “What the hell did you do Potter?”

“I did nothing. Lily came down the Transfiguration corridor and got the wrong idea,” James said sitting down. He put his head into his hands and sighed.

“What were you doing that she ‘got the wrong idea’?” asked Remus. “Tell us what happened Prongs,”

“Ok. Well, I was doing rounds and I was walking along the Transfiguration corridor and Katie Chang came up to me,” James started.

“Oh no!” said Jo and Alice together. They knew where this was going.

“She came up to me and told me she was covering for a Ravenclaw prefect that was sick. Then she started coming closer to me and telling me how much she liked me. Then….Then she kissed me,” James said putting his head back into his hands.

“Did Lily see?” Remus asked.

“Yeah, she was at the end of the corridor. I heard her shouting and I ran after her. What am I going to do guys? She said she never wants to see me again!” James asked his friends with tears in his eyes.

“Well, Prongs mate, it kind of looked to Lily that you were cheating on her. She isn’t likely to be very happy about that,” Sirius said but Jo hit him hard on the shoulder to get him to shut up.

“But he's right! Lily thinks I am cheating on her with Chang! She hates me now! What am I going to do?” he pleaded. Alice looked at him sadly. No matter what anyone said to Lily it was going to be hard to convince her that James was not cheating on her. She could be very stubborn even when it was obvious James loved her.

“Oh James! I don’t know what you are going to do. You are going to have to talk to her. But maybe you should leave it for a day. She is pretty upset right now if how she came in is any indication,” Alice told him.

“I am such an idiot. I backed myself against the wall and I couldn’t get her away. I don’t want Lily to be upset. I have to tell her what happened,” James said starting to get up but Remus placed a firm hand on his shoulder, forcing him back to his seat.

“No James. Alice is right. Lily needs a bit of time to think about it first. If you go up to her now she will just shout at you and it will take even longer to get her to forgive you,” he said to James who looked completely devastated about what had happened.

Jo was looking thoughtfully at the wall, trying to piece everything that had happened. Then something in her head clicked and it all made sense.

“Katie Chang! That evil witch! She sent them! Alice, Chang sent those letters to Lily!” she shouted before going into a long list of curses describing Chang.

“Of course! K.C, Katie Chang! I did this to you before and I can do it again, she stole Robert from Lily and now she wants to do the same with James! Why didn’t we think of this before, it is so obvious?” Alice cried.

“What letters?” asked James, Sirius and Remus.

“Lily has been receiving threatening letters from your Fan Club all week telling her she was to stop going out with you or else,” Jo explained very fast.

“Why didn’t she tell me?” James asked outraged, standing up.

“She thought you would make a big deal out of it. She said she wasn’t worrying about them but she has been getting loads more over the last two days and they are clearly upsetting her,” Alice told him.

“Of course I would have made a big deal about it! No one threatens my girlfriend!” shouted James, but then realization set in. “But now, because of all this, she isn’t my girlfriend anymore,” James said quietly resuming his seat.

“It is ok James, we will fix it. We’ll tell Lily what happened. Everything is going to be fine,” Jo told him reassuringly. But James seemed to have made his mind up.

“No. No, everything isn’t going to be alright. She’s been through so much this year already. Between losing her parents and her sister blaming her, she doesn’t need this. If dating me is causing her so much pain, it would be best if we just stopped seeing each other. For good,” James said.

Everyone sat in their seats in complete shock. Sirius was the first one to speak.

“Prongs mate, you can’t give up. This is Lily! You have never given up on her before. Why start now?” he said.

“He is right James. Lily loves you. You are what got her through her parent’s deaths. You are the one who has made her happier than she has ever been before, even with what happened at Halloween. Don’t give up hope James, you need each other,” Alice told him with tears rolling softly down her cheeks.

“But it is causing her so much pain being with me. She is barely with me two weeks and already she has received threatening letters and had her heart broken. I want her to be happy and I have finally realised that I am not the one who can give her that. She deserves someone who can love her, make her happy and laugh and not bring any pain to her life. And that person is not me,” James said sadly before getting up and starting towards the portrait hole with one last look at the staircase where he knew the one and only love of his life was crying over him. As he turned once again to leave he felt a sharp pain in his heart as he knew he was walking away from the only woman he would ever love. “Goodbye Lily. I love you,” he thought to himself before walking out of the common room with tears streaming down his pale face.

A/N: Awww! We are two very stubborn teenagers here! Please tell me what you thought and please tell me if you didn't like it or if you did either! I personally don't really like this chapter it seems pretty dramatic and i couldn't get it to work!! Please tell me honestly what you think? Thank you! = )

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