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Ron's voice cut through the morning air, like a knife.
Harry quickly broke away from hermione ,and she disentangled herself.
" i loved you, Hermione! I loved you!"
Ron's face was ashen, his eyes welling up. He turned on his heel and left.
Harry's mind was on fire. Ron loved Hermione? Maybe hermione loved Ron? But I love Hermione? Hermione loves me?
Thoughts pounded in his brain, ricocheting of the walls, and he slowly turned to face Hermione.
She was crying, perfect pearl-like tears sliding down her face, streaking her tanned skin. Harry's heart ached when he saw her cry. her eyes were full of a deep sadness that he wanted to take away, and he took a step towards her.
" Don't, Harry! Just-just don't. Leave me alone!" her voice surprised Harry, but if there was anything that he could de to help her, it was to walk away. He turned and trudged slowly out of the owlery, closing the door gently behind him. he walked up tothe warm fire of the common room,a nd felt a sudden anger, as deep as the churning waters of the lake rise up inside him. And the anger was for Ron. how dare he love Hermione?! How dare he make her cry?! he stomped up the stairs.

( back in the owlery)
Hermione looked at herself, and wiped her face on her sleeve. She checked her reflection in the window. No hint of a tear. Too many thoughts were rushing around in her brain already.She walked to the door, but it burst open with force, and Malfoy charged through.
She tried to run out of the door. The last thing she wanted now was to be called a mudblood. But he stopped. he looked at her.
" Hey, Hermione, what are you doing here so early?"
She registered the use of her first name, and stopped.
"What is it to you, Malfoy? And since when have you started to use my first name? It's always been 'Granger' or 'mudblood'" she said witha sniff.
He dropped his letter on an empty perch, and began to walk towards her. she backed into the wall.
"Oh, I'm very flexible," he said, as he slipped an arm around her waist, and gathered her close to him.
" What the hell do you think you're doing?" cried Hermione.
he swept away her silky brown hair with one gesture and kissed her bare neck. She gasped. His lips felt so warm and tender. It felt right. But this was Malfoy!
She freed herself immediately. "What is your problem, and what, exactly do you think you are playing at?" She screamed at him.
"Do me a favour, will you? Call me Draco."
He took her and pulled her into him. Their waists touched, and he whispered in her ear tenderly.
" Do you hate me? Because I love you. Kiss me."
She looked at him in disgust. He looked at her with... love?
He bent down and slowly their lips met. First, lightly, a question. Then Hermione deepened the kiss. She opened her mouth slightly to let his tongue in. Malfoy explored the contours of her mouth,a lust burning inside him. Hermione felt good. Dhe had dreamed of being kissed like this. Gentle, loving.
She broke away, breathing heavily.
" Malfoy- I can't- we can't do this."
He ignored her pleas, and his lips ran down her neck, his hand running up and down her back. he licked her neck, his toungue running across her shoulder. Hermione moaned, and ran a hand through his hair.
He looked at her.
Once again he kissed her, and his passion filled kisses left her gasping.
"Granger....Hermione..." he murmmered into her neck.
She was breathing heavily. She grabbed his tie and forced her lips on his.
" What was that about? Falling in love with me already, gorgeous?"
He licked her neck, butterfly kisses. Hermione almost screamed in delight.
" Tell me you want me. Because I want you."
She breathed heavily. " Draco...Draco."
He rubbed his hands up and down her thighs. she moaned, like she was having an orgasm.
" Tell me you want me."
She bought her lips up to his ear, and said the words.
" I want you."
" I have to go."
He kissed her again, and he made to pull away, but she held his head there.
" Here, take this. meet me at the old classroom on the third floor at night."
He went, and hermione looked at what he had given her. It was a necklace. A silver serpent encrusted with emeralds. The mark of Slytherin.
What had she done?

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