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(a/n: I own nothing, absolutely nothing, it all belongs to that big inspirational woman J.k Rowling.. Also I want to point out, in the books Hermione says her parents were happy this is if they weren't happy, ok... that it! Wait hold on, no, Sara Evans... needs credit too people, i love the song 'You'll always be my baby')

Hermione sighed and looked around her small flat, she had graduated Hogwarts at the top of her class yet she was not completely happy, in the war with Voldemort, she lost so many people she cared about, her friends and family, her fiancé Ron Weasley and his father, her schoolmates, but more importantly her father, the person she couldn’t possibly have loved the most in her life, she was happy for the fact Harry managed to kill Voldemort, she looked at the huge picture above her fireplace, of her father, tears were rolling down her cheeks

There I was
Ten years old

Hermione sat in the kitchen talking to her mother, as her mother was cooking dinner, when she saw something in the corner of her eye, Hermione walked over to the window

“Mum?” Hermione asked and her mother looked over and stared at her daughter

“What Hermione?” her mother asked, not looking but continuing to cook

“Can I let this owl in? It looks desperate to come in” she said quietly, her mother shook her hand

“You know your father would be furious if there was an animal in here, you know how he gets sometimes, go outside and play with it” she replied and Hermione nodded and ran outside, to see if the owl was still there, it was gone, but there was a letter addressed to her, it was from Albus Dumbledore and he wanted her to come to his school that fall right after her birthday when she turned eleven, it had included the fact that she was a witch and that she would have to go to diagon alley to receive her school items which were included on another page in the letter, she ran inside to show her mother, she thought she would be excited yet she was completely opposite

“Is this a joke Hermione?” she asked still staring at the letter, Hermione shrugged

“Mum, I thought you would be happy” Hermione cried “you’re not going to tell daddy or you? Please don’t” she cried louder, her mom looked at her “please don’t tell daddy” she cried again

“Hermione go to your room, and DO NOT come out, you hear me?” she ordered, Hermione shrunk, she got to her feet and looked at her mother and then to the floor and drug her feet going to her room

Waiting in my room for him to come home
And I just knew
He'd be so mad

Hermione was waiting for her dad to come home, when she heard the front door open she put her ear to the door in her room, trying to hear what they were saying, her mom was yelling and her dad was trying to calm her down

“Now honey what’s wrong?” her dad asked and there was silence, Hermione was determining her mom was getting the letter out and probably handing it to her dad

“Our Hermione got this today, there has to be some kind of mistake” she yelled and continued ranting,

Though I begged my mother not to,
she told my dad

“Can you believe it, it says she’s a witch!” she continued, Hermione now knew her dad was reading it, she heard him coming upstairs and knocked twice and walked into her room and noticed she was curled up on her bed sobbing

“Daddy, I am s-s-sorry” Hermione cried and her dad gave a knowing face and Hermione sat up

There was no denying I had let him down
But instead of being angry he put his arms
around me

“It’s going to be ok” he said quietly, wrapping his arms around her “we’ll get through this, so who cares if your different your still be Hermione Jane Granger right?” he asked and Hermione smiled and nodded “well then” he said and he got up and pulled the blankets around her

And said

In the sunlight or the rain
Brightest nights or darkest days
I'll always feel the same way
Whatever road you may be on
Know you're never too far-gone
My love is there wherever you may be
Just remember that you'll always be my baby

Hermione smiled and one last tear escaped her and she threw her arms around him “remember that song whenever you might need me" he paused, and looked at her with a twinkle in his eye "and you better like this school, you want to go to” he said with a chuckle and he kissed the top of her forehead.

--End of Flashback—

Hermione let one more tear roll down her face –you’ll always be my baby- she thought, Hermione smiled after a minute or two and looked at the crib in the corner, her father made it, it was one of the last things they did together, well Hermione watched and her dad did all the work, she could possibly part with it, or put it away, it was one of the last memories of her father and she always felt his presence around it, she got up from the couch she was sitting on and got up and walked towards it and ran her hand on the sides,

She could still remember when she told her dad, she wanted to do something spontaneous and told him that she would love it if he would make a crib, she knew that the war was coming, she didn’t know if she would see her parents after it. When she was 19 the war finally came, and she came around to her house only to see it was destroyed, she cried but her dad left a letter saying the crib was in the basement, concealed and hidden, making her cry even harder, he was her world, years had passed without her realizing it, she missed her dad, Ginny finally drugged her out of her flat and had convinced her to go out

There I was

Hermione had graduated and the war had finally stopped, her and Ron were supposed to get married in celebration of winning the war, which probably was the reason she was at the bar, drinking her sorrows away, Ginny had come with her, but once Harry showed up they had went upstairs and never came back down. She already had her amount of fire whiskeys and yet she couldn’t get away from the pain.

“Another fire whiskey please” she said innocently knowing if she was gone she wouldn’t be served, she fumbled to get her money, when someone put the money on the counter for her and she nodded in acknowledgement of the person

“I think you had to many Hermione” she heard and whipped around

“Draco” she said trying to cover the hurt in her voice they had dated in Hogwarts, she thought she could love him but it was all a bet to see if he could get her in bed and he managed to then he broke up with her “you have no right to tell-

“Dance with me Granger” he cut her off, a slow song came on, he pulled her to the dance floor, after having her trip countless times trying to walk and almost falling over twice

“I’d rather not Malfoy” she snapped, he looked hurt

“One dance then we can get trashed together, yet you are already gone” he smirked and she nodded and slow danced with him

I was so ashamed of what I'd done
On a country road

They headed upstairs a few hours later, they got inside the room, he went to kiss her “I know I was wrong in the past, Mione, I don’t know why I did it” he whispered

“Shut up and kiss me Malfoy” she said and he kissed her, they started snogging, which eventually led to the bed

Parked one night
what started out so innocent crossed the line

The next morning Hermione was the first to wake up, she looked around and stared at who she was in bed with, she noticed it was Draco, he was sleeping on his back and hair fell in his gorgeous face, she brushed it away –why did I think it was Ron?-, she quickly got up, dressed and left leaving a note that only read –hey sorry for bringing you down with me, I’ve made mistakes before but this crosses the line, sorry just don’t look for me anymore- Hermione walked down to the Leaky Cauldron, it had looked so different last night, all the tables were cleared away and a dance floor was there, tears were in her eyes –I wish you were here daddy I need you-

There was no denying I had let God down
But instead of being angry
He let his love surround me

Hermione crossed the room and outside to the busy London street, she got on the city bus until she got off on a deserted street and walked until she looked up and noticed that she had walked to her old house, where the death eaters came and killed her parents, she was standing in front of her old house and she looked at the window that used to be hers

and I heard

In the sunlight or the rain
Brightest nights or darkest days
I'll always feel the same way
Whatever road you may be on
Know you're never too far-gone
My love is there wherever you may be
Just remember that you'll always be my baby

Hermione sat on the sidewalk and cried, and cried, not noticing it got darker and someone came up behind her
“Come on Hermione, let’s go home” she heard Harry say

“I want to stay here a bit longer” she said weakly

“Why do you do this to yourself?” Harry asked, Hermione stood up

“You have Ginny, Harry, I have no one, how can I ever love someone when I loved my dad with my whole heart and now he’s dead, I can’t love again, I can’t” she sobbed “I tried to, Ron remember, but I didn’t love him, I couldn’t love him like I loved my dad” she added

“You loved him, Hermione, you did, but you are right, there is no love like what you had with your dad” Harry said, wrapping his arm around Hermione and they apparated back to Harry and Ginny’s place.

--End of Flashback—

“Mommy!” she heard someone yell and Hermione smiled,

There he is
My little man

Hermione had a baby boy who was three, Hermione is currently 25, she had lived with the war for the last six years, she had asked Harry if she could name his Sirius, he was ecstatic and quickly said yes, of course, Harry and Ginny, both have two their own, James and Lily, they both represented the real ones closely, James being three also was the spitting image of Harry whereas Lily was five and she had flaming red hair and green eyes, and looked like the both of them, Sirius on the other hand, had dark brown hair, that was slightly curled with Malfoy’s blue grey eyes, with the mischief side already.

I'm sure he'll get in trouble every
now and then

Remus comes around every now and then, to help Hermione, Remus was curious who’s the dad of the precious child and Hermione told him, she wasn’t good with secrets and he understood and he loved Hermione as his own daughter,

“You know Herms, we might be bringing the past to the future” he said coming in with Sirius and Hermione looked at him and ran over to give him a hug

“Why do you say that Rem?” she asked, Remus laughed

“We might have another pack of Marauders around” he said, a tear came from Hermione

“That’s great, but what brings that up?” Hermione asked suspiciously

And I pray to God
That when he does

“Oh Harry had said Sirius and James were playing pranks on Luna Lovegood’s boy” Remus said “it’s strange, talking about those two little ones, while having memories of my friends” he said silently

“I'm sorry Remus, I knew this would be hard” she said and went to give him another hug

“No it’s alright, it’s a good thing, just wait until Hogwarts” Remus said laughing, Hermione smiled “Except there won’t be a werewolf, so they won’t experience everything like we did, they won’t be animgi and this time Sirius will grow up in a loving family, maybe he won’t be so rebellious” Remus rambled on, but Hermione drowned him out thinking about her dad again

I'll be just as understanding as my father was
‘Cause the last thing that I wanna do is let him down

“Sirius come with me I need to talk to you for a second, Remus, we’ll be right back” Hermione said holding her hand out and Sirius took it, and Remus gave a knowing face

“What mommy?” he asked worried, Hermione laughed

“Did you have fun over at James’ house?” Hermione asked raising an eyebrow, Sirius nodded

“Mommy, your not mad or you?” he asked, Hermione shook her head

“No, I am happy, we need more fun around here, we need a change for once” she said smiling

So instead of being angry I'm gonna throw
my arms around him

“I would be in the wrong to say to not do it, just don’t” Hermione paused and she could just picture the parents of harry there “hurt anyone” she finished thinking Lily would have wanted them to be safe and would have preferred them to not do it, she would probably have made sure Harry and little James never pranked anyone. Hermione put her arms out and Sirius walked to her and she gave him a huge hug

“Mommy, I can't breathe" he whispered, Hermione laughed "I will be, I’ll tell James and Lily to be too” Sirius said and Hermione laughed

“Also I think Harry wouldn’t mind” Hermione added, it was Sirius is turn to laugh, he laughed like the late and beloved Sirius laughed
“No mommy, he calls us the little… mar..marau…maraders” he said trying to pronounce the last word
“Marauders?” Hermione asked with a cocked eyebrow and Sirius nodded

and I'll say

In the sunlight or the rain
Brightest nights or darkest days
I'll always feel the same way
Whatever road you may be on
Know you're never too far-gone
My love is there wherever you may be
Just remember that you'll always be my baby

“Well I will just have to talk to Harry about that, he seems all too estatic about this now that I think about it” Hermione said getting up from sitting in the grass

“Or I will” she heard behind her, she quickly turned around and saw Draco standing there

“What are you doing here Draco?” she asked and he put his finger to her lips and his other hand around her neck and their lips met,

“I love you Hermione” he whispered “you’ll always be my baby” before kissing her again

and I'll say

In the sunlight or the rain
Brightest nights or darkest days
I'll always feel the same way
Whatever road you may be on
Know you're never too far-gone
My love is there wherever you may be
Just remember that you'll always be my baby

(a/n: PLEASE REVIEW its fast as well as simple and tell me what you think!, I can take the bad and the advice
Also, could someone make me a banner? Thanks

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