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I included the three so you guys can really picture what they're supposed to look like teehee


“Yes, she was found near the forbidden forest in the exact same spot he found her 3 weeks ago” she heard a woman’s voice say

“We don’t even know her name yet” a man spoke.

“She’s always crying, moaning and thrashing in her sleep…even the sleeping draught wont help her have a dreamless sleep, I suppose she must be in a great trauma since from the looks of it she came out of a terrible ordeal” the woman said.

“When I found her, she said a name... Harry I think it was” a boy spoke.

“We must ask her our questions when she wakes” a man said.

Hermione kept her eyes shut tightly. She didn’t want to be asked any question as she knew she would just end up crying again. She waited until the voices died down before she slowly opened her eyes. She looked around, just in time to see a guy with jet-black hair outside the door, leaving.

“Harry” She croaked, lifting her hand up, reaching to him.

“Child, you’re awake.” Madame Kempton said. “Now, last night was simply unacceptable, I don’t know what you were thinking lurking around the grounds in the middle of the night, and near the forbidden forest!!, why you could have been killed.”

Hermione said nothing as she sat up and stared at the doors. Professor Dumbledore peered through it, surprising Hermione.

“G’day Madame Kempton, Miss” he said, nodding at the two.

“Hello Professor Dumbledore” Madame Kempton said.

“Young lady” Dumbledore stepped in. “it has been over three weeks since your stay here, may we please know your name and how you have come about this castle?”

Hermione’s eyes became watery once again. Professor Dumbledore noticed this and said, “Dear child, I do not wish to upset you… You may answer our questions anytime you want” he smiled before turning around, preparing to leave before Hermione cut in.

“I can’t”

The Professor turned around and so did Madame Kempton. They waited for a while for her to speak up again. Finally after a few minutes she spoke.

“I can’t tell you who I am” Hermione said slowly, swallowing. “…For I myself don’t know” she said finally.

Professor Dumbledore looked at her in the eye for a second, as if trying to search inside her chocolate-brown eyes before slowly nodding.

Madame Promfey however gushed, “The trauma must have been the cause of this” she muttered.

“Well, we can’t keep calling you miss all the time” Professor Dippet spoke from behind, apparently overheard everything. “What should we call you for the time being… at least until you get your memory back”

Hermione thought for a second but nothing came into mind. “I can’t think of a name, will you help me Professor?” she said, looking at professor Dumbledore.

He smiled at her and spoke, “Nerissa?”

Hermione thought for a second before saying, “Yes, I like it”

“Well, Nerissa” Madame Kempton spoke, “We found your wand with you, the night Tom found you by the forest... Here” The woman handed her the wand.

“Thank you”

“You must be over 16 or 17…” Professor Dippet said.

Hermione slowly nodded. “Professor... I wish to enroll to this school... at least till I get my memory back”

The professors looked at each other for a second before the headmaster spoke up. “Do you remember anything about magic?”

Hermione pretended as if she was thinking very hard. “I remember spells and books…I can have a test if you’d like” Hermione suggested.

“No, that won’t be necessary… Whenever you feel any better, you may start school”

“No… professor, I would like to start school tomorrow” Hermione said, wanting to go out of the hospital wing as soon as possible. She must find a way to go back home. She knew what she had to do.

“Child, but you are still very weak” Madame Kempton cried.

“I’ll be fine Madame Kempton; I’ll come back here as soon as I feel any pain at all.”

“If that is what you wish” Professor Dippet said, “You shall be sorted tonight at dinner”

Hermione nodded then looked over at Professor Dumbledore. He hasn’t said a word except spoke about her name ever since she told him she couldn’t remember anything. He was still looking at her intently, studying her face.

“Well, now that everything’s settled, I shall be off, I have a very important meeting with the minister of magic” He took his hat off and bowed. “Good day to all” he said before walking out of the wing.

Suddenly there was a loud moan from the doors. A student with a lot of boils on his face had a bleeding hand.

“Oh for goodness sake” Madame Kempton cried before running over the student leaving Professor Dumbledore and Hermione alone.

They looked at each other, no one speaking at all. Hermione nervously stared at him and looked away.

“Miss Nerissa” Professor Dumbledore finally spoke up. “Do you wish to tell me anything?”

Hermione looked up and shook her head slowly. “No professor” she said in a small voice.

Hermione thought she saw Professor trying to hide his disappointment, although it still showed from his eyes. “Very well” He said, “What do you favor your last name be?”

Hermione thought for a very long time before finally speaking, “Vane… Nerissa Felicia Vane” she said finally.

Dumbledore smiled, his blue eyes twinkling behind his half moon spectacles. “Alas... well; I shall see you at dinner tonight,

“Wait Professor Dumbledore, what about my clothes and school things?”

“You neednt worry about that, the school shall take care of it

Good day to you Miss...” His eyes twinkling as he looked over at her. “..Vane” He winked before he waved, leaving Hermione alone, confused.


“Love, I really think you should stay for another night or two” Madame Kempton said.

“No, really Madame Kempton, I feel fine” she lied, she felt like she was never really going to be fine.

“You should at least let me accompany you to the Great hall. You might get lost”

“No really, That’s alright Madame Kempton, I can find my own way there, I fancy a long walk and a stroll along the castle anyway” she said, smiling.

They both bid their farewell before Hermione walked along the familiar corridors. She sniffed, remembering the best times of her life in this same castle.

She began thinking of what she would do once she get back in her own time. Her parents are dead, all her friends are dead and probably most of the wizarding world has already been wiped out because of the dark lord. She began thinking if it was really wise to go back. In here she can live a new life and try and forget about everyone.

Hermione shook her head. ‘No I will not forget about them. I will go back to my own time and try to defeat Voldemort. I have to give justice to everyone’s death.’ She thought. ‘Yes, I have to kill him or at least die trying’

Hermione began to feel very determined. Finally, she arrived in front of the great hall. She felt a twinge of sorrow inside her chest as she saw students sitting, eating and chatting happily. Almost half of the students at Hogwarts died at the final battle in her time.

Hermione swallowed hard and stepped inside the great hall. Most of the students fell silent as they watched curiously at the girl walking in. Hermione could hear some of the students whispering while looking at her. She didn’t care though as all she could really think about was the people from back home.

Professor Dippet smiled at her and nodded. A stool and a hat stood in front of the staff table with professor Dumbledore standing beside it.

“Here here...” The headmaster said on top of all the whispering being made. “We have a new student among us.” He said, as Hermione stood beside Dumbledore. She tried to look anywhere but of the faces in front of her. She didn’t notice a certain pair of emerald-green eyes watching her intently.

“This is Nerissa Felicia Vane and she will be finishing her last year here at Hogwarts” Professor Dippet said. “Let the sorting begin”

Professor Dumbledore took the hat from the chair and motioned for Hermione to sit. Hermione sat down on the stool as Dumbledore gently placed the hat on top of her head.

“Aaah... Miss Vane… or should I say Miss Granger” The hat laughed cheekily. “I see I’ve sorted you into Gryffindor... You were certainly a tough one to decide on... You’ve got a lot of courage on you... You are perfect for Gryffindor… but you have also got a lifetime of knowledge, Ravenclaw suits you very well... but where to put you?? my terribly difficult

“..But wait, I see a few changes of heart here… Pure hatred and anger, a clear lust for power” The hat said. “Your head is filled with lies and vengeance and an interest for dark arts... now I know exactly where to put you...

“SLYTHERIN!” it yelled.

Hermione’s eyes widened. ‘Slytherin? Me?’ she thought. ‘I think you’ve mistaken’

‘I don’t make mistakes Miss granger’ the hat said, as-a-matter-of-factly. “But remember, always have one eye opened for wonder instead of an eye open for belief.” It said before professor Dumbledore removed it from her head.

“Well Miss Vane, you better sit with your housemates” The professor said. Hermione looked at the hat curiously for a second, trying her best to understand its last statement before finally standing up.

Hermione walked over to the Slytherin table still shocked over what happened. She looked over at the table and saw that there were two empty seats. One beside a breath-takingly gorgeous girl who were looking at her with pure interest and another with a boy with jet-black hair although she couldn’t see his face as he had his head down. On the other side of him was a petite girl who looked harmless enough.  Hermione decided to sit with the boy and the petite girl instead.

As she walked over to the sit, passing by the beautiful girl, she pulled her arm and hissed. “Fine, sit with the freak will you?” before letting her arm go.

“Do that again and I’ll break every bone you’ve got there on your pretty little fingers” Hermione growled, glaring at the girl.

She was obviously surprised at Hermione’s response that she didn’t say anything. She didn’t decide to go back to school to make friends after all. Hermione continued to walk over to the empty sit and sat herself down.

“Impressive” The boy said, without looking up from his plate.

Hermione ignored his comment and filled her plate up. She immediately stuffed herself as she felt extremely hungry. She didn’t notice the boy beside her looked at her for moment before standing up and leaving.

Hermione looked beside her and found an empty seat. She looked around, thinking the boy has changed seat but he wasn’t around. She shrugged and went back on eating.

“I saw what you did to Dolores Dreizi” the girl beside her who looked extremely petite with extremely straight black hair that reaches past her shoulder said. She had a mischievous smile on her face as she said, “That was wicked”

Ron’s face flashed through her mind as Hermione faked a smile. “She deserved it” she said.

“Greta Goshawk” she said, “where was your last school? Beauxbatons? Durmstrang?”

Hermione faked a cough and said. “I was home schooled.”

“Home schooled? Boy that must have been awfully boring” Greta scrunched her nose.

“Yes, it was” Hermione said, wanting nothing more but to be left alone.

Most of the students by now were already piling up.

“I guess we better go, we’ll lead you to the Slytherin common room”

Hermione raised an eyebrow. “We?”

“We meaning us of course” The guy with a lot of boils on his face said, nudging a pretty blonde girl who smiled shyly. They were both just behind Greta and must have been listening through out their conversation.

“Name’s Amarillio Aesillion but you can call me Ames” He said, holding up a hand which Hermione shook. “And this is Emma Cuskam”

“Emma?” she watched her curiously.

The girl nodded. “Yes, I’m muggleborn you see” she said, looking away.

“Do you have a problem with that?” Greta asked, looking at her threateningly.

Hermione smirked. “Do I strike you as someone who cares about such petty things?.”


"Not a lot of Slytherins here can accept muggle-borns. They are all about blood purity... What are you anyway?" Greta asked.

“I thought you didn’t care about the people’s background?” Hermione raised an eyebrow.

“Sarcastic eh? I like that” Greta grinned.

Hermione smiled. “Well we best be off, it’s my first day of classes tomorrow. You guys can go on ahead, i need to speak with the Headmaster first anyway”

Hermione really wanted to be left alone as she left the three to themselves. She didnt really have an appointment to see the headmaster but she needed a reason to be left alone. She walked on another pathway, determined to be alone.

Suddenly someone grabbed her elbow from behind and held it tightly. “How dare you threaten me you newbie!” the girl who was supposedly called Dolores hissed.

“Don’t touch me” Hermione said in a bored tone, not showing a tad bit of fear in her eyes.

Dolores scoffed. “You’ve got some nerve; you do not want to mess with me”

“I said don’t touch me” Hermione said angrily. She waited a few more minutes before a light erupted from her wand throwing Dolores to the floor.

She had learned this non-verbal spell at the start of the year on their dueling lessons with harry.

“Touch me again and you’ll be getting much worse than that” she growled before turning her back on the stunned girl on the floor and leaving without another word, Not knowing that the same pair of emerald green eyes that have watched her earlier had witnessed everything and was following her beneath the shadows

[a/n: lol next chapter should be where the two finally meet.. i hope i'm not going too fast with the story heehe i will beta read all the chapters in a few weeks i promise.. anyway guys i hope u review!! please??? :D]

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