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Chapter 2
"I love the décor"

Sirius’s cousin, Andromeda, had asked him and James if they would take Nymphadora back to her house while she said goodbye. They headed for the lounge where the daycare was being held since it was off to the side of Mrs. Levine’s home where the ball was located. James entered the room with Sirius at his heals, surprised to see Nymphadora passed out on the couch. Sirius had just lifted her into his arms when a voice called out to them from across the room.

“I figured that you’d be by to get her.” Lily walked toward them and started fondly at Nymphadora, whose appearance had changed back to normal. “She’s a beautiful little girl; you guys are really lucky, she looks up to you.” James was still amazed.

“What are you doing here?” he asked as Lily folded the blanket that Nymphadora had been using.

“I overheard McGonagall talking with Flitwick about the Ministry asking them to assign someone trustworthy to watch the attendee’s children, and I love kids, so I volunteered.” She explained, watching as Nymphadora woke up behind Sirius’s back.

“So Lily, we, err, we need to talk, you know, about head’s stuff and…” and all of a sudden Lily burst out laughing. “What?” he asked. He noticed her staring over his shoulder; he turned around to receive faux innocent looks from Sirius and Nymphadora. Once they had stopped laughing, Sirius commented that they had better get going.

“Merry Christmas you guys!” she said hugging each of them. She turned to grab her book and saw that all of the parents were there and taking their children home. Once she was sure that no child was left, she grabbed her bag and turned to head home, but noticed that Sirius and James were standing by the doorway.

“What are you guys still doing here? And where is Dora?” she asked walking up to them.

“Her mum saw us leaving and took her, and we want to know what you’re doing for Christmas.” Sirius answered. Lily gave him a quizzical look.

“Heading to my sisters, I have to stay there until I can get a place of my own.” Lily replied bitterly. It was no secret that she hated living with her sister since her parents died. James and Sirius looked insulted.

“We couldn’t let you go to that hag’s house on Christmas! You’re coming home with me.” James stated slinging her bag over his shoulder.

“I couldn’t, it would be rude.” Lily replied shaking her head.

“Fine, if you won’t go to my house, go to Sirius’s.” James said. Lily gave them a confused look.

“I thought Sirius lived with you.” She stated.

“Well,” Sirius explained “One of my nicer uncles left me some gold in his will and I got a flat not to far from the Potter’s house.” Sirius explained. Lily shook her head.

“I couldn’t, it’s Christmas-“she replied sadly.

“Exactly, its Christmas, and I wouldn’t be doing my duty as head boy if we let you go back there.” James said grabbing her arm and leading her outside.

“You being head boy has nothing to do with this.” She said tiredly.

“Just flow with me on this.” James said. “You, being head girl, happiness is very important because if your bitter cause you were stuck with that hag, then that’s at least 15% more detentions for us to deal with.”

Lily looked skeptical. “Fine, but I have to get my stuff.” Sirius nodded.

“Well, I’ll go with you to your sister’s house, and James can go home to his mummy.” Sirius explained, saying the last part teasingly.

“Hey, if it wasn’t for my mummy-“James retorted.

“Yeah, I love your mummy ok? We’ll see you tomorrow Prongs.” Sirius said walking out onto the porch.

“Bye James and thank you.” .” Lily waved and she and Sirius were gone. They arrived in an alleyway around the block from Petunia’s house.

“Come on.” She led him up to a small little house that looked exactly like every other one on the street. She reached behind a rock, pulled out a key, and unlocked the door before replacing the key and leading the way inside. They tiptoe upstairs and into a small bedroom that was obvious to be Lily’s. Magic schoolbooks and potion ingredients littered the floor.

“I love the décor” Sirius joked gesturing to her empty walls and bare closet.

“I don’t want to get to comfortable.” She said picking up a duffel bag and putting some clothes and a pair of shoes in it and slinging it over her arm. “Let’s go.”

“What about the rest of your stuff? You thought you were only going to stay over Christmas. You’re staying with me missy.” He whispered so not to wake up Lily’s sister, sweeping his wand across the distance of the room so everything miraculously fit itself into her trunk.

“I couldn’t move in with you!” she whispered raising her voice, but Sirius had already grabbed one end of her trunk and had walked over to the doorway.

“Is everything packed?” he said in a finishing tone. She shook her head and lay down on her stomach next to her bed. She pried open the loose floorboard and pulled out a shoebox.

“Now everything is.” They tried to sneak back out but unfortunately, Petunia had woken up and stopped them at the door.

“What are you doing in my house, and how dare you bring your filth friends also.” She whispered ferociously.

“I’m leaving Petunia. I would say I love you, but that would be wasting my breath. Come on Sirius.” Lily swept out of the room and not two seconds later, they had arrived in front of a nice flat. Sirius led her up to a blue doorway (the rest were black) and ushered her inside.

“Nice.” Was all Lily could say. She expected a messy flat (but who wouldn’t after they seen their dormitory.) The walls were a powder blue, with dark blue picture frames hanging around the walls, each with pictures smiling and waving at them. A dark blue overstuffed sofa and two very comfortable looking chairs surrounded a huge fireplace. Off to the side, you could see a small island, wet bar, and kitchen.

Sirius had walked pashed her and plopped down on the couch. “Make yourself at home.” He said kicking off his shoes and pointing his wand at the fireplace, so a huge fire warmed the room. She set down her trunk and took a seat in one of the chairs, still admiring the room.

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