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Hermione awoke to find her parents staring down at her.

“We decided not to get angry at you for leaving yesterday, as we somewhat understand why . . .” her mother started.

“. . . but . . .” her father continued, “we’ve come up with a punishment for beating your brother.”

“What is it?” Hermione asked, sitting up in her bed.

“You’re grounded.”

Hermione sighed with relief. Well, grounding isn’t so bad, I expected worse . . .

“How long?” Hermione asked cautiously.

“One week. The reason it is so short is because you had every reason to be mad at him, but absolutely no reason to punch him. Do you understand?”

“Yes” Hermione said happily. Wow, they really are going easy on me. . .

Just as her parents left, an owl tapped on Hermione’s window. She opened the window and let the owl in. The owl stuck out it’s leg, and Hermione struggled to untie the letter attached to it’s leg. It read:

Hermione –
So, what’s your punishment?
☺ Draco

Hermione looked out her window to find Draco looking back. Why did I never notice the fact that his room was directly across from mine? She smiled and replied:

Draco –
Oh, I’m only grounded for a week. It’s actually not too bad!

She watched as the owl flew into Draco’s room was surprised when he gently took the letter off the owl’s leg and gave him a treat. I guess he’s not quite as tough as he likes to seem. . .

Draco quickly wrote something on a fresh piece of parchment and tied it to the owl’s leg. Before Hermione knew it, the owl landed on Hermione’s bed happily. She grabbed the letter and patted the owl’s head. The owl flew away, so Hermione figured Draco didn’t need a response.

Hermione –
Well, if you say that isn’t too bad, I guess I’ll just have to take your word for it. I was kinda hoping to see you, though, you know, so we could (hopefully) try to be friends. I guess I’ll talk to you later, then.
☺ Draco

Hermione smiled after reading his letter. If Draco is normally like he was today, then I wouldn’t mind being friend. No, I wouldn’t mind at all . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For the past week, Draco had found himself having frequent dreams about Hermione, and it was starting to creep him out a little. I do not like Hermione. Heck, I hated her before this summer! There is no way I can possibly love her. Wait, who said anything about love . . . ? Nevermind.

Draco and Hermione had been exchanging many letters the whole week, and he couldn’t wait to finally see her. Today was the day Hermione was finally ungrounded and they had planned to meet at the park at 3:00 sharp.

Draco glanced at the clock. Oh shit! It’s 2:30! I have to get ready! Draco quickly wrote Hermione a quick note and then got into the shower. It read:

Hermione –
I can’t wait to finally see you in person! Don’t get into more trouble, now!
☺ Draco

Twenty minutes later, Draco looked at himself in the mirror. He was freshly showered and dressed. He had sprayed on his best cologne and his hair was combed nicely. Wait, why am I get all dressed up for Hermione? What is wrong with me?

Draco changed his shirt and shook out his platinum blonde hair. Much better!

When Draco got to the park, he saw Hermione sitting silently on a swing. He snuck up behind her, pulled the swing back, and released it. Hermione gasped nervously and turned around. When she saw Draco, she smiled and grabbed the chains, allowing him to push her.

Draco smiled to himself and pushed her higher. He suddenly pulled the swing to an abrupt stop, causing Hermione to scream.

“Hi.” Draco said. Hermione jumped up from the swing and turned to him, “Hi!”

Why do I have the sudden urge to kiss her? Though, he didn’t have time to answer this question because he immediately felt Hermione’s arms around him. Surprised, Draco slowly wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back. Am I imagining this?

Hermione pulled away and asked, “So, what do you want to do?”

Kiss you. Wait, no . . . what the fuck is wrong with me? “Ummm . . .” Draco started when a smirk came to his face, “How about we get some ice cream?”

Hermione smiled, “Sure! I’ll race you!” Draco smiled and followed as Hermione took off running.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Draco walked up to Hermione and pulled her into a hug. He suddenly started tickling her, then knocked her to the ground.

“No . . . please stop . . .” Hermione giggled while struggling to get free. Draco stopped and brushed the hair off Hermione’s face, his hand slightly pausing over her cheek. Suddenly, Draco bent down and kissed her gently on the lips.

As he pulled away, Hermione grabbed the back of Draco’s neck and forced his lips down upon her own. The kiss started out gentle, but slowly became more passionate.

Hermione ran her hands through Draco’s amazingly smooth blonde hair. She never wanted this moment to end.

Hermione sat bolt upright in her bed. Hermione had realized she was growing fond of Draco, but was surprised by how quickly she fell in love with him. He was perfect: smart, kind, gentle, and he always seemed to find a way to make her laugh. And, despite all those traits, he was still the biggest bad boy at Hogwarts.

It soon became hard to go a single day without seeing that shocking blonde hair and those piercing silver eyes.

But today was her last day to see him until school started, and she doubted they would be able to be friends with him being the Slytherin Prince, and her being the Gryffindor brainiac. Yes, today was Hermione’s last day to see Draco, she was going to the Weasely’s for the rest of the summer. She hadn’t even known until yesterday, but she just couldn’t find how to tell Draco.

Hermione read over the letter again and felt a smile coming to her lips.

How has your summer been? I hope Malfoy hasn’t been bugging you. If he has just tell me and Ron and I will take care of him! Not to say you can’t handle him yourself . . . we just want to look out for you. Anyways, I am staying at the Weasley’s for the rest of the summer, and we all want to see you! So, think you are up for a vacation? Can’t wait to see you!
♦ Harry

Hermione had replied right away and told Harry she would come the following morning, which just so happened to be this morning. Before she forgot, Hermione sent Draco a letter telling him to meet her outside immediately.

“What is it?” Draco asked, concerned.

“Oh, it’s nothing to be really concerned about, it’s just that, I couldn’t find the perfect moment to tell you yesterday, and I think you really should know, I just . . . well, -“

“Hermione, just tell me.” Draco interrupted.

“Right, well, yesterday I got a letter from Harry inviting me to go to the Weasely’s for the rest of the summer, and I am kinda supposed to leave today.” Hermione spat out.

Draco tensed up, “And why is Potty inviting you to stay at Weasel’s house? Wouldn’t that be Weasel’s job? And why didn’t you just tell me?”

“Draco, please, stop. I, I have to go, but I will write you as soon as I get there.” Hermione promised as she gave Draco a tight hug. “Goodbye.”

“Bye Hermione” Draco mumbled.

With that Hermione walked into her house, and waved to Draco before closing the door. Draco just stood on Hermione’s front lawn, frozen to his spot.

A/N: If you think there is a way this chapter could have been better, please tell me! Thanks!

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